「戦闘民族ファナリス」 (Sentou Minzoku Fanarisu)
“Warrior Tribe Fanalis”

Morgiana does not disappoint. Her badass meter is right through the roof, which in turn provided us with the best fight scenes the series has provided us. While much of her backstory still remains shrouded, the few clues given along with promising foreshadowing is able to satiate one’s curiosity for now. I for one, welcome our new Fanalis kings and queens when they decide to break off their chains and reveal their true potential.

Magi‘s current antagonist to focus on, Fatima (those red lips, my my…), riles up the episode with his…biting treatment of slaves. It’s one thing to actually be a slave driver, but to actually feed your slaves to the wild…that’s a cringeworthy streak to have. Thankfully, the anime doesn’t cross that line and break our hearts–Morgiana comes to save the day! Her brute force will smash any target she sets eyes on, no matter how strong the target may be. Lions, thieves, shackles, you name it: Morgiana will screw you over if you get on her bad streak. It makes you think…if the women are this strong, how strong (or not strong?) are the men? I hope that we really do get to learn more about the Fanalis along with Morgiana’s past…they must have an interesting society to be this strong, yet at the feet of mere weaklings.

It is a painful sight to see her not in baddass mode, if the graphical nature of the flashbacks were any indication. It’s quite amazing that she’s escaped all scars from her previous treatment, save for some leg shackle bruises. I’m still pissed at Jamil for being such a terrible person, and seeing him reappear again in a flashback wasn’t helping much to soothe that disgust. However, for every appearance of Jamil…there is an appearance of Goltas as well. My my Goltas…why are you such a wise and inspiring person! Although he has died in repentance for his own transgressions, his soul, his lifeforce, it still manages to inspire Morgiana to new heights (literally), and has ended up being an interesting character, despite his limited screentime. Goes to show how effective multilayering your characters can be!

Magi also balances the tide of nasty characters with plenty of pleasant people. Although many of the characters introduced have come and gone as the show needs them, they serve their purpose well and act as good contrast against the forces of injustice. Aside from slavery, politics, and nationalism, trade caravans are an important theme in Magi, as they provide the safest (and most sociable) means of transport through the Middle East, just as it was in history. These trade caravans have provided plenty of pleasant personalities which stand up for each other, standing up for justice–even more so than the governments of the various cities and towns. This vigilante system is an uplifting part of the anime, as it causes the characters to rely on each other for assistance rather than governments, which of course makes for lots of interaction and development. However, next episode, it looks like our newly united pair is breaking off from the caravan life, in order to find the last of the trio, Ali Baba.

What adventures lie in Balbadd? Undoubtedly action packed, closer to Morgiana’s homeland, and closer to finally finding out what Ali Baba has been doing this entire time!

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    1. Dark Continent is a 19th century expression previously used to describe Africa, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. In some contries(Russia, for instance) it’s Black Continent.

      Morgiana have been colored black(no racism here), back author decided to make all finalists red-haired instead.

    1. I agree, the best main character that is able to use his cuteness in order to attract girls. The opposite of Naruto who gets girls to chase in an attempt to kill him.

      I guess we were able to see two lovely girls anyway, though regretfully we did not see them in the episode 1 of the anime.

      1. How Aladdin met Leila and the Indian girl seems important enough to me.It wasn’t filler.

        It bothers the hell out of me how unless it’s a really popular jump manga like Naruto, Bleach or One Piece, the anime doesn’t get fully adapted.

        Even Hitman Reborn wasn’t able to reach the end and was basically cancelled.Some great stuff don’t even get an anime, but get a live action show instead like Yankee Kun to Megane.

        Hunter x Hunter had to get a damn remake because apparently something was wrong with the original anime.

        Fairy Tail’s anime seems like it’s being rushed because it damn near caught up to the manga.

        I just don’t get it.

  1. I keep staring at Morgiana’s legs and thighs . . . is that a bad thing? Also Leila always stuck me as a female version of Ali Baba , loving this adaptation overall nonetheless .

  2. I really like the way they animated the action scene . It look so fluid and felt even better than the manga fight scene. Can’t wait when they actually animated upcoming action scene from the manga.

  3. I was hoping that they would add more depth to Morgiana’s character. Pretty much everything shown in this episode about her
    was generally revealed in previous episodes. Okay, we know she’s Fanalisian, but not much more than that.

    But, I’d really like to understand how a (prodigy) from Fanalis became a slave in the first place. Such a well spoke of civilization
    must look after their own? But, We know she was very young – 5-6ish? How did she become such a good fighter – would a
    slave be thus trained? When did she become so loyal to her master to remain a slave until she was freed by Alibaba.

    I’m wasn’t expecting all of the answers, but toss us a bone.

    I think this episode really drove home Morgiana’s affinity for little girls (second time she’s placed herself in harm’s way to
    protect a younger girl) — to be there because no one was there for her when she was a little girl and cried for someone
    to please save her.

    So far, Aladdin has chosen people that are unique in some way. I already thought that Morgiana’s fighting ability was far
    beyond most people she’s met (point – everyone has had a stunned look on their faces at her abilities), but I think, akin to
    Aladdin, there’s something “magical” about her – and not just her stunning looks and legs (she’s really drawn well 🙂 ).

    Another thing I noticed is that Aladdin does not whimsically pick his friends. It wasn’t until Alibaba overcame his “deamons”
    that Aladdin asked him to be his friend; but Morgiana is still captive by her past in nightmares, which is why I thought it was
    significant that Aladdin only asked her to travel together; she stills bears the pain of slavery.

    Exciting series so far…

    1. Well one you couldn’t call her a prodigy just yet and people did train their slaves to be bodyguards and fighters. It’s common knowledge that fanalis are strong so why waste that potential, they can do chores that normal slaves couldn’t and in a pinch they’re good muscle. The thing with Jamil is that they grew up together she was always his slave for most of her life. There wasn’t anyone going out of there way to save her or the other slaves. If they did it normally wouldn’t be pleasant outcome. So why not be loyal to the one that gives you food and somewhere to sleep no matter how bad the situation is.

      1. Indeed, He “foods” here and give her a “Home”. If She would run away, everyone would regonize her as a Slave, As trash. And perhaps they will treat her much worser, without Food and such. That was not “pleasant” Times in this Age. But we still have that Today, just look around the World. Kids are Born into their “Ranks”…

      2. “people did train their slaves to be bodyguards and fighters”

        To be honest, I am wondering if that idiot of a slave master, I forgot what his name is, was even smart enough to do such a thing. All he did was just stab to death his slaves. Not to mention he was a real amateur of a sword fighter. I really do not see him as a person even capable of thinking. The last desperate thing he said to Goltas was “I’ll give you lots of corn.” I wonder if it ever occurred to him that he was going to die.

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    Fatima is a girl’s name, so that gay dude kinda was funny xD had my moments of doubt where he was a female with a man voice *just bored nd liked that assumption*, good show!

  5. If I am one of those bandits, I would run off when I see Morgiana take down that big fella. I would be crazy to be staying and try to kill/capture her. To be a bandit is not enough, you need to a smart bandit.
    If only Morgiana beat the shit out of that sick lipstick douche. Sick bastard like him should be tortured.

  6. A very nice episode again this week! I am impressed! Though in the manga is shown that Morgiana has the strengh AND the brain, because she knew how to break the “unbreakable” foot cuffs; in the anime the cuffs just break by force, but in the manga Morgiana used the knowledge about Show Spoiler ▼

    to break off the cuffs around her feet.

    I can’t hardly wait for next week’s episode!

  7. His name is THE ONE AND ONLY PERSON THAT CAN WEAR NOTHING BUT A LEAF AND STILL LOOK AWESOME SIIIIINBAD. On a side note about the ep I don’t see why they did not add the cage and how Mor was able to break the chains. Instead of just slamming into the metal ground. Also for anyone that wants to know Fatima had a back story. Which he (He soo looks like a girl) was once a slave and then killed his slave trader and became a slave trader.

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