OP1.5 Sequence

OP: 「abnormalize」 by Ling Tosite Sigure

「成しうる者」 (Nashi Uru Mono)
“Those Capable”

While less exciting and thrilling than the first episode, PSYCHO-PASS’s sophomore outing still serves up plenty of food for thought as it begins building its detailed world. For some people, another episode dedicated to exposition might seem as a letdown when compared with the sci-fi and detective action that seemed to be in store in the series. Others are probably anxious to see more of the overarching plot, especially after watching the brief and tantalizing opening scene of the premiere. While these are definitely legitimate concerns, once the series revealed the extent of Sibyl’s influence in people’s lives, it’s quite understandable why the showrunners felt they needed another episode to explore this flawed yet fascinating dystopia.

That which needs to be done is carried out by those capable. Such is the grace bestowed upon mankind by Sibyl.

Although it’s never stated what the origins of this quote are, its unnerving similarity to a religious motto of sorts conveys a lot about the near omniscient and omnipresent role the Sibyl system plays in society. The long arm of the law is not, as was previously believed, merely concerned with predicting the latent capability to commit crimes. Instead Sibyl appears that it also attempts to predict people’s latent capabilities to do good as well, which it does by doling out aptitude rankings that matches people to possible careers. With a system that in Kagari’s words, “tells you the way of living that will bring you the most happiness,” freedom seems to be in short supply even when you’re not a latent criminal.

Who better to introduce the role that Sibyl plays in the lives of non-latent criminals than the rookie inspector again, fresh off her own crash course into Sibyl’s justice system? Tsunemori might be the near ideal individual in the world of PSYCHO-PASS. Her mental health remains calm and unperturbed even in the face of anxiety, and this is probably considered extremely attractive in a society that places the utmost value on mental stability (which actually could be something our society might strive towards). Tsunemori’s high aptitude scores as measured by Sibyl also allow her placement in many prestigious jobs. Yet for all that she has – an amazing holographic apartment, clothes to match, and a fairly prestigious job – it appears as if she is the only non-latent criminal in the show who does not blindly accept the workings of the world. Her reservations about the society Sibyl has built make Tsunemori the perfect platform from which to identify the cracks in its façade. It also makes the decision by the series to shadow a day in her life much more effective this time around as her misgivings and reservations about the path laid before her by Sibyl echoes our own qualms with the system.

Following Tsunemori throughout what is probably an average day for her might have felt more “slice of life” than the gritty sci-fi detective story that the premiere seemed to promise, but the sheer number of thought-provoking questions raised as she talked to various characters made the episode feel like a necessary prelude to the main plot. Her meeting with MWPSB’s sultry analyst, physician, and latent criminal Karanomori Shion (Sawashiro Miyuki) was notable for Karanomori’s subtly implied complaint that she was being worked harder than other physicians just because she was a latent criminal, raising questions of discrimination that occurs even when latent criminals are given the same occupations as non-latent criminals.

Tsunemori’s field operation where she used “moe” holographic police avatars (presumably used to keep Area Stress Levels down) in the mall along with Masaoka was enlightening on several levels as well. We know the grizzled Enforcer has a high crime-coefficient and is extremely talented at detecting potential criminal behavior, but what if his own status as a latent criminal comes solely from an ability to put himself in others’ shoes in order empathize with them, without actually desiring to commit crimes himself? Would Sibyl be able to tell the difference between an intense empathy and actual criminal intention?

Finally, Tsunemori’s dinner conversation with Kagari was anything but small talk. The anger he feels towards her is definitely understandable given how she took for granted all the opportunities that are open to her and closed to him as the result of being branded a latent criminal at the age of five. At the same time, it’s not hard to understand her sentiment either – there is a freedom that both of them do not have; for Kagari, it’s pretty clear cut, but for Tsunemori, it comes in the form of being unable to find your purpose in life outside of what Sibyl decrees it to be. Compounded with being told by Masaoka that her duties as an Inspector basically amounted to next to nothing, the solace she found in Kougami’s words came as no real surprise.

What was unexpected was Kougami’s apparent about-face in ideology. In the span of two episodes, he has changed from an Enforcer who blindly pulled the trigger at the Dominator’s beck and call without any hesitation or doubts into a detective who only wishes to protect people and places true justice before a duty to follow Sibyl’s prescriptions. Perhaps being shot and paralyzed was a near-death experience, which in conjunction with working alongside an Inspector who doesn’t work by the book, has changed him. The flashbacks Kougami had also suggests the possibility that the feelings which led to him being labeled a latent criminal stems from feelings of exacting a revenge or score that he needs to settle, which could be violent, or at the very least, disruptive to society. So if his feelings do have an honorable origin, such as finding and confronting his loved ones’ murderer, does it mean that any pursuit of revenge, however noble, causes a person to become flagged as a latent criminal?

Where the line is drawn is still too hazy at this point, but this new insight and others do serve to paint this world and the Sibyl system at its core as one that is far more complex and dystopian than the precognition system at the center of Minority Report. More importantly, it has the potential to shift the conflict of the plot from one that only focuses on the issues faced by latent criminals like Kougami and Kagari to one that also encompasses the issues of those who are not, people like Tsunemori. What once seemed like a series where the haves will fight for the rights of the have-nots becomes one where everyone is a have-not in a way. It’s one where everyone is fighting for an ideal that oftentimes can take for granted, especially in the Western world – the freedom to choose their own future, an inalienable right that has been denied by the “all-seeing” eye of Sibyl. It’ll be interesting to watch how PSYCHO-PASS’s plot will take shape from what is definitely a solid foundation built by these first two episodes.

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ED1.5 Sequence

ED: 「名前のない怪物」 (Namae no nai Kaibutsu) by EGOIST


  1. The Sibyl system is kind of like that aspect in the movie, “GATTACA”, where everyone is determined through their genome before birth, then throughout life. When I saw this episode, it reminded me of how in the movie, that society was governed by the physical aspect of their self that they never considered the different variables or the hidden potential of others. So in a way, Psycho Pass is society is really interesting because that they finally have a way to measure the mentality of a human, but it is still a flawed system that takes away other people’s opportunity in life and judges without much consideration( like how the weapon measured the victim’s psycho pass , in the previous episode, as highly dangerous, but it was due to the traumatizing moment).

    I wonder how the main character will work out how she handles her job in the future?Anyway, loved the episode, it helped me see a lot of the characters in how they think.

    1. You make a great point, GATTACA is a criminally underrated movie in my opinion, and it’ll be interesting to see all these western sci-fi movies and stories that we’re so familiar with given a fresh coat of paint in anime form.

      1. the system of the society kinda gives off the vibe of that of Blade runner’s..though what the psycho-pass guns do is kinda similar with how what the pre-cog in minority report does, indeed…though i remember the pre-cog not being able to see into a person’s mentality and instead use their ability to predict to indict a person….

        it’s been a while since i’ve watched Gattaca, so i’m still unsure of their similarities….

        don’t u think there’s a possibility that Urobochi is gonna pull a minority report ending on us? perhaps…
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

  2. See, the problem with sci-fi works are, when there is an omniscient system ruling over society, it will always revealed to be holding dark secrets that render such system unusable. By the dark first episode, we thought that this might be the case for Psycho-Pass as well.

    Now, with second episode showing the benefit of the system and that the characters acknowledging its flaws, we are led to question our morality stance. We, the audience are positioned as observer, not taking sides. How very Gen Urobuchi.

  3. I thought they were going to show how flawed is the Sibyl system as with the usual society-controlled-by-computer-story, but this episode made me think that the system isn’t the one to be blamed for how society had become, but rather the society themselves.

    Also that holographic room,very cool.

  4. The use of holographic clothing that can be changed just by the flick of a button…
    Does that mean they travel naked everywhere?
    And the fascination with physical beauty seems to have been replaced with a superficial love for ‘mental stability’
    Talk about cultural evolution.

    1. During the holographic room scene, I was reminded about a youtube video presenting developing research in Japan about touchable 3D holograms, where the sensation of touch was actually just emulated by the machine. You’re essentially feeling what they think you think you’re feeling, which totally builds on this whole idea of living in a world dominated by illusions and whether or not it’s genuine content or not. Fascinating revelations to be quite honest.

    2. I believe she physically wore her suit and then used the hologram to change it to casual clothing so she could go to work after her rendezvous with her friends. She walked out of the room in a suit before she start changing clothes.

      That breakfast…. looks really can-food looking >.<

    3. She had her work suit before she used her holo clothes. From what I understand, people can wear whatever they use for the day and just use the device to change for the occasion. Its pretty convenient if you’re on a suit (difficult to put on) and use more casual clothes for hanging out, then put it back when doing actual work.

    4. I think she’s wearing a plain suit that has holographic function. If hologram projects on her naked body, it’ll be more like those mecha body-tight suits, exhibiting the curves of the body.

  5. May be the only one, but I found this episode more interesting than the premiere? Was expecting this type of immersion into the world to be presented in the first episode. Also, I felt the character development and interactions had a sturdy foundation this time around.

  6. Well I surely appreciate realistic color hairdos for a change. Phew. Surely give this show much appreciation from vast rainbow hairdos out there. It’s an oasis in the desert. Yeah, it does have the required blondie with big boobs character, but hey, I’m not complaining at all. AT ALL! I welcome the blondie with big boobs anytime, anywhere. Anyway, I digress…

    Great anime drawing and overall quality doesn’t hurt, either! C’mon!

  7. The OP is so addictive it’s amazing. The animation is a bit messy at places but it suits the anime I guess. And the ending as well. Great song.

    Also the dinner conversation Akane and Kagari had really does emphasize the difference Akane has with the rest of her team-mate. While she lives a luxury life, the rest weren’t so privileged. Can’t wait to see what kind of past each one of them had in order for them to become criminals.

    And is it just me or did this episode hint Yayoi (forgot her name) is a lesbian with the blonde women (Shion was it?)? The way she walked out adjusting her tie and the blonde women wearing her stocking back again hinted something for me.

    1. “They said I can become anything, so I become god”

      Without restriction nor passion coming into her role, Akane would need a very good reason to become an inspector. What is it that she truly wanted out of this role? How would she evolve to embody the spirit that she will stand for? The two past works from Urobuchi are excellent at developing the characters to answer those questions, and I hope Psycho Pass continue the trend.

  8. This was unusually optimistic compared to the last episode. Especially with Akane’s talk with Kougami, it served to give confidence to Akane that she was doing the right thing. But I’m not going to be fooled, this is Gen Urobuchi we are talking about. I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    I did like the insight into the other characters. For being labeled latent criminals, they seem to be okay people. I’m hoping to get more specifics on the criteria that SYBIL uses. Akane’s high aptitude and “mental beauty” (as her friend put it) seems a bit suspicious.

    I did like the future tech, especially the holo apartment. Nothing is more awsome than waking up in an apartment look of your choosing.

    Also yay for implied lesbians!

    1. I did like the future tech, especially the holo apartment.
      Nothing is more awesome than waking up in an apartment look of your choosing.

      How about her clothes? Doe that mean she’s really walking around in her pantsu?

    2. Why lesbians?
      You guys have a weird imagination,i get you want your maschilist lesbian show in everything but for the moment i don’t get what it should imply the lesbian .
      For all we know the pony tail lady arrived before Akane and talked to the blond lady who was changing herself -i mean if someone saw the scene after (Blond girl dressing and Akane there) would think that they had an affair(Akane and the blond lady).

      I just hope this show don’t have the typical disgusting maschilist low fanservice of lesbians just so the 40yearold virgin otaku men can have some fun.

  9. As usual with such dystopias, a question arises: who controls the controllers?
    I am also pretty sceptical of the ability to predict person’s abilities, talents, and the best way to realise him/herself in life. How do you quantify such things like creativity, imagination, or for that matter, free will of the individual?
    One thing I’ve found interesting is that Enforcers, latent criminals all of them, seem to be more interesting characters than quite bland “normals” like Tsunemori’s friends… From grizzled veteran to naughty nurse to man with a mission, they feel much more… alive?

  10. What was unexpected was Kougami’s apparent about-face in ideology.

    I actually saw it as going from a rote or learned behaviour necessary to survive, to expressing the courage
    to stand on long held beliefs. IMHO, this is an example of peer pressure. He (previously) acted in ways
    like his peers so that he could survive in the group he was in (i.e. fit in); less than ideal, it was far better
    than any alternative that may have been available to him as a latent criminal. With a different support
    ideologically provided by Tsunemori, he can express more of his true core beliefs.

    Obviously, they’re going to become a (closer) team (don’t know of any romantic overtones yet) and we’ll see
    how this new approach will continue to weather and refine as it is tested in various future enforcement
    encounters. Will she teeter on falling back on the olde tried and true practices and rescued by Kougami?
    Will the outcome of her future actions influence other member of the team, departments, and ultimately
    change the system?


    I’ve always held that Anime (or any good story telling medium) exaggerates things to underscore their
    relevance to the underlying story. So I’m less impressed with Sibyl‘s role as a metaphor for the society
    that the author (may) believe we live in now. The story line so far shows, quite well, a fear-based society.

    People who are anxious, are to be feared and treated.

    If the treatment is unsuccessful, then they are eliminated. So, one has to wonder if the author thinks that the
    next frontier of terror/genocide won’t be a person’s race or religeous beliefs, but by a person’s disposition on life.

  11. Being two cour, it seems like Psycho Pass has taken a fair amount of liberties by assuming the viewers will be patient with the exposition and rightfully so, the second episode doesn’t miss a beat as the build up continues. While some may question the effectiveness of having a premiere that jumped right into a highly suspenseful mouse hunt, I wouldn’t have it any other way and certainly, it made Akane’s character development as a lead in this episode much more impactful. Like many who are new to the job, she was clearly caught off guard and her subsequent psychological struggles are surely understandable. In fact, it’s debatable if she even received formal training as a detective as it sounds like Sibyl has absolute control over their career options after what seems like a pretty standardized screening process. Interestingly, Akane didn’t let her internal conflicts paralyze her and was quick to come to terms with the rationality of her actions which makes me wonder if I’ve misjudged her character. The end result is certainly a protagonist that’s more agreeable yet not completely, making Akane a character that is a lot more interesting to watch.
    UroGen’s trademarked exquisite dialogues continue to impress and more specifically, Kagari made a convincing argument about how trivial Akane’s concerns seem to those who are not as privileged and it speaks volumes about the world we currently live in. A choice is one the rarest things in Psycho-Pass’ future and similarly, life is certainly not fair in our present world where people are born with different capabilities and characteristics. As you highlighted, a choice is certainly not a luxury that many of us around the world have and this is probably exacerbated by the uneven distribution of wealth with half of global GDP concentrated in just five countries. That’s certainly a theme that Urobuchi sensei wants to explore and I get the feeling that Psycho Pass will continue to alter my understanding of your typical dystopian sci-fi series.

    Seishun Otoko
    1. I like your random thought.
      I was thinking they might be wearing standard clothing (Like a simple overall or whatnot.) and they are capable of changing the looks of that outfit through some sort of sensors. It would be pretty logical as invisibility machinery has already been discovered, so in the future it could be implemented in clothes too perhaps? (which would explain skirts for example)

    2. Sigh, i knew a lot of people won’t notice this, she is wearing her “work” clothes (the plain business suit) and then overlaying the holographic casual clothes on top of them (just like she overlayed the classical decorations in her room over her plain walls).

      Notice the scene before she enters her work HQ when she switched back to her suit she put the holographic clothes changer back into her clothes .. so those are her real clothes if she can physically interact with them.

  12. https://randomc.net/image/PSYCHO-PASS/PSYCHO-PASS%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2002.jpg
    Clara, is that you?

    Jokes aside, the second episode was far better than the first one, giving us a far better insight in the characters, especially in Tsunemori, and showing how the world of Psycho-pass works. Far too many sci-fi series somehow forget about the everyday life of the people in it’s world.

    The only problem I still have with Psycho-pass is that no matter how much I like Tsunemori’s design, it clashes too much with the other characters (most notably Masaoka)

    1. Her design indeed feels a little different from the other characters, but personally i think this is intentional .. she obviously clashes with the other characters in many things aside from her design (her choice in ep1, her choice to join the public safety Bureau, her stable stress levels despite being not able to sleep and felling bad, .. etc etc) .. so i think they wanted her design to reflect more profoundly how “different” she is from the others.

  13. In a recent magazine interview, Urobuchi Gen gave viewers a tongue-in-cheek assurance that “Akane-chan will not be getting her head bitten off by Witches in episode 3”. LOL

    That said, judging by Urobuchi’s MO, expect someone the audience is fond of to be killed off next episode. Preferably as brutally and cruelly as possible.

    Back to the story. One of the themes seems to be choice and destiny, as seen in the conversation between Akane and Kagari’s dinner conversation. Could totally see why Kagari is pissed about Akane. While both their lives are decided by the Sibyl System, the difference is that Kagari did not have a choice of refusing, while Akane had every opportunity to ignore the Sibyl System’s advice, but chose to “submit” to it.

    OP and its animation are awesome.

    Gotta love those holo-suits. Saves a lot for dressing up, but maybe creativity is lost as everyone is stuck with the same fashion choices? (Unless you’re an elite programmer and know how to custom make your holo-fashion).

    Considering the implied lesbianism between Shion and Yayoi, the Sybil System might also seem to discriminate against the LGBT community.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. “Considering the implied lesbianism between Shion and Yayoi, the Sybil System might also seem to discriminate against the LGBT community.”
      -Chuckles- Now that made me laugh.

    2. “Back to the story. One of the themes seems to be choice and destiny, as seen in the conversation between Akane and Kagari’s dinner conversation. Could totally see why Kagari is pissed about Akane. While both their lives are decided by the Sibyl System, the difference is that Kagari did not have a choice of refusing, while Akane had every opportunity to ignore the Sibyl System’s advice, but chose to “submit” to it.”

      i think it’s very possible that part of the reason Akane was given the opportunity to ignore the Sibyl System’s advice because the the System calculated that she wouldn’t ignore it.

  14. What was particularly striking to me about the 2nd episode was mostly the OP animation. Usually, you’d expect to see the entire cast in the sequence, but we only had Akane and Kougami. (Even more surprised that the 2nd character introduced or previewed in this series is not in either OP or ED…) There, Akane’s portrayed as distant and almost apathetic, and the mention of Akane’s “clear” mental health despite her being clearly stressed throughout the episode made the Blade Runner/(Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) similarities more prominent in my mind. Also, I found it interesting that the OP has Akane pitted against Kougami, or perhaps I’m reading too much into the OP visuals.

    The lack of free will/choice has been a significant theme in most sci-fi works I’ve looked at, so it’ll be interesting to see where Gen Urobuchi takes this series. The Sibyl system’s process of placing individuals in careers seems to be just an advanced form of modern day skill aptitude tests and/or career placement exams. While you’d think that such a system would benefit those who are lost and don’t know what to do with their future, Akane still isn’t satisfied after given a wide array of places to go to. Her friends, even with their limited career choices, aren’t satisfied either. The more choices a person is given, the more they are left craving for something more.

    I’m more interested in the connection between high Area Stress Levels and the presence of latent criminals, though, because if heightened stress is what distinguishes a non-latent criminal from a latent criminal, that seems lazy and highly improbable. If so, why would Akane’s psycho-pass be so clear (Although why is a powdery blue hue considered ‘clear’ to begin with?) ? Maybe, just the presence of a latent criminal is enough to warrant high stress levels in the mall, even though no one in the mall seemed to look very stressed except for the latent criminal. If indeed stress turns out to be the main driving force between psycho-pass raising or lowering your crime coefficient, then Sibyl’s system is absurdly flawed. There has to be other factors, and I’m really hoping to see it explained in some detail later on. I guess I’m hoping for confirmation on my guess for the psycho-pass criteria, because that to me seems the most probable way of how Sibyl’s system identifies latent criminals and yet can still remain ever so flawed. Then again, this is anime, where anime science is not always realistic.

    I wish I had Akane’s holographic clothing changer. It’d be so useful and free up a ton of closet space, plus take the stress out of shopping.

    1. Nice post, i too have doubts that the Psycho-Pass system solely depends on stress levels (which are highly variable and not constant all the time) .. if that’s really how it works then it’s a seriously flawed system (only the Psycho-Pass portion of Sybil not the whole system).

      I suppose they will show us in the upcoming episode other factors that affect the Psycho-Pass system and why some of the people with high coefficients are chosen as Enforcers and not killed by the Psycho-Pass guns (they also seem like they aren’t under stress at all .. like the old man who still has a high coefficient).

    2. I’m really glad you mentioned the OP sequence because I was thinking the same thing. I found it really interesting that they chose to use only Akane and Kougami in the entire opening. And I honestly got chills from the expression on Akane’s face. It was such a change from the current personality she’s displaying. I have to wonder if her ability to do almost anything in Sibyl’s eyes may come back to haunt her sometime during this show. And maybe Kougami is going to have to stop her from doing something just as she stopped him in the first episode. That’s the feeling I got from it.

  15. Geez old man you’re becoming awesome. Another rider-esque character, maybe?

    Second episode of PP sold me in its setting and the theme of the world they are living.
    The wash-down futuristic/semi-steampunkish world, DAT techno-jellyfish, that one-click dressing system (it’s so cool and so absurd, how is that even work. Feels like they are living in an VRMMO controlled by a computerized Kyubey.)

    1. Well i don’t think the holographic clothes changer is absurd, it probably scans your naked body and/or your basic clothes (in Akane’s case her work suit) and overlays holographic projection on top of it .. sure there might be a problem regarding how the projection actually works .. i think maybe the suit itself is embedded with the holo-system and the hand-held device is only a controller.

      Now all you need to buy is a single suit/set of clothes .. you can download the rest off the internet .. or make your own .. now that’s some useful revolutionary technology (but is probably going to make textile companies go bankrupt .. unless they switch to holographic clothes design and production of holographic clothing devices/suits … evolve or die i suppose XD).

  16. After seeing the speech Kougami gave to Akane about how he wanted to be a detective preserving justice more than a hunter hunting down latent criminals as decided by Sibyl, the scene where he seemed to be whispering something prior to getting shot by Akane made more sense.

    It almost seemed as though he WANTED Akane to stop him from pulling the trigger and blowing that hostage woman into a lump of bloody goo. He didn’t have a choice, for fear of Sibyl giving him a higher criminal coefficient, but Akane does, and she used that choice well. For that he is grateful to her.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. Now that we finally have some literal daylight on this show, I just want to ask…why is everyone so pale?!! Does anyone know if this is going to be a 12 ep season or 24-26 ep season? Because I honestly hope its longer because this is the only anime I’m watching this season that’s actually making me stop and think…that and Jormungand Perfect Order.

  18. am i the only one curious about what miss ponytail and busty blonde doc were up in prior to our lovely protag walking in… i mean…we all saw her pulling up her tights…and its got my interest piqued…

  19. I must admit, my interest spike up to a 11 when I saw the miss hot suit walk out of a room from that busty blond. Nothing was shown, but that’s what makes it so much naughtier in my opinion. I mean we can use our imaginations and the fact that she was fixing her tie, while the other pull up her stockings… well… use your imaginations. I honestly wasn’t expecting that at all in this series. I think the MC feels the same way base on her expression at the aftermath.

    1. This whole scene was sexually charged, frankly there are very few things two -presumably- undressed females can do in a locked room, specially if one of them (Dr. Shion) seems to be hyper-sexual .. i loled when Dr.Shion kept saying stuff like “Did Kogami grab your butt”, “but joining him in bed won’t be possible” to Akane (more funny since Akane didn’t even notice her remarks and Shion’s disappointed face was so funny/cute).

      1. Indeed! I really enjoyed that whole scene. I can tell that the Doctor is going to be an amusing watch. She really light up the room and has a nice sense of humor.
        Akane needs to run that place soon so she can indeed change things cause Dr.Shion needs it! P:

    2. Let’s see, both Shion and Yayoi are latent criminals –> They can’t wander outside HQ area without permission and supervision from an Inspector –> They must be bored to death in there + they can date no one (all guys either have family or chaste latent criminals) + adults have needs –> “Hey, Yayoi-chan, ever want to taste **** or *****?”

      Makes sense.

  20. Excellent episode, loved how it showed the typical work day from start to finish at that Public Safety Bureau headquarters, with a lot of neat Production IG touches here and there and some world building (and too many hologram devices .. they really make me want this tech to become commonplace a.s.a.p XD)

    Loved how the episode also showed Akane interacting with all the enforcers in her team revealing bits of info about her motivation to join the Public Safety Bureau and about their past and how they ended up as enforcers, her interaction with Kogami was the most interesting becasue it actually developed both of them .. she gained stronger resolve that her decision was right and that she really was meant for this job as she felt before (which can be seen in her confidence while she was filing her report at the end of the ep) and Kogami on the other hand had his eyes opened by her action and he decided to start thinking for himself instead of just acting like a robot carrying out Sybil directions as before he was turned numb by not thinking for himself and following the the officers and Sybil directions (which seems to be the curse of this world) .. Akane seems to be the only one so far among the character who actually thinks for herself without being too dependent on Sybil.

    I also loved the OP art (so freaking rad animation), the ED song was awesome.

    Oh, and did anyone notice that Dr.Shion and the female enforcer were actually .. ahm .. doing something before Akane arrived (something that involved undressing, well .. you get it), i also wonder why is Dr.Shion so fixated about sexual stuff she made 2-3 sexual remarks in the span of few minutes –> “Did Kogami grab your butt” .. “but joining him in bed won’t be possible” .. lols .. really Doc XD

  21. I don’t expect less from Gen. The sci-fi/dystopia theme can get a little cliche but Gen pulled it off with great character developments. Thus we as audiences are not focusing on what the system does or does not do, but how the people/society react to it. THAT is what makes this amazing.

  22. Um… in the scene where Tsunemori goes to Karanomori’s office, did anyone notice Yayoi fixing her neck-tie and Karanomori pulling up her thigh high stockings? Something definitely happened there… o __ o”

  23. For some reason, and the Opening Animation really cements this- I get the feeling that Tsunemori isn’t exactly “mentally stable” (whatever that is) herself. I mean, she certainly doesn’t seem like the poster child for “well-adjustedness”… It wouldn’t surprise me if later on in the series, she is discovered to, by SIBYL’s point of view, one of- if not the most “mentally unstable” member of the cast.

    Then again, I could just be reading entirely into a damn good OP. *shrugs* Who knows?

  24. The biggest thing about this entire episode was the OP in my opinion. Some kind of confrontation going on between Kōgami and Akane. Something is definitely going on with Akane, she looked pretty evil/cold in the OP. If the titles of the next few episodes are any indication we may be in for real treat.

    Also, I don’t think Akane is “the” MC, right now Kōgami and her will be more like duel protagonist but judging from the OP and various other things I can see Kōgami taking the spotlight away from Akane as the series goes on and becoming the true protagonist.

    1. Yeah, the whole thing about Kougami needing to settle a score suggests the show will take a turn towards his story more and possibly make him the MC, and maybe in the process, it’ll force Tsunemori to take sides

    2. This seems to be a concurrent theme with Urobuchi’s stories, featuring a (1) false protagonist who acts as the foil to the (2) true protagonist, as well as featuring a (3) tragic protagonist along the way who serves to test the former two’s resolves and/or just to troll the audience into rooting for him/her before disposing of him/her cruelly.

      Fate Zero:
      (1) Saber
      (2) Kiritsugu
      (3) Kariya/Lancer

      Madoka Magica
      (1) Madoka
      (2) Homura
      (3) Sayaka

      And here:
      (1) Akane
      (2) Kougami
      (3) ???

      Kinny Riddle

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