「ありがとうごじゃいましたっ」 (Arigatou Gojaimashita)
“Thanks You Very Much”

We went from the murder of one man to a murder of 13! I can’t say that I expected the last episode of Gunvarrel to play such a pivotal part to the story, but that goes to show that we shouldn’t rule out anything said in this anime. I like how they slowly tie in Kona and Junna into the show as well because this way they don’t feel like random characters who just happen to come along. Kona’s character just became that much more interesting to me… before I kind of wrote her off as this antisocial nerd-talk girl who is somewhat involved. Now I can kind of forgive Kona for being weird as her mother’s been accused of murder and probably left her child to fend for herself. I don’t know if her mother is still alive; I think there’s a good chance that she is but if she was murdered as well, it makes me believe that there is someone who’s the mastermind behind everything. That being said, I wonder if Kona’s resolution will come with the finding her mother and then reconciling with her etc. etc.

Still not sure how Gunvarrel ties into the big picture… what did the production staff know that others didn’t want them revealing? Je ne sais pas…

Junna on the other hand is quite an interesting individual herself. I never expected someone into martial arts would be so fascinated by ghost stories or conspiracies. I love these types of stories myself though so every time I see her pull something out of nowhere, I’m like wait, what?! The very eerie sounding tune called Kagome Kagome gives me the shivers. Is it some sort of signal or message? How is it related to both JAXA and the mass population who use PokeComs? I’m so confused! But it’s the reason I continue to watch… to see how it’s all interconnected. For those that have their own theories of how everything fits together, I’d love to read them but no spoilers please!

Subaru returns as well! After last week’s episode with his dad, I thought he would be harder to convince to come back, but there he is! His blushes are so cute too when Aki takes his hand! I don’t think this is the last time that we’ll hear of his father though; it’s all about the moment and buildup when he blows up again. Subaru’s also back to help Aki build her GunPro-1 and with the parts and funding backed by the Nagafukada family, I don’t see why Aki won’t be able to succeed. I also enjoyed all the flashbacks involving Misa and her conversations with both Kai and Junna’s grandfather. It’s a better storytelling technique of showing rather than telling and I always appreciate the time it takes the animators to draw the events that took place rather than some old man talking.

What?! Who?! Is that who I think it is? A cameo from our very own grown-up Tennouji Nae (Yamamoto Ayano). For those who haven’t seen Nae before, she’s a recurring character in Steins;Gate (best of 2011!) and if you haven’t seen it, I beg you to right now! Not to say that you have to in order to understand Robotics;Notes, it’s just a really good anime on its own. I don’t think there will be any connections between the two, but it gives good context as to why I’m so scared of Nae and her crazy eyes. Now it makes me wonder why JAXA is so interested in our little club and how are they related (or unrelated?) to Exoskeleton? I still don’t understand what Misa and this corporation does… it makes me wonder if they observe people like Kai and Aki and create suits? robots? to model them… hmmm…

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      1. What? So even after they survive the events from Steins;Gate, they get assassinated afterwards?? my mind is confused O_o? Or does this happen during R;N? if it does is it not a spoiler?

  1. And so, the MIB are finally here. I wonder what role will Nae play in this entire mess. Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway, I guess the peaceful school days are over, ne? Damn those meddling organisations!

    As for Kona, I was initially put off by her strange, unkawaii (is that even a word? :P) voice, but I’ve started to warm up to her. And I really can’t put my finger on any reason for it, so the show must be doing something right.

  2. To those who are interested

    And those who wants a clean version of the tune without the Touhou or Vocaloid annoyances

    Amazingly awesome episode as expected. My theory to why the staff was killed is that the anime had hidden messages about NASA and the solar flare events embedded into it and the final episode would make it more obvious to the viewers.

    So if NASA is the whole conspiracy organization then what has EXOSKELETON has to do with the events here?

    1. The Exoskeleton company is where Misaki, Aki’s sister is working at. We have already seen the product being used by Mizuka.

      From a guy who knows how the story goes, That Company is just the tip of the iceberg. lol

  3. The Gunvarrel staff was murdered, talk about a dark turn! Its made me paranoid now, I’d hate to think that’s what happened when the GaoGaiGar sequel was never produced.

    Its nice to see Nae, glad to see she’s grown up to be hot if a little shady. Guess it just proves that Ka and his friends have stumbled into something deeper.

      1. I don’t think knowing her background from Steins;Gate will add to or deteriorate your experience of Robotics;Notes. It’s just a “nice to know” fact rather than a “need to know” fact. In that manner, no I don’t think it’s a spoiler. Probably just a nod to the supporters of the VNs who like to see the same characters cross over storylines.

      2. Actually, I was referring more to it being a spoiler for Steins;Gate fans. I personally had no idea this person that showed up at the end was Nae. I know absolutely nothing about Robotics;Notes outside of what I’m watching in this anime, so I didn’t even know she was scheduled to appear in this show.

        I probably wouldn’t have known it was her until her name was mentioned somewhere in later episodes, or if she were to mention something related to Steins;Gate.

  4. Pokecom’s CPU, is it x86 or ARM or MIPS? how many cores in the CPU?
    let’s imagine 2019, it should be something with 16-32 cores, 32-64GB of RAM, 2-4 TB SSD, 7″/8″ multitouch display with 8 times HD resolution, 1 GigaPixel Camera, 10/100Gbps internet connection 😀

  5. So I just finished watching Stein’s Gate today to understand Nae’s character and role in RN, I was unable to do it last year because my laptop died and I completely missed that season of anime and another one afterwards so I gave up on it.

    So after watching all of SG, it doesn’t explain where mentally unstable Nae comes from, unless it’s visual novel exclusive ;/

  6. Ah, I knew it was someone from Steins Gate, but didn’t know it was that little girl all grown up. This just makes things more interesting. So she doesn’t go crazy on this world line right?


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