This is what it means to be in FAIRY TAIL! Ahh, chills… I love Natsu so much!


The battle from last week continues. Yukino opens the gate to Pisces. The stellar spirit combination’s true form turns out to be one of a mother and her son. As Uosuke begins using his Terrain Magic, Yukino opens the gate to Libra. As Uosuke’s attention is focused on the girl with the scales, Pisces Mother kicks the man. Uosuke creates a whirlpool using his magic. Pisces’ weakness is water, therefore the duo is now in their fish forms. But there are spirits who can handle water, so Lucy summons Aquarius.

Moving on to Lily’s fight – the panther is clearly at a disadvantage, but he thinks about the days he went through training with Gajeel and finds strength in his memories. He gained an iron will that won’t succumb to anything, so Lily takes his blade and slashes through the acid.

Wendy and Cosmos battle seems to be nearing an end with Wendy on the brink of unconciousness. All of sudden, Wendy is at an advantage because her tolerance enchantment is activated. She unleashes a wind that scatters Cosmos’ flowers. Wendy says that when she’s cornered, she becomes the Sky Dragon.

Mira’s fight with Kamika takes a turn as well, when she takes her true form in front of her opponent – something she prefers not to do when others are around.

Natsu punches the leader using his magic. The leader asks Natsu if he plans on making an enemy of the entire empire, but Natsu returns the question by asking if the leader is prepared to make FAIRY TAIL his enemy. This guild will make anyone their enemy regardless of who it is as long as it’s to protect their family. That’s what it means to be a member of FAIRY TAIL.

With that being said, everyone defeats the Executioners. True to their guild’s reputation, all of them ended up breaking something (walls in this case), which lead to them being reunited. With everyone being gathered, Natsu demands that the Executioners will show them the exit.

Wow, what a great chapter! While the battles were quite predictable, they were still amazing. I was really impressed with the companionship spirit in today’s chapter. Seeing how everyone, despite being separated, fought for the same reason as if being mentally connected was such a fantastic moment. I really loved the battles, and I loved the fighting spirit. Ah, I love FAIRY TAIL!

Mira and Wendy’s battles were less impressive than the others to me, but they were still great. Lily’s battle was quite interesting. I’m very happy that his training with Gajeel was not forgotten. His iron will truly matches his partner’s abilities, and watching him slash through the acid really made me think what a great and strong character Lily really is. He is quite underestimated but I’m glad he was given a chance to show off.

The most interesting battle was definitely Lucy and Yukino’s. While I was expecting to see some form of Unison Raid or more stellar spirits, this outcome was quite good too. I really love Yukino’s spirits’ designs, especially Libra’s. We didn’t see much from Libra though, but we did have a lot of Aquarius. It was surprising to see the water bearer being in a good mood for once. I assumed we’d have some form of comedy with her yelling at Lucy, but it pleases me to see that she can be useful and kind sometimes. She was the one to give Uosuke the final blow after all.

Natsu is such a boss. He (and the rest of the guild members), clearly doesn’t care who the enemy is, which shows what a strong resolve he has and what a great character it is. Nothing impresses me more than a character who can stay strong and faithful no matter what. That kind of morality is simply amazing.

Now that the battles against the Executioners are over, I wonder, what kind of people fell down in this palace before Natsu’s team? The knights seemed like a strong bunch of people but they were all defeated in this chapter. The people they’ve executed must’ve been weak people, or perhaps non-magi people (I almost wrote muggles…). But now they’re no longer a threat, so hopefully Natsu’s team will somehow manage to escape. With this battle being over, I’d like to see how it goes for the main FAIRY TAIL team in the arena. Hopefully we’ll find out next week!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. Ah I’m actually enjoying watching FT rofl stomp things in a few chapters. Considering there are so many battles and I really just want to know stuff related to the 7/7 I’m glad they are chugging along with this. Yay stereoman for another awesome post

  2. I must admit, I was surprised that Aquarius didn’t have something snarky to say this time around. I know that she hasn’t said much as of late but for some reason, it just stuck out this particular time.

    And as always, I am so very proud of my Wendy-chan. Her comment of becoming a Sky Dragon to fight for her nakama was ‘awww’-inspiring. Mira is just Mira – I mean really, Mira’s been in only one battle * ONE BATTLE * that she’s lost so far. No danger of losing over on that side.

  3. Pisces character designs took me by surprise, but I really like them, and of course, kudos to see Aquarius again, it’s my sign.

    This is what I like about Fairy Tail (the series, not the guild), they don’t drag it on and on and on. It gets annoying when it takes forever to end a battle. However, I’m pretty sure that in the anime, we’ll get these 5 battles in separate episodes since the anime is catching up fast with the manga. Hey, if they can show us more, I’m all up for it.

    Thanks for the review.

  4. Honestly, for all my predictions here over the past few weeks…I didn’t see this coming. I never imagined that the fights would be so one sided, especially for characters like Wendy who rarely ever win a fight without some difficulty…but hell, I loved it (and I did find it cool when Wendy gave her “Sky Dragon” speech)! I really think that it shows just how strong Fairy Tail has become, which is nice because the series didn’t have the usual time skip methodology (wherein everyone trains during the skip and comes back stronger). Once again, loved the artwork, really am finding manga fights for this series really epic to read. Can’t wait to see how the guild is doing in the tournament as well, I want to see Gajeel and Rouge go at it again and also want to see if Sting ends up against Laxus. Sadly, I can see Gray being picked off to showcase Sabertooth’s remaining players, consider he’s already had one victory, but hope not, he’s cool.

    Also, I can’t help but love when Mira-Jane gets serious, the fact that she’s so nice and innocent when she’s normal only makes her seem more badass when she fights for real.

  5. Sets up a new group of enemies.
    They are all defeated in two chapters.


    Where the fuck have I heard that before?


    Natsu has way too much plot armor for me to enjoy this manga and he’s not even an interesting MC for me to overlook it.


    1. One Piece: A manga with a fully developed world, characters with actual personalities (hopes, dreams, senses of humor beyond a one note personality trait) who develop over the course of the series, compelling villains whose motivations and menace are more complex than “I just want to be a dick”, and whose mangaka uses the cover pages to tell side stories featuring past characters.

      Fairy Tail: A manga with a generic fantasy world, one note characters (particularly the protagonist, whose plot armor and blandness would make even Ichigo Kurosaki blush), non-menacing villains who are beaten, not through actual skill, but through “heart of the cards” B.S. or last second power ups, and whose mangaka uses the cover pages almost solely for fan service, focusing primarily on his female characters (one of whom is 12).

      And which one does RandomC cover?! -_- Sigh…

  6. Yukino is definitely going to be the next member of Fairy Tail unlike Sabertooth that threw her under the bus just because of loosing one game,Fairy Tail will welcome her with open arms and then we will have two stellar spirit Mages

    K C M
    1. Either that… or she might die. Think about it for a moment, we don’t know what’s gonna happen with the gate, Sabertooth or even Raven Tail. Something dangerous might happen which might cost the lives of some characters. Anyone could be a casualty, including Yukino. She might get killed while trying to protect Lucy or by sacrificing herself to stop the menace. While it might shock a lot of people, both characters and readers, that might be the catalyst for Lucy to grab all 12 keys and get one massive power boost. Hell, Lucy might get killed instead of Yukino and she would inherit all 12 keys. The keys could very well be destroyed when the gate activates. Yukino might be arrested for plotting with Arcadios and thrown in jail and she would then ask Lucy to take care of Libra and Pisces during her sentence. Anything can happen… although her joining FT or handing her keys to Lucy would be the best outcomes.

      I don’t want to sound all negative, but I predict that by the end of this arc, a celestial mage will get all 12 keys. Be prepared for the worst though.

  7. I can’t wait for Wendy to grow into a gorgeous babe like Erza or Mirajane. I hope HM( the author ) will do an extreme make over with Wendy, I like her as a lolli but I would love her as a big girl.

    K C M
    1. You know, the only plausible way Mashima could do that is with the gate. Hear me out of that one, ok?
      Show Spoiler ▼

      As farfetched as it sounds, that can still happen.

    1. What are you talking about man, the fact that they got trapped after they found Lucy and Yukino before the appearance of the executioners and let’s not forget that Arcadios is still with them, he is the real danger and I know that he will doublecross Fairy Tail and bring real chaos with the slightest opportunity.

      K C M
    1. Here’s something however: the executioners are not dead, they could very well recover to extract revenge on FT later on. They’ve taken them lightly, but they might not next time.

  8. Maybe those others where muggles or something like that, although there is also the possibility that those executioners are supposed to be as strong as sabretooth.
    Although it is a bit of a shame that they didn’t demolish more than just one wall this time, usually they destroy a complete building or something along those lines and now just a simple wall?

  9. Fights were a bit short and predictable but I don’t really mind much. Time to check in with the others in the arena. Plus the FT anime will most likely add content to these battles so I can’t wait to see them animated.

    One gripe is that I don’t want Mira to become one of those characters who only fights seriously when no one is around. She should always be a badass like Erza and Laxus. Not to mention it didn’t seem to make sense because all of her friends in FT have already seen or heard of her demon form anyway.


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