This was a chapter with a couple of seemingly deeper meanings behind otherwise relatively mundane scenes. The tunnel in which Urara’s grandfather stood off against a member of Vintage is certainly a location with greater meaning in the series, being the tunnel into which Keima and Tenri will later venture during the release of the runaway spirits. After taking out the poor man, this devil stood balanced on one of the graves of Urara’s parents – there’s no way this can be coincidence, I feel like it has to hold a greater meaning of some sort. I’m unsure on this, but were there actually runaway spirits on the loose at this point in time? If the weiss were all trapped by the goddesses as we’re meant to believe, would there actually be a runaway spirit squad? If not, then why does the Vintage member recognise Elsie as a member of the squad? Although, I suppose it’s equally as feasible that the runaway spirit squad would exist as a precaution, even if the weiss were all in captivity.

It’s been a very long time since Elsie had much attention in the manga (even though she’s actually around in the background for this arc), and even longer since she actually got do to something useful. As much as I love her, she has been rather useless as of late. Her ditsy-ness and adoration of fire engines certainly has not helped on this front. That makes it doubly awesome to see her fly back in and save the day, even if she did almost end up being shot in the process. The capture of the mysterious Vintage member may also prove helpful in providing a lot of answers as to exactly what’s going on too. Hopefully there will be more about that next chapter! Oh and I decided to start writing my own subtitles for some reason. Maybe to mark this momentous occasion (I’m joking by the way, Elsie is awesome).

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – D-d-did Elsie just do something useful? My mind is blown! #TWGOK


      1. I am a bit shocked in how the imouto is able to be useful in a fight. This is the first actually fight she got into to. As we recall, when meeting a certain Karate girl, the imouto wasn’t too useful.

        I am a bit curious in how Keima plans to fight the vintage in this time. He obviously need to save Grandpa, but he lacks the power to do so, unless he use hypnosis on his cute sister.

  1. “If the weiss were all trapped by the goddesses as we’re meant to believe, would there actually be a runaway spirit squad?”

    No they already existed, though they were in few number, but since the mass escape the runaway had to recruit more members.

  2. Elsie – The Big Cute Boisterous Gal Bruiser. Explains EVERYTHING. …yes, I’ll wait the two to three hours you’ll hang over at TVTropes before you come back. No really, I will.

    *doesn’t wait*

    Elsie has actually managed to do a lot in the story. Its just after she does, she fades back to the back because too much of her is like having too much of Aquaman from Brave and The Bold.

    …wait, this is a bad thing why again?

    Now on “this why so serious” side. Its going to be interesting to see who it is they captured from Vintage. I’d be happy if its Keima’s teacher. Remember that she’s a demon (or half) too and she’s not that much older than Katsuragi.


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