「裂ける未来」 (Sake ru Mirai)
“The Future Tears Open”

The time’s ticking toward the series’ finale and it sure looks like Total Eclipse ain’t goin’ out without a bang. As the “terrorists” complete their take over of Yukon base, our main protagonists begin their fight back, and darn is it a sight to behold. Through the course of the last ten minutes alone, we get the unveiling of the newly painted Shiranui models, the return of Yui’s Takemikazuchi Type-00F (some pics of my recently acquired kit here), and cameos of the F-15 Active Eagle, F-16 Fighting Falcons, SU-37s, and I believe a few Migs too. Just a fantastic sight for a mecha lover like myself and one made even better by the increased animation budget for this episode.

Moving on to more serious plot developments though, we finally get a view of the person in charge (Illusive Man anyone?) of this attack, as well as a few other new faces of the RLF (or should I call them “The Christian Allegiance”?). Not much in terms of names regarding our red haired villain, but as the sequence of events and dialogue hint at, there’s definitely some kind of link to the Americans here. And with the the Infinities being moved off the base prior to the attack (and currently initiating a plan of their own), along with the fact they obviously would never intentionally leave their base wide open without a reason (as Sandek alludes to)… things are looking mighty suspicious. Granted though, it’s not surprising to me that the Americans might have an ulterior motive (considering that I know a lot about American politics in the Muv-Luv universe), but it’s nice seeing them really addressing this (and politics in general), as these aspects and the mindset of the individual nations played quite a part in the enjoyment of the original visual novels.

Either way, there’s a lot of concurrent story threads going on at this point in time, and each of them will undoubtedly have a huge impact on how things develop here. Here are some of them off the top of my head:

  • Lt. Dahl’s meeting with the “terrorist” Mariem, who he saved the life of previously.
  • Inia’s reaction to being thrust into a sudden situation where she’s completely alone (and potentially at the mercy of the Americans).
  • Yui’s (How bout that suit?) decision to split the squad into two and gamble on both the Soviets and the U.S. in an attempt to take back Yukon…
  • The potential release of the BETA from the research lab.
  • It’ll be something to see how they all sort themselves out, and to be honest, I’ll be sad to see this series “end”. It hasn’t been the best of rides and the beginnings were a bit rocky, but after things got serious following the first arc, the series has done a heck of a job developing into its own… at least in my opinion.

    And as I end this post, I have to say that in terms of who ends up winning the Yuuya x _____ pairing sweepstakes… if there’s one thing this episode seemed to demonstrate, it that Yui is… most likely not going to. Don’t misconstrue this for me being a Yui x Yuuya hater or anything though. It’s just something that I got from this episode, which was the fact that if humanity ends up in some kind of dire situation… it’s likely Yui’s role as a leader and a member of the Royal Guards would make it impossible for her to maintain any kind of actual contact with Yuuya—not to mention she’d likely be thinking more of protecting her country and her comrades at that given time instead. Just a thought/feeling. There’s always the chance no one wins though, considering Yuuya’s affinity for TSF’s over women… heh.




        1. The only ones I want to see die are those freaking bastard RFL psychos ESPECIALLY that one who killed Natalie. The bastard.

          I’m really ticked since last episode, not as much with this one but still. Right after the OP they showed the BETA lab and of the three researchers, only one still alive. The other dude is dead behind him but where the frack is the girl?! I have a really bad feeling of what happened, I don’t even want to think about it. Chances are they’ll keep the researchers alive and let the BETA finish them off. I hope the BETA eat those damn terrorists first and skip them and the good guys.

          I also got a bad feeling about the Infinities with the BETA being unleashed. Not saying any of OUR heroes are going to get killed but let’s just hope the Infinities cooperate before they get BETA lunched at the end there.

      1. Guys, you’re doing it wrong. This is MuvLuv so you aren’t supposed to hope that X ends up with Y. You’re supposed to hope that X even LIVES to end up with Y. This is of course based on the assumption that any of the cast even lives past the finale of TE and not go out in a blaze of glory.

        1. Considering how inconsistent the animation has been so far, I immediately thought that someone who usually does big boob hentai must have been responsible for those scenes. Their breasts were bigger than usual and and had weird DOA like movement.

    1. “And as I end this post, I have to say that in terms of who ends up winning the Yuuya”

      Answer is nobody but yeah, since we can’t have BETA let’s talk about unlikely pairings.

    2. Definitely a fast-paced episode.

      But my only complaint with the Mecha scenes is that we see in this episode didn’t really do a lot of action but instead mostly showed finishing moves; but of course I’m probably being unfair in comparing it to past episodes with heavy mecha action.

      Looking forward to more.

    3. I have a really bad feeling about Stella and VG going off on their own.

      Somehow it feels like it will be the last time we see them. Please prove me wrong, Argos Flight.

      1. Before they split Tarisa was at the top of the death list for me. Now, I am not so sure anymore, but we have yet to learn anything about those other two’s past, so I think that they’ll live. (Only to die later in the VN?)

    4. It’s like those suits give any female characters +2 chest size.
      Cryska is definitely there to keep Inia under control. I’m guessing Inia is going to go berserk with the telekinesis she displayed this ep.

        1. Oh, it was the Infinities that saved Inia from the pursuers. Guess I wasn’t paying enough attention. Regardless though, I still think Inia is something along the lines of a genetic experiment done by the USSR.

    5. On the subject of couples: Yui behavior is normal when she is a soldier and is at amid a life or death situation, her feelings do not change or are suppressed, are only focused on the current situation to save all and Yuuya. If she does not focus mean death for everyone including Yuuya.
      Normal people so fails and loved ones lost, to lose their focus.
      I agree with Yui, to fulfill their duty would leave aside Yuuya, but he would do the same, because both are soldiers. All girls and Yuuya are soldiers, and on top are soldiers from different countries. In reality none have anything with Yuuya while on militias from different countries.
      I only imagine that the only solution is the withdrawal of the army.

    6. I’d like to think all the QUALITY on previous episodes is because they were saving it for this arc. Lots of great mecha action too, and STILL no onscreen Raptor action! This show is toying with me.

      I miss the Shiranui’s Tekkaman colors though. The white is just too boring. At least Yuuya gets to use a PB Blade in live-combat. I like the tension because Argos (+2) plan to set an ambush at A207(VN reference!) ill equipped, and with very little ammo against a full TSF force. Its going to lead to an interesting battle.

    7. NOT to turn this into any sort of debate on beliefs or anything like that, but really? Religious zealots are running the terrorist show? When can religion NOT do stuff like this? x_x

    8. I have loved this series up to now but hate this arc. Man eatting aliens are trying to conquer the world and terrorist groups decide now is the time to cause drama? Its almost like this arc is derailing the whole series.

      1. If you read the VNs, then you’ll know they address this issue much more in depth and they justify it and explain it very well(the whole terrorists groups and political struggles even though Alien’s are pretty much wiping out human kind issue)

      2. You’re new to the Muv-Luv Franchise aren’t you? Because there is no derailing here.

        I’ll just re-post one my previous comments:

        Muv-Luv Alternative isn’t a story about Human vs. BETA, its a story about humanity facing adversity and overcoming it. The BETA are just part of that, but the politics are just as important.

        Also, TE is a SIDE-STORY about a bunch of test pilots developing weapons. If you want a Muv-Luv story dealing with the BETA, play the VN.

    9. Zephyr, those are F-16s that the enemy are using, not F-18s. You can see at 22:05 that Tarisa’s display is identifying F-16s chasing them to the training grounds.

      Anyone else notice when Yifei was changing (7:30) she had a smile on her face but then was upset when she turned to looked at Cryska? I think that she saw how much bouncier Cryska was compared to her (no bounce) and realized she was being outgunned by her rivals.

    10. I keep reading comments of people wondering who will end up with Yuuya & how the series will end TE, & I think to myself wasn’t the entire MLA TE anime just a giant trailer for the Total Eclipse VN that is gonna be released? Well that & also to give fans at least a showing of what MLU&A could be if animated. Like that how Ayu Mayu Theater thing where Takeru and the rest come out or like Akane Maniax were kinda a preview of MLE. Also damn the ending scene in Akane Maniax there had me shivering with it’s epicness.

      1. Hmm… guess it depends on which Kotobukiya kit you get I suppose. Deluxe Editions ML kits come pre-painted for the most part etc. As for Volks A3’s, there are places to acquire them second-hand for around $30-$60 USD. The Revoltechs for ML aren’t bad actually, got an SU37M2 (http://myfigurecollection.net/profile/solidsnake994/pictures/&aid=7741). Not AWESOME, but better than not having it eh. XD

        Though admittedly, it does get… quite pricey either way. -_-

    11. Well, s..t has hit the turbofan of TSF!
      with our mixed flight almost barehanded they defeated stronger and armed TSF flight – though probably remotely piloted by not-much trained personnel.
      I really wonder who is the mysterious leader of fanatically religious terrorist movement.
      US (Inifinities!) forces seem to have their own agenda, and once BETA get loose in the base it’s gonna be a real battle royale. Though nice on Infinities to save Inia, if only for a while…
      Gotta love Yui sending flights to both Soviets and US base – just in case of either side having some connection to attack. Being born within aristocracy makes you a bit used to backstabbing and politics 😛
      One more thing, great disasters, famines, epidemics and wars all stir up doomsday cults and I am only surprised at level of competence and inside infiltration showed by the RLF here. Still, as Lt.Sandek observed, they are not military and our test flights should show them their place soon… And Tarisa better get used to fighting humans. Ah and as usually death flags abound, from the people sent to US base to Tarisa with her grief for Natalie!

      1. Nice post again, mate. ^_^ I think the Russian commander (who has been held as a hostage) has identified the leader as someone from terrorist group with Christian background, just not his name yet.

        However, from the point that none of the terrorists are wearing mask, looks like they don’t plan on living. That made me want to ask a question: if they want to die so much, why don’t they just throw themselves into the hives of the BETA? To think more than one hundred TSFs and able body men and women are going to lose because of these fanatics is really irritating.

        And yes, poor Natalie, again. Yui’s handling of the situation is excellent and that reminded all of us one thing: why does she is the second in command. Forget the fan-service, mates, Princess Yui is in command NOW!

        We also know more about Abraham. Now we know he is a hero. May be that’s why he is always so quiet.

        Now, my comments. I loved this episode. Although Sandek’s comments about USA and his deduction of the U.S. connection with the terrorist attack is a too selective, too much of the post-9/11 feel (while that attack didn’t happen in the world of MUV-LUV) and, not to mention, it actually befits the history of USSR more, this line is very perfect to this character. I would not be surprised that a cunning and quick-wit evil like Sandek will try to stir up the things and tilt the situation more to his favour even in a crisis. I like how it is being used.

        Another point I loved this episode is how they engineered a fight between TSF. So far we already have two battles between BETA and TSF and Blue Flag is just an exercise (for us, the audiences, as well. As we have to know what will it look like when TSF fight against each other). Having a big fight between TSF is definitely a good approach to lay out the whole story, background and pushing the story to climax at the same time, all the way to finale.

        Seriously, after ‘Tengen toppa Gurren Lagann’, I haven’t watched a mecha anime that engaged me so much, not even ‘Macross Frontier’ and definitely not ‘Gundam 00’. (Code Geass? well, I wouldn’t call that a totally mecha anime)

    12. Yuuya, Argos, and a harem take the fight to the terrorists in this exciting episode of Total Eclipse.

      There’s a trope called Battle Harem that I think fits perfectly with the events of this episode. For the first time in the show we have Yuuya’s harem, minus Inia, joining together in an effort to defeat the RLF and take back the Yukon. Once they set aside their rivalry in love, Yui, Cryska, Cui, and Tarisa, make a deadly team in action. There’s always benefits to having an international harem made up of skilled pilots, and it looks like Yuuya’s finally going to start reaping the rewards of his unintentional efforts. I pity the poor soul who tries to kill him while they’re around…

      The Big Bad finally shows his face, and seems quite the affable fellow. I don’t really have much to say about him since he only spoke for a brief moment, but he’s so far shaping up to be a good expy of the Illusive Man. If I had to guess his nationality, I’d say he’s American going by his red hair, but hair color is hardly very indicative of ones nationality, especially in Anime, with the only exception usually being blond hair. I’m curious as to whether he’s giving out orders somewhere at the base or if he’s safely tucked away far from the chaos. If it’s the latter, then it’s doubtful that any of the main cast, let alone Yuuya, will get a chance to confront him by the time Total Eclipse ends.

      As an American, I feel kinda bad that my nation may be partially responsible for the attack, or at least let it happen to make themselves look better. Not to mention that the Infinities participating in Blue Flag was all a cover for some secret mission they have to either sabotage other nations in secret or improve their own standing by any means necessary. I only hope taking out the Terminator, and as a result the Scarlet Twins, isn’t on their “to-do list.” Though if it is, we may just have Yuuya VS. Leon after all, because there’s no way Yuuya would let that happen.

      I like how when Sandek and Cui were going over just how much of a manipulative Bastard his country is, Yuuya just changed the subject instead of getting pissed off and argumentative about it. Now that’s character development! Though now that Yuuya’s accepted his Japanese heritage, it’s arguable whether he still feels any loyalty towards the American government.

      I’m really interested to see what happens between Ibrahim and Mariem. I imagine their interactions next episode will consist of Ibrahim calling out the RLF’s actions for what it is and Mariem trying to get him to understand that they have the same motivations he did when he became the “Hero of Rhodes.” Though Ibrahim most likely sees that, while the RLF have sympathetic goals, they’re ultimately not going to accomplish anything with their actions at the Yukon.

      I’ll admit I’m biased towards Yuuya/Yui, even when I like all the girls, so a part of me is really hoping for them to get together, or at least for Yui to confess. Though admittedly, the situation at hand is certainly not the best time to be dealing with Romance. Honestly, I don’t think it’s ever hit Yui that she and Yuuya might ever part ways. If it actually happened, I’m not sure how well she’d take it. She can be stoic while she’s in command here because she’s well aware that Yuuya’s a skilled pilot, but if Yuuya were to get himself stuck in situation like Kamchatka, I doubt she could maintain it. After all, Yuuya’s one of the few things that can stir up her emotions and break her Royal Guard mentality. Ultimately, I think Yui’s time with Yuuya, hectic and stressful as it may be, has been the first time since Kyoto that she’s really been happy. Just look at that smile on her face when he arrives at the base! If it eventually comes between her loyalty and duty to Japan and her love for Yuuya, I imagine she’ll be extremely conflicted. Well… that’s assuming that both she and Yuuya live through this…

      So we’ve had death flags raised, BETA waking up, and some set up for some great action next episode as Total Eclipse looks to go out with as much of a bang as it can and I couldn’t be more excited!

      1. Yuuya probably dismissed the conspiracy talk between Lt. Sandek and Yifei because of what Latrova taught him about an Eishi’s duty. He has really taken her words to heart and doesn’t care about the politics around him when there are people he has to protect right now.

        How would Yui react if Yuuya was in a bad situation? TSFiA #64 might answer it. Don’t know if it is much of a spoiler since TSFiA #46 didn’t happen and TSFiA #35 didn’t play out exactly the same in the anime.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Kamchatka was a sort of proving ground for Yuuya and we found that he is always pushing forward and never gives up regardless of how bad the situation, traits Yui truly admires and knows that they will help him survive in bad situations. I think she has faith now that he can find a way out of a dire scenario.

    13. This mess has me all over the place. I think the Americans are involved somehow; like the Russians did previously. They were trying to get technological advantage over the other nations TSF’s. But the terrorist attack wasn’t part of their plan and things are going south like it did with the Russians. The bottom line is: Will adversity join us as a human race against the alien force OR will human petty differences will still keep us apart even in dire situations. Can’t wait for the end to see if this gets answered. One thing you can learn from history is that: you are a terrorist if you lose; but are a hero and libertator if you win. This has repeated over history so even thought I don’t agree at all with them for attacking our gang, I can’t really hate them for their circunstances. SO yeah I’m a mess.

      Yui suit got me so crazy that I bought her figma and nendoroid can wait for March and April 2013 !!! yay!!!

    14. I’m going to disagree with you on the last point of Yui not standing a chance to end up with Yuuya. It’s pretty obvious she IS the main heroine because they spend two entire episodes 1 and 2 to give as the background of her story. My best bet is, like all harem anime, that Yuuya will end up with no one. But I most certainly hope Yui will end up with Yuuya, that’s for sure.


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