「サバイバル」 (Sabaibaru)

It’s hard to survive in this dog eat dog situation when something simple such as lunch can be a death trap. One way to change the odds of survival is teaming up with another player, which is exactly what Ryouta has done today. Whether or not that was a clever thing to do remains in question.

Everything is falling into place now that Taira Kiyoshi (Ookawa Tooru) has been introduced, because he kindly explained the rules of the games to the amnesic Ryouta (and us). A group of approximately thirty people were kidnapped and transferred to an uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean. All of them have been given a bag containing eight BIMs of a certain type. Every player has gone through a chip implantation (in their hands). The only way to get away from this island, i.e. clearing the game, is to collect seven chips from other players (eight if you include your own), but you can’t get the chips off without killing the players. Ryouta’s lack of memory was caused by a shot from an electroshock weapon to his head.

It’s no secret that the participants in this game are considered to be social burdens, or scum, but I saw children on that plane. That makes me wonder if these people really are “evil” or not. A child is capable of committing a crime, that is true, but that only makes me wonder what kind of upbringing the child had… And it’s quite obvious that the people behind this game don’t choose their victims randomly. That submission form from the previous episode is most likely the method that is used for gathering people. While I don’t know what the victims have gone through, or what the criteria is for being selected, I find it surprising that someone can nominate a child.

But there is one case that does make sense though. Around the end of the episode, after the ending theme, a new character was introduced. Meet Kira Kousuke (Sawashiro Miyuki), a child who appears to have been abused all his life and has now, turned the hatred he felt from that into a killing instinct (this was said in the preview). Watching his apathetic face while he was standing next to his victim makes it obvious that he probably isn’t new to killing, so he being nominated doesn’t surprise me. Maybe the other children did something bad too? Or maybe they’re just unwanted children? It’s hard to say, and I doubt we’ll find out because they’re probably side characters.

Taira being nominated is also quite questionable for now, but on the other hand, we don’t really know him that well yet. So far, I like him. It’s nice to see Ryouta making friends with older people, or partnering up, in case it’s too early to call them ‘friends’. There is a lot of doubt between the two of them though, but what can you do? So far Taira has been a great asset when it comes to information. He is quite funny so hopefully, he’ll bring us moments to laugh at in this cruel and brutal anime. But for now, we’ll probably see the duo struggle for a meal.

There is no doubt that this game was meant for entertainment. The way the informant presented the rules was truly rude and didn’t feel formal at all, and food being used as bait to drag out the hungry players to the same place is definitely going to make the game more enjoyable for whoever that created this game. I wonder if BIMs will be distributed in a similar fashion later on when players run out of explosives, which is bound to happen. Using red parachutes isn’t subtle at all, so the lunches are easy to spot, but Ryouta doesn’t seem to have luck on his side. The first lunch was snatched by Oda Nobutaka (Nakamura Yuuichi), who planted a BIM near the case to trap the first person trying to grab it. Nobutaka is unquestionably dangerous, probably one of the most dangerous ones in the game. He is quick, sneaky, and looks strong. Our pacifist duo won’t stand a chance against him. Maybe if they teamed up with Himiko…

Speaking of her, I’m slightly surprised she didn’t attack Ryouta before running away. While I know she only killed the man from the previous episode because he tried to rape her, I thought her hatred for men would make her throw a BIM to at least assure that she can run without being followed. I’m a bit sad that she ran away so early because as it seems now, she won’t appear again so soon, and if she does, it seems to be for very brief moments. Next week’s episode will focus on the Kousuke, the crazy kid. While I’m enjoying BTOOOM! very much, I don’t look forward to the characters’ background stories. This is not a beautiful anime. Almost all characters have pasts that make me cringe, especially Kousuke’s because it involves child abuse. But at the same time, I’m glad that there is a character like him to make an example of how much damage child abuse causes.

BTOOOM! may be a quite simple and straightforward anime, but it’s a thought provoking one, and also a very entertaining show that has me hooked. I am pleased with what I’ve seen so far, so what’s left to see, pardon the pun, will hopefully be a blast!

Random thoughts:

  • Kira Kousuke reminded me of Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki.
  • The suitcase survived the explosion… What the heck is that made of?
  • What happens if you try to swim away from the island?
  • You need seven chips to win, so, what if you just cut off seven hands without killing people?
  • That girl was going to die anyway even if there wouldn’t have been a trap there. Yelling like she did will only alert the people nearby.
  • If you only need seven chips to survive, does that mean that there can be multiple winners?
  • Taira and Ryouta just ran down the cliffs? How does that work? I don’t even…
  • Hongou Kanata needs to practice screaming!
  • Ryouta lost a chip in the first episode. I wonder if someone picked it up.
  • Full-length shots: 11, 15, 22, 24, 31, 35




  1. Gave it three episodes:

    Good story, but it doesn’t really impress me that much. That said, I’m dropping it here, hopefully I’ll still be able to DL the episodes after one of other one cour animes I’m currently following finish.

    The Moondoggie
  2. A nice infodump we have here, and the girl has gotten away (it could be worse, she could have started throwing bombs, so it is half full glass)…
    The people behind the game are surely powerful with military-grade cargo planes, mercenaries at their command etc. – definitely strange for mere gaming company… if there is something I hope for, it is to see their little empire blown up!
    In the terms of sheer danger level, I’d place Oda Nobutaka just behind that terror that is Musashi. He’s smart tactically, and while lacks the sheer killer instinct he can devise tactics to catch opponents unguarded.
    The island chosen for game was probably too isolated to try to swim away, or even use a makeshift raft to get out. If someoene was a skiled yachtsman, though, with a bit of luck he could succeed. Basic star navigation allows to determine your position on Earth even if without greal of accuracy, and knowing the dominant sea currents and where nearby islands or continents are, this would be feasible. Heyerdal’s journey on the rafts thru Pacific from Peru to Polynesia and from Africa to America are proof, as is history of James Bligh and his journey following mutiny on HMS Bounty. Such enterprise would require probably a cooperation of quite large group of people, and with trust such scarce commodity, good luck!
    One last thing I’d like to point out is “Would you trust the people that just kidnapped you and forced into deathgame to keep their word if you win?” Myself, personally, not!

  3. That chip seems to be pretty advanced with the radar and the dropping after death and all but the way the game goes with them dropping supplies seems pretty simple.
    I figured those supplies will be attracting people and a way to start killings. Though do they only contain food and other essentials in there? I’m still curious as to how they would refresh their bomb supplies besides picking up the ones you killed. They might have used it all up when the dust settles. I’m sure they’ll address this later.
    For now, this old man seems more of a liability now with his round belly but an extra firepower might be handy. Especially with the crazy kid they met in the end.
    Looks good, let’s see more craziness from this show.

  4. good set up episode, Taira san is fun xD
    can’t wait for the encounter next week xD…

    Kousuke’s story is sure disturbing at the least… but in the rotten situation they live in, there is got to be rotten/crazy people that caused it… and <3 to Kousuke's Seiyuu here… she is awesome!

    as the hands being cut off thing, it is possible, but very difficult. bombs are AoE type of weapons, so it is difficult to just cut off hands to get chips…

    and I need more Himiko fix!!!

  5. The plane scene was exactly like Battle Royale. The overly cheery person explaining with the map in the background, the guards killing someone that was complaining.
    I agree that the back stories make me cringe. Especially last week.I was surprised at such a graphic scene involving women when the director is woman! If they get any worse I probably will not continue watching.

  6. The suitcase survived the explosion… What the heck is that made of?
    -This is actually not uncommon, depending on the direction of the blast, a light object such as a suitcase will most likely be launched away, rather then end up being destroyed.
    The chicks torso stayed intact and she was holding the case above her head which backs up my theory.
    Also, I am an IED expert ( veteran ) so take my word for it 🙂

    What happens if you try to swim away from the island?
    -Drown, a desolate island in the pacific? Good luck!

    Also, that fat guy didn’t even hear the explosion that killed that lady as he was climbing up the mountain. Oh well, people can channel sonar’s with their minds in this anime, I better not demand too much realism here.

    Oh, great show by the way 🙂

    I don’t mind the theme’s at all, rape and child abuse. These are all common happenings in this wide world of ours, being depicted the way that it is in a cartoon atleast makes it watchable. But it’s still way too disconnected from reality to really get an emotional response out of me.

  7. so winning means you can get off the island…and not winning means you get killed…cuz people obviously want to get off the island? They don’t want to survive? Really I think this isn’t as well thought out as the Hunger Games where the entire environment was controlled by the game makers but here it’s on a random isolated island….there will clearly be something to eat there…we’ve already seen some place where you get clean water…theres water surrounding so you can get some fish…etc….there wasn’t really any rule that forbid you from not participating…just that winning would let you get out of that place? Strange no one playing the game thought of this?

  8. This series doesn’t get much attention I think, but it is definitely one of my top 3 this season. I mean, battle royale + bomberman is sick. It even reminds me of death note with how the main character looks and how there are moments with cunning faces and trickery.

  9. so now yea guess how got everyone put in the island?

    yea so ryota see blonde but run then meet guy pants down who explain how it all again cause some rip-off evil Probst wannabee with masked mooks kid-nap random people have play real btooom get 8 chips you’re free.

    give ryota is are you mad cue shock guns cause memory probs so now make alliance pants down guy see food case but almost step a landmine so try another then see kid with face of blood?

    yea can say really like anime version of survivor the crazy bombers will kill & etc get chips to escape the island & what next?

  10. It would seem Tyrannos, or whoever is behind that company, does not discriminate in the nomination of its victims, which seem to indicate they’re only concerned with filling the island with enough participants for a “game” to be held, regardless of age, gender, social standing or background.

    Still, it’s unsettling to see someone nominate even a kid to be sent to this death game. How does Tyrannos distribute these nomination forms anyway?

    Kinny Riddle
    1. There is more trouble in all that scheme… First of all, they might end up kidnapping or even failing to kidnap someone either too protected, too important, or too dangerous. As in, mobsters, politicians, military, cops… Secondary, such large enterprise does leave its traces. That big transport plane, mercenary guards, all have to be paid, and money leaves trails. The larger the conspiracy, the harder it is to keep it undercover, and people do make mistakes, set loose lips when drunk or with women, all the usual things that lead to downfall of secret enterprise. Furthermore, wave of kidnappings is eventually sure to register on police’s radars (no pun intended).

  11. “You need seven chips to win, so, what if you just cut off seven hands without killing people?”
    I think the chip has some way to detect whether the person is dead or not, that means, even if you cut their hand, you won’t be able to remove the chip.

    1. -you are properly paranoid… everyone in the island is suspicious!
      -not everyone is adept at surviaval, plus this is perfecrt way to get people to run into each other and kill…


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