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As Natsu’s team rushes towards the castle, Happy suggests that everyone wear mascot costumes so they won’t be seen. Mira, Wendy, and Natsu dress up in various weird costumes.

Back at the games, the last event of the tournament is taking place. The arena has expanded. The entire town of Crocus is the battlefield, and the members of each guild are scattered all around it. The rules are simple – when you run into an enemy, a battle will begin. You win when the enemy loses consciousness or the ability to fight. Each guild will secretly have a leader. If someone manages to take down a leader, that person’s guild will earn 5 points. Max point for the entire event is 45. FAIRY TAIL needs to win in order to save Lucy, but also to make up for the seven years that passed.

As the gongs can be heard, the battle is on. All guilds divide themselves in different ways but most of them separate their teams, except FAIRY TAIL. Erza, Laxus, Juvia, Gajeel, and Gray stand together without moving with their eyes closed. People are wondering what’s going on. On another side of the town, Lamia Scale scores one point. Blue Pegasus scores two points. The other guilds are gaining points while FAIRY TAIL remain still.

Yuka and Toby run into Bacchus but they don’t get the chance to fight him as Sting crashes down from a rooftop and takes him out. Bacchus turned out to be the leader of his guild, so Sabertooth earns 5 points and takes the lead. Yuka and Toby aren’t intimidated; they go for it and launch themselves against Sting, only to end up being taken down by Kagura, who earns Mermaid Heel 2 points. Minerva tells the other members of her guild to avoid Kagura and Jura.

Makarov is surprised that FAIRY TAIL isn’t doing anything. Mavis tells him they must remain calm if they want to save Lucy. Throughout the tournament, Mavis has recorded the enemies’ battle skills, magic, mental and action patterns. She memorized them and based countless simulated fights on her data. This is all part of Mavis’ plan to lead FAIRY TAIL to victory. This is her fight too. As Mavis commences her strategy, FAIRY TAIL finally starts moving.

Back at the castle, Natsu and Wendy seem to have been caught by the guards who decide to throw them in a cell. The guard who is holding Natsu and Wendy seems to be quite lost, but it turns out that the said guard is in fact Mira. As Natsu’s team makes a move, we find ourself in a different part of the castle where the princess of Fiore – Hisui E. Fiore – is making orders about starting the Eclipse 2 project.

Happy is a genius! I absolutely adore the mascot costumes he made Natsu, Wendy, and Mira wear – especially Wendy’s (so cute). Ah, that was funny. But I wonder if the team can afford wasting time on being funny now that there is so much that needs to be done?

Aside from that, everything else in today’s chapter was serious business. I really like the final battle of the Grand Magic Games. The rules, the arena, the concept – everything is interesting to me. As usual, all the minor characters were knocked out by one hit which can seem quite boring but at the same time, I’m glad things are slightly rushed here because I won’t have to wait too long for the exciting battles between FAIRY TAIL and stronger players, plus, hopefully, the anime will extend the battles so I can always see the longer versions there.

I’m a bit surprised so few characters used magic today. There were just non-magical physical attacks flying around in most of the panels. Sting taking out Bacchus with one leap of faith surprised me slightly. Bacchus has been very disappointing to me throughout this arc. He seems so strong and so cool, yet he keeps losing most of the time. I thought he had an intimidating aura, but I guess he only looks strong because he is the main member of his guild. Aside from that, there isn’t much more to him. Oh well, Sting totally smashed him, and while I’m talking about him – I think Sting seems very different now. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing but I thought he’d be more depressed now that Lector is gone. On the contrary, he seems to have found new hope.

I suppose Sting will be fighting FAIRY TAIL again, probably a Dragon Slayer as well. I assume Laxus will be his opponent while Rogue will fight Gajeel again because he never got the chance to do it properly last time (Natsu, you sneaky bastard!). But what I’m looking forward to more than anything is a showdown between Erza and Minerva. I can’t see Erza fighting anyone but her. Minerva is most likely the leader of Sabertooth, so hopefully, Erza will take her down and bring the glorious victory Mavis was talking about to FAIRY TAIL. And speaking of Mavis, why is she so adorable, yet so impressive? I had goosebumps all over when she was talking about this being her fight. She is definitely my favorite loli now!

The battle is on, and Natsu’s team is inside the castle. Everything is going according to plan, but now it seems like FAIRY TAIL must hurry. The princess appeared in today’s chapter, and she seems to be talking about Eclipse. I don’t know what Eclipse 2 means, but anything involving that door can’t be good, but at the same time, the princess looks very kind. Appearance can be deceiving though, so she could be evil too! I’m looking forward to next week when we’ll see more about Mavis’ strategy (which was hinted in the upcoming chapter’s title).

Moete kitazou!


  1. well infiltration was easy BUT if there’s one thing we all know…a rescue mission is NEVER this simple. On a side note am I the only one who thinks Mavis is looking weird these few chapters? Maybe because that kind of serious face is something we don’t see on her too often.

  2. I was more surprised that Minerva was so cautious about Kagura, going so far to talking about losing members if they’d face her – who did she even mean by that, seeing the strength levels Sabertooth’s entrants have displayed so far?

    1. realistically, it could be as simple as even Minerva understands the strategy of the game.
      Sabertooth is strong, but we already know not invincibly so.
      we know Orga’s nowhere in Jura’s league. probably not Erza’s league either just based on the Pandemonium/Magic Power Finder event.
      both Sting and Rogue have been beaten.

      we know Kagura is implied to be extremely powerful.

      and just based on the concept of the game, its not worth it to lose 2-3 member just to take down Kagura, especially so early in the event. even if she’s likely worth 5 points.
      that would leave Sabertooth with only 2-3 members in the game to continue scoring points for the rest of the match, where other teams still have 5 scorers running around.
      5 people can cover more ground, score point faster, etc etc.

  3. Mavis is adorable no matter what she is doing. She could be angry, annoyed, tearful, or just enjoying typical Fairy Tail style antics, and she would be adorable regardless.

    I hope she continues to be part of the guild activities from now on.

  4. Last time Natsu got all the glory when He defeated two dragon slayers by himself, this time I want Gajeel to shine and kick their asses. Erza will take care of Kagura and Minerva, although Kagura might be tempted to draw her sword which will be a major disadvantage since the first didn’t record Kagura drawing the sword. Laxus will face off with Jura and Orga, I have always wanted to see Laxus in action, Gray will go for Leon his sibling disciple and Rufus then Juvia will handle Milliana and Cheria I just hope she won’t let her love for Gray distract her.
    As I implied earlier Gajeel will get the other two dragon slayers.

    K C M
  5. Mavis taking a more active role was pretty fantastic to read. Thing is, I don’t see how she can account for Sting; no way did she predict that substantial growth he’s undergone due to Lector’s death. Mavis can include uncertainty from known unknowns like Rufus, Minerva, and maybe Kaguya (who knows the extent of magic Rufus has memorized and the latter two’s ultimate potential are clued to be way higher than what was already seen) to her battle plan, but present Sting is an unknown unknown. Sting is a HUGE x-factor.

    1. He’s definitely unpredictable at the moment (he’s obtained a huge resolve boost from losing his best friend, has lost allegiance to his former master, has a neutral relation with his current master, and has no Natsu in the current event to direct his intent at – definitely a variable) but I wouldn’t say he’s any more opposing than some other enemies. From how the dragon slayer battle was portrayed, I’m sure Gajeel can defeat him with relative ease, which implies Erza and Laxus can too. Storywise, there’s probably no way those match ups will happen, but when put into such perspective, Sting doesn’t seem like a prominent threat right now, just some unhardened brat who had since now hypocritically disregarded everyone’s concern for his/her comrades.

      1. I think the scenario of Gajeel beating down the dragonslayers is very possible. After getting beat down by Gajeel as well, Sting and Rogue will be left asking “Why are you all so strong???”. Then Gajeel gives them one of his short, cold, and rough one-liners in classic Gajeel manner.

  6. I sorta assumed the “plan” for Fairy Tail’s battle team is to just chill and conserve their magic powers for the big shots since they figure they’ll get 5 points for taking out the team leaders, which will make up for the 1 point fodders. Let the other teams exhaust themselves first.

    At least thats my assumption.

  7. I think that before Erza takes on Minerva there will definitely be a confrontation between her and Kagura during which we’ll finally hear Kagura’s reason for her hate. If anything I think the confrontation will be interrupted by Minerva which will incite Erza’s rage. Laxus will fight Orga, that’s also been in the numbers for a while though I wish we see something different. There will also probably be a rematch between Gray and Rufus. In any case, Gray and Gajeel definitely need to pull out a win, since they’ve been losing for a while now…

    1. Gray doesn’t deserve any favors. Not after that lucky ass win over Ultear.

      Juvia on the other hand has been disrespected the entire tournament. She has hurt team Fairy Tail B in multiple events. She needs to get some redemption here.

  8. I absolutely adored Happy’s antics. I’m thankful Fairy Tail still takes time to use those single panel or single page gags. I remember the very reason I enjoyed Naruto way back when was because of the clever use of gags. Keep it up Mashima-sensei!

    Mavis is fantastic. It’s great to see the contrast between Mavis’ reactions and Makarov’s where Mavis shows the experience of being the very first guild master in both the times she decides to be carefree and those that she decides to be serious. Mavis is sticking around for sure though as she’s surely tied to the overall plot behind Fairy Tail keeping Lumen Histoire.

    Even though Frosch’s character has been really annoying throughout this arc, I still feel bad for how lonely he looks on the cover page :(…

    ALSO…I don’t think this is a mistranslation because I’ve checked the scanlation of different groups but it seems the story is continued in chapter 306. I guess incoming filler chapter?…again? Sigh…

  9. Dat cover page really got to me for some reason… Just seeing Froch’s character alone like that was close to being sniff-worthy.

    Other than that, letting the others weed each other out is a good plan, especially for Fairy Tail’s powerhouses. Each one of them is comparable to another guild’s ace member, barring Jura of course.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again – Mavis is the best thing to happen out of the timeskip.

  10. the manga/anime will always be incomplete unless Mavis fights at FULL strength (maybe by raid unison all of the guild members can somehow transfer all that power to Mavis so that she can go 100% with her real body not etherial for 24 hours)


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