「幼なじみの涙で修羅場」 (Osananajimi no Namida de Shuraba)
“A Battleground Over the Tears of a Childhood Friend”

Oreshura, despite its chuunibyou skits and catch-all Chiwa-moe attempts, has been a tightly restrained and (purposefully) awkward experience for myself. For the last three episodes, there has been this lingering air of tenseness that seeps into all the comedy–almost every single bit of extravagance thus far has an unsettling purpose behind it, weighing it down. It is understandable if this mood has turned away a good number of people, but at last, at long last have the fruits of this setup begun to bloom, which I myself have only begun to appreciate. Finally this web of lies and misunderstandings between Chiwa and Eita have begun to dissipate, revealing underneath some meaning and depth behind Oreshura’s childhood friends.

Chiwawa, who secretly hoped that this entire plan would fail and instead grow closer to Eita, suddenly faces an unexpected turn. The boy she thought would never give her a chance…just did, which obviously shocked many. Combining both the stress of having to put up yet another facade with her new ‘boyfriend’ and Eita’s insufficient sensitivity to the issue has resulted in an understandable crack in her smile. The artists have done a remarkable job in painting the strained and false smiles of Chiwa throughout the episode (explaining the abnormal amount of caps dedicated to her), which results in a persona that at this point, you can’t help but sympathize with. Of course she could be more direct, but it’s understandable that she has this desire for Eita to notice the source of her torment all by her darn self, to save her once more from her sadness.

During the flashback, it was very sweet to see Eita take up the ridiculous, naive, yet heartwarming life goal of returning Chiwa to kendo through medicine, especially without any goals of his own beforehand. Suddenly Eita’s studyholic attitude isn’t some character trait randomly assigned, but instead is now an empathizing plot device–the fact that he fights on with his studies even now for Chiwa’s sake is admirable, though he himself expresses regret at articulating such lofty dreams. Although thick as a doorknob, and irritably so, his impartiality towards love actually has allowed him to become altruistic in his care for Chiwa, which ironically pains her more than providing comfort. How could she hate on him, despite his blockheadedness, when much of what he does actually is out of pure and beloved friendship?

Equipped with the inspiration of Eita’s studying and Chiwa’s affections for Eita, it’s hard for me not to see them as a couple deserving of one another. Through this new lens, it becomes clearer why the two put up with each other’s embarrassing antics. I feel that despite the slightly choking and embarrassing atmosphere of the show, all of that was merely pre-setup to show just how much crap these two will put up with for each other. We can argue all day on the effectiveness and relatability of such tactics, but it is undeniable that this was a gambit the show was betting on all along.

Masuzu, who has taken a backseat this episode, also recognizes the bond the two of them share, both through Eita’s notebook and womanly instincts through observing Chiwa. She too probably bet on this whole charade collapsing despite the troll backfires, and as such, we will see her trying to repair any damage done, or at the very least observe with confidence that Chiwa and Eita will find a way to fix it themselves. Although the backstory of Eita and Chiwa have been properly fulfilled this episode, a lingering curiosity towards Masuzu’s past and her intentions with all of these charades is yet to be revealed. Why does she insist on continuing this fake relationship even though she recognizes the bond that the other two share, and why did Masuzu suggest for Chiwa to go for this fake relationship of her own? The former is still hazy, but the latter could be guessed upon. Perhaps by accelerating the process of Chiwa’s confession, Masuzu would cleanly end this tension she created, fully expecting a rejection. There is the off-possibility that she was actually serious in trying to hook Chiwa up (like how serious she was in thinking her script was comedic), but I find it hard to grasp that Masuzu is that oblivious or cruel.

Wrapping it all up, I believe that Oreshura has finally begun its late bloom. I’ll admit that the comedy has been hit or miss for me thus far due to the lingering dramatic veil and the characters lacking in depth, but I feel that the turn for the better has begun today. The recurring theme of ‘fake relationships’ has been a fascinating topic that the show has constructed; it’ll be interesting to see how one fake couple will react to the actions of a newly constructed one, as we’ll most likely see next episode.

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  1. B’awwww, she rushed out of hospital to make sure Eita was okay after hearing the news.
    And then Eita decided to stop being Chu2 to help let Chiwa do kendo again.
    Sure hope Chiwa breaks the trend of childhood friends.

    1. I, of course, tend to have favorites in series like this, but rarely do I go over the top in trying to cheer them on. I’m usually on the side of the “childhood friend”, which is almost ALWAYS the losing side in anime (seriously, Japan hates childhood friends winning in these situations for some reason…). This case is no exception.

      Let me expand on that a bit, what I mean to say is that while I usually end up preferring the childhood friend in these series, in the end it doesn’t usually upset or perturb me when the MC inevitably chooses the new mysterious girl. In this case, I don’t think I’d be able to okay with that. While I expect a lot more bumps and twists to the story before it’s concluded, I just don’t see how I could ever forgive this series if Chiwa doesn’t “win” in the end.

      1. its a LOST cause! childfriends are like family and if theyre normal characters youd never love romantically your puny runt older sister! shes adorable shes cute and thats it! esp when the other girls all sexy silver haird-princesslike and stuff!

  2. In their cute little back story; when he decided that he would heal her, so what if it was naive, it was the most amazing thing a girl could hear in her situation, and you can just see the feelings she has for him click in to place. It almost made me cry, and I’m totally a manly-man.

    Chiwa is going to be the winner at the end. No question. All you thickheads with your love of long-haired “main characters”… pfft.

    1. You poor naive fool… If you knew your anime history well enough, you’d know that childhood friends have an embarrassingly low success rate. God I can’t even remember the last time the childhood friend won… though to be fair I haven’t seen much of the last two anime seasons.

      I’m thinking the last one I saw was Kashimashi ~girl meets girl~ but (as the title suggests) that was a girl-girl series and I’m not sure that that was how the manga ended (the anime ended pretty crappily either way)

      1. I don’t get what you guys have with the childghood freind whining. There are countless other Managa, Light Novels and Anime where childhood freinds win too. But in Chiwa’s case, there are other things that will bring her downfall.

      2. Well,going by stereotypes alone shouldn’t really be enough reason to root for some1.Their personality & interactions with their love interest should be the deciding factor.

        For instance,I’m a Nanami supporter in Sakurasou(she might not be a childhood friend but since there’s a lack of one,she’s the next closest thing to it)even tho’ I know it won’t happen or that I don’t mind Mashiro at all.On the other hand I absolutely couldn’t stand Chisato in KoiChoco and thought it was one of the worst matchings in recent rom-com history.

        I was also about to say that the so called “best girls” have an even lower win ratio than childhood friends but then I recalled Kokoro Connect,True Tears,Shuffle and Kimi ga nozomu Eien.

      3. @moridin84
        About childhood friend romance that won in the end.
        Kanon, True Tears, Ai Yori Aoshi, Inu X Boku SS, Kamisama Kazoku, Kimikiss, Lamune, RahXephon, Touch and there are many more.
        There are many examples where childhood friend win and lose, so being the childhood friend was never really the deciding factor.
        Chiwa will not lose because she is his childhood friend, but because of other things. For example that he just doesn’t see her as a romantic option (because of Westermarck effect) or that the feelings he will soon develop for Mazusu are by far stronger.

  3. Masuzu is beginning to look like a real matchmaker and that she’s doing these things
    to bring Eita and Chiwa closer. I first I though she was using his book as a way to
    manipulate him. While that’s appears true, it seems she’s using it to wake him up.
    But, of course, her plans don’t always work as Chiwa’s confession is unexpectedly
    accepted and Eita barely bats an eye. An interesting well played twist that I hope
    isn’t ruined by (future) bad writing.

    Okay, we’re at ep #3, we have the clueless boy cliché taken care of and the girl who
    can’t quite bring herself to confess, either. I’m hoping after the heart warming back
    story, we get away from that and see their relationship mature a little.

    I like the heart this series is starting to show…

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Likewise Aex. Too many people here are forgetting Masuzu’s stance on romance already. I think she made it pretty clear in the first episode. Eita made his stance pretty damn clear too. That’s the direction this series is going. That in itself should make shipping & matchmaking moot.

  4. give another plan of masuzu make eita talk of past life so have eita & chiwa do skit which people think it’s comedy got masuzu going why?!

    then help chiwa give letter to guy to go a date seem all fine til chiwa ask eita how he feel on it give eita sorta said wrong saying cause chiwa to run cry due to eita think of her as a sister.

    cue flashback of chiwa with injured leg & back visit eita telling him she can’t do kendo anymore while eita said his parents has split, find other loves & left him.

    so during dinner talk give eita mention maybe get work a doctor which chiwa cried which eita more determine help chiwa to really be a doctor.

    & after flashback both still wonder reasons to do next while masuzu being masuzu as usual.

  5. Really like the episode, better than the first two eps imo
    That acting is pretty funny
    Now we also know that she really loves Ei kun, not just a blind love but a more substantial love
    Eita is so nice, studying to become a doctor for Chiwa’s sake
    Chiwa is the star of the episode, I hope Eita ends up with Chiwa

  6. So now Masuzu’s BS has backfired on her & has spawned another fake relationship of sorts. Why this anime keeps on prolonging this BS arc is beyond me but it looks like the next episode will hopefully end it. Masuzu is NOT playing matchmaker here, she’s just playing with people’s feelings. Giving her the benefit of the doubt now will only decay into a mess when the others get involved.

    1. I know I said this last week, but if this BS arc isn’t ended next week I don’t know what they’re doing. The flashback was an acceptable reason to prolong the arc though, although I would’ve been fine with fitting it in next week and jamming the date in this week. I’m tired of Chiwa playing (and being played for) the fool, so I was too glad when she broke out and called Eita an idiot.

  7. Reading the comments is pretty shocking. Chiwa supporters aren’t present at any of the forums I frequent. Pretty much everyone has labeled her as annoying character at this point.

    And I thought the episode became incredibly boring when Masuzu wasn’t around. This show needs her desperately.

    1. It’s not a matter of boring or not
      It’s just the way Masuzu took advantage of Chiwa and harass her is becoming harsh week by week and it’s not funny anymore
      And different from you, I find episode 1 & 2 with Masuzu in it were boring. no offense 🙂
      I’m sure Masuzu will begin to develop her feelings for Eita, but for now Chiwa is better than Masuzu

      1. Although she’s really loud and sometimes annoying, seeing different side of Chiwa made me realized she is not a totally annoying person. She’s doing her best fore her feelings to be recognized by Eita and I think that’s sweet ^^
        And what I mean is Chiwa is better FOR Eita than Masuzu

      2. You have to wait for Masuzu´s true personality to surface to judge wich one has a shot with Eita, for what I´ve herad the silver maiden has more in common with Eita and have a better dynamic.

  8. Wonderful characters’ depiction!!! I had recognized this anime kind of ‘eye purifier…’
    I am looking forward for next episode about handling relationship with senpai and engagement(?) With Aita kunn

  9. I simpathyse with Chiwa but she can´t expect for Eita to be an esper and read her mind, the guy is not as thick headed as others but there was no way for him to notice Chiwa´s feelings.

    Poor Chiwa, for what I´ve been told she doesn´t stand a chaince against Mazusu but it´s nice to see this kind of development.

  10. (From Eita’s point of view…) If I’m Eita, I have a good, on-going, comfortable and a friendly relationship with Chiwa. She’s someone I can talk to,plus I have a reason to work hard to do something for her. Why in the world would I even consider messing it up by trying to ‘force’ myself closer and maybe ruin that friendship, plus all the extra time and effort away from studies to keep that closer relationship going? I know several people who tried out being couples, and found out they did a lot better just as friends, without the expectations and pressures (not saying they were doing things right…).

  11. Oh god why Eita? What you told Chiwa back then was sweeter than any confession or marriage proposal and in some ways more binding. At least entertain the idea that she might have feelings for you. :/

  12. I don’t think that what Eita needs is another person who shares a lot of his characteristics or has a lot in common with him. His conception of life is slightly twisted, especially in regards to romance.

    Chiwa is – contrary to some other characters – very honest with her feelings. She isn’t putting on a show to hide her feelings or puts on a mask – so to speak. And when she’s trying to hide her feelings, you can still tell that something is wrong.

    Maybe it’s just me, but could it be possible that Eita is aware of her feelings for him but in order to achieve his goal he pushed that knowledge aside and now this ignorance/thick headedness has become so normal for him, that he’s doing it out of habbit? He doesn’t want things to change?

    Or I’m giving the series far too much credit in regards to characterisation and character development.

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