Another week, another half-length side-story chapter. On the plus side, there was some Yui and we’ll be returning to the regular storyline next time… whenever that is. There was also some pretty cool Kanon art for Kanon fans and plenty of seven year old Keima being seven year old Keima in seventeen year old Keima’s body. There’s really nothing more I can say here so have some Kanon in a hat and Yui being Yui (pictures are worth a thousand words each right?) and let’s hope for some revelationary chapters coming up!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – The side-story concludes with another short and relatively uneventful chapter. #TWGOK


  1. mmmm. soon it would be the Goddess of Wisdom’s turn, though I doubt she can do much.

    I am going to wonder if the boy would get into puberty because of being cared be so many “Onee-sans”


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