Just when things are starting to come together for Keima in the world of ten years past, we get a chapter cutting ahead to present time Kanon. It’s a rather short one too! It does, however, shed some light on some interesting stuff and suggests the possibility that Wakaki might have been thinking further ahead than some people thought. For a time, while this particular arc was in a slump, there were people who claimed that Wakaki had intended to end the series immediately following the goddess arc. True or not, it does seem that some of the things in this arc have been foreshadowed since long ago.

Most notably here, we have the revelation that Keima’s younger self has been brought into the present in exchange for his present self being sent into the past. This probably ties in with why Keima’s memories around these events in the past were lacking – he hadn’t been there in the first place. So this brings up another question – is Keima actually trying to change the past at all? Or is he merely acting to keep the present as it was. I personally suspect the latter – that it will result in the freeing of the spirits and no changes in present time at all. Now that Kanon is interacting with the younger Keima, it also brings up the question of what happens to his memories. Will they wipe them… or is it that Kanon somehow managed to scar him so badly his seven year old mind couldn’t handle it? Who knows!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – A short chapter, but one with some interesting thoughts. #TWGOK


  1. “it also brings up the question of what happens to his memories”
    I suspect that maybe this sort of event would make him “more human” since his mother had complained that Keima was somewhat of a robotic personality; if we noticed, he had no libido whatsoever as a child. Back in my days we never have dating sim games. It was truly the Dark Age were the only games were Mario, Pokemon, and the Adventures of Zelda. That kind of environment is likely the same in Keima’s childhood where a dating sim game had rather retro artwork or a game that “provided nice service” did not exist. At best, it is possible that Keima mostly played adventure games as a child.

    When the two Keima switch back, the younger one would think “It was all a dream.” Of course, when we think about it, this time travel event would likely lead younger Keima into an obsession for dating sim games, if we noticed Keima mostly plays only dating sim games at present day and nothing like a God of War or Call of Duty games.

    On the side note is how disappointing we didn’t get to see the child Keima, which was so cute. I had enjoyed seeing a cute boy, who was abnormally smart, being the main character. Not to mention he was doing a good job conquering girls with his “magical” antics.

  2. I’m guess how is this going to develop.

    7 year old minded Keima just love game in the present. Then he meets all the GODDESS in the present time line and thought they were perfect.
    I think when everything goes back to normal, 7 year old Keima will think it was just a dream and starts looking for perfect girls that has the same attitude as those GODDESS. Since he couldn’t find one, he starts to despise 3D girls.
    I know he already played those kind of games before and loved them but I think he starts to despise 3D girls cause they aren’t perfect like those GODDESS and found 2D girls more perfect.

    All of this are just my theoretical thoughts. :3

  3. Child Keima will finish all the games in the future but will think all of it a dream. This will lead to him making all the right choices when he plays them again in his own life and writing about those choices in his blog. Which in turn will create a dating game boom and lead to game creators being inspired to create the games he played in the future.

    1. I had thought that too but…then maybe otome games or something……..

      Though to be fair, I do think Kanon/Apollo needed some more ‘screen time’ they didn’t get all that much lately. (I would preferably want more Tenri…but Apollo’s plan for Kanon X Keima is a good one.)


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