Development wise, this was a rather skimpy chapter. There have been a fair few of them during this current arc. It was rather entertaining to see the younger Yui and Mio screwing about as ‘hostile aliens’ and Keima’s (somewhat creepy) use of his future knowledge to convince them that he was in fact from outer space. A clever tactic for sure! Keima seems to be ending up naked quite frequently these days too. It seems that only so many chapters can go by without someone stripping him down. I wonder if there’s a commentary there somewhere…

The only really interesting developments were Yanagi’s reaction to the joking suggestion that she should become Urara’s mother (it feels like this has some significance) and the impending discussion between the fathers (and grandfather) of the three girls. I can only hope that this discussion will bring some revelations. Perhaps all three actually have connections to the devils? We can only wait and see!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Not much in the way of plot, but plenty of moe moe antics this week! #TWGOK


      1. Her height is the least of her worries. I can already imagine how Mio’s father died, the devils must have killed her father.

        My other concern is if this “fantasy” route is going to work. What sort of “alien” tech will Keima use? Well, I guess he can use devices that can be found only in the future, iPhone, Ipad, ect.


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