「さくら荘のまじめな彼女」 (Sakurasou Nomajimena Kanojo)
“The Serious Girl of Sakurasou”

Let’s talk about misunderstandings. A good old staple of the romcom (and comedy) genres, there are times when misunderstandings work, and times when they don’t – but sometimes, they work best of all. The three types of comedy that Sakurasou does best are rapid-fire escalation (when they chain jokes back-to-back in rapid succession), everyone playing the boke to Sorata’s glorious tsukkomis, and misunderstandings. Let’s talk about that third one.

Why do misunderstandings work so well here? In a word, Mashiro. Her character is built to be the perfect vessel for creating misunderstandings, just as Nanami is built to receive them. That’s why the single best scene (comedy-wise) of this episode, the one in the park, was so uproariously funny! You’ve got sleepy Mashiro generating the misunderstanding tornadoes, Nanami freaking out and amplifying them, and Sorata caught in the middle while he tsukkoms for his life, HAH! Despite my own advanced case of sleep deprivation when I watched this (I must be getting old…), I was nearly rolling out of my chair from laughing so far…which I cannot say for the you’re-after-my-body punch misunderstanding later on. It still got a chuckle, but nothing like the earlier scene. Nanami is just too sensible to create misunderstandings, even if Sorata is still great at taking the punishment, heh.

Anyway, this episode was about Nanami officially joining the Sakurasou crew. Actually, one more note on misunderstandings: I liked that she was already thinking about moving in, and the misunderstanding was just the final push. That means she probably would have decided to move in anyway, and this was just a funnier way to get her there.

Now, all I have to say here is that I’m happy Nanami moved in, and with little delay. I think that once these first few bumps in the road (hur hur hur) are ironed out, she’s going to fit in quite well. After all, just like with the ostensibly normal Sorata, Nanami is quite weird in her own way. It’s not everyone who has such an insane work ethic. Once she simmers down a bit and learns to accept other’s help, she should gel with the rest of the group just fine.

Speaking of which, accepting other’s help. Once again Sakurasou continues its trend of hitting on themes that resonate with me, though with this one I’m 100% certain it’s a coincidence; while Sorata’s worries about the future were bound to resonate with many, I think I’m fairly unique in having spent quite a lot of time recently reading and thinking about generosity. Generosity, as I’ve come to realize, is often its own reward – it’s not in the expectation of receiving a favor in return that pleasure is accrued, but in the act of being generous itself. That is to say, it feels good to help others, especially those close to us! (And yes, I know that’s nothing new, but it’s a whole other thing to think about it and decide to live it.) So when Nanami so vehemently rejected Sorata’s offer of help, I was saddened…but it makes sense.

Because of Nanami’s parents, she has had to depend totally on herself to put herself through school. That has made her strong and self-sufficient, but also brittle. She feels like accepting other’s help is an admission of weakness. That part, at least, doesn’t resonate with me, even if I privately suspect I may be taking on too much myself as of late – by the way, did I mention there’s a Stilts Out Loud coming out tomorrow? 😀 (don’t worry, it’s not that…I made Stereoman write most of it, nishishi). Still, thanks to Nanami’s greater role in the first four episodes of the anime than she had in Vol 1 of the light novels (at least according to you, my dear commenters), this trait is already well established in her personality, so it’s cool with me. I look forward to her realizing that there’s no shame in accepting other’s help, and preferably as quickly as possible. In fact…here. Listen up, Nanami. We all, each and every one of us, only get by with the help of others. If someone offers to help you of their own free will, let them. You’ll have an opportunity to return the favor later on, but only if there’s a favor there to return, if that bridge is not burned. I don’t think you need worry, though, because it really is true what they say…helping is its own reward.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Misunderstandings snowball hilariously as Nanami moves into Sakurasou…causing her brittle side to come to the fore #sakurasou

Random thoughts:

  • Sorata glomping Jin…is dat some yaoi fodder there? Erh, wait…h-have my yuri goggles turned into yaoi goggles?! AHHHHH, NOOOOO, IT BUUUUURNS!!!
  • Erh–now it’s Misaki-sempai who has yaoi goggles. Phew! I’m glad I’m not the only one. Wait…d’oh!
  • There’s a Kanda-imouto? DO WANT!
  • Those fucking 100’s -_- Apologize! APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE WHO HAS TO TRY RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!
  • Seriously though, Aoyama has had it rough. Parents who think your dream is foolish…I can imagine that, but I’m happy to have not experienced it, and I hope that none of you have either. In a way, that’s one of the cruelest things in the world. Stay strong, Nanami.
  • Am I the only one who heard about the ultimate melonpan and thought of something other than bread? No? Okay, just checking.
  • Yup, it’s official – crazy cat boy is back in business–and wait, did he get another one? Mashiro, Nanami, beware! That’s a warning sign if I’ve ever seen one.
  • Gotta be honest, I think the funniest thing about Mashiro’s Plan C wasn’t her crappy B-horror movie plan, but how much Jin was enjoying it. Dat laugh!
  • Misaki-sempai is awesome. ‘Nuff said.
  • A train game, Sorata? Really? Really? LAAAAAAME!
  • Ahhh yes, the second Mashiro hears that she’ll get to spend more time with Sorata, she falls asleep. I don’t think it’s that Nanami is bad, per-say…it’s just that she’s not Sorata. Try as she might, he’s bound to have Mashiro Duty back inside of 4 episodes. Mark my words.
  • Hey, no trying to poach Sorata’s (meager) harem, Jin! Ohandbytheway, notice how he never made any moves on Mashiro, but he at least jokes about it with Nanami? It really is just those genius girls that are his kryptonite, ufufu~
  • Finally, this is perhaps the only time the lead into the ED didn’t work, since it broke into the morning silence that fit the scene so well. I really wish they’d reserve that tactic only for the episodes that need it…but still, I’ll take the rare sub-optimal episode ending for all the amazing ones this tactic provides. Bring on the next one!

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  1. The scene in the park is hilarious :)) Aoyama finally joined Sakurasou. I will take a wild guess: at the end, it’s gonna be Sorata x Mashiro, Jin x Misaki, so…. Aoyama and the NEET :)))

    1. UHHH shut in. not NEET. Hes WORKING for companies… hes a programming genius. but it could be a possibility he might be paired with her. but then again it usually ends she doenst end up with anyone and is just happy to ALIVE lolo

    1. I sense more misunderstanding brewing! This time, “scheduling edition.”

      “I said I’d go shopping with Mashiron~, but really, Nanami’s audition is a BIG EVENT, so it wouldn’t hurt anything if I took a rain check–“

  2. Nanami: ponytail, Kansai-ben, tsundere – what’s there not to like about her

    Sometimes you do have to wonder if Mashiro actually has more common sense than she herself realizes, the way she seems to time her “unintentional trolling” of Sorata and Nanami with precision. lol

    As Mashiro, lacking usual common sense, is not good at showing her emotions, this might be a way of telling Nanami: “Back off, he’s mine.” Though her plan backfired and her potential rival ended up taking care of her instead of Sorata. Note how she still clings to Sorata to help her pick her panties of the day whenever Nanami’s not looking, or sneaks into his room to sleep because she didn’t want to be woken up by Nanami.

    Mashiro and K-ON’s Yui are similar yet different in the way they got such extreme opposite scores for their proper exams which they failed and supplementary ones which they scored full marks. Mashiro is lucky that her supplementary exam used the same paper, allowing her to God-mode her way. In contrast, Yui actually put an effort into studying when she got those insane scores, as long as somebody is there to whip her into studying (though at the expense of her temporarily forgetting her guitar chords), so in a sense, Yui trumps Mashiro here.

    So yeah, like Stilts said: Mashiro, apologize to all those who have offered blood, toil, tears and sweat in order to pass their exams.

    Trivia: Sorata’s sister Yuuko is voiced by loli-regular Ogura Yui.

    Speaking of his family, Sorata used to live locally with his family, as seen in episode 1 when everyone in the local market knows him. Though on the eve of passing his high school entrance exams, his dad got transferred to Kyushu and his mom and sister decided to move with him. Sorata opted to stay, believing this is a chance to get some freedom away from his family at last, though he never expected to end up living with a bunch of (cute) maniacs.

    Kinny Riddle
  3. “Of all the animes that I have seen, since I was 10 yrs. old, Sakurasou is the only show that has so many tsukkomis, one after another misunderstanding conversations, and most of all they came up with many ridiculous ingredients in their conversations; to the point that any normal person might break/lose their minds if they keep talking with these kinds of people.”

    But overall, it was a hilarious episode; I truly love it….

    This is the kind of spice I was looking for in a comedy anime. It gives me a big smile of my day

    Ken Sanders
  4. Sorata’s ability of visualization is to be Commended. In my country there’s a competitive exam named CAT which is said to be One of the toughest exams in the world( but also the most rewarding), in the sense they give you Olympiad level maths problems to solve in less than a minute sometimes. Visualization is a MAJOR asset in the exam so if a person like sorata who can draw paintings in their mind were to sit in the exam, they would ace it.( provided that they didn’t suck at maths)
    Not surprising that one of the exam toppers was. A person with IQ of 158( Einsteins IQ is 160).

  5. Those fucking 100′s -_- Apologize! APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE WHO HAS TO TRY RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!

    She has photographic memory and is a savant at the visual arts- that she got 100% on all those tests from rote memorization of the answers alone (The make-up was the same as the actual test) says nothing about her ability to actually understand the material, which is ultimately what really ends up mattering in the real world…

    A train game, Sorata? Really? Really? LAAAAAAME!

    Ah, so I see my nonchalant prediction came true. Good thing this is an anime; these kinds of games are horribly niche here in the real world, they aren’t the sort of thing to do if you’re looking to make a hit…

    On another note, the symbiosis between Sorata and Mashiro continues to be extremely endearing; this is the kind of thing that forms the basis of many stable, life-long romantic relationships. Each individual fulfills an intrinsic need of the other that arises from nigh-immutable aspects of their nature/personalities that usually remain constant for a lifetime- and love born of something that endures tends to endure as well.

    Mashiro is one of those “dysfunctional geniuses” so single-minded and narrowly driven that she cannot function normally in society; her personal life is in a mess, and she must constantly be taken care of by others. Sorata, on the other hand, is a person who’s helpful to a fault; he’s just naturally (too) kindhearted because he finds his fulfillment in life from helping others. He may complain about it running him ragged, but ultimately never slacks off and ends up deriving a sense of deep fulfillment from helping those in need (Like taking in the cats and babysitting Mashiro)- because in the end, he’s the one who needs it; he simply thrives on being generous.

    So Sorata fulfills Mashiro’s need of constant care; there are very few people who would be willing to care for a person in every aspect of her daily life 24/7; only someone like Sorata who thrives on helping others by nature would do such a thing willingly. And he does so without complaint because she fulfills his own (compulsive) natural need to help others without ever taking him for granted; her one-track, intrinsically sincere mind rendering her incapable of any malicious manipulativeness. So Mashiro and Sorata are perfect for one another because they have symbiotic personalities; each perfectly complementing the other.

    Whereas Nanami is Sorata’s antithesis (In terms of personality); she’s the strong, independent and stubborn type who doesn’t like being helped, pushing away all aid. She is attracted to Sorata because she’s currently going through a tough phase in her life and would like to have someone dependable beside her- but a serious relationship with him would inevitably end up being extremely one-sided, with Sorata getting the short end of the stick. Nanami’s need for someone to lean on during this tough phase of her life would certainly be fulfilled, but Sorata’s natural need to help others wouldn’t because whenever he tries to help her, she will simply push him away, making him miserable- not to mention what might happen in the future when the strong, independent Nanami finally achieves success and life gets easier- there’s a good chance that she’ll decide she no longer needs him.

    And there you have it, an theory based on cold, hard psychoanalysis which attempts to delineate why Mashiro is perfect for Sorata, and why Nanami is a poor match. Thoughts?

    1. so youre trying say… Nanami is a poor match from a few eps that only indicates thats a normal girl playing hard to get? while Mashiro is a abnormal girl thats a [extremeelycute] looney bin? ever heard of a girl in denial? its clear Nanami CRUSHES on teh dude HARD… shes always freaks out when she thinks hes doing “indecent” things with Mashiro ahah. Damned psychobabbles! not agreeeableee. Nanami as you say is going through tough times tho its because she hasnt “realized” yet she wants help or needs it. Just like Sorata not too many eps ago was in denial that he didnt belong in that dorm that he wanted out! But infact it was total opposite his roommates spices up his life and are ALOT OF FUNNN he being normal makes it fun for them to poke fun at too. HE was just jelly of them being super at this and super at that while he was just so normal! since this show looks like its all mashiro seems like Nanami will get shafted even tho shes the one that likeed him allll along from that flashback of the first white cat she didnt want to see him gooo!

    2. Few things:

      1) What matters to Mashiro is her artistic abilities. As long as she can make a living doing that, whether she knows the quadratic equation is largely irrelevant. Same way it doesn’t matter if I remember calculus anymore…I wouldn’t use it in my job anyway, so who cares?

      B) I don’t know how much train games sell, but going for a niche audience is the perfect way to get ahead. Why be a small fish in a big pond when you can dominate your own niche? Assuming you can dominate any of them, that is.

      III) I have no problems with yer analysis of Sorata and Mashiro. On Nanami though, I think you miss the mark. While she is certainly self-sufficient and hardworking, I don’t think her unwillingness to accept help is intrinsic to her character…hell, I don’t think that’s even going to survive this arc! Once that’s dealt with, they could be very good together. As for Sorata’s need to be helpful to others, there are many careers that could give him that without having a girlfriend / wife that needs taking care of. Perhaps he should look into working for a non-profit? Or just wait until he becomes a father, of course.

      1. 1) What matters to Mashiro is her artistic abilities. As long as she can make a living doing that, whether she knows the quadratic equation is largely irrelevant. Same way it doesn’t matter if I remember calculus anymore…I wouldn’t use it in my job anyway, so who cares?

        I totally agree. What I was really doing was trying to do was to tell the people who were saying things like “life hax” that this isn’t really the case because she isn’t omnipotent; having photographic memory does not actually make you good at other things, even if it allows you to ace exams- people like her pay a heavy price for their genius and deserve as much compassion as they do admiration.

        B) I don’t know how much train games sell, but going for a niche audience is the perfect way to get ahead. Why be a small fish in a big pond when you can dominate your own niche? Assuming you can dominate any of them, that is.

        Yeah, maybe as a first step, but with Sorata constantly talking about how he wants to get to “her level” I assumed that he wanted to achieve mainstream success like Mashiro. Established niche genres like train games will (in all likelihood) never become mainstream blockbusters like Trine or Minecraft, especially if produced by an indie dev. But yeah, starting small is certainly a good way to get things going.

        As for Sorata’s need to be helpful to others, there are many careers that could give him that without having a girlfriend / wife that needs taking care of. Perhaps he should look into working for a non-profit? Or just wait until he becomes a father, of course.

        I was looking to see if their personalities fulfill any mutual needs that might form the basis for a long-lasting relationship. He can certainly get the same fulfillment that she gives him from elsewhere, but the point is that she is his safe haven, his perpetual source of these things that will never go away (Kids grow up and leave home, people retire/get fired etc.). A perpetual companion who will always fulfill his emotional needs. (I’ve heard many elderly couples describe one another as such.)

        On Nanami though, I think you miss the mark. While she is certainly self-sufficient and hardworking, I don’t think her unwillingness to accept help is intrinsic to her character…hell, I don’t think that’s even going to survive this arc! Once that’s dealt with, they could be very good together.

        Again, you’re probably right. When I was writing this thing, I was going for the starkest contrast attainable, in an attempt to evoke some interesting responses; I went with this [admittedly dubious] assumption because I thought it would create the greatest contrast (And hopefully stir up some passions, motivating people to write something good XP). Looks like the only interesting one I got was yours {Thanks Stilts! You’re the greatest! 🙂 } (I really do appreciate the other guy who answered too but that was hardly a counter-argument) I was really just interested in seeing some good arguments for each side; I even had counter-arguments to my own arguments based on similar assumptions prepared to stir up even more debate, which I guess I won’t get to use… ;_;

        Ah, well, if anyone cares to read those counter-arguments, here they are (copy-pasted):
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I can’t disagree with you (perhaps true?) feelings on any of those…at least the replies. I haven’t read the counter-arguments ’cause HOLY SHIT IT’S GETTING LATE. Just wanted to say one thing:

        I love reading and responding to the gut reaction comments, but sometimes it’s good fun to use my brain too. I might not always respond, but I almost always read. Keep it up, Zen + others! ^^

  6. Screenwriter of this episode is Shimo Fumihiko, just fresh from being script coordinator of Kokoro Connect. Mostly associated with Kyo-Ani, highlights in his CV includes FMP Fumoffu and Second Raid, and all three of Kyo-Ani’s Key adaptations, AIR, Kanon and Clannad/Clannad After Story.

    He joins script coordinator Okada Mari as well as novel author Kamoshida Hajime in what is turning out to be an impressive screenwriting team.

    Makes you wonder what JC Staff were smoking with Little Busters when they had the ability to hire such impressive people for series like this one.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. JC staff aren’t really the ones hiring the scriptwriters that has more to do with the productions companies,warner is producing little busters and Media works is producing Sakurasou.

      Not that some studios don’t hire scriptwriters directly but JC staff isn’t generally one of them

      1. That being said when it comes episode direction and storyboards the Sakurasou team is made of largely of veteran JC staff members while Little busters apart from Nagai (toradora director) storyboarding episode 2 has no real standouts.

      2. Yes, I’m aware that backroom staff can be just as free flowing as voice actors in that they’re never tied to one single studio.

        My point was mainly that, if Key wanted JC Staff to do it since they said Kyo-Ani couldn’t make the time to commit themselves to LB, they could have at least asked JC Staff who was available in the slot that JC Staff said they’ll do it (i.e. this fall season) before agreeing to let them. It could have been better if they could have at least waited a bit longer to see if the likes of Shimo was not tied by other commitments. Perhaps less people would have complained had a Key-adaptation veteran like Shimo was on board regardless of which studio was doing it.

        Kinny Riddle
    2. whatever hiring mechansm, the writer did great job! actually some of gags give Fumoffu vibes considering how Sousuke was basically military-centric Mashiron (yea, he was much more practical, but as clueless about ordinary life…)

      1. The feminist in me wants to note that a sutibly empathetic man would be able to do the same thing. That’s to say, I don’t think she’s succeeding solely based upon the unique experiences of viewpoints, or even to a larger percentage based upon them – I think that’s all Ishizuka-sensei (and her skills) herself!

  7. Too much screaming and stupid misunderstandings in this episode. I have to disagree with you, the misunderstandings didn’t work for me at all. Screaming Tsunderes are too much of a trope and are abused in anime, and especially in this episode. It’s a shame that I’ll never be able to take Nanami seriously.
    The series have been really good so far, but this episode was a massive letdown. I don’t even like “mid-term cram-studying”, even that shit is a trope. Every other series wants to be set in a school, but be as little as possible about schooling. So to minimize school elements and maximize everything else they throw in the mid-term cram session episode, so that after a montage, everybody can safely go back to doing silly things. God damnit.

    1. Montage?What montage?There was none,there wasn’t even a study session.

      It was made to show off another side of Mashiro’s genius which is that she has great photographic memory,you could say that’s further proof that she’s somewhat of an autistic genius,those kind of people exist in real life,socially inept but very good a specific things.

  8. Speaking of exams, I’ve got a chock full of exams starting next week… After seeing those 100s, I almost cried there cus those are the scores I want to see, AND SHE STUDIED THE DAY BEFORE TOO… this isn’t fair. NVM, the crazy antics of Sakurasou never fail to amuse me. I love this show.

    1. Aoyama is in a bind right now. She’s on the edge of getting jerked away from her dream, and working to pay bills and getting enough to eat is taking more effort than her training. Moving into the dorm was taking help from Sorata, and any more help would feel like charity. She just wants to get back on her feet by herself, but she’s over-reacting right now, trying to re-establish her balance and self worth.

  9. I sense a heavy dose of drama.. A good one that is.. While it’s still packed with comedy, especially with his sister coming, there’s still a healthy dose of bittersweet love, growing up, social relationship and so on. Some may be cliche, but I like the direction this show is going.
    Destroys my first impression of this anime, but in a good way. I fear this is underrated though.

  10. Aoyama is cute, her over-reactions are always funny, and her determination to be a voice actor endearing. However, her stubborness and butting into other people’s business knocks serious points off. It’s quite obvious to everyone except Aoyama that Mashiro has already chosen/bonded/keyed Sorata as the one she wants, whatever that is. And that brings in to question how much of her interactions with Aoyama were intentional to try to get her to back off. With the bed scene with Sorata, you have to wonder how frustrated she is with Nanami?

      1. True, the only opinions that matter are from the people that are in love. But Nanami should have been able to pick up on the clues that Mashiro wanted Sorata not her. You can’t put it all down to Mashiro being different. It’s like Nanami is ignoring those signals and doing what she wants/believes, not what is in the best interest of Mashiro.

        Is Sorata handling Mashiro’s panties in her best interest, probably not. But having Nanami try to make her into something she isn’t (a normal girl) is worse to me.

        But we still have plenty of episodes for things to be worked out, explained. I still hope they explain why Mashiro is the way she is.

      2. You’re not wrong. In this case, I think it’s still just early – I’m 87% certain that the lesson you speak of is one that Nanami will learn, and in the not too distant future to boot.

  11. I don’t think I’ve, real or Anime, seen a park-bench scene so funny!!! I loved the introduction of the young mothers
    overhearing the antics. Did anyone notice the young mothers had a shocked expression, while the man in the middle
    (with the dog) had an attaboy expression? Just sayin’. Also, she was trolling Sorata too, poor soul, implying that,
    while he was persistant, he just wasn’t that good, either. LOL!

    I wash your panties, fold your panties, and choose your panties.

    Someday, he’ll look back on those days and realize just how lucky he really was, I guarantee it!

    Sorata glomping Jin…is dat some yaoi fodder there?

    Stilts, just want to say that Jin and Sorata are not in the least humoured about that harsh comment…
    Children may read this blog, so we don’t want to set any bad examples, now do we 🙂 :)?

    Jin is very sophisticated and knows this and his limits quite well. He said in the last(?) episode that he did not want
    to take advantage of Misaki-sempai because she was vulnerable. I think he’s more sensitive to Misaki-sempai and
    Mashiro’s (apparent) vulnerabilities than he wants to admit, which is why doesn’t kid with them in that way, IMHO.

    Which brings me to Sorata’s reluctance to use Mashiro’s (first) name, even denying that he likes her in the park.
    I think he really does like her, and does not mind taking care of her. But he’s conflicted. I think he feels that if he
    accepted her offer of love/friendship which she make so easily available to him, he believes that it’s like taking
    advantage of her – that she would make the same offer to anyone. And I think that’s where he’s got it wrong.

    He doesn’t understand that while love can require work, accepting someone’s love as a rare gift is not something
    anyone can ever work for and achieve. I hope for Mashiro’s sake, he gets over this stupid idea.

    but still, I’ll take the rare sub-optimal episode ending for all the amazing ones this tactic provides.

    I really thought the ending was perfect. It leaves the audience with the question of who/where would you choose
    to sleep (with)? Rou Kyuu Bu! did something like this and never answered it in the subsequent episodes. I just
    saw it as a gag and it doesn’t bother me one way or the other. But I suspect it will be answered, any money on
    sleeping with the cats?

    Really a great episode, I’m wondering how this will pan out with the date conflict between the two girls.

    1. I dunno, I don’t think Sorata is in love with Mashiro yet. The groundwork is there, but not yet. That needs time to grow yet.

      And as for my ending comment, that was only in regards to the ED playing over the last bit of the episode. The actual ending itself was fine.

    1. Rather than pathetic, Sorata is more of an old-school console enthusiast, as that was what motivated him to try game design. That Fujimura guy whose blog Sorata is constantly looking up was once a student of Suimei High, and is now a well-acclaimed game designer himself.

      Kinny Riddle
  12. I think this is the first series I watched where the humor is always just right and tactful. It has just the right combination of humor and seriousness that I simply can’t take my eyes off the screen for the whole duration of the episode!

    I don’t think any series I watched in the past nailed it the same way this series does

  13. I warned you aniki Stilts, walk through a dangerous route to match many yuri-pairs without reason and end up looking all weird, you have to control your perversion or could be worse, 0_0
    Lol XD, was enough of bad jokes haha. Very good job with the publication and I hope the next episode of Chuunibyou Demo Koi aniki Stilts.

    1. let them take their time, so far Sorata is at “I am only doing it because fail-sensei is dumping it on my head” stage… It will take some enlightening moment for him to realise his own feelings…

  14. It was annoying that they had to overdue the hysterics in the first part of the episode. If they had toned it down it would have been much better.

    Aoyama’s situation is depressing me. She definitely has a thing for Sorata, but she’s SOL.

    Of course I also think Sorata should get it on with Misaka just to piss off Jin. Either she’d sleep with him (not a bad result!) or she would backpedal and leave him alone. Best case would force Jin to admit how he feels.

  15. Did they actually have basic quadratic formula for high school exam? I thought we learn that in primary school. I can’t take this show seriously anymore since I know the level of math is mindbogglingly low( even if I consider it as an art school). She’s not even genius by memorizing those equation. The real genius will figure how those calculation working and does not even need to study to ace those exam. It shows lack of understanding of basic math level by the author which have the same author as Sword Art Online who never play any real online game. Where’s that hobo dude that can out-level everyone by farming efficiently 24 hr like Alkaizer or the super genius skill like ZSMJ, Select, or Hydra?

    Back to topic, nice moe show but the real world application is so badly integrated

    1. Actually, you can’t by that kind of pretense since it only applies to your experience; I know some schools that review the quadratic formula because its is sometimes necessary in operations and there are classes for people who need further improvement of applying that formula. Also Kawahara Reki did play online games, he has played first person shooters and mmo, which was how he based his light novels (plus I do recommend that you check your facts as I think that some of them are inaccurate).

      1. He must be a total noob in MMO that praying every day he got the most imba stat without farming then…..more like teenager wet dream that he can be the best in MMO without any rival or any other person that can even COME CLOSE TO HIS 1337 SKILL

        oh well, anime is supposed to be little kid dream anyway…..

      2. “oh well, anime is supposed to be little kid dream anyway…..”-Raidragon
        I think that’s pushing it too far considering, you pretty much generalized every genre in the anime industry without thinking that some have even received awards and so we can’t judge so rashly without taking into account the impact and the all the constraints that were made.

    2. I learn quadratic formula(I assume you are referring to square root b squared minus 4ac) in Secondary School. When I am 15years old.
      I am from a developed country.
      Everyone in my country learn this at 15, unless you are from some gifted pro gramme which probably learn this earlier.

  16. Man, the shit that Sorata goes through every day. Nanami going ballistic was understandable. I’d probably lose it too if I had a retard of a housemate. Even if she is supposed to be a genius.

    1. Don’t see a retard here. But what i can clearly see is a girl that is just too pushy and doesn’t get that she is annoying people with her butting in on other peoples affairs. Nanami has a long way to go.

  17. Thinking about it, Mashiro was definitely doing the park thing on purpose. She is not really that innocent and is writing a shoujo manga so she probably knows how misleading the remarks she were making were.

    I’m not really sure what to make of her plan C…

    1. I have to agree. Developing a manga requires both the visual and the vocal. She knows dialogue and interaction. Her trolling in the park is another chance to experiment with dialogue. Right now, it’s at a surface level with all the thickness of a piece of paper, but if Mashiro is developing feelings for Sorata, she’ll be adding depth and complexity to the canvas of her life, rather than just her paintings and manga.

    2. I dunno about that. Her only manga plot that has been any good (the latest one) was ripped straight from the headlines of her quite entertaining real life. When it comes to actualy making these things up, she has proven a failure so far. Mashiro developing feelings for Sorata I can agree with, definitely, but I don’t think she’s at all calculating about it. She’s still just a young girl, after all.


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