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Continuing from last week. It turns out that Erza was the one to be slashed but the cut wasn’t very deep. Erza blocked Kagura’s sword with her own. She refuses to die here because her life was entrusted to her by Simon and the rest of her comrades. Kagura is fueled by her rage and intends to kill both Erza and Jellal, which is fine to Erza but she won’t agree with it. Erza attacks Kagura who falls but seems to be rising again. Suddenly a pillar breaks above Kagura but Erza pushes her out of harm’s way. The pillar falls on Erza whose leg seems to be trapped beneath it. Kagura is surprised by this. Erza tells her that she recognised Kagura because both of them and Simon come from the same village – Rosemary village.

In a flashback, we find Rosemary village in flames during an attack. A small Kagura is seen crying for her brother. A very young Erza grabs the crying girl’s hand and flees with her. Erza hides Kagura but doesn’t manage to escape. She is kidnapped and taken to the Tower of Heaven.

Kagura realises who Erza is and cries. Erza says that she was always wondering whether or not Kagura managed to avoid being captured, even till this day. Kagura lifts the broken pillar so Erza can crawl out. She says she still needs time to process this information but doesn’t manage to say more when she is suddenly stabbed by Minerva from behind. Minerva says that Erza is the victor but the point goes to her because she stabbed Kagura. Minerva tells Erza that this is how a king fights. Erza is now furious.

Oh wow, I don’t even know where to start. My feelings are all over the place right now. Most of them are leaning towards anger, but there is also some relief in the middle of everything. I’m very happy that my assumptions concerning the attack were wrong (I thought it would be Millianna). I don’t know what I would’ve done if the person being attacked would turn out to be Millianna. I’d probably hate Minerva, oh wait, I already do that!

Anyway, before I start bashing this [insert negative word for emphasis] woman, I thought I’d share my feelings on the more positive moments from this chapter, such as Erza and Kagura’s past. I’m very happy to see that the two of them aren’t enemies any more. While I did expect Kagura to change her mind about Erza, I didn’t think it would happen so soon. But I really found their past to be a sweet one. Well, it was sad, but Erza’s heroic act was really impressive. Words aren’t enough to describe how much I admire Erza as a character. She may be a strong, fierce, and intimidating woman, but she is passionate and kind, and that’s why I love her so much. Seeing her sacrificing herself for someone who she probably didn’t even know made her seem really dauntless to me. And what’s even more heart-warming is that she protected Kagura twice! Once in the past, and now during their current battle. While it makes me sad to see Erza injuring her leg during such a crucial battle, I admire her heroic personality. And I’m glad she did it for someone who appreciated the kindness.

It makes me very sad that Kagura who finally seemed to take Erza’s side, has been attacked by Minerva. I think Minerva might be the first character of this series that I absolutely can’t stand. Her ‘high and mighty’ attitude does not make her seem like a king at all. I just wish to see someone step over that bleep. I knew Minerva was a horrible person already, especially after the naval battle where she tortured Lucy, but now, she is the worst. Erza is truly at a disadvantage now. Her leg is probably broken, and Millianna is still captured. I assume Erza’s remaining power source is her rage, and I really hope to see her use it to beat down Minerva. While I wish Erza would do more than that to her, I know it’s something she wouldn’t do. FAIRY TAIL do everything for their friends but they’re never unfair. Even if that’s naïve, it’s also something truly admirable. I really hope to see Erza take down Minerva so she can show that bleep how to have a fair fight, and also, to show her how to be a true king.

Moete kitazou!

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      1. Wow is it my imagination or is Natsu a troll? Every thread I see that has someone say something really negative and mean at the beginning of the thread just so happens to be by Natsu.

        Maybe Natsu should quit watching anime and reading manga and go do something else with his time (like torturing little animals or starting fires)?

      2. @kcm use your brain and think logically…….. should erza be able to best minerva at the moment no…will she yes….most likely its fairy tail its gonna happen but should it no…the power of friendship will prevail like always..smh

    1. Karmafan you’re totally right this is the third manga post in a row he’s trolled with a comment on the first post. Kinda getting sad a troll is only as good as its originality…

      On a side note young Erza and young Kagura were the cutest thing ever.

      1. @natsu.
        I’m using my brain pall and it works very well, have you no sense of melodrama and epic fights. I know very well that Erza is at a disadvantage, right now She is the Underdog making Minerva the topdog. In this situation Erza would be defeated unless She gets her hands on Kagura’s sword then it’s over for Minerva.

        K C M
      2. ….so what does kagura’s magic sword do cause it didn’t help her beat erza when she pulled it out (Kagura was super cute though with the ripped clothes ) I almost thought about yeah

    2. Minerva is great…
      1) Blackmail Stings by kidnapping his cat
      2) Booted her dad/guildmaster of ST and appoints sting as the guild leader
      3) Kidnapped Millianna
      4) Schemed to put Erza against Kagura
      5) Kill steal from Erza
      Powerful, manipulative, and downright ruthless.

      The greater the villain, the sweeter the victory. That’s how Mashima keep us rooting for Erza… Our Goddess of Victory always have the best line-up of enemies.

      Minerva is well on her way to become the she-kafka of FT… and this king is in major need of a royal spanking 😛 I do hope she causes more havoc after this arc, rather than going the reformed Ultear route.

  1. Yep… Erza is at an disadvantage, so I don’t think she’s going to have her usual “for my nakama, I will beat you for sure” powers. Instead, seeing how Minerva didn’t really stab Kagura anywhere vital, I hope she will get back up and team up with her. Because, seriously, there has to be more to her unsheathed sword than whatever the hell happened in the beginning of this chapter.

    In any case, omgholyshit loli Kagura is the cutest thing in the world.

    1. Natsu can stand up after being beat down repeatedly with all kind of different things no problem. Kagura won’t stand up after taking a stab in the side.
      Not trying to insult the writing, but I can imagine the… Convenient, writing in this case.

  2. What I’d like to see now is something akin to the way Natsu took down Jiemma: swiftly and mercilessly. She deserves to be crushed in a spectacular fashion by Erza. A drawn out fight in which it seems Minerva has a chance of winning is too good for her! I look forward to seeing her lose however it comes about.

  3. Well, I don’t know how exactly Erza can beat Minerva in her current condition without making it look ridiculous. To be honest, her blocking Kagura’s Archenemy just like that while it destroyed half of the town already seemed a bit overdone. Don’t get me wrong, I love Erza as a character, I’m just not liking the treatment she’s been given ever since her fight against Azuma. It’s as if all her armors were useless so she’s forced to pull a miracle with that Japanese-like attire – that is quite overused now, imo. I’d prefer if she requiped to some kind of an armor in this chapter instead, preferably a new one :3

    The flashback actually surprised me, seeing Kagura and Erza knowing each other from past was a nice twist, although the world is sure small.. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yukino and her sister Sorano were from the same village as well.

    Also, I was sort of hoping for Jura vs. Minerva, ’cause right now I don’t see anyone capable enough to face him – Laxus already has a match-up, unless they make another Threesome – but again, non-Fairy Tail member beating her wouldn’t be as significant. Overall, this was a nice chapter, although I’m a bit disappointed how the build-up from the end of the last chapter ended.

    Seeing the next chapter’s title, we may get some info about Future Lucy?

    1. yeah, i also found it quite disappointing that her armors are easily broken thus resulting in her using her sarashi + hakama get-up.

      the author just wants us to understand that power doesn’t come from the outside :D..
      lol, so cliche.

      but hey, that’s shonen..and i love these kind of stuff.

    1. It didn’t instantly resolve anything, Kagura herself said she needed time to think. She was fighting Erza at that moment, not Jellal. Not to mention if anyone is an authority on Jellal, it is Erza. Even Kagura stated if anyone had a reason to hate him, it was Erza.

      1. I know but my guess is that Kagura might probably bring herself not to kill Jellal when She meets Him face to face because Jellal feels guilty for killing Simon so He would want Kagura to kill him and Kagura’s rage that drives her to the brink of madness would disappear, in the end she would settle for beating the hell out of him but still let him live because of Erza’s empathy.

        K C M
  4. My feelings are all over the place with this chapter. (In a good way!!)

    Learning more about Erza’s past was a great twist and adds another dimension to why Erza seemed closer to Simon than everyone else during the tower of heaven arc. I also like how Kagura said she needed time to process because instantly forgetting all her hate would be ridiculous and it leaves the door open to her forgiving Erza but not necessarily Jellal.

    Now then, MINERVA. I hate hate hate her so much but that at least shows how well written she is. Minerva is completely rotten to her core but part of me appreciates that she isn’t an idiot (so far) like some other FT antagonists have been thus far. I am hoping she gets beaten down in spectacular fashion only to get back up and be even more evil next time. She certainly has what it takes to join Zeref and be a recurring baddie for the series.

    The only letdown this chapter was that there was no “cataclysm” when Kagura unsheathed her sword and Erza is using the same ol’ no armor instead of pulling out something new. She hasn’t really changed enough from pre-timeskip Erza.

  5. I hope someone will try to answer instead of downvoting this post as a gut reaction. I actually do read and enjoy Fairy Tail, and the last chapter had me excited to see how this battle would turn out, so I’m really disappointed.

    Am I the only one who thought this was a terrible chapter? I mean of course aside from the somewhat cheesy and anticlimactic resolution to the Erza/Kagura grudge. Kagura was defeated so easily after unsheathing her sword (the consequences of which were… what again? Remember when everyone was like, “Don’t do it!!” and Milliana said there’d be a catastrophe?)

    Minerva stepping in was not surprising at all to me. It was the perfect moment from her standpoint, and another cliche way to develop her as a villain. Anyone taking bets that Erza will beat her too?

    1. Well the sword DID cut the entire city in half, additionally piercing through the barrier set in place to contain the battles. I’d say the sword’s sheer destructive power is its consequence, probably having the potential to kill everyone and everything caught up in it all.

      1. Seeing as multiple characters hyped it up, and all of half a page was devoted to this “catastrophe,” and Erza (the target) somehow only wound up with a minor cut on her shoulder…. Yeah, I’m gonna say it wasn’t handled very well.

  6. Thumb me down to oblivion for all I care but I seriously hate the fact that Mashima’s battles are always one-hit strike. I mean, seriously!? Kagura was deemed to be the strongest Mermaid Heel and she went down in one strike!? Obviously, we ALL know that Erza was going to win in the end but to end the fight with one strike!? I hadn’t been angry since Erza vs Azuma!

    I thought Mashima had changed his writing style regarding the battles where at least, when Natsu & Gajeel vs Sting & Rogue, Natsu was actually using some sort of strategy (even if it’s just punch harder and scream louder) but this is just utterly ludicrous!

    -sigh- This is it. I’m removing FT as one of my favorite mangas. On the side note, Villains are one of Mashima’s strongest assets. I hated Flare, I hated Sting and Minerva is the queen of all evil. This is good. I just hope they don’t turn into good characters like what Mashima did to ruin Ultear.

  7. Huh, guys? I really don’t think that Minerva is gonna be Erza’s biggest problem:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. I know what Minerva did to Lucy was horrible, but I don’t think she did anything wrong in this chapter, cause it is a game where you need points, and what is easier as to take down enemies that don’t pay attention?

    And the thing with Millianna is as it seems not against the rules either.

  9. Guys, I’ve figured something out, how Erza is going to defeat Minerva. I know I’m just speculating but let us use our sense of imagination and heroism here. Alright, now that Kagura is down it’ll be between our Hero Erza and our villain Minerva, Erza will charge at Minerva for using her cowardly tactics on Kagura but she(Minerva) will gain the upper hand and make Erza’s attack useless beating her to a bloody mess and then when Erza is almost defeated Kagura will use her last strenght to fend off Minerva’s fatal attack and then call to Erza and say “use my sword” and tosses the archenemy( the sword )to Erza before she falls to the ground(passes out, not passes away) and then Erza’s strenght plus Kagura’s blade will be too much for Minerva, and then Erza will finally defeat Minerva shocking every member of Sabertooth and that’s how it will go down.
    I’m just guessing I could be wrong but what if I’m right.

    K C M
    1. Erza could use Kagura’s sword indeed… but Minerva could also use Millianna as a human (catwoman?) meat shield as well. That’s more dangerous than wielding a sword that can corrupt you to the core. I’d say that both ladies have the tools to make the other suffer.

  10. To everyone who is saying “where was the calamity from Kagura unsheathing her sword?”

    Did no one notice pg.5? She cut past the magic barrier surrounding the Arena and effectively cut entire city in half, that was probably the strongest attack we have seen in the Grand Magical Games yet. Natsu’s ultimate technique just succeeded in blowing up the barrier, Kagura’s just cut through the barrier, the arena, and the entire city. If she got to swing that thing around, everyone would probably be dead for miles around.

    Erza also didn’t block the attack, she deflected it, hence the destruction it caused.

  11. I really don’t like Minerva, and the way she stabbed Kagura was something that I wasn’t expecting, especially since he hardly ever see some actually get stabbed in Fairy Tail (they get slashed and cut by swords, but very rarely do we see someone with a blade put through them) and to make matters even worse, Erza’s now probably got a busted leg and low magical energy so she won’t be able to beat down on Minerva like I’d hoped…but hopefully she can still pull it off as this chapter has proved that she can be strong even in the hardest of times (and even as a child). Anyway, one thing that I do like about Fairy Tail that I don’t see in many other managa like this, are people teaming up instead of going one-on-one, so Kagura may be able to still help Erza if she’s got a handicap for this fight. Can’t wait to see what happens next week! Erza vs Minerva at last!

    Also, I have to admit that part of me wanted Jellal to save Kagura from the falling rocks, I could see that happening when I was on the page before, but I’m glad that Erza did it anyway.

  12. I love Fairy Tails miraculous 1 hit wonder comebacks. Aside from Fairy Tail staying true to the word “fairy”, that Minerva needs a face palm with a pull of hair and a few bald spots. Yes I will hand it to her that in a tournament her play style is smart and tactful, but also outrageously EVIL/CHEAP. How will Fairy Tail kick her butt with style but prove they aren’t snobby egoistical jerks???

  13. hmmm I expected Erza to be the one who gets backstabbed but it seems Mashima had other plans, most likely Erza would have been the target had she not been hit by those rocks. Now that it’s come down to this only and I mean ONLY Erza can defeat Minerva. The point of this battle is to put Minerva in her place by showing that even with all of her dirty playing she cannot win which would in turn deface Saber Tooth completely. I say that because of Minerva now defeats Erza then the point will be lost, this is sort of of a David vs Goliath match-up because Erza is already on her last leg and she should prove how superior she is to Minerva by winning EVEN with a crushed foot and exhausted energy. Oh how I am looking forward to that.

  14. Mmmmmmm……. I wonder if Sabertooth’s former master is even watching this. If that is really his daughter then he must be saying “aaah, she takes after her mother.” I was wondering what kind of person would marry that guy, now I know.

  15. Minerva has officially beaten Ultear for the manipulative villianous BLEEP awards. I mean seriously Ultear how the fans cheering “Yay evil chick!” Minerva on the other hand “WTF?! Somebody please kill her now?! Lucy, Erza, Laxus, Natsu, anybody! Idk if Happy does it just do it!” Yep Minerva is now the best villian.

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  16. Boring I mean we already know that Ezra will win; I mean Ezra will lose is unthinkable this is so Mashima style. Surely Minerva got the points but when Ezra and her will have a duel the outcome is the same. Ezra certainly will win no more thrills just plain predictable like this is going for a GAG manga rather than a shounen type manga

  17. Minerva must win.

    No, I mean it, SHE -MUST- WIN. By all means, and no matter what. It’d be totally ridiculous, even by this manga’s standards, if Erza were to beat her.

    Minerva deserves a much bigger fall, not just some stupid loss at a tournament. Her defeat should be LEGENDARY.

    She must win this fight.

    El Huesudo II

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