I think my expression is similar to Juvia’s right now.


Mavis had planned for Gray to fight Rufus from the beginning but she doesn’t know if he can win. Rufus has to be defeated first because he knows everyone’s locations. Gray begged Mavis to let him fight Rufus. Mavis thought that emotions can sometimes overcome calculations and therefore she allowed Gray to tackle the challenge.

Gray launches his “Freeze Lancer” towards Rufus who easily dodges and memorizes the attack. He also dodges Gray’s next attack, “Ice Impact”. Rufus tells Gray that he uses memories as weapons. Through memorizing magic he has seen, he gives shape to new magic. Rufus makes a new magic based on Orga’s lightning one and Gray’s ice magic – “Freezing Sword of Black Lightning”. In other words, Rufus can create his own original magic.

Rufus also seems to be able to undo his opponents’ magic by “forgetting” them. Gray who was defending himself with a shield is hit by Rufus’ magic as his shield breaks. Rufus tells Gray that the battle is a requiem for him because he won’t be able to win.

Gray throws off his shirt. He tells Rufus that he has never lost to the same opponent twice after becoming a member of FAIRY TAIL. He uses a new attack – “Unlimited”, which seems to surprise Rufus. The attack, or technique, allows Gray to form various weapons of ice. The shaping speed of the many weapons is so fast that Rufus’ memorization magic can’t keep up.

Gray traps Rufus in a prison of ice but Rufus says he can use flames, however, those flames aren’t strong enough because Gray has seen stronger. The dual-wielding Gray hits Rufus with his “Ice Bringer” and knocks him out. Gray wins the battle and to show off, he wears Rufus’ hat.

Hooray for Gray! It didn’t come as a surprise to me when he defeated Rufus but that didn’t make the fight less exciting. Considering that Gray lost his previous battle and has been portrayed as one of the weaker characters in this arc, it was a nice comeback for him. The glorious victory was very satisfying and the last page had me looking like Juvia. But maybe without the hearts… (I am a Natsu fangirl after all).

Rufus’ memorization magic, despite having flaws, it has the capability to be one of the best ones of this series. Imagine if he were to memorize something like “Fairy Law” or “Fairy Glitter”? Of course, having the strongest magic is useless when one’s opponent is as fast as Gray. The battle finale was truly marvelous and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Was that some form of Unlimited Blade Works? It was also quite nice to see Gray indirectly honoring Natsu when Rufus tried to burn everything.

Now that FAIRY TAIL has taken down one of the Sabertooth members, they are once again in the lead. However, only with one point. I doubt Rufus was the leader. No, the five-point challenge will probably be Minerva from Sabertooth and Kagura from Mermaid Heel. Oh, I almost forgot, we still have Jura out there. So it’s too early to celebrate this victory, but at least now, FAIRY TAIL can move with ease without being watched by Rufus. Good job Mavis, your calculations have been nothing but impressive so far!

Aside from the battle, there wasn’t much going on in this chapter. We saw Natsu’s team for a brief moment but that’s all there is to that. I hope to see them explore the city they’re in. Ah, there is so much I want to see but the chapters are so short… This is truly one of the most exciting arcs of this series so far because there is so much going on and so many characters are involved!

Moete kitazou!


    1. I am the bone of my sword.
      Ice is my body, and frost is my blood.
      I have created over a thousand sculptures.
      Unknown to clothes.
      Nor known to pants.
      Have withstood cold to create many masterpieces.
      Yet, this body will never wear anything.
      So as I Ice-Make, Unlimited Blade Works!

      1. I am the Ice of my sword.
        Cool is my body, and Frozen is my blood.
        I have created over a thousand sculptures.
        Unknown to clothes.
        Nor known to pants.
        Have withstood cold to create many masterpieces.
        Yet, this body will never wear anything.
        So I Ice-Make, Unlimited Ice Works!

        Just Passing By
      2. I am the bone of my pervertedness,
        PANTSU is my body, and ECCHI is my blood,
        I have broken over a thousand dresses,
        unknown to shame, nor known to decency,
        I have withstood pain to break many dresses,
        yet, these hands will never hold any OPPAI,
        so, as i pray, UNLIMITED DRESS BREAKER!!!

  1. Gray is cool. (pun intended)

    I really felt that the artwork in this chapter was REALLY good. I’ve always said that Fairy Tail fights are the easiest to follow in the managa as they are so well drawn. Can’t wait to see this fight in the anime.

  2. Gray is one of my favourite characters and I am glad he defeated Rufus! It show’s not to underestimate Gray as you will get Iced in the end! Him wearing the hat was probably the icing on the cake to this battle though. Very funny! Hopefully he will have another epic fight during this round as well! (Maybe Lyon)?

  3. HOT DAYUM, that was an excellent fight. Mashima knows how to deliver some bad ass content, when the clothes came off (even showing the fangirls, haha) and then the, “I’ve memorized stronger flames.”
    Once I saw the panel with Gray in the flashback being so adamant to fighting Rufus, I started tearing up a bit.
    Slight agreement with others about expecting the fight to last longer, but can’t really complain too much. The anime should be able to elongate it a bit, but hopefully that won’t ruin the intensity.

  4. Now I await for the justice of having Lucy not being the weak one in the coming events down there in that hell palace XD
    Good to see Gray winning nice and swiftly, I can”t wait for what is next because really this has got me all motivated for the coming battles *U*


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