「涙の真実」 (Namida no Shinjitsu)
“The Truth Behind the Tears”

Oy, oy, oy oy, Grandma. I don’t even –

The ancient fossil is exactly the kind of plot crutch – and grandmother – that no one wants. Everything else is proceeding along at a respectable pace… except the main conflict. The issue of the Onikirimaru and the Tamayori Princess is at a frustrating standstill precisely because the old woman just plain refuses to let the farce end. Like I mentioned this week, this is an issue present with the original material, but some fault does lie with Studio DEEN for not considering the transition the story would have to make from written material to a visual medium. In an otome game setting this would be far less aggravating, but in an anime where the storyline moves at a different – often faster – pace, this non-movement of the plot is grief-inducing, especially when there is such an obvious solution.

It has never really been revealed why Grandma doesn’t just tell Tamaki what to do, as one would think a predecessor naturally ought to do. At this point I’m just inclined to think she’s withholding information out of spite. Perhaps the real enemy isn’t even Logos or Ashiya or even the Onikirimaru but Grandma herself. She certainly seems to like standing in the protagonists’ way while parroting the same thing over and over again. But without a proper solution and guidance, how are the heroes supposed to know how to act? Tamaki literally has nothing to go on, and there is only so much pure resolve can accomplish without the means. It seems plain silly for her and everybody else to be held back simply because a higher power isn’t giving them the information they need.

Takuma and Tamaki’s separation is a nice direction for the relationship, as Tamaki’s feelings were confirmed as a consequence – in that aspect the forced parting might be a good thing, even though how it came about is utterly irritating. Mitsuru’s and Shinji’s farewell, which is supposed to serve as a parallel to Tamaki’s and Takuma’s, is slightly better in terms of execution as they have a more valid reason for their inability to be together. The twist came out of left field, but it’s rather in accordance with Grandma’s penchant for ruining lives. It would figure she’d reveal the tidbit at the worst of times, destroying poor Mitsuru’s heart. She’s a rather pitiful character, completely bound to her duties with no will or dream to call her own. It was always a little melancholy to watch her interactions with Shinji since it was painfully obvious her feelings were unrequited. The moments where Shinji rebuffed her was even worse because of this, and his rejection would have carried the same sting even without the incestual component. Her one-sided love is painful enough all on its own and it was nice to see Mitsuru and Tamaki bond over their mutual heartache. Their friendship has been rather understated throughout the series so focusing some of the spotlight on them was an effective way to divert attention away from some of the more frustrating aspects of the episode. Another positive thing that will hopefully result from this is more honesty on Mitsuru’s part – she seems a very repressed individual, whose internal grievances will most likely turn into a very sharp knife one day unless it becomes placated. So far there is no indication of her snapping, but it still remains a likely route.

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  1. At this point it’s impossible to believe that Grandma ISN’T doing this on purpose. In this episode, she literally came outside JUST to tell Tamaki she’s doing everything wrong. I feel like there should be some kind of clue to awakening her powers fully. But even if there was, it’s not like Grandma is in the mood to help at all. I actually tried to smack her through my computer screen lol. We’re almost half way through this season, so I really hope the main conflict picks up by the next episode. However, I really did enjoy the end of this episode with Mitsuru and Tamaki. I’m glad they can talk to each other and hopefully rely on each other for strength in the future. They’ll need some girl power now that both their guys will be “keeping their distance” for a while.

    P.S. I love Ryo but I still have no idea what he’s actually doing here lol.

  2. I said it last time, I’ll say it again. Grandma seems more and more like the antagonist. The Madonna hasn’t really confronted Tamaki that much. It seems that the second half of the story is following the same path as the first when it comes to pacing. Grandma has to be doing it deliberately to cause the princess to burst for with her true strength, most likely in the last episode… say 7 minutes and 18 seconds til the end. It’s a wag but it could very likely be true. It’s how it seemed to end the first half. Grandma is still a …..

  3. I’m glad Mitsuru got more spotlight in this episode-last season , she was one of my favorite characters , despite having so little role-not sure why =P
    I can’t stand Grandma….amongst the million and one other annoying things she has done and is doing , I hate the way she talks to Tamaki.Fair enough Tamaki is the Tamayori Hime….but she’s also her GRANDAUGHTER!! Shouldn’t that family connection mean something?!

  4. I’m glad to see that Tamaki and Takuma’s relationship is developing.
    I mean, it’s pretty obvious who Tamaki likes, (as stated in her confession near the end of the episode).
    Also, finally Mitsuru tells Shinji her feelings, instead of keeping it inside. However, I didn’t get why they couldn’t be together even if they are twins.. =/
    I don’t think I like how they put those two in distance, though!! (STUPID grandma)
    O-chan is still reaaaally cute!! ^^

  5. It’s never a good thing when Baba-sama has a lot of screentime. She’s the bringer of bad news this season; she just stuck a huge fork into the two couples of this anime.
    Argh…at least the preview always puts a funny smile on my face. I could see why this is an Otome-game adaptation from that.

    random viewer
  6. The plot of this series is so slow moving its like they are swimming thru jello. Why isn’t she working 24/7 to increase her powers and awaken?

    I can see it now…soon we will have the usual sports or cultural festival followed by a beach episode and then just about the 2nd to the last episode of the season she will awaken her powers,

    1. This series takes place in the autumn , so I doubt there will be a beach episode….and I’m not sure how Tamaki can be working 24/7 to awaken when she doesn’t even properly know what it requires-if resolve and determination were the only things needed to awaken then she would have done so a long time ago….but I see your point , and I agree with your opinion that she will only awaken near the series end. That is more or less what happened the last time.

  7. from being the negligible/non-existence character in season 1 and all 4 episodes of season 2, to being the main antagonist. all in one episode.

    i KNEW she was going to pull a Winter Sonata (korean soap drama) sibling shit the moment they transited to Shinji and Mitsuru. can grandma bring down Mitsuru even more than this? arghhh!

    the only good thing about this episode was Tamaki admitting to Mitsuru about her feelings for Takuma. please don’t fail me OTP!!

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