「最強プレイヤー」 (Saikyou Pureiyaa)
“The Strongest Player”

How naïve can you be? One would think that Ryouta would’ve learned a lesson from Murasaki’s story, but apparently he is still as foolish as usual. It’s very brave of him to trust a stranger in a game of survival very easily, but it’s not very kind when you have great team mates already. Had Ryouta been alone, it would make sense for him to blindly trust people, but now, he has exposed his team mates to danger. While Date did treat Taira, which is a plus even though there is a motive behind the kind act, Ryouta shouldn’t have told the man about all of their secrets. It’s nice to be thankful, but telling someone about your BIM collection and chips? Really? Oh well, at least Himiko is less of a fool. But unfortunately, she has been separated from Ryouta.

The first thing that happened when the sly doctor joined the team was a separation. He is a nice addition, isn’t he? Sarcasm aside, while it made me sad to see Himiko being separated from Ryouta, it was quite nice to see her in a fight without BIMs. Hidemi is not an easy opponent. She is rude, ill-mannered, and strong. No wonder Oda teamed up with her! Himiko probably wouldn’t stand a chance against Hidemi in a fair battle. There is no real killing intent inside Himiko. She is simply impulsive and follows her gut feelings. But there is something she has that is required to survive this game – good instinct. Himiko doesn’t trust people easily and she is the only one who doubts Date so far. Knowing your enemy is great, but what good will that do when you don’t have the heart to kill someone? Perhaps Himiko has a strong killing intent – she would probably be able to kill Hidemi when the situation would call for it – but not Date. The doctor is trusted by her team mates, and she wouldn’t want to disappoint them or make them believe that she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Himiko is definitely in a sticky situation, but she is smart, so she’ll probably manage to play along with the snake.

Ryouta may be a fool because of his naïvety, but he is a good BTOOOM! player which gives him a lot of advantages, even against strong players like Oda. It’s hard to say what kind of person Oda is. He seems like a clever and strong man, winner material, but luckily, strength isn’t everything. The battle for the food sure was intense. While it’s understandable that the case had something very valuable to all the players, it baffles me that people go so far for them. It’s not like they don’t have anything else to eat on this island. Real survivors would try to stay out of sight and simply eat whatever is available on the island. The chances of being attacked while cooking something you’ve hunted down are lower than during a food case drop. Oh well, perhaps it’s wrong of me to question that, because the food cases bring more entertainment value to the show. We’ll see whether or not Ryouta manages to get himself some fancy food next week when the battle continues. One of the strongest players on this island versus one of the strongest BTOOOM! players – this battle will be exciting!

Random thoughts:

  • It surprises me that someone would even bother to team up with Kousuke. He should be considered as “small fry” by now, and he doesn’t even have a BIM.
  • Flame BIMs!
  • Did Oda predict that Ryouta would come for him when he’d be standing exactly on that spot?
  • I will never see the point in telling your enemy about all the tricks you have.
  • Poor Taira, alone again…
  • Didn’t Murasaki tell Himiko Date’s name? While it could be another doctor with the same name, Himiko should still be suspicious.
  • I spot a new character in the preview. If I’m right, this should be the last character introduction of this show.
  • Someone pointed out something last week that I had not noticed. Apparently, Himiko and Ryouta are holding hands in the opening sequence now!
  • Apologies for the tardiness of this post. A blizzard killed my connection today.




  1. To be honest I don’t know if this series will continue if it catches up to the end of the manga and it will, I have finished the manga and it has not ended the story and the anime is about to catch up to where the manga stopped so what happens next if it does, a filler or a hiatus or something else. Anyone got a clue?.

    K C M
    1. didn’t read the manga, but maybe the anime will continue on and the manga will catchup later? there’s no rule saying the anime has to follow the manga, as long as it’s the same script from the same writer it doesn’t matter which comes first.
      assuming the writer gave the anime producers the full script even if the manga is still midway.

      1. Well they are almost caught up to the manga right now, maybe 3 episodes from it. I would assume they would either throw out a quick made up ending or (more likely) just have a cliffhanger and never finish. A hiatus is not an option and the series has not been on tv long enough to survive a entire season of filler.

      2. There isn’t scripts for the next 50 manga chapters lying around. He may have an idea of where he wants it to go, but it’s not finalized. So if it is to continue now, then it will be anime original, that means some random quality person will be writing the story and we would be lucky if it’s half as good.

    2. Most likely an original ending from the anime’s director, Kotono Watanabe. There have been cases where an anime adaptation catches up to the manga source, and fills in their own plot afterwards.

      Best example for me is Fullmetal Alchemist (2003), which deviated a little before the series’ halfway point. I really enjoyed both the ending from that, and Brotherhood.

  2. @Stereoman
    “I will never see the point in telling your enemy about all the tricks you have.”

    it’s in case you accidentally kill your enemy in the fight.think about it, if you were killed by someone and didn’t know how you were killed wouldn’t you be twitching in your grave? even in such a situation anime characters are very considerate. 😛

    oh, and i don’t agree Ryouta is that naïve, from what i have seen so far he’s a very capable character(sometimes he does have a little more faith in people than he should though) so it’s possible what he said was a form of controlled information to manipulate Date in some way? just a thought.

  3. you guys really need to work on the reply system for RC, add at least some indication person is replying to a post, i fallen for it countless times now even poor Crook did, come on, improve!

  4. Didn’t like the very last scene. Sakamoto-han gets the fury of THREE boobytraps unleashed in his face and isn’t even hurt.
    I mean, whatthefuck? I would say he’s a cheater if this was a game. Haven’t read the manga though

    Also, I don’t think sunglasses-kun planted the booby traps in anticipation for this, that would be ridiculous. I think he just detonated three BIMs from his satchel

    1. Stöt, if you don’t know what you’re talking about how shutting it??? You look very foolish. Either just read the damn manga or wait until next week since there is a perfect explanation for why he wasn’t even hurt.

      1. Anger issues? I’m talking about credibility, at the moment, the series lost a lot of it. I’m sure they’ll find a way of explaining it. Probably something of the like of “touching your penis activates god mode”, but that doesn’t mean the anime did a good job of explaining why Sakamoto is never injured.

        The anime should be able to stand on its own legs to deliver the story. if you don’t like that then get off my ass. The civil way to reply would be to say “it will be explained next week and it’s perfectly reasonable”, but anyway, I doubt it.

  5. doctor person after fixing taira meet ryouta & himiko used his “tricks” to get their trust it works so pick-up some suitcase foods.

    during ryouta vs rocker lookalike while himiko vs lizard kicking female during which doctor be “wild card” take advantage also 3rd set watching include kira looking on.

    himiko vs lizard kicking female during give wonder himiko wonder why to live cause of ryouta catfight going til bomb cause by doctor cause himiko don’t trust the doctor.

    as ryouta vs rocker lookalike chase is on then flame bombs &another landmine remote traps but ryouta still standing from landmine bombs.

  6. Is anyone bothered by how Sakamoto somehow manages to have some kind of blast immunity? You would expect some shrapnel or shockwaves or consistent blast radius but it seems that he can matrix time and twist his way out of sticky situations that others would just blow up in.

    Oda seems pretty badass though. Seems the preview is suggesting that him and Sakamoto were classmates in the past.

    1. Shin if you don’t know what you’re talking about how shutting it??? You look very foolish. Either just read the damn manga or wait until next week since there is a perfect explanation for why he wasn’t even hurt.

      Lol, just kidding. People commenting on randomC are horrible fanboys. Get ready for a flurry of downvotes for asking pretty much the same question as I did. I totally agree with you, at the moment Sakamoto is more incredible( as in “not credible”) than bad ass.

  7. It’s not giving away tricks, it’s a threat. “Don’t bother trying to use your bomb because if you do I’ll win.” Both of them would be injured in an explosion at that range and Himiko doesn’t want to waste a bomb when she can scare the other girl off instead. They’re not unlimited resources and Himiko probably doesn’t want to kill her anyway.

  8. I’m callin’ it, this anime will end at Show Spoiler ▼

    and we’ll get a hint at season 2 (which probably will never come)

    the episode itself was actually quite decent, though….i had already gotten accustomed to Ryouta’s stupidity since a long time ago, so i didn’t faze when the lad made that stupid decision of opening up to the doctor right away…(alright, i’ll admit i was kinda irritated, but this anime isn’t meant to be taken seriously anyway, so…)

    On another note, am i the only one that got annoyed by how stupidly censored the old guy’s death was (i mean, seriously, the guy didn’t even get charred, they could have at least blacked him out or something)

    and yeah stereoman, i also noticed that bit about Ryouta and Himeko holding’ hands too…great tweak..

  9. Oh well, almost anyone who ISNT Ryouta or Himiko is plotting to betray their partners… Date and Hidemi obviously, and I would not trust Oda an inch too. Taira collecting his radar chips secretly is suspicious too. And we have only one minor player die this ep, so major ones are still in play. Somehow I want Date to run into the nurse he left on the island…
    BTW wouldnt Himiko recognize the guy from the nurse’s tale?
    And it seems winning the game doesnt make you free as you can be sent to next edition… ouch!
    There is really one way to end this game – to bring down the Tyrannos, but this is something completely beyond the means of our heroes. It would take outside intervention by law enforcement, something we have seen in Higurashi NNKN and manga edition of Deadman Wonderland…

  10. Noticed the opening right away and was more than pleased. The rest of the show was a blast (no pun intended). The stupidity of Ryouta’s gestures doesn’t bother me because he’s just genuinely kind at heart and thinks a little too much of others instead of himself. I’m sure Himiko will find a way to show Ryouta that Date isn’t on their side and wants to kill them all to get off the island again.

    I think the key to this would be the fact that Date is missing one of his BIMs.

    If Ryouta actually thought about that, he’d realize that none of Date’s BIMs went off during his and Oda’s fight against each other. He’d turn to Himiko and I’m sure Himiko would say something to bring Date into suspicion. Unless somehow Taira dies.. Ugh.. what a mess! Dx A MESS!

    Can’t wait for the next episode. Oda’s REALLY freakin’ cool and he’s a great player. I don’t wanna see Spike die. Oh and that little hoe can go suck a monkey’s butt. >:(

    Jungle Fight

  11. wait what? i actually thought that ryouta said that in purpose. revealing that the team has 6 BIMs in total would get the doctor to show his true motives sooner than thought. i never really thought he was a naive fool from the upfront, he is in fact quite shrewd, but i could have given him more credit.

    anyway, it was unrealistic that ryouta could have escaped that last explosion considering his proximity with the cases. i hope they explain it next episode

  12. Just to add, I think it was really important that Ryouta saw how the remote controlled BIMs were and worked when he spoke with Date. I believe he may have given too much info but received an important tip in the end to survive the glasses guy and make it out alive.

  13. “it baffles me that people go so far for them.”

    Well, in today’s society, we rely on so many things to get by it’s easy to forget the convenience of packaged foods. I never went camping before in my life, so I would probably go for the food packages than risk eating something wrong like wild mushrooms. I’m fairly bad at catching cats and squirrels and frogs in my backyard. I’d probably try catching fish for a while, but them give up.

    I’m sure some of the characters who can forage their own food are doing so, while others who can’t would go for the food packages as their means of survival.


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