「生贄の夜」 (Ikenie no Yoru)
“Night of Sacrifice”

You’d think the players on the island were the only threats, but now this survival game has taken things to another level. Considering that this is an uninhabited island, the dangerous creatures that roam it aren’t surprising. So now the entire island is a death trap. The komodo dragons are probably not the only carnivores out there. The lizards should be quite easy to escape from but unfortunately, Ryouta is dragged down by his teammates. Ryouta’s unselfishness today was really admirable. Despite being a selfish, ungrateful, and stubborn young man, he has shown a lot of likable sides on this island. One would think that he’d do anything to survive but in contrary, he is risking his life for unknown people. This kind side of Ryouta makes me hope to see him survive the game and make up with his mother and her friend.

Taira, while being very likable to me, has also been the character who is easy to doubt. Perhaps it is his occupation and life experiences that make him seem suspicious but with today’s episode, there shouldn’t be any more reasons to doubt him. He not only saved Ryouta and Himiko, he also revealed his BIM type and past. Taira’s job is perhaps the reason why he was sent to the island but it makes me wonder if he even deserved being punished. In business, there will usually be a loser. Just because someone lost something because of Taira doing his job, is that a legit reason to be sent away to this island? Morally it can be considered to be right if you look at it from the loser’s perspective, but legally it isn’t, unless Taira did some shady business which he probably didn’t (as it seems now). Taira isn’t even a social burden which, for an example, Ryouta is. But then again, if the nominations would follow a more “legal” or “ethical” system, people like Himiko wouldn’t be here.

While it’s nice to see how Taira and Ryouta have become good allies, it’s also worrying that Taira has a leg injury. Fortunately Himiko has regained consciousness and can therefore practically be more useful to the team – she can also be helping while being unconscious! Ryouta’s clever tactics to scare away the lizards seemed suspicious at first but he was truly impressive. While he has now overcome two problems (gaining Taira’s trust and luring away the komodo dragons), a few new ones have been added to his pile of issues. One of them is the doubt between him and Himiko, another one is Taira being in a bad condition, a third one is that he has some useless BIMs, and the last one is Masashi (Kuroda Takaya).

It’s obvious that Ryouta doesn’t stand a chance against raw strength, but he has wits so hopefully he’ll do something clever to run away, however, it won’t be easy. Masashi has kept himself alive fairly well without even knowing about the BIMs. Imagine how lethal he would be if he could use the explosives… Next week’s battle will be intense!

Random thoughts:

  • Himiko sure doesn’t like Ryouta. I don’t question her though!
  • Masashi is alive, so that means that Himiko has some useless BIMs in one of her bags.
  • This Tyrannos Japan guy seems to be up to something.
  • So this survival game isn’t something new? Hmm…
  • The homing BIM is interesting, but so far, the most impressive one to me has been the implosion type.
  • What happens if you build a raft and escape?
  • Full-length shots: 9, 14, 22, 31




    1. Isnt weird that shes supposed to really like him in the video game btooom? and they seem to voice chat in teh game so why doesnt she recognize his voice or every time taira calls him sakamoto-han?

      1. well it seems to be going at 0.0000001 mph 😛 they established hes married to her in game and she loves him too how can she not recognize THEEE SAKAMOTOOO! wouldnt have meant they play together all time especially since all her friends hate her and moved awwayyyy?

      2. One thing I think people often forget…

        Just because they sound the same in the anime (for practical reasons) doesn’t mean that they’re supposed to sound alike both in-game and out of game.

    2. Back in episode 2, when they showed Himiko and Sakamoto’s first online meeting, they did show Himiko altering her voice chat right before she talked to him, so it’s kinda understandable they don’t recognise each other.

  1. “Fortunately Himiko has regained consciousness and can therefore be more useful to the team – she can also be useful while being knocked out!”

    Shamefully thought bad thoughts re that sentence… the topics of this anime kind of does that to you; and Ryouta’s slightly psychopathic grin face was kinda scary at the time.

    1. Sorry, I am aware that my phrasing might’ve seemed “vulgar” considering what kind of show this is, but I did by no means mean to suggest anything shameful. I’ve switched out some words in that line which hopefully will evoke better thoughts.

      1. Ha, no offence taken. Personally I’m fairly desensitized to nasty themes. I’m not particular adverse to rape as a plot device but I have noticed various sections of readership who dislike it, especially when it is used poorly more as a shock device; this point already did turn people away from watching Btooom! during Himeko’s flashback episode. Given that sensitivity I can see why you placed prudence a priority in the edit, thought it wasn’t really needed from my personal point of view. Besides I don’t think it would be really worth watching Btooom! for what it is, were viewer unable to empathise with the characters’ experiences and accept them as plot elements. Himeko is thinking these bad things all the time and we are reminded that so far in almost all her scenes so far.

        Althought not intended in your wording, it really is that kind of paranoia that Himiko exhibits and we can see that in the rudimentary “hentai” comment she throws at Ryouta when he stumbles while recalling what he was thinking of doing in the previous episode while she was indeed unconscious.

        Fortunately, for Himeko at least, it seems as though the next episode may be some kind of turning point where Ryouta finds out her identity or something thereabouts 🙂

  2. Regarding the leg injury
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I think it is directed towards whoever is running the game.

      The problem is: There is no guarantee they will just let go those who gather eight chips and “win” the game, especially regarding people who were “chosen” to disappear. I’m sure that when someone does it, it will be revealed how truly screwed Ryouta and co. are.

      1. i was thinking more along the lines tht his mom signed him up for this, and i don’t think the people running the game cares wat their players become, though i could be wrong.
        And rather than saying there’s no guarantee it’s more likely thy wouldn’t be allowed to leave, after forcing them to play a death game i don’t think any of the players will just let the people responsible go, so it’s more likely the winner will be killed or abandoned on the island.

    1. I think there are signs of Himiko starting to recover from trauma bit by bit, someone almost raped (twice! first the group members back home and then the fat idiot on the island) isn’t likely to do tsundere remarks about doing something weird to herself while unconscious…

      1. I think it’s a bit more then a tsundere remark though, more like she doesn’t quite trust him to behave. Although she doesn’t seem to be angry enough to want to blow him up just yet.

  3. Technically, Taira shouldn’t have survived that bite.A monitor lizard like the komodo dragon has a saliva which is like a melting pot of very aggressive bacterias.Just cleaning up the wound won’t do,you need proper medical attention and antibiotics treatment.When Taira was bitten i was expecting him to be in a “get an amputation or die” situation.

    1. hmm interesting fact! since this island appears to have a previous game before theres a slight chance those komodo dragons arent wild the kinds but could be captive kinds taht are thrown in just for funnn so that they can terrorize and bite people but the bacteria is gonnne just a painful bite lol

    2. Well, it all depends on the level of infection and the immune system. Some lay dormant and the host doesn’t even know a thing. Others, the infection may be worse, but the immune system tries really hard to fight it off, like in Taira’s case. In the worse situation, for example, with immuno-compromised people, a small infection can be lethal. And if you read the manga [spoiler] It doesn’t take long before Ryouta’s group finds antibiotics and such for Taira [/spoiler]

      1. Human immune system is most of the time weaker than those of a wild animal.Animals don’t have ways to pasteurize their foods or properly disinfect their wound,so they immune system makes up for it by being more robust and responsive.Komodo dragons often attacks prey bigger than themselves and they don’t take them down by just biting them to death,they just bite,stalk their prey and wait for their saliva to do the job ,it might take few hours to 2 days at most to kill their prey.Their saliva is one of the most virulent in the world,that’s not like being bitten by a stray dog or cat.If a wild animal can’t survive its bite,There is no way a human being,with an immune system weaker, would survive either,in the middle of a jungle/island,without proper medical attention.But like you said they found antibiotics in the mangas, so it makes sense now.

      2. Just to add that it’s not actually 2 days at most,i made a mistake,death from septicemia actually happen within 24 hours for most animals(including buffalos)lol.So yeah Taira was fucked!

  4. -Taiga kept called Sakamoto name but Himiko still don’t known who he is (Virtual husband)
    -Never expect that you couldn’t use any bomb from another player without killed off them first.
    -This week story is so little progress compared to ep 1-5

  5. “What happens if you build a raft and escape?”

    I noticed this question came up twice. The answer is, you will die. The island is somewhere in the Pacific, meaning it is a far ways out from anywhere. After watching the movie, Cast Away, it’s really hard to find the supplies for rope and stuff to build said raft. Even if you manage to use the parachutes to tie logs together, there is still the problem of finding a big piece of sturdy material to use as a sail. The waves would no doubt push you back onto the island, as seen in the movie.

    Then, there is the problem of food. You’d be stranded in the ocean for quite a while and without a source of freshwater, you’d last no more than 5 days.

    TL:DR, you will die.


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