「うちらだからこそ造れるロボを」 (Uchira Dakarakoso Tsukureru Robo wo)
“A Robot Only We Can Build”

This episode was all dedicated towards more build up and the start of a new arc. While the first few episodes showcased all the characters and a good setup, I felt that it really stole the spotlight from Aki’s dream to create a large robot. Now that the focus has shifted back towards the Robotics Club – I’m not entirely sure where this brings us. On one hand, I won’t lie; I don’t think this part of the story is too interesting to me. I am not a mecha-genre lover, and I won’t claim that talking about building a full-sized mechanical robot holds my attention span for long. However, I do think that this will somehow lead to the salvation of the world, and I’m hoping that history/reports/secrets will be revealed over time. So hold onto your hats everyone because there’s more to come!

Last week, I really didn’t dive too much into the sympathy I had towards Aki. This week, it continued to drag on as she’s caught between two decisions (that Kai’s pretty much point out) – Aki can build the GunPro-1 or not go to the Expo. Clearly the GunPro-1 is not going anywhere. It can’t move. Although going to the Expo with a working robot has been a dream, completing her sister’s unfinished project was also a promise that Aki made. I can appreciate the effort and strength that Aki carries when she has her mind set on a goal. But, I also think that she can get carried away and forget that there are other factors in the world that can prevent dreams from coming true. I think that’s a major theme of this anime since Subaru also seems to suffer the same fate (involving his father). Aki has an amazing personality and I’m glad that she’s getting the development that she needs. At the same time, she doesn’t let many things get her down and she’s back up on her feet again at the end of the episode.

Look! A giant monopole just happened to fall out of the sky! Was anybody else thinking, “What the….?
Not only did I have no idea what a monopole was (had to Wikipedia this), but it still makes no sense to me where it came from or how it exists. It is supposed to be a theoretical object that exists for the sake of proving science, but I guess in the universe of anime, anything is possible! A better question would be, where did it come from? I can see Aki/Subaru using it as a source of power for their new GunPro-2, but that still doesn’t mean that they can find/create more than one. At least without the help of JAXA? Anyway, the entire first portion of the episode was dedicated to the monopole so I’m intrigued about its origin and how do they move it without touching it? Hmmmm…

I also wanted to point out that the episode opened and ended with Airi and I think she probably plays a much pivotal role than what’s been shown so far. After all, she has an entire ED dedicated to her. While Kai’s been using her as a source for more information, Mizuka seems to be very hostile towards her and I’m dying to know why. Whoever said that she must’ve been dating Kimijima Kou… well you might be right! More and more people seem to be able to see Airi on their PokeComs as well… doesn’t make Kai very special anymore, does it?

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  1. With the exception of the Mizuka/Airi interaction, this episode seemed somewhat random at the beginning and uneventful in the middle. I hope the next ep will have a bit more flavor to it.

    And did they just LEAVE THE MONOPOLE IN THE PARK!? I mean I know they couldn’t touch it, but still!

  2. Couple of things: firstly, I am proud of Aki that she made concessions to her original plan! That shows the strength of her character. Secondly, the JAXA chick is hot! And with a nice personality to boot 🙂

    1. The reason that GunPro-1 failed though wasn’t just because it lacked the energy/engine to move… it was also too heavy to move at the desired rate. I’m pretty sure that’s why Subaru created a GunPro-2 design that’s much lighter (and smaller). Oh! And it would need like 82348294 times the limbs so that it can move its arms as well, not just its legs. Correct me if I’m wrong?

  3. That’s the Aki I know and love. She finally has her energy genkiness back. Though I have to wonder why she was so stubborn about making a new robot. Any mecha otaku worth his/her salt would know that mecha upgrades and new better mecha are common for the genre. It makes the show more marketableawesome.

    Also Subaru made a full thesis proposal for a giant robot construction while he’s still in high school. And his wretched dick of a father wants him to be a fisherman!? What a waste of a genius.

    1. I can’t believe Subaru’s father wants him to be a fisherman when Subaru is already talented in the robots designing field. I won’t argue that fisherman is a bad job, but if Subaru is winning robot tournament, and some cash already, he should just move out, and show him that he can live on his own and be his own boss.

    2. I agree. This is a father wasting his son’s potential just because the wife/mother died in some kind of technology-related accident?

      Subaru needs to get his majority and leave home, fast. His father is nothing more than a boat anchor on Subaru’s career and life at this point.

  4. I know Aki wants to fullfil her siter´s dreams but for me it´s a waste of time trying to complete someone else´s dream, it´shard enough to chase your own dreams so first fullfil them and then worry about someone else´s.

  5. The main highlight of the episode was Frau wearing something that’s not a school uniform. No, whatever she’s wearing at home doesn’t count.

    (had to Wikipedia this)
    Even though Subaru went through all the trouble explaining it? Though I can’t blame you, there’s some stuff that I still don’t understand either. For example, can they hold it by simply putting on rubber gloves?

    1. I don’t trust all the translations sometimes… and Wikipedia is just a lot more descriptive than the explanation that Subaru gave. Nothing wrong with it though… my science is just really bad lol
      I thought about rubber gloves too! Or if a stick can touch it… you can like… poke it to roll it or something…

  6. There’s something kinda bugging me with some of the people who claim that they “aren’t fans of the mecha genre” watching robonotes. First off, this is probably obvious, but just like how I wouldn’t call Moshidora a story about Baseball, I wouldn’t call Robonotes a mecha anime. I think there’s some kind of misconception about this: I would call myself a mecha fan, but to be honest, I never cared about “how to build a robot”. Though unlike you I did like that part of the story in Robonotes.

    As much as I watch mechas shows, I’m not really that interest in science stuff. I just like robots in anime, it doesn’t mean I’d like to build one. In fact, as much naive as this gonna sound I actually don’t like hearing about real life improvements on robots because it’ll be used for war. So, in case anyone is thinking like this, there’s nothing “wrong” with watching Robonotes even if you’re not a mecha fan. That’s how I view this.
    I’m starting to really like you Cherrie, you write good things and take every comment into consideration too (Probably saying this because I was the one who talked about Irei being in love with Kimijima Kou and that it’s the 2nd time you mention it) It’s nice to discuss like that. (Not that the other writers don’t do it.)

  7. Yeah. Now he’s just a guy who can pretty much switch into an altered-state of consciousness when he reaches peak stress levels giving him inhuman reaction time. Just another average joe.

    I’m curious as to what the hell Mizuka’s problem is too… What, did she think that Airi NTR’d her or something?

    And Frau Bou offers more pleasant expressions. All’s well.


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