「Dance with Undershaft phase.2」

After spending its first two episodes building up, Perfect Order finally lets everythin’ go in its third episode. And to say the least, words can’t really describe this episode or my reactions to it. But really, when your method of retaliation is using a bomber to literally blow your enemy to smithereens, what can you say?

In the end though, if there’s something that comes to mind, it’s how the bombing not only served as a fitting send off for R, but as a symbolic representation of Koko and the sides hidden behind her smile… her facade. Because if there’s one thing this episode demonstrated, it’s how despite her skill, her successes, and her seemingly unshakable resolve to achieve world peace… deep down inside, she’s just a “scared little girl.” She fears for the loss of those close to her, and she fears becoming the kind of heartless dragon that she hates, hunts down, and whom she’s seemingly trying to erase in her quest for world peace. And they’re things she fears so much that she not only has Jonah as a shackle to try and hold her from becoming a monster, but as a kind of exit valve, as his death would supply her with a reason to become a monster as well. Not only that, but it’s blatantly obvious now that despite the fact that the people around her have a duty to protect her with their lives, she still tries to hold on to them—believing that they’ll always be with her and feeling an incredible sense of pain if she loses any of them. Heck, she even tells R she doesn’t care he’s a spy!

And it’s this illogical view, combined with her paradoxical attempt to obtain world peace while being an arms dealer, that make Koko officially one of the most complex characters I’ve seen in quite a while. And that’s without mentioning the fact that she’s female, which just further reduces the number out there for comparison. There are just so many layers to her character… and well, it’s astounding not only to see her in action, but how the show just manages to do a superb job in slowly unraveling those layers, one by one. And when you realize that she’s just one of many in this series with a complex, layered foundation, you just have to tip your hat off to how amazing Jormungand has been as a whole, and how well Perfect Order has fared in only three episodes.

Shifting back to R for a moment, it was mentioned by a few viewers and somewhat anticipated personally that he would end up sacrificing his cover and/or his life to protect Koko, and that’s exactly what happened. From that respect, it wasn’t anything too surprising per se, but the fact remains that seeing him actually come to Koko’s rescue and fight off Hex… seeing him die shortly after succeeding in assisting Koko’s escape… really hit the emotional heartstrings. And it’s just hard to believe that just like that, we have the first (and probably not the last) death in Koko’s main squad. Things really just hit another level in Perfect Order, and I’m loving every minute of it. It’s sad that R had to go, but the whole context of it all… the interplay between Bookman and Hex… the comments by both R and Hex that Bookman’s underestimated Koko and that his plan’s not going to work… it’s not only intriguing, but definitely a cut above the norm in terms of complexity.

Looking forward, the quote “time waits for no one” just comes to mind. And it’s true, because it sure looks like there won’t be much time for Koko and the team to take a breather. There are just bigger things at play and there’s just no time to reminisce until the objective’s accomplished. Some old faces return next week, and I might bear a resemblance to a broken record at this point, but I know I’m eagerly anticipating it. And with that, I’ll leave it at this… short, sweet, and ended with a moment of silence for the fallen R.

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ED2 Sequence

ED: 「真実の羽根」 (Shinjitsu no Hane) by やなぎ なぎ (Yanagi Nagi)



  1. I think the most heart-breaking part of this whole saga is when Koko tells R that she doesn’t care that he’s a spy and she wants him to stay with her.

    She really cared about him. It’s not something we see from her often because she’s always hiding her emotions.

    1. The fight seem very badly planned, even though they spring the trap with koko and yonah out in the open, they lose all advantage as Hex thug got outmaneuvered by a boy. The sniper not providing proper cover, and Hex’s thug not properly supressing R’s position.

      1. From what I saw, it seemed like they intentionally weren’t shooting to kill. Hex held back the snipers on various accounts and it looks more like she was trying to capture Jonah, rather than kill if possible.

      2. considering how she wanted to break koko id say her purpose was to do horrible things to jonah and then send that on a tape or so to her to mentally break her wich are normally possible if theyre both alive.

  2. Hex’s men are using m4 with acog, while she is using a decked out FN SCAR. HEX’s men are hired thugs. A pro would not laugh as a team member gets shot and himself still being shot at.

    1. Hex is using an Aimpoint. No advantage. Considering how much a SCAR costs, it feels cheap that she stuck only an Aimpoint on it. I find it really far fetched that Koko can get a B-52 to drop what looks like a full load of bombs.

  3. the budget flies high into the sky just like Koko’s missiles… (animation is so good this episode xD)
    it is sad to see R go, but I was smiling when the retaliation comes xD Hex definitely need to go… RIP, R. We will remember you!

    and I have to say, Koko’s smile is sinister at times… that yuri play didn’t help the case…

  4. Another through the scope shot, when will they realize that bullet don’t pass through multiple layor of glass. A aimpoint can survive a pound of ammonium nitrate with magnsium and aluminum powder explosive and still shine the red dot laser.

    1. 5.56 just doesn’t have enough bullet weight at 55 grain. It was proven on a episode of myth busters. A larger caliber like 338 lapua or 50 bmg may be different but never tested. Anti-material rifle bullet at 660 grain are designed to punch through engine blocks, there may be a case where a scope can be penetrated.

    2. larry vickers on TAC-TV proved that aimpoint are rugged by blowing up a m4 with aimpoint attached with a pound of explosive next to it. Although the glass cracked, the laser stayed intact. The scope never came off the rifle.

    3. It didn’t penetrate, just knocked enough shrapnel back to take out her eye. They don’t show it actually hit her but you can see the scope is torn off Hex’s rifle and you don’t see an exit wound. R didn’t have a scope and took it right in the eye with the bullet exiting the back of his head.

      I think Mythbusters did test a larger caliber and were able to replicate the shot.

  5. This episode is upping the scale even after the awesome previous… and gives us more insight into hearts and minds of players, even if they are about to exit stage…
    It seems Bookman is modelled after Jack Ryan… wanted to be Marine but had back injury? check. extensive education? check. rising star in the CIA? check. He even has guts to show at R’s funeral, ostensibly to show Koko he’s not enemy. Will he learn that his marionettes can act in unforeseen ways and how will it affect his attempts to ensnare Koko?
    Koko has definitely hidden agenda and it can be something that will have even bookman out-gambitted. Jonah might just be ot enough as her “morality anchor”. Plus, surviving might not be her goal as she proises R to meet again…
    R passes away in a blaze of glory, while Hex goes away in bitter defeat – but both share 2 traits: uncompromising sense of own ideals, and sense of dread regarding Koko’s hidden plans.
    One last thing mystifies me – how in the hell Koko has managed to get a USAF B-52 to do her bidding? hacking comms and GPS? deal with Bookman or someone else in US govt?

    1. “how in the hell Koko has managed to get a USAF B-52 to do her bidding? hacking comms and GPS? deal with Bookman or someone else in US govt?”

      With a larger-than-life arms dealer like Koko it’s not unexpected that she would own an arsenal of private weapons and war-machines, i mean if it’s a matter of cost .. she sent dozens of satellites into space with more than a 100 space-rockets (that’s probably the budget of a third world county in a couple of years) .. it’s not really that surprising that her company HCLI (who were tracking Hex) would own a private bomber XD

      1. there are private space launch companies out there, so while stretching credibility its possible… but nobody sells modern bombers out to private buyers, and they are really difficult to hide, besides needing miles long runways only few airbases do have…
        to compare: no pirate has ever owned ship-of-the-line

      2. She has more connections than we know and the US government isn’t monolithic. All she needed todo was spoof the military into thinking a high value terrorist target was where hex was. I’m sure she has the connections to pass that sort of intel.

      3. Bear’s explanation seems very probable. I doubt anyone besides the USAF and NASA own a B-52. I mean there are private owner of WW2 and Korean War vintage combat aircraft but a relic from the Cold War that happens to be part of a nuclear deterrent?

  6. i guess the saying don’t mess with koko or she will release the “kraken” on those who hurt one she cares.

    R telling his cia’s boss mr.black to call-off hex’s attack but hex go with so R go all length save koko & johan cause if johan get “axed” cue koko SMASH!!!

    so R get both them safe shot duel with hex give eye for an eye shot with R “bought it” & hearing it so koko calling in give hex the “future endeavors” B-52 bombs away after feeling valmet’s “milks”.

    now koko & johan give R’s some flowers, drink, & meet cia contact mr.black onwards now give mr.black now dance to like it’s challenge to face koko?

  7. My God! That was the best episode yet I’ve seen in Jormungand, they’ve really up the ante this season. You’re right Zephyr, the heartstrings were certainly pulled here, strong stuff.

    The meeting between Black and Koko was great too. Hell Hath no Fury like A Loco Koko. Imagine if she had lost Jonah there… Shudders.

  8. Awwwwww…

    Koko looked so……pitifully cute when R revealed his status as a spy. The animation really did a good job with her expression at that very moment. It completely revealed the “weak little girl” Koko. It was so unexpectedly cute, and still so appropriately sad.

    Still searching for the inevitable creation of Bookman’s wiggling GIF from the end of the episode.

    1. I really liked that scene at the end. I’m guessing it was very under-appreciated with all the other stuff that happened in this episode. But this episode was about people breaking through their outer shell. In that sense, Bookman, who is a hard to read person like Koko, also started showing his emotions (and how dangerous he really is).

      Those imaginary conversations with Hex and R were an amazing touch there. I could almost imagine real life covert operations officers, after having had a bunch of close contacts killed in action, doing something similar, subconsciously taking a moment off at the end of the day to remember those people they’re technically not supposed to care about.

  9. I’m not surprised either that R bit the bullet(no pun intented). After that scruffle with Dominic/Lilliane/Grego, I thought team Koko was practically invincible. I can’t imagine the team without R, but I won’t have to ‘imagine’ it after next week.

    The only thing I hope is that if Lutz dies, he doesn’t get killed by being shot in the ass (>.>)…

  10. Thanks Zephyr, great post, as always.

    Did anyone noticed that Bookman failed to save Hex because of the same rule he taught R: “If your intel is a second late, they die. A second early, they live.” (Something like that) When Bookman found out about the bombing after leaving R’s grave site, I thought it was a nice IN YOUR FACE! moment. But I guess that didn’t stop Bookman from brushing it off, and from doing that weird dance.

    Can anyone tell me, what is the significance of Koko shooting up rockets? I’m confused. Is this something I’m supposed to understand at this point? Or will this mystery be revealed later? (Theories welcomed, no spoilers please)

    1. Regarding the rockets, they did mention in the series that each rocket had a satellite and that once all the satellites are connected they will form a global network capable of tracking any trade routes through GPS and also can intercept any communications even of the military in any country (but there seems to be more to it they aren’t telling us) .. it was all mentioned in the 1st ep around the 7:00 mark.

      The system is ironically called Jormungand (it can be seen written on the satellites in ep1), cause the satellite paths circling around the earth resemble a giant snake encircling the entire planet .. or the World Snake as Jormungand is called in Norse legends as it is said to be large enough to encircle the entirety of earth several times XD

      Hope that answers your question.

      1. It definitely makes sense now. I wasn’t sure how Koko planned to achieve world peace by selling weapons. But this rocket project seems to hold the key.

        Thanks so much, HunterWulf!

  11. They changed the ending song, just like in similar event in season 1, and somehow I feel that both alternate ending songs are better than the normal ones.

    Anyway, excellent episode.

    Kevin Yamagata
  12. Darn, just when i start to like R as a potential double agent character… (._. )
    May Renato rest in peace.

    PS: Using heavy bombing raid that enough to level a city just for killing a single person? Koko the loco sure take revenge on a abnormal multiplier rate. (x1000?)

  13. What, that was it already with Hex und R? All that foreshadowing and showing how great Hex is and then it ends like that? Im majorly disappointed and I doubt that this show will be able to make up for it.

  14. 2 hot people down, and a groping scene of Valmets breast. I’m sadden to see Hex go, she would had been an amazing character to have for a while longer. And well, that scene of R dying was pretty sad too. At first it was all like “OH NO. That sucks about R..” then it was “WTF! NOW HEX TOO ALL IN ONE EPY!” I’m excite to see the next epy damnit.


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