OP1.02 Sequence

OP: 「ENERGY」by earthmind

「かさなり合う瞬間(とき)」 (Kasanari au Shunkan (Toki))
“(When) They Overlap”

I don’t know about you, but I came into this series with high expectations because I felt the series would be immensely entertaining. Two episodes in and that’s exactly what Vividred is doing—providing quality entertainment that really helps out at the end of a stressful day. The transformation sequences are just fabulous, the action scenes buoyed by some great animation and dramatic music, and it’s just all around fun to watch. Nothing like hearing the words COMMENCE OPERATION! IGNITION! TEXTURE ON! to signal a round of alien butt-kicking.

Leaving off from the previous episode, our heroines manage to activate their suits and take down the Alone (via its vulnerable core) with the help of the military… and it’s pretty fabulous, I gotta say. I know I’ve repeated this word a lot for this series, but following Star Driver and the term’s popularity in describing its flashy action scenes, that’s pretty much the only word that can convey what’s going on here on Vividred. In any case, the initial attempt at docking fails due to Aoi’s reluctance to reveal that she only said she liked tomatoes to become Akane’s friend, which gives our unnamed bow and arrow wielding gal a moment to fire at and reactivate the inoperative Alone.

At this point, one wonders just what exactly she’s planning… but it doesn’t look like we’ll get that reveal for a little while longer, as our heroines ultimately succeed in docking and make quick work of the Alone with their new Vivid Blue Operation mode. I had originally figured docking would involve some kind of device/weapon they’d both combine together to use, but nope, it actually results in them pretty much becoming one—producing some darn flashy results to show for it.

Ultimately, it’s pretty obvious by now that Vividred isn’t a series based on complex stories and mind-blowing revelations. The incredulous looks on the military officers this episode and the whole “MISSILES COULDN’T HIT IT, BUT LITTLE FLYING GIRLS CAN!?” just hits the hammer on the nail in this respect—and really, I can’t say I know what else one could’ve expected from the series. Admittedly, they probably could’ve done the whole back story and overcoming the docking obstacle a bit better (fleshing it out more, instead of fitting it all in a few minutes) but considering the context of the series, I wasn’t expecting anything particularly amazing/complex… so the end result didn’t distract from the experience at all. Either way, it’s interesting to note there wasn’t anything particularly egregious about the backside shots, which was another plus.

And… what can I say? I’m enjoying the “vivid” experience this series is giving so far and it looks like it’ll be a fun ride. Granted, it’s obviously not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, so I can’t say the series is for everyone… but it’s worth a shot if you yourself or someone you know likes action series with a bit of sci-fi that don’t require much thinking and are just fun to watch. There’s going to be some suspension of disbelief and the mark set slightly lower in terms of plot and development, but hey, in the end, anime’s about enjoyment for most and this series offers it.


ED Sequence

ED: 「WE ARE ONE!」by 佐倉綾音 & 村川梨衣 (Murakawa Rie & Sakura Ayane)



  1. Really, that docking sequence… ヽ(冫、)ノ

    Love how incredibly flashy everything is, as it’s been missing in my life for quite some time now. Can’t wait for Wakaba’s introduction next episode since she looks pretty aggressive compared to Akane and Aoi so far.

    Is it next Thursday yet?!

    1. It makes me wonder whether all four can “dock” together. If so, what does that require? Is the result some 10 foot super Amazon type mech-warrior?

      FWIW, no issue with the occasional yuri scene, but I’d much prefer that the girls were at least in high-school if the show goes down that road. Actually, I wonder why that isn’t the case anyway.

      1. Maybe Akane and Aoi dock, then Wakaba and Himawari dock, then those two resulting dockings dock…? The ultimate gattai!

        I want to see Aoi’s reactions when (if?) the other characters get to dock exclusively with Akane.

    2. When two lolis combine, you get Captain … you get a big busted teenager with super powers. I still can’t decide whether to be excited or disappointed by that result.

      This show wasn’t even originally on my radar for watching but, with how disappointing this season’s lineup is, I’ve been trying out shows I normally wouldn’t give a second thought. For now, I’m enjoying it enough to keep watching.

  2. I was a LITTLE skeptical when Akane and Aoi were fawning over their outfits and having a chat in the middle of joining the fight, but yeah, this show is too fun to nitpick XD I was also glad when the soldiers pointed out how absurd little flying girls doing their jobs for them was, but that was also in good fun. It was nice to see the military actually do something after Akane and Aoi took point, though.

    For a moment I thought bow-girl was going to show up and laugh at them, saying it was all a test of their power, but I guess that’s too cliche for even this show 😛 Yet combining two highschool girls to make an adult woman? Nope, it had to be done! I like the fun tone overall, but I worry that it might be too much of a contrast when things get more serious.

    The world almost ended because of tomatoes!!

  3. Main, this show is so troperrific.

    – Color-coded heroines (red – hero, green – lancer, blue – big gal, yellow – smart gal, at least based on the OP)? Check.
    – Dark “magical” girl antagonist? Check.
    – Transformation sequence? Check.
    – Fusion dance? Check.
    – Old scientist handing out the mechas to the hero team? Check.
    – Animal mascot? Check (the same guy as the previous point!)

    … which aren’t really bad points by themselves, as the production team is clearly not playing this too seriously and the battles are great fun (albeit the CG leaves much to be desired – the scene where Aoi lands the F35 on the carrier is very, very ugly).

    1. > the production team is clearly not playing this too seriously

      Of course they’re not. It’s not meant to be taken seriously to begin with.

      I bet they’re having fun making this. With the yuri, docking and all.

  4. Zephyr… I hate to make this a habit… but your link labled “core” probably isn’t pointing to the picture you wanted it to be pointing to.

    Anyway, enough nitpickery. I had hoped for this show to be slightly deeper, maybe show signs that Akane’s fear of heights wasn’t truly gone, stuff like that, but it seems it prefers the simple approach of pure, light entertainment. That isn’t a bad thing, mind you. While I would have liked a bit more depth, there’s still something to be said for a show that I can just relax and have fun watching.

  5. why do they keep zooming right onto that arse? I don’t see anything special about that particular pair of cheeks. It’s actually very unflattering angle/shot. What am I missing? Even still I predict they will do this again in next ep. Mark my word.

    I’d say this is pretty generic show, wouldn’t you agree, folks?

    1. Actually I found it to be quite the impressive looking derriere. (Boy am I glad things are anonymous on the Internet. Saying that in public would get me some strange looks). As for it being a run of the mill or generic show its not to me. That aside its like people talking about monkeys and typewriters. Its only an amount of time until one writes something that has been written before. Its only natural that some stories/shows would have similarities to others. (law of averages, or some such nonsense).

  6. Ah, the yuri vibes continue to be in full effect this week but in all seriousness, the show continues to be a visually astounding delight. I’ll likely never get enough of these transformation sequences. At least I hope not.

  7. Dear MExM

    Your docking queries had been answered.


    The Moondoggie

    Ultimately, it’s pretty obvious by now that Vividred isn’t a series based on complex stories and mind-blowing revelations.

    Ok pointing that out is just silly: this isn’t Madoka, you know. It’s a cross between Nanoha and Strike Witches, with plots that are pretty much straight forward.

      1. Maybe when they combined their ages combine, so two 14 year old girls became one 28 year old. I could see her being about 28ish. However if that is the way things work, and four of them combine then that would make a 56 year old woman. I can’t picture a 56 year old woman being very impressive against the Neruoi (woops I mean the Alone ;).

        anime viewer
  8. I’m loving this series! It has flash, whimsy and it panders to every trope and cliche found within magical girl series. It’s like Strike Witches meets Precure (with a strong Super Sentai vibe) except with even better animation, and military tactics involved. The story and characters all seem a bit too simple right now, but heck, this show just seems to be here for pure entertainment!

    Censor this!
  9. EP1 = Perfect Taste

    EP2 = Got a bit sour but still good.

    Dem tomatoes.

    As the episode progressed, I was led on to think there was some serious hardship between akane and aoi. When they resolved it as the simple case of a tomato I felt a bit out of it.

    The scenes after docking was a bit over the top imo.

  10. I squeed. I’m not going to deny it, I actually squeed this episode. As if to make up the fact that there is no mecha anime this season, Vividred comes not only as a fun Magical girl show full of yuri vibes but its also full of mecha references that I enjoy.

    I actually was joking when I said docking would lead to Choryujin, but it turns out its an actual Gattai between the girls. Then out of nowhere comes an actual GaoGaiGar Goldion Hammer reference? That’s just awesome. I can’t wait to see what Vivid Green and Vivid Yellow will look like.

    Viividred is now in the top of my watch list. I just love the flash and pomp of it all.

  11. After watching, now i want to know is, can the other 2 docking with the blue and will the appearance change except the color? If possible, that means we can have 12 different adult form :p

  12. … Did Akane just circumcise the robot to death with her boomerang?
    … Did an expy of Hatsune Miku just hammer the super-sized robot so hard it exploded?

    God, I love this anime…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Vivid Black
      1. You mean if they had it on her back side. That (positioned in a certain place) would have projected air/steam out the back side. If that had happened and been followed up with a giggle, “woops”, or “damn tomatoes always cause me gas” a huge potion of the audience probably would have laughed their asses off.

        anime viewer
    1. KOS-MOS and a bit of Medaka combined.

      Two lolis, at least “late stage lolis” in their mentality (like getting worked up over tomatoes jeopardizing one’s friendship), combining to become a stunning haxx0rs “anego” (big sister character). Just imagine how powerful this anego would be when she’s comprised of four together.

      Kinny Riddle
  13. Did I just watch Mirai Strike Witches? No wait… Was it Nanoha? No wait… it’d Vividred Operation.

    There was a lot of LOL moment for me throughout the entire episode. And what’s this I see? https://randomc.net/image/Vividred%20Operation/Vividred%20Operation%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2019.jpg

    Seriously, my Yuri radar was picking up strong signals through out the show. Now I know why – https://randomc.net/image/Vividred%20Operation/Vividred%20Operation%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2021.jpg

    Anyway, shall we call her “Crack of Dawn”???

  14. Zephyr: Ultimately, it’s pretty obvious by now that Vividred isn’t a series based on complex stories and mind-blowing revelations… There’s going to be some suspension of disbelief and the mark set slightly lower in terms of plot and development, but hey, in the end, anime’s about enjoyment for most and this series offers it.

    I think that’s a very fair way to sum up the show. You can look at the show in two ways – from a critic/artistic standpoint (i.e. plot, character development, story telling, balance & pacing), or simply, “Did I enjoy watching it/Was I entertained?” There certainly is a time and place for shows in which a viewer can simply relax, watch and enjoy without substantial cerebral effort. My answer to the latter criteria is ultimately “yes”.

    That being said, I do wish there were less “Huh?” type moments for me. I’m willing to suspend disbelief or overlook plot holes, but there’s a limit. The “tomato issue” has already been mentioned and a definite “Huh?” moment. Besides, if they couldn’t “dock: (fuse) after destroying the Neuroi Alone core, just attack normally while it’s disabled and argue about the reason why later! As others, I also found the girls excessively chatty during the midst of combat, and overall, lacking appropriate focus/seriousness. Yoshika, in her Strike Witches debut battle was much more appropriately focused for the situation IMO.

    Negatives aside, there were several things I liked about EP 02. Missiles couldn’t hit, but little flying girls can!? Not only did I LOL at that, but the fact that the show does not take itself too seriously is a big plus for me. Such an attitude allows for some genuinely and intentionally funny moments (i.e. no “Guilty Crown”) such as the scene where Aoi is constantly apologizing to the carrier crew. It also also puts me in a more forgiving mood for times when I am asked to suspend belief or overlook plot holes. I remain impressed by the excellent visual quality, and I expect the battle scenes to get even better as the story unfolds.

    I actually liked this episode a bit more than last so there’s no reason for me to stop watching. The show is sufficiently entertaining as is, and makes for a nice, refreshing contrast after watching more intense shows such as Kotoura-san

    1. The “tomato issue” has already been mentioned and a definite “Huh?” moment.

      It’s silly, yes, but for Aoi’s reserved personality due to her sickness, which we’ve just watched this episode, it’s not entirely unbelievable she would get worked up over something so trivial. Akane rightly laughed it off and they’re once again BFF.

      But yeah, I agree that the time they spend talking could be used to attack the Alone. Surely they could have talked and fired their Naked-rang and Nake-hammer while conversing, as in many fighting animes?

      Kinny Riddle
  15. so now akane & aoi ready to fight the alone give aoi got nothing til reveal akane’s key can make another to give aoi her blue marching band battle outfit to help in.

    with seeing attack the alone with boomerang & hammer with also super strength with aoi grab a plane jet & flying all look well seem stop the alone til “mystery girl” with black bow upgrade the alone robot.

    the whole docking power is a forehead kiss with try but some hmm due reveal match mood for it cause show flashback how akane & aoi 1st meet to being pals.

    to reveal while in battle aoi hate tomatoes give akane knew so try again & it work to reveal THEY COMBINE into one female older version of them to defeat the alone.

    sure one of many more to come & oh yea their school got blasted so meet “suit officer” to tell them to transfer school.

  16. There’s going to be some suspension of disbelief…

    You’re not kidding me. Apparently the entire Vivid System along with the Manifestation Engine’s software is written in Ruby. That’s totally unbelievable! 😛

  17. I guess this one is anime is not for me… I couldn’t get through halfway before dropping it. The story, the cliches of hammerspace and the power of friendship and the curbside stomping of the alone, “Military can’t even scratch it, but little girls CAN?!” was my exact same reaction… I was quite impressed with the first episode, TBH. The second one let me down so much I couldn’t finish it. I guess Magical Girl Animes aren’t for me. I’m just fine with that. You all enjoy this one.

    1. I think you’re being too hard on it. The other shell was pretty tough. We don’t know what the girls weapons are composed of, so it shouldn’t be knocked purely out of the fact that a young girl is using it. Even given the girls weapons it wasn’t an instant kill in the non-fusion form. Akane’s rang just scratched it. It took Aoi determining the weak spot to land a successful hit. In case you failed to notice it after the rang opened up the core to exposure it was missiles/rockets that hit the core for the finishing blow.
      If you don’t want to watch anymore that’s fine. The rest of us will enjoy it for you.

      anime viewer
  18. Even when this is a “magic girls can do what the military don’t” i was very pleased to see that the soldiers put some teamwork to shot down (at least temporarily) the Alone. In which series of this kind the military has score? Almost none.
    So to sum…
    – Full powered techno-magic girls so strong that can carry a fighter without effort.
    – DBZ Fusion, you’re so jelous…
    – A Homura lookalike that I hope is not a Homura
    – And the commander of Blue Island is voiced by none other than Mika Doi (a certain Misa Hayase for the newbies)

  19. The part of the fight were the girls are teaming up with the F-35 to take down the Alone was pretty impressive and intense, I wish Evangelion had the animation technology to pull this kind of things up as it makes everything more dynamic

    1. And she’s also a polite and refined ojou-sama, Hyouka’s Chitanda is a recent example.

      (Not to be confused with the cocky ojou-sama, those are usually tsunderes with a strong tsun side. )

      Certainly ticks my box. (And judging from their underwear, she’s better endowed than Akane. 😀 )

      Kinny Riddle
  20. I really love this series thus far, with the Mink grandpa MINKKKKKKK *hugs him* and the overall feel, haha idk why though but I also get a bit of super sentai flavor in this series too, but in a really good way!!! and the docking scene was awesome.!!!

  21. Oh wow, Aoi’s transformation sequence. (Nosebleeds)

    Oh WOW, docking sequence. Nothing like good ol’ fashioned yuri friendship to save the world.

    More wow at mystery girl’s “crack of dawn” shot.

    LOL yeah at soldiers’ “flying little girls taking on aliens that we struggle to defend against” remark.

    HNNG at Aoi’s silly, but cute worries over tomatoes jeopardizing her friendship with Akane.

    More HNNG at Momo feeling sad at not being able to fight by her sister’s side, and Akane cheering her up by “docking” with her.

    This show is like a homage to all those “hot blooded” and magical girl animes.

    Kinny Riddle
  22. Watching the soldier’s reactions was amusing. I had to stop and laugh when I heard one guy go “Oh my god.” after Aoi’s home-run hammer swing. I think Naked Impact has to be one of the heaviest weapons I’ve seen for this type of show.

    On another note, why do the weapons have ‘naked’ in their name? I’m I missing something. I’m guessing next will be ‘Naked Blade’ or ‘Naked Slash’

    1. I think “Naked” weapons symbolize that they are incomplete. After the fusion the naked impact hammer move became the Vivid Impact. We’ll have to see how the other episodes go, but I’m guessing the other characters non-fused attacks will be naked too.

      anime viewer
  23. Kind of surprised there’s no image of that awesome smile near the end of the Vivid Blue Operation, lol.

    (Just before this one: https://randomc.net/image/Vividred%20Operation/Vividred%20Operation%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2032.jpg)

    And yeah, tomatoes, lol. “Strength of their friendship”?! *GASP!* Aoi must have some HUGE secret that could potentially wreck the whole friendship and possibly doom the world!!!

    *Aoi* “The truth is…”

    *leans in, on the edge of the seat* “….!!!!”

    *Aoi* “I hate tomatoes!”

    “……………” *falls out of seat*


  24. It’s nice while you’re watching this and trying to suspend your disbelief at what is happening all of the military guys in the show are doing the same exact thing.

    Also what’s up with grandpa designing weapons for little girls with the prefix “naked” on everything…

  25. The tomato moment made me laugh out loud. Not only because it’s just silly, but also because in the time they were arguing over that trivial issue, Homura came and revived the robot. Which subsequently blew up hundreds of soldiers.

    Nice job breaking it, heroes.

    The show is full of moments like that, really. The entire thing is just stupid as hell. This is the exact stuff that gets parodied by shows like Chu2Koi (that dumb giant hammer, for one), or deconstructed by Madoka (yeah, sending your granddaughter against a giant alien with an untested magical girl device? What could go wrong? I half expected the thing to bite her head off).

    …and yet I can’t hate it, really. It’s not pissing me off the way, say, Guilty Crown did. In fact, I’m quite entertained. This really is the perfect kind of show to leave your brain at the door with and just have a laugh about all the silly stuff happening. It never lets up, it never gets boring and it has enough visual stimulation to make sure the episodes fly by. Y’know, it’s really kind of so-bad-it’s-good, and it seems rather unashamed and proud of it. So bring it on! More, give me more!

  26. i just realized why so many mahou shojos always have “average” girl protaginasts. So they don’t seem “perfect” to the auidence. Take Tomoyo from ccs for example if she was the main character instead of Sakura viewers would complain how she’s “perfect” she’s rich, well spoken, and now has magical powers to boot which would make fans hate her because there would be no growth of character on her part that the viewer could relate to.


    I’m thinking the reactor actually pulls power from some alternate universe and is screwing that world up (ala Tales of Symphonia). So the other world sends monsters to destroy the reactor. The bow and arrow girl is like the Vividred from the alternate world. They eventually work out they are hurting the alternate world and somehow initiates a “docking” gattai with alternate worlds to create a world where everyone is happy (ala Tales of Phantasia).

  28. I some WTF! but also lots of WOW! moment wathcing this show. XD Power levels in this is really quite high. Makes things a bit more sense (and more visually impressive too)

    h wonder from where the Incarante/Manifestation Engine draw those energy. I don’t expect some Hard science but it would be nice if they give some more information. A bit more techobable would not harm (and can be played for more silliness)

  29. Code Geass’s Lelouche = Fabulous
    Star Driver = Fabulous
    Tamako Market’s Bird Main Characer = Fabulous

    Vivid Red Operation = Not fabulous but is still good in it’s own right.
    I’m just trying to show the origins of where fabulous began it began with dudes acting like bishounen and not flying loli’s with superpowers.

    overall it was entertainment, Gotta love those ass Shots.

    1. Not sure if you’re basing those “Fabulous” on your own opinions of the show, or you are insinuating many people think they are fabulous. I have the opposite opinion. I’ve seen a bit of Code Geass’s Lelouche, and I was unimpressed with the show. Star Driver I’m not familiar with (if I’ve seen it I quickly forgot about it, because it was unimpressive). Finally, I’ve seen all of the (aired so far) Tamako Market epsiodes, and I think the bird is pretty worthless. I’m enjoying Vividred Operation, and in comparison to the other shows you named (that I’ve seen) Vividred Operation is far and away a more entertaining and enjoyable show IMHO.

      anime viewer
  30. Oh my god.

    Well, this is surely becoming very entertaining. But I think I’ll put it on the bucket list for now for a later time when I’m capable of suspending enough disbelief.

    The scene where Aoi stops the jet from crashing was……ahahahahahahaha so good…but a bit over the top. With every mood, every season, a different craving. Hngghhhh 🙁

    1. Everyone keeps ripping into them for not saving people sooner, but they acted pretty quickly. Just think of what would have happened if they had never been there to fight the Alone. The island, and all of the people trying to fight it would probably have died. Some nation would probably have tried to nuke it (if they have atomic bombs), and the whole world probably would have gone to hell.

      I keep hearing people whining about the people dying, but what about the innocent animals (like the birds in the tree at the school). From the end of the episode it looks like the tree might have avoided the blast (thank god!). Also what about “puppy” the poor thing went flying off the edge of the Engine. (I’m hoping it had some sort of auto-pilot hover stabilizer that kept it from smashing to pieces).


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