Well that was certainly a bit of a surprise. I’m not entirely sure why, but I never expected Urara’s grandfather to be… well anything other than a wizened old man. You’d think anime and manga would have taught me not to leap to such conclusions, but apparently they haven’t! So I guess the big question here is whether or not this is manga being typically creative with art style, or whether he’s not really Urara’s grandfather. I would certainly hazard a guess that the latter is more likely, especially given Keima’s shared suspicions that he has something to do with the devils. It’s a little hard to be sure though – it could, after all, be a bit of both!

With this cliff-hanger, hopefully we’ll be getting some more revelations next week, and maybe a little more understanding of what’s actually going on. As funny as Urara’s ironic statements about Keima’s adult-like behaviour are, it would be nice to finally have some light shed on why she lives alone in a large mansion and why Keima was not aware of her or her family before he travelled back in time (other than the name he discovered on an old photograph). At the very least, the appearance of Vintage in this timeline brings a promise for some big stuff to come!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – A surprising (and humorous) revelation! #TWGOK


  1. Actually it’s not that strange to have a young (mid-forties) grandfather at that age. A couple of generations ago you usually got married at 20 (or even earlier) and you could have the first kid in the first year of marriage. Double that for the parents and we have a joung looking grandfather for little Urara (still don’t get why he needs a walking still tho…)

      1. A personal opinion but there is magic in thiis manga, it is possible that he did something to slow down his aging.

        I am a bit curious if a certain little sister would get lost or run into the Vintage.

    1. Considering that we had an age regressing Dokurou in this arc, can we even trust that this “grandfather’s” appearance show his true age? Also, there’s a chance he may not be human. There’s also the chance that he may not be Urara’s real grandfather…

    2. @Pietro: VERY VALID POINT, especially in the past, people get married in their teens. So lets say for this grandpa to look very young he would have to be in his 30’s, which is quite possible. Lets say he married at 15-16 then got his kids at that age, lets say his kids got married and had kids at 17-18 then it would make a lot of sense in why he’s still a young granddad lol. However knowing TWGOK’s setting, and looking at his aura, makes me think he is related or involved to hell and what not.

  2. Pietro has a point, but that was only in like a century ago, in modern era we would’ve expect some “old wise wizard.” I am a bit shocked someone like him as a ero magazine, you would think that is the reason why we would imagine to be some old perv like Naruto’s Jiraiya.

    My main concern is Urara’s parents, if I had to guess one was a buddy while the other was a Devil. But, by unknown cause, they suffered the decapitation punishment and both died. Very tragic when the anime “death jokes,” you at first find funny, turns not so funny the moment when death actually occurs. We have Goddess, Devils, now a half-devil girl.

    My last statement, “PRESS CHARGES,” O come on, the typical rich person abusing his power. I would like to see him press charges against that annoying English teacher, I forgot the ugly guy’s name, who kills my manga with his English phases.

  3. Elsie has over 300 years and looks like a teenager girl (Has an even lower mental age but that’s another story lol :D) Either way… Urara’s could be a quarter devil, or a quarter angel/goddess, that would explain the young apearance of her grandfather more in line with the manga.

    Now, I don’t totally agree with Loo2 idea of Urara’s parents, since the buddy’s system was established to catch old devils, which were actually set free when Keima was a kid.


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