The Executioners have very interesting powers…


Natsu finds the Executioners very amusing because of their appearance. He laughs at them despite hearing Arcadios’ warning about their magic which only has one purpose – killing efficiently. Natsu, Mirajane, Wendy, and Lily prepare themselves for a fight. They intend to force the Executioners to tell them the way out of this place.

The Garou Knights prepare themselves for an attack. The black-haired knight called Kamika uses her paper magic – “Paper Blizzard – Crimson Dance”. Natsu thinks he can burn the papers away but it turns out that Kamika’s papers are immune to flames because they’re the “God of Flames”. Wendy’s magic however, is not related to flames so she roars the crimson papers away. Another knight, called Cosmos, joins the battle and swallows Wendy in one of her magical carnivorous plants. Mirajane who is now using her “Satan Soul: Sitri” form, breaks the plant and sets Wendy free.

One of the plants launches its sharp tentacles towards Lucy and Yukino but Lily cuts them off with his sword. A huge knight shows up and engages in a battle with Lily. Kamika changes the colour of her papers to violet. This colour makes her paper the “God of Binding”. Natsu and Mirajane who are trapped in the paper storm are immobilized. Cosmos wants to petrify the team so she unleashes her “Flower Flourish”, a huge flower that can devour people. Wendy releases everyone’s bodies from their current states so they can move again. All of them launch an attack together to take down the enormous flower and all that can be seen is a huge trail of smoke.

Back in the castle, the princess is watching as her guards are merrily talking about how the Executioners have reached Hell Palace. The princess seems very sad about it. Her so called “plan” appears to have backfired. She hopes to see Arcadios come out of this alive.

Going back to Natsu’s team. It seems that the huge blast dispersed everyone so Natsu is currently alone. One of the knights who happens to be in the same place as Natsu says that his subordinates won’t allow anyone to return alive. Wendy seems to have landed in a different area and she’ll be facing Cosmos. Lily will be fighting the big guy. Mirajane is up against Kamika.

Yukino, Lucy, Happy, Charle, and Arcadios seem to have landed on the same place. Suddenly Happy starts floating and it seems like they’re not alone. A knight called Uosuke appears to be in the same place and he seems to like fish. Lucy thinks that they can take this guy out easily but Arcadios warns them that Uosuke reduces his victims to nothing but bones.

I am so happy that the Order of the Hungry Wolf had a more simple name such as “Executioners”. That’s easier to type. Laziness aside, this chapter was very interesting. We’ve now been introduced to what kind of power some of these new villains have. So far, the most interesting ones are Kamika and Cosmos. I really like Kamika’s powers and I love Cosmos’ design. That doesn’t mean that the other ones are less interesting. Uosuke while being odd, might be very strong.

Lucy really has a bad luck. All the currently powerless people are at the same place and have to face an Executioner. Arcadios is barely able to move, the Exceeds are completely useless in this, and the stellar magi don’t have their keys. The odds are definitely against Lucy’s team but I want to see her beat Uosuke, not only because that would get her out of the sticky situation, but also because I just want to see her being victorious for once. I’m sure that a group of weak people can do some physical damage when they fight together so I have hopes for this team.

As for the other teams, they’re all physically strong and they have their magic. But it is quite interesting that Wendy is facing Cosmos while Mirajane is facing Kamika when it would be easier if they reversed that. I’m not complaining though, because this will make the battles very interesting and unpredictable. It will be nice to see some challenges for everyone. I do think Lily and Natsu will win their battles though.

Last but not least, the princess appears to share a strong bond with Arcadios which makes me question his position. I still believe Arcadios is evil. Anyone who calls Zeref “lord” can easily be considered to be a villain, but the princess doesn’t seem to be one. Maybe she isn’t aware of Arcadios’ true intentions? So far, the princess has been very mysterious, but I hope she will be a friend of FAIRY TAIL in the end.

Moete kitazou!


  1. Great chapter! However its funny to notice every time all the characters get separated to fight each of the enemies individually. I know its the best way of each character making progress and moving the plot forward, but FT always uses the same formula.

    1. Also Fairy Tail often also uses tag team battles as well. Big ones being Lullaby Arc where they all face the evil monster, the Fighting Festival Arc whereby its Double Dragon v. Fake Dragon (not to mention everyone else getting horrible pain inflicted upon them), the Edolas Arc with the Triple Dragon fight (and the Erza Duel aka best fight ever).
      Oh ya and then their was this…

      Honestly if you think about it of the major shonen titles Fairy Tail is actually the one that devolves into a duel the least especially for major battles at the end of arcs.

    2. This is why I love manga, during the dark days when we only had Marvel Comics in America there was always the superhero ganging up on the villain with his allies and vice-versa. 1 on 1 is interesting since they usually have no one to disturb the.

      I am curious what was her highness going to do for this situation.

      1. I wasn’t complaining, just making an observation. It just dawned on me when they were all assembled together and suddenly a collapse and now everyone is pitted separately against the enemy. I never noticed it happening until this chapter.

  2. I once heard the Executioners were added to the story as a result of a character design competition or something. I believe Cosmos was originally going to be called “Fione”, but it sounded too similar to “Fiore”. I also think the big guy was given the name “Knepper”.

    I got this information from this Japanese blog post of last week’s chapter. I’m fairly certain it’s real because it mentions the names “Uosuke” and “Kamika”, yet the blog post came out before this chapter did, and the previous chapter didn’t give any names. I’m just not entirely sure it means exactly what I think it does (I can’t read Japanese that well).

    It’s a good blog, by the way. It really keeps track of future production developments for the manga and anime; it’s from this that I first learned way back in February that there would be a filler arc.

  3. I dont know. I cant see Arcadios being much of a villain still. As I’ve mentioned last week, theres no merit to pretend to be the good guy here and even giving warnings/advices to Fairy Tail.

    It seems the princess’s plan in throwing Fairy Tail into the underground dungeon was actually a gesture to help them escape (along with Arcadios). But I guess the Executioner’s arrival foiled her plans. Wonder how things will wrap up on this end. The princess definitely cant be evil. I bet that councilman who arrested Arcadios and everyone else is the true villain :3

    1. I’m of the opposite viewpoint. Right now, despite giving warnings to Fairy Tail, I still cannot see Arcadios as a good guy, or even a well-intentioned extremist. The fact that he seems to worship Zeref is one thing, along with Carla’s vision (granted, her visions are usually flawed). He could very well be manipulating things in the background while he plays the helpless role.

      I may be wrong in the end, but right now, my instincts are telling me he is a villain.

      I agree with you on the princess, though. She probably has her own hands tied as to how she can help Fairy Tail while maintaining her position.

      1. I’m with you on this one. And I don’t want to quote Bleach, but I got the feeling is guy is trying to pull a Ginjou Kugo on us, meaning atm he genuinely believes he’s a good guy, but will return to normal once someone presses the right button. Ginjou Kugo fooled me good in Bleach.

      2. My point is why would you need to pretend to get arrested, then thrown into those pits where executioners are if its part of your plan? All you need are the Astral mages and they are already in jail. So what merit does pretending to get arrested get you? Nothing.

        Thats why I find it weird from the way the story is progressing and theres probably more that we dont know. If its all part of Arcadios’s plan he should be chilling in the castle, not pretending to get arrested and beat up.

    2. MDK (MasterDemonKnight) is right, don’t be fooled by Arcadios’ bruises, he is definitely up to no good. Jellal and Ultear were the same with the good will attitude which led to them betraying everyone that trusted them (although Jellal was a little possesed by Zeref) as long as Arcadios is obsessed with Zeref just like Ultear and Jellal were, he (Arcadios) is definitely up to no good.
      However you are right about the Princess, unlike the heartless guards, she seems to be taking it real hard for trapping Fairy Tail into the dungeon.

      K C M
      1. This might be a ‘dur’ moment but if they were such badass executioners…why is Arcadios still alive anyway? HMMM…

        If Jellal could come up with having an astral body be elected to the Council and sit there unil it was time to blast his otherself with Etherion… Getting beat up by his own people to sell his story is well within some villan’s plans.

  4. Lucy really needs a power boost, because she’s trailing behind the others at an alarming rate.
    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Either he doesn’t care about her or he doesn’t like her…
        Show Spoiler ▼

        She’s gonna fight a rather dangerous mage with no resource. What about other opponents she might face? Here’s a list of possible opponents she could face:
        Show Spoiler ▼

        That’s why I hope she gets better, she’s gonna get killed if not. Look, if she ever gets the 12 keys, I want her to pull off a Supernova-like spell: she summons the 12 spirits in a circle, with a glowing sigil/constallation map on the ground, recite a few words and BAM! Supreme Uranometria in your face! That would be fitting, especially if she can combine it with the others’ most powerful spells for a 5-way Unison Raid.

  5. Guys doesn’t this scene sound familiar. The good guys are split up and divided to take on the bad guys individually. HM(Hiro Mashima) did the same thing in Rave Master when He split Haru Glory and his team against the palace guardians in the same way Fairy Tail is put against the executioners. I would love to see how it goes down by next week.

    K C M
    1. Well, it is more “longer” to catch the Viewers with “many” 1 vs 1 (many Pages), as a Short “Party tag Team Battle” in 16 pages

      More Battlefields are better then 1 alone

  6. I think it seems weird putting Natsu up against a boss-style character so early (just my opinion, but his opponent seems to be the leader/ possibly strongest member), but should be entertaining to watch, love Fairy Tail fights when drawn, they look awesome. Given how powerful these guys are though, I can’t imagine everyone winning. Natsu will probably as will Mira, but Lily and Wendy are yet to be seen (not hating, love both characters).

    I do feel that Lucy continuously comes up against the same problem in Fairy Tail, it’s happened in almost every fight I’ve seen her in and that is…she is constantly without her keys! All an enemy has to do is steal her keys and then it’s over for her! I would like to see her use something that is celestial based, but doesn’t require keys (such as her Urano Metoria) or possibly seeing her be able to call forth spirits without physically having the keys there (I know this may sound clumsy, but you get what I mean).

    Who knows? Lucy and Yukino might not even end up fighting…or they could get their asses kicked, it’s difficult to predict.

  7. I think it’s going to be a downer ending, personally.

    The next few chapters may be interesting. In the depressing sort of way. With Levi’s ominous writings a few chapters back, I’d say that Shounen Plot-armor is off for the rest of this arc.


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