With the curse “broken” and everyone completely intact, it would seem everything is back on track for the cast of KHR!. The crazy antics were amusing to behold and definitely missed – Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is at its best when dealing with screwball comedy rather than a complex plot that requires a different set of storytelling skills. This is as good a place as any to stop the story, but since there’s no indication of such a thing, I suppose it’s just a matter of waiting to see what Amano Akira has in store for the next arc. Personally I’m hoping the series does a full circle and go back to something similar to the Daily Life Arc, where there were some great moments that made me laugh out loud. It’s what distinguished KHR! from its shounen cousins and truly showcased its strengths. With a much larger cast than the beginning, a redux of the Daily Life Arc would be pretty entertaining to see.

One thing I do want to point out is how the miraculous recovery of all the characters doesn’t come across as much of a copout as it should have been. Shounen series have never really had the balls to kill off characters and make them stay dead, which is somewhat frustrating, but it’s a trope that has come to be accepted as the norm. Perhaps it’s the lackadaisical atmosphere Katekyo Hitman Reborn! has, but I find with this series, most of the typical shounen clichés tend to be less offensive.

In any case, let’s see what the new arc has in store next week!

Random Corner:

  • Does the half-broken curse mean I have to throw my Colonello/Lal OTP out the window…?


  1. Random Reply

    Cougars/Cub option is always viable. Unless Colonello is hasty and then its Shota?

    I’m still confused how the seven earth flames come into things, but alas it looks like the Vindice have two jobs now. To keep the world in balance and keep criminals in check. Atleast they’ve got something to do for the rest of their lives.

  2. Would this mean that Lal will have to wait for Colonello to grow up before they can be together? At this point, a brand new antagonist will have to be introduced to keep KHR going. Fingers crossed for another mafia family introduction as well.

    random viewer
    1. Used to be one of my most anticipated “arcs” but after using bits of what would consist of that arc over and over to gives the characters a determination boost (especially in the anime already), not sure how well it would bode.

  3. Dang, that was an unnecessary troll in the beginning, haha. But the rest of the chapter was so a ridiculously hilarious and genuine portrayal of these friendships the series has accumulated thus far, making a great transition into another(?) arc.

  4. I think now might be a good time to reschedule Tsuna’s inheritance ceremony. I love KHR, but most of the potential storylines (Arcobaleno and becoming the rightful boss) have been used up now. Am very interested to see what happens next, and curious to know what enemy could possibly appear that is stronger than Bermuda and the Vindice (though for sure they would be the ‘final boss’ of the series). Another daily life arc might provide a nice, calm crossover between this conflict and the next one.

    1. I think a timeskip would be a good way to conclude the series as one of the final scenes since it’ll really show what the whole series has led up to. And the future versions of all the characters are pretty awesome so I definitely don’t mind seeing them again!

  5. I think most of the loose ends have been tied up.

    – The true nature of Uncle Kawahira
    – The history behind the Pacifiers and Arcobaleno
    – The identity of the Vindice and Bermuda
    – The past of the Vongola Primo
    – How Lal returned to her normal form in the future

    There is really not much for KHR to expand on anymore. A return to normal life and continuation of the inheritance ceremony would be an ideal way to end the series.

  6. I stop reading about the time travel arc and beginning of the next arc. Supposedly he got super strong but then during the inheritance ceremony they all get own in one hit. All that training in the previous arc meant crap.

  7. Someone mentioned above that this would be a good place for a time skip. As previously posted I think another daily life arc and completing the inheritance ceremony would be the best way to conclude the series, but I do think that a time skip would serve a great deal of good. It wouldn’t have to be a long one, say a year, but just so that there is time for a new (and more powerful) enemy can arise, rather than simply appearing out of nowhere. Throwing an enemy in that would give the current Tsuna trouble right away wouldn’t really be a good move, especially since he has recently obtained the true dying will.

    On that note, unless the true dying will is a continuous power (one that Tsuna can activate without Reborn having to shoot him with the special bullet), he’s going to be back to the same dying will flame he had before the fight with Mukuro now that his X gloves are gone!

    1. No official word yet, but I’m personally hoping KHR! doesn’t turn into one of those everlasting shounen series :/ I think I heard/read somewhere this was one of the final arcs though, so hopefully it’s on its way to ending.

  8. After the progress of this chapter I really think the next one will be a final arc and have some sort of an inheritance ceremony.

    P.S: You don’t have to throw your OTP out the window haha. Mine with Reborn/Bianchi still stands! I have faith they will have Verde make them grow faster lol.


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