「カグラ vs. ユキノ」 (Kagura vs. Yukino)
“Kagura vs. Yukino”

This episode covers the first FAIRY TAIL chapter I blogged here on RC, and for that reason it felt very special to me. But at the same time, it worries me that the anime is so close to the manga. A filler arc in the middle of the current one would be weird, and I see no proper end point for now. I thought the battles would be dragged out a lot more than they already have been, but things are still quite fast paced. Oh well, the same thing happened during the previous arc so hopefully we will see this tournament come to an end without any distracting filler episodes in between to interrupt the current story.

I was expecting a new opening and ending sequence but it seems like that will have to wait till next week. Anyway, today’s episode introduced us to a new celestial mage – Yukino from Sabertooth. Her opponent was none other than Kagura from Mermaid Heel. I was looking forward to this duel so much, and I worried that my expectations might be too high, but luckily, that was not the case. In fact, this fight went above and beyond my expectations. I can’t believe I’m writing this in a FAIRY TAIL post, but here goes – I thought the animation during this battle was great! There, I said it! It makes me very sad that this anime’s animation is one that has scared away many fans, but this episode truly stood out. It wasn’t something great, and nowhere near most of the shows currently airing, but for an episode from this franchise, it was such an improvement! I’m really pleased with the visuals today. As for the other things that impressed me – we finally know what the last golden keys look like. I absolutely love Libra’s design and I find her magic very handy. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Libra do very well because of Kagura’s abilities.

It’s quite interesting to see how Yukino went all out, revealing all her abilities to us in this episode while we still know hardly anything about Kagura. That shows how strong the latter is, and she is definitely going to be a tough opponent in future battles. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Kagura in more battles, and hopefully, she’ll be as impressive as she was today. I do feel very sorry for Yukino though. Her guild may not be a dark one, but the way they treat its members makes me wish Sabertooth could be banned. Not only is the guild filled with rude magi, even its master is a condescending man who disrespects the people he should treat as his own children.

I just hope that FAIRY TAIL, or any other guild really, teaches Sabertooth what it means to be companions, or what it means to be a team. And speaking of teams, or rather companions, we have an old friend returning in this episode. Mermaid Heel’s cloaked member turned out to be Millianna! It’s nice to see how the Tower of Heaven arc is tying into the current one with reoccurring characters. Jellal is here too, so things are bound to be livened up for better or for worse. But I’m really happy to see Erza reunited with her childhood friend. Their glomp session was really adorable! And by the way, Millianna has truly changed – she is absolutely gorgeous now. But then again, most women in this series are, and my favourite one in terms of beauty is probably Erza. Which one is yours?

Next week’s episode does not seem to be focusing on any kind of battle. Perhaps it’s time to dive into some of the more mysterious aspects of this arc, such as the uneasiness Jellal is seen feeling, or perhaps Arcadios and his interest in celestial magi? Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to the episode, and hopefully, we’ll have new opening and ending sequences then.

Moete kitazou!

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      1. New OP and ED to debut on February
        According to the Anime Guild Vol. 54 (A special page in the manga focused on the FT anime), the new opening song will be called Fairy Tail ~The Promised Day~ (フェアリーテイル~約束の日~), sung by the person who did RAVE’s first opening theme, Yonekura Chihiro. The ending theme will be called We’re the Stars, sung by Terakawa Aimi .

        Mashima said via Twitter that the new OP forebodes an amazing fate… although “fate” doesn’t look so great if we go by the latest chapters 🙂

        Exact post 🙂

    1. I love Bleach, I think the problem was more with the source material. Kubo Tite kept recycling his ideas without any real thought to them. Introduce a new villian and/or damsel in distress (being menaced by the villians) who beats the crap out of Ichigo and his friends. They train to power up and come back to beat villian and/or save damsel in distress. Large gaping holes in story continuity that get explained away with plot armor as well. The fullbringer arc was pretty bad.

      Right now the manga is completing the final arc and Bleach manga will be done. I have no doubt that an anime will be made to cover that final monster long arc.

    2. Bleach was canceled because the anime was losing viewers, the Tankobon Volumes weren’t selling as well, and the source material was boring. None of which is happening to Fairy Tail, if anything FT is becoming more popular.

  1. Erza also takes my pick in terms of beauty. I agree that Fairy Tails animation is quite inconssistent. Some episodes are top notch but most have a feel o very cheap animation. Also cant wait for next week’s episode and the 2 challenges.

  2. Dear god, Yukino is so cute and pretty. I hope she joins Fairy Tail in the future. It would be great to not only have several Dragon Slayers in the guild, but also more celestial mages.

    1. My thoughts exactly, She never was a bad person She was just in the wrong guild and I hope HM( the author ) makes her the new recruit of Fairy Tail. As for the other two Dragon Slayers, we don’t need them.

      K C M
  3. Didn’t think Kagura could be more badass than she already is in the manga, but that attack against Ophiuchus was bad-freaking-ASS. New favourite character right there. Or… okay, maybe she’s still a bit behind Mira for me.

  4. Juvia will always be my favourite (so glad she doesn’t have the curls in her hair now, though!).

    I love the inclusion of the 13th Zodiac! I remember all the kerfuffle about it when it was first announced there would be a 13th Zodiac, so it makes me very glad to see it appear in Fairy Tail!

  5. WTF how did the anime catch up to the manga so quickly? Are they skipping or does this not have filler episodes like the Big 3?

    And please tell me they removed the magic circles!

    1. There was actually a big filler arc that lasted whole Spring and Summer 😛 Not only that, they’re also expanding the manga material, otherwise they’d catch up much quicker.

      And no, they didn’t remove them, although they don’t abuse them as often as they used to.

    2. Have no fear, I believe HM( the author ) and the producers will not let what happened to Bleach happen to Fairy Tail. The Anime may be close but it is not that close and we will have more great fillers to keep the Anime and the Manga apart after all Fairy Tail has surpassed more than 150 episodes it can’t come to an end like Bleach( although I believe Bleach will return sometime in the future ). Just be patient and have faith.

      K C M
  6. What did I think after the episode ended? Give those keys to Lucy!!! And I want more scenes of Erza with Jellal. I’m always going to get excited when I see Lyon visiting Fairy Tail.
    My favorites in order starting with the most: Erza (Scarlet), Lucy, Juvia, Mirajane, Wendy, Lisanna, Mavis, Levy, Kianna, Cana, Evergreen, Bisca,…mostly all the Fairy Tail gals. 😛

    random viewer
      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        random viewer
  7. glomp session

    Oh you.

    I was actually hoping for Yukino to win here when she used Ophiucus, though that’s probably me getting the impression that since it’s the 13th zodiac it’s the most powerful one. That and Get Backers’ Mido Ban too.
    Ending it like it’s still all fine and well seems a bit odd but the next episode should be good. They probably won’t show Yukino Show Spoiler ▼

    in full glory but with the way they made the Mira battle last time to be a fetish competition with lots of exposure, I’m keeping my hopes up.
    Plus that last second with Natsu in the preview. Should be good.

  8. ……. I’m starting to realize something. Hiro may have included that seemingly needless time skip because he wanted to draw particular characters in a different design like Millianna.

  9. This was a nice episode! When Yukino summoned Ophiuchus, Lucy’s Urano Meteoria tracked played. It was so awesome!

    Also, Yukino was voiced by the same person who voiced Angel. Ooh, foreshadowing maybe?

    Also, Japanese pronunciations are weird. I can understand Aries having them pronounce Ari-yes, but Pisces as Pis-kes? Maybe I’ve been saying Pisces wrong the whole time. Also, Libra is my sign! But was it supposed to be pronounced as Lai-bra? I always pronounced it as Lee-bra.


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