Resuming from last week, the flashbacks continue demonstrating Obito’s disconnect from the real world following Rin’s death. His comment about not caring about the world anymore just hammers in the point and well, things are finally running full circle. We follow Obito’s assumption of Madara’s identity and his attempt at courting the members that would make up Akatsuki… ultimately leading up to the Nine-Tails attack on Konoha. By now, most of the gaps in events are now pretty much filled in (aside from the reason for Rin’s death at Kakashi’s hands), and the story’s really moving along toward its ending.

Looking back just a for a moment, it’s just amazing how far we’ve come in these 600+ chapters. The series has gone through its share of ups and downs, with controversial moments mixed right in with some great ones… and it really just hits you this chapter that in a way, Naruto’s almost over, and regardless of how you might feel about it, it sure seems like it’ll leave quite a void when it’s all said and done.

But that’s enough of that. There’s plenty of time to reminisce when the series actually ends, so for now, we’ll move on… and well, that’s pretty much what this chapter did. The flashbacks continued on to a point where we pretty much already know what happens next and we’re thrown right back into concurrent fight between Obito, Madara, Naruto and Co. Nothing much quite happens aside from this, but it was admittedly surprising that the flashbacks actually ended this chapter rather than stretching another… but I suppose with a break next week, you just can’t quite leave viewers hangin’ with more flashbacks can ya?

At this point, there’s quite a bit of possibilities as to how Kishimoto can go from here, and it’ll be interesting to see how he chooses to resume Naruto in two weeks. Part of me feels like this would be a good time to shift back to Sasuke/Orochimaru for a little bit, but it seems like it’ll be just a tad awkward to shift at this point. I reckon we’ll get perhaps another chapter or two of fighting, then the shift in viewpoints, followed probably by more fights and the ultimate joining of Sasuke and the Kages into the fray for one final showdown. Guess we’ll see how that works out eh?


  1. I have a feeling we’re going to see Sasuke soon. There’s just no possible way Naruto’s winning this, so either Sasuke joins soon to level the playing field or someone else will join the fray.

    1. Yeah, Kakashi’s never really needed any character development outside of Kakashi Gaiden and maybe the early chapters of the series. He already learned to prioritize teammates over regulations when he thought Obito was dead. Other than that, he was just meant to be Naruto’s second mentor after Iruka. Obito coming back only serves to resurface and rub salt in old wounds.

      This also doesn’t have much significance to Naruto either, because the first time they met, he was trying to kill Naruto was an infant, so he can’t exactly hold a grudge. Just what was the point again?

    2. That’s because you’re focusing on Obito(and also Kakashi). As far as the grand scheme is concerned they’re just parts of the grand plan.

      Madara is still the big baddie here, and I’m sure things will shift back to Naruto once the Obito x Kakashi issue has been resolved.

      And just because it’s Kakashi x Obito doesn’t mean Naruto, or whoever can’t chime in with their views later on during the reveals. There are enough instances where Naruto will end up saying/doing something that’ll change the baddies mindset, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does the same for Obito. As pointed out before there are similarities between Naruto and Obito, just different choices and outlook in life or something.

  2. Chapter title: I Don’t Care Anymore. Also known as Kishimoto’s current attitude about the story.

    That said, I’m looking forward to the fight. As many missteps the plot has made recently, the giant wood dragon vs Kurama shows some good things to come in terms of action. Hopefully the inevitable “having a good life isn’t possible without pain and humans can only understand each other through being in the real word” speech will come after we get some kickass jutsu out there. We also still need to see the Juubi.

      1. To Obito. It’s clear that he’s trying to make his characters care, it’s just like you said though. It’s clear that Kishimoto has lost interest in his own story.

        Kishi’s contributions to JoJo and Kingdom seemed to emanate more life than his own series. But speaking of action, it’s funny that the character that is least involved in this dispute(Gai) is the one I want to see fight the most. Wood dragons and tailed beasts are cool and all, but somehow I’d still take an 8th Gate Peacock over them.

  3. I know that I’ve tried to call how something will turn out before, to be more specific how Madara will be defeated, but I’m going to make another attempt.

    We’ve seen that one of the only way to seal Edo Tensei beings is with a jutsu developed by the Fourth Hokage (that shinigami jutsu that sealed Orochimaru’s arms), but no one knows it anymore. But wait, Obito saw it when the Fourth Hokage sealed the Kyubi, and he had the sharingan which allows him to copy jutsu’s. Insert heel face turn here and presto Madara is kaput.

    1. Seconded. Especially when said heel face turn will likely be when he hears the “there is no life without free will” speech and finds out that Rin actually died…FOR A REASON.

      But again, at least we’ll get an awesome fight first.

    2. Isn’t it just ten times easier to seal Madara in his own dimension, since noone can teleport out of it except Tobi.

      I like how the psychological lock turned out for Obito. As far as i understand, his good side demented in a process of justifing any action he did by the fact, that evil world will be replaced by a good dream world. That’s what he means by the phrase:”I don’t care anymore”. So when he is defeated, he will break down easily.

      1. Chances are that the Rinnegan would be able to do something about it given it’s always constantly toted as being the most powerful doujutsu over even the Sharingan and all.

  4. Also what the hell is Obito doing in the last panel? He just looks silly doing that with his… holy crap! Is he going to try and beat Kakashi in rock-paper-scissors? That would be an awesome call back!

    1. it’s just like how every rival has to fight each other. I’m wondering how the Naruto vs Sasuke will play out now. I mean it’s all about Madara and the Moon’s Eye Plan. Sasuke is just roaming around while Naruto is taking care of business. Kakashi vs Obito should be epic since Kakashi seems to still have chakra to keep fighting (Guy looks like he’s dead on his feet though) and what exactly is Bee doing while this is going on.

  5. well, that explains a lot, what I do wonder is whether or not the current wood jutsu Madara is able to subdue the Kyuubi. Either way, I hope there is an explanation as to why he isn’t using his rather powerful eyes to just tame the big guy like he used to.

  6. Obito to Kakashi: I have nothing to talk about with you.
    Well NO! Ask Kakashi why he killed Rin, you are so full of vengeance that you really dun want to know why he kill Rin? It’s like the most important question right now.
    Imagine Kakashi dead now, then you suddenly realise you have not know why Rin was killed. Then you have to go through the whole bring the dead back bullshit just to get an answer. Dumbass.

      1. So the FACT that she died is the reason he’s trying to hypnotize the world…but even if it was for a good reason like sacrificing herself for a mission or her death saving thousands of lives, he wouldn’t care?

  7. This chapter goes off explain anymore loose ends and how some events occurs, all revealing the extent of how Obito was bastardized. Seriously, Obito was one Uchiha along with Itachi and Shisui, I thought were good and died for a purpose, but after the recent chapters, they really just Break the Cutie (idiom) and I find myself disgusted at the maneuver. We see Obito no longer caring or feeling for that matter at the actions he was taking whether it was against his sensei (and getting schooled), setting up the future of the Akatsuki and watching Kakashi visit Rin and probably Obito’s graves.

    Haa, this chapter was very mentally exhausting to read.

  8. I have almost forgotten Naruto is back in the picture… more interested in Obito/Kakashi clash XD (how funny if Sasuke comes into scene? whut is this-)

    Stupid Obito being so one-minded, seriously hear Kakashi’s explanation when you’re probably not dying or something *coughs*

    1. Remember Obito is a determinator like Naruto, being one track minded for long periods is in their characterization. Prodigies like Kakashi, Neiji, and Nagato are normally the ones willing to change after drastic events have occurred. I will drop this if Sasuke suddenly wants to help Naruto after learning whatever truth he’s looking for.

  9. I too can feel Naruto drawing to a close, and now feel that this fated battle needs to be fought between Kakashi and Obito now (despite how many chapters ago Kakashi said that he was about to run out of chakra? Hmm). However I can’t see it ending just yet. Regardless of how Sasuke enters this fray, and I’m sure he will, neither he or Naruto will emerge with enough Chakra or stamina to have thier final battle.

    I’m confident that after the war is over, there will be a shorter but final arc depicting how Sasuke will try to exact revenge on the leaf which ends up pitting him and Naruto against each other in a one-on-one fight. Whether or not the new team 7 ends up fighting Taka (Sasuke’s group) or not is another story, though I can see some good pair ups for fights there. Especially if Sakura ends up fighting Karin (would be a good chance for both to sort out their feelings and what not.)

  10. I really wish that Sasuke is involved in this arc, I can’t think of Sasuke as a big enough evil guy in the story as much as those are -.- it won’t make sense if he becomes even more evil >_>.. how much will the writer go to make us hate Sasuke!

    Better bring some sense back into him to save the battle u,u” with Naruto.. where sasuke is close to death and he saves her and fights with Naruto and then my happy ending -.-”.. (random), I’m liking the current chapters :)..

  11. I think after this kakashi will explain the reason why he kill rin.Obito finally know the truth and will try to defeat madara.Madara make obito badly injured and he give his right sharingan to kakashi,giving kakashi enternam magenkyo sharingan in the process.

    After this, sasuke will appear and help naruto defeat madara.madara fight back and revive 10 tail in process.Finally,everyone from the war arrive to help naruto and sasuke defeat 10 tail.Sasuke got redemption and accepted to ninja world because he help defeat 10 tail.I quess sasuke have a high chance to got redemption because he haven’t kill someone good.The only thing he kill is zetsu,which is just a hashirama clone.It will darker story if he kill Sakura or Kakashi in the first place,since in Naruto most villain like nagato and kabuto got chance to redeem themselves.

    Btw,this just my personal opinion.I think this chapter really good if compare to One piece and piece still develop its plots right now,and bleach drop down to my “worst story in manga” level,with byakuya and genryusai die pathetically.

    1. Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan only occurs when an Uchiha with the Mangekyo Sharingan transplants the Mangekyo Sharingan eyes of a blood sibling ala Madara and Izuna, or Sasuke and Itachi.

      So the first reason why Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan with Kakashi can’t happen (without totally ignoring what was explained) is that Kakashi and Obito are not blood siblings. The second reason being that even if they were, it’s the same Mangekyo Sharingan (both eyes are Obito’s) and not a different one.

  12. Well, something has to happen and Obito suddenly being turned back good again, as is the formula (like with Nagato and such), and pulling something is really the only (currently) logical path because, as I’ve been saying, there’s just no way Naruto, Kakashi, and Gai can beat Madara the way he presently is because he’s pretty much immortal with infinite chakra.

    It won’t matter how much damage Naruto may do to him (and I say “may” because his Rasengan Biju Bomb was blocked effortlessly by Madara’s fan alone) because Madara will simply regenerate from it and as much chakra as Naruto has, he still has limits while Madara does not thanks to Edo Tensei. Add to that that Madara has the Rinnegan (and Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan a step lower) and decades of true combat experience over Naruto.

  13. Meanwhile, during Sasuke’s and Orochimaru’s tea party whilst discussing the weather above them…

    The story seems to be reviving itself, thankfully. Although still a bit lacking, I feel that there will be a majorly epic tie-in to everything that has happened thus far. It must happen, other Kishimoto will have invested all these build-ups and cliffhangers from one person’s story to another’s…for nothing. I can’t imagine that these stories are going to run parallel to each other for much longer. It’s been a LONG time, but it’s time to finally collide at one giant point of “thank-god-I-still-read-Naruto”.

    This fight feels damn epic though. Gai and Bee helping desperately in whatever way they can. The other 5 Kages absolutely buttfucked elsewhere. Everything going to shit, Obito has gone full reta-…uh…full emo facing off against Kakashi. And Naruto gives this epic timefuck proclamation to Madara as the 4th’s son.

    Good job Kishi, but you’re not done yet. Spank dat.

    1. Please stop with the “she wasn’t a developed character so -somehow- Obito shouldn’t feel bad about her death” nonsense .. whether she is a developed character or not is irrelevant to Obito’s reaction regarding her death IN THE STORY … she mattered for him as a person WITHIN THE STORY .. whether she mattered for you as a CHARACTER or not is completely a different subject and is 100% irrelevant to Obito’s reaction.

      Last time i checked Batman’s parents didn’t even get a lick of development and yet their death made Batman who he is XD

      And Obito stopped caring about the REAL world where Rin doesn’t exist anymore, the fake world he and Madara are trying to create will a have no death, no pain and no losers .. and most importantly will have Rin (a fake one for sure) .. as Madara told him, anything will be possible in that fake world .. it’s pretty obvious why he doesn’t care about the real world anymore.

      1. If the readers don’t know the character he’s doing this for, why should they care? The story developed all the other flashback characters fine, like Yahiko, Dan, Nawaki, and Sasuke’s parents, but when it came to Rin they just said “Obito likes her”. We barely know Obito as it is, but Rin is basically a blank slate. They might as well have said they killed his favorite pair of goggles, because that’s how much character Rin has. “If I turn the world into a dream, no one will be able to tell me I can’t get dust in my eyes with goggles on!”

        “Last time i checked Batman’s parents didn’t even get a lick of development and yet their death made Batman who he is”

        You might want to read some comics or see Batman Begins before you make that judgement. Both the Wayne parents have been defined and solid characters on their own for decades now. Seriously, google them.

        So basically what you’re saying is that Obito never really cared about Rin as a person, he just wants an illusion with her face on it? If that’s the case, I think that kid might have had problems before turning evil…

      2. “whether she is a developed character or not is irrelevant to Obito’s reaction regarding her death IN THE STORY … she mattered for him as a person WITHIN THE STORY ..”

        But that’s what has been said; we don’t even really HAVE a “story” to go on here with her, so it makes it that much harder to care about Obito’s motivation considering it’s supposed to revolve around that “story”. The only one who could know is Obito, but we haven’t really gotten much there either besides what happened with him after he “died”. We still have no info on Rin at all.

        “whether she mattered for you as a CHARACTER or not is completely a different subject and is 100% irrelevant to Obito’s reaction.”

        If someone wants to keep a reader invested and care about what’s really going on and the reasons for it, then it IS 100% relevant.

        That’s the whole point of character development, even for already-past characters; make us grow to like characters in various ways, understand their (present or the past) reasons for doing things (even if we disagree), how they must be feeling without them saying so because we would get to know them by now.

        I mean, at the moment, even DANZO has more character development than Obito, much less Rin.

        Danzo was a bastard as we saw him, yes, but his reasoning is actually understandable; he did it all for the sake of his home village that he cherishes. Just like Hiruzen did. They just had different ideals on what path they should take to get there; Hiruzen with peace, Danzo through military force. So we actually got to understand his character, even seeing that despite seeing Hiruzen as his rival, he was also his friend and comrade, and his death can leave conflicting thoughts. Should we be happy that he died because of all the trouble he caused through his actions? Should we feel bad because his reasons for doing those things was all for his home? It’s hard to tell sometimes.

        Obito?….He had a crush on Rin and got mad that she got killed by Kakashi and, as mentioned, doesn’t care about finding out why. If he were to suddenly die next chapter, would any reader care and miss him? Or would they rage at how he was such a huge waste of time? I’m willing to bet on the latter. It’s the same case with Rin. She’s the catalyst behind his actions, but we don’t have any sort of development with her, thus no one can bring themself to care about her, thus Obito’s motivations don’t mean much and feel like a waste of time.

      3. @Da5id and HDI

        I do agree, this is what’s worrying me at the moment on what I think has been a fairly decent run for the current arc. The only thing I’d add is that Rin wouldn’t have been an important factor had Kishi went with the route of making Obito unattached to it all (even with that character archetype, you can still write something meaningful and complex about it). I think the main issue lies in the fact, that for all of Obito’s claims of not caring anymore, his attitude doesn’t exactly reflect what he’s saying.

        I won’t elaborate on this as I’ve made my point about it already in a separate post below.

      4. I smell another Kakashi Gaiden in the making.

        The way I see it it’ll take too much time to try and develop enough for Rin and Obito at this point in the story.

        Would’ve worked if it was seeded for the past few chapters, but at this point I’m thinking the studio will just probably run another side story arc to answer those questions, or build those up in another set of flashbacks later on.

  14. I have this feeling that Kakashi would be the one to change Obito’s heart of hatred and evil ways just like Naruto would be the one to change Sasuke’s heart of hatred and evil ways, it’s like a pattern from MK, a three man team ie two boys and one girl, the two boys become rivals, the one boy turning evil and the other trying to convince his friend to stop. Therefore Kakashi will be the one to change Obito just like Naruto will be the one to change Sasuke. By the way since Hashirama and Jiraya are dead Madara and Orochimaru are on their own, nobody will change the latter pair since their rivals the former pair aren’t around anymore. They are both damaged goods.

    K C M
  15. Even though everything seems to be coming together and fitting at this point, I still have one question that’s bothering me.

    Why isn’t Obito or Kakashi blind yet? If I remember correctly, once Mangekyou awakens, it slowly goes blind until you implant a blood relative’s eye then Mangekyou becomes complete and changes shape.

    We know Itachi’s eyes were slowly going blind, and Sasuke’s was way worse becomes he abused it too much, I think that’s also one of the things that the more you use Mangekyou the faster it loses its sight. If we consider the fact that Obito awakened Mangekyou some 15 years ago and everytime he does his phasing and spacial technique he is using the Mangekyou, then how is his right eye still functioning at this point?

    and Kakashi’s case…..anyone can come with a plausible answer?

    1. AFAIK using MS only accelerates the process of blindness and since Kakashi barely used MS that’s why there’s only a little effect… and I’m pretty sure Kamui is not a MS technique; at least not for Obito.

      Kakashi’s permanent sharingan eye would probably go blind after the fight against Madara and Obito. That is if he survives.

      In Itachi’s case, wasn’t it implied by Kakashi that his eyes were getting bad? Would mean that Kakashi knew the side effects on MS? Or was it just a coincidence by the author? Or maybe the Uchiha’s the only ones that who get that kind of side effect since Kakashi apparently doesn’t have one (yet)?

      1. I brought this up a couple chapters ago.

        The process of going blind begins the moment you first awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan until you eventually go blind. Using techniques through the Mangekyo Sharingan merely accelerates the process. The process itself can’t be stopped, even if you never use your Sharingan again after. This is why Itachi (and Kakashi) was able to last so long; they rarely used their Mangekyo Sharingan or their abilities (until far more recently anyway). On the other hand, Sasuke kept spamming/maintaining his Mangekyo Sharingan and its abilities ever since he fully awakened it, thus he went blind in just a few weeks at best.

        Kakashi must have been seeing it himself when you consider the fact that he asked Itachi how bad his eyesight had gotten early in Part 2. How else would he know unless his own Mangekyo wasn’t affecting him?

        And I’d say Kamui is one considering everytime Kakashi used it, he was using the Mangekyo Sharingan to do so. Same with Obito when he went all RAGE before.

  16. Madara is OP. Infinite chakara, 1st Hokage’s power, pulling meteors from out of nowhere, immortailty, Sasanoo, his cheap fan, huge fire jutsu, eternal Mangekyo sharigan, infinite real clones, Rinnegan, summoning dragons and probably some more. No way Guy, Kakashi, Killerbee, and Naruto going to beat Madara, not to mention the kages lost so badly. Kages were so weak. Obito might change his mind and fight Madara or Sasuke should come and help them out. Everybody else is not doing much.

    1. It’s really only because of Edo Tensei that Madara is seemingly invincible. Otherwise, to their credit, a couple moves by the Kages COULD have killed Madara if he were mortal.

      1. At some point Orochimaru will do something like a reboot for Edo Tensei or atleast limit to amount of usable chakra.

        From where comes Madaras chakra? I don’t remember. If he absorbs it from outside couldn’ Naruto absorb it with his frog technique (and now also Orochimaru after absorbing Kabutos part of his powers)?

      2. With few exceptions, we’ve seen that, like the Saiyajin in DBZ, the Uchiha are a VERY prideful people who just LOVE to show off their superiority to others. Unless Madara genuinely felt threatened by the Kages, which I doubt, then he would no doubt have still toyed with them in an attempt to show off how superior he is to them in order to make them lose hope and give up themselves, thus adding further humiliation to them.

        So far, the only person ever to truly threaten Madara was Hashirama Senju, hence why he went so far as to use Kurama against him in their battle.

      3. When did the Kages land a fatal blow on Madara in their recent fight?

        1. Naruto’s Rasenshuriken and Onoki’s Jinton was absorbed by Rinnegan

        2. Tsunade was hitting a clone

        3. Kage’s final combo attack was broken by Perfect Susanoo

        In other words, the Kages never really injure Madara to the point where he would need to regenerate from ET. In fact, the only time when Madara regenerated was from his own meteor LOL. So ET or no ET is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT – Madara doesn’t need it even when he was toying with the Kages.

  17. I’m hoping that they find a way to summon Hashirama from the Shinigami’s belly so that we can witness how he will be crushed by the current Madara.

    People who are still arguing that Hashirama can beat Madara at this point are smoking crack.

  18. Still a bit peeved by the retcon on Nagato’s Rinnegan, but Yahiko interrupting Obito made me feel a bit better.

    My only worry is how Kishi will handle Obito’s downfall. Obito’s lack of proper knowledge behind Rin’s death, while flimsy at best, could easily be forgiven if not for the fact that Kishi seems to be portraying him to be more resentful in terms of his attitude. I hoped that Obito would have kept his “Tobi” attitude, in that he was more nonchalantly bitter, and somewhat flippant about the whole thing. It would’ve given the whole Moon’s Eye Plan a twisted atmosphere to it, since it would greatly emphasize how far Obito is willing to go to sacrifice the current world for his idealized one. But the fact remains that Obito still seems to hold some form of resentment behind the whole Rin/Kakashi affair, and what worries me about this is that it could all very easily lead to a convenient misunderstanding which could lead to his downfall (both in character and the quality in his writing).

    Still I’m keeping my mind open for this, here’s hoping that Kishi delivers. On the other I’m greatly enjoying Madara and Naruto’s side of the battle.

  19. [quote] by HalfDemonInuyasha

    Danzo was a bastard as we saw him, yes, but his reasoning is actually understandable; he did it all for the sake of his home village that he cherishes. Just like Hiruzen did. They just had different ideals on what path they should take to get there; Hiruzen with peace, Danzo through military force. [/quote]

    LOL, cares about the village is pure BS.

    Danzou was willing to let the villages die in Pain’s attack so that he himself will emerge as a leader in a post-war Konoha.

    All he wanted was power, and you are dumb enough to buy his nonsense.

    1. You are obviously are a total black and white person with no concept of a gray area.

      Danzo did everything he did because he believed it was best for Konoha’s future. He believed being a total military village was a better option than the peaceful type of village Hiruzen, Hashirama, and Tobirama believed in. Obviously, he would never try to actively rise up and kill the Hokage himself, start a coup, or anything like that because that would go against those beliefs, but if someone else were to kill the Hokage themself, that would give him the opening to rise up to the position and build Konoha in that image.

      If all he wanted was power, then he would’ve simply used ROOT to start some sort of big uprising or have openly attacked during those couple of invasions while everyone else is occupied.

      Yes, he made deals with the devil, but it follows the saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. And you can’t say that such things do not happen in real life with governments, whether it be individuals or as a whole.

      1. Danzou wouldn’t murder the Hokages not because he genuinely believe in Hashirama’s ideals.

        He didn’t do it because it would make it impossible for him to become the next Hokage legitimately.

        So he planned to have Tsunade die in the battle against Nagato.

        He wanted to get rid of the Hokage indirectly so that no one would place the blame on him in the future and he can become the Hokage legitimately.

        Get a brain.

      2. But if he killed her and made Root throw Konoha into Martial Law, he’d be Hokage anyway, regardless of legitimacy. He certainly had the resources to do it, seeing as he had access to both the Wood Style and forbidden Uchiha techniques almost no one knows about. Plus, his group is the foundation of the entire village, and it’s not like the village elders could have stopped him if he took down the youngest and strongest member, Tsunade.

        Basically, if he were that ruthless and greedy, he would have done so a long time ago.

      3. HalfDemonInuyasha, I see your point and I understand it very well but I will have to agree with Oh and Da5id. Danzo was methods were too extreme and of course he will go too far as to commit a genocide against the Uchiha clan and to use Shisui Uchiha’s eye to make himself the leader of the other four great nations. May I point out that you mentioned that he will never rise against a Hokage, actually that is half true. Maybe he wouldn’t rise against a Hokage but he did collaborate with Orochimaru who plotted to rise against Hiruzen Sarutobi, so it can be assumed that he(danzo) would indirectly plot against a Hokage for his own desire for power. If danzo was a real life character he would make Machiavelli look like a saint, he is more of a do as I say but not as I do guy and not a do unto others as you would have them do unto you guy.

        K C M
      4. Well, my point was mostly siding with HalfDemonInuyasha, in that Danzo was actually more complex than just an asshole vying for power. Sure he wasn’t an angel, in fact he was a total dick when it came to how he handled his plans and subordinates, but his motives were for what he considered to be the good of the village. And, leading back to the original point made by this comparison, his actions were in fact more consistent with his backstory than Obito Uchiha’s.

      5. @K C M

        The problem with “genocide with the Uchiha” is that it was a lose-lose situation either way. They simply chose the lesser of two evils.

        If they didn’t get rid of the Uchiha, then their coup would’ve no doubt been carried out which would’ve lead to a total civil war within the village, and that would’ve resulted in the deaths of not only the Uchiha Clan anyway (I doubt they would’ve been table to take on EVERY other Clan in the village as well as all the elite shinobi and Hokage all by themselves and survive unless they ALL had the Mangekyo Sharingan or something), but the deaths of countless other villagers, both shinobi and civilian, leading to the extreme weakening of the village and leading it completely vulnerable to attack.

        Instead, they preempted the Uchiha and stopped them before it could happen (as it was obvious that Hiruzen’s attempts to peacefully negotiate with them was failing) and, as we know, made it out to be like something else so that most others wouldn’t know and the Uchiha Clan could preserve its honor at the same time. Instead of a whole Clan of “bad guys”, the village only had “one” with Itachi.

        Itachi and Danzo, and I’m sure Hiruzen and the others knew this too, but Hiruzen, ever the peaceful one, wanted to try to keep negotiating.


        As Da5id (and I) said, Danzo was a bastard in his methods, but that doesn’t mean his own motivations and ideals were bad.

        He was basically applying what he believed was a “true shinobi” all the time. Nothing else mattered but the village you serve and you did whatever you had to in order to ensure its future, thus things like emotion, individuality and all, among the shinobi anyway, were seen as an unnecessary hindrance; shinobi weren’t meant to think about morals or about the long-term consequences of their actions. They got missions and orders, and they were to follow them in whatever way they were able to, even if it meant committing genocide on innocent civilians, or even collaborating with (other) enemies.

  20. Everyone seems to be forgetting that panel where Naruto seemed to have brushed aside what looked like a powerful attack from Madara like it was nothing. His line there should already be considered epic.

  21. But Obito vs Kakashi still doesn’t make sense within the grand plan or as a separate plot point. Obito’s motivations are forced and inconsistent with his actions and reintroduce plot points that were barely touched upon and were brought up too briefly to really make a difference at this point.

    If this was the plan from the beginning, what was keeping them from just revealing Obito’s identity sooner? Surely there could have been a better time than in the middle of the final battle of the story.

    1. And if it were to be another separate side story in order to explain things, then what would be the point of making it such a focus of the main story in the first place? It’d make no sense at all.


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