There isn’t a great deal to be said about this chapter – it’s another of the relatively slow (development wise) chapters we’ve seen fairly frequently over the course of this arc. For the most part, it serves to solidify Urara’s personality – her desire to be seen as an adult by those around her despite her young age – and Keima’s usual brilliance when it comes to dealing with people as capture targets. In this case, he has the additional advantage of years and wisdom over Urara, making it extremely easy to befriend her in the space of a single chapter. Of course, there’s also the slightly disturbing idea that comes along with a seventeen year old romancing a seven year old, but that may or may not come into play – it appears to have stopped at merely befriending her for now… though who knows how this might change with the whole porno mag situation… All in all, the only other really noteworthy thing that comes to mind about the chapter was the confirmation that the construction doesn’t exist in Keima’s memory, so as long as his memories are correct, this is a different past to the one he’s familiar with.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – A fairly slow chapter in the grand scheme of things, but my does Keima get himself into some strange situations! #TWGOK


  1. man i was like seriously reading this chapter, waiting to read what was the big secret behind the construction site and when my curiosity was at it’s peek, when they opened the box, just to see it was a porn mag >.> I got to hand over it to Wakaki Tamiki, man he sure how to make a story ;D


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