「本当の強さ」 (Hontou no Tsuyosa)
“True Strength”

You know for the first few minutes, I spent the whole time thinking “I could use a bike like that for when I’m late”. Like you know, when I need to take a shortcut via the sea or something. Then I realized that this was always a possibility and I can’t swim so… heh. Guess that wouldn’t be too good of an idea. And no, before anyone says it, I can’t transform (yet). Would be a fun way to get to class though. Well whatever.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but Vividred’s really starting to remind me of Star Driver from Fall 10′-Winter 11′. They’re just so similar. Both are ridiculously over the top, both have transformation sequences for the main characters, and best of all—they’re both seriously fun to watch. Sure, the series doesn’t necessarily break any new ground in terms of personalities—in fact, it seems to intentionally jack some respects from other series I’ve watched before—but the way everything’s put together makes it worth watching regardless. I mean, Saegusa’s personality for example. It’s definitely something many of us have seen before, but combining that and her antics with Akane (that duel, chasing her across the school, sending her a love letter challenge etc.) and that epic Vividgreen Operation still made it well worth the price of admission. And boy, was that Final Operation this week epic.

The sad part though, is that the series seems like it’s being rushed slightly. The whole sequence with Saegusa acquiring her key and docking with Akane felt like it was streamlined just to fit the end of this episode… but I guess it’s not too surprising considering they only have 12 episodes to work with. Gosh darn though, I really wouldn’t mind if the series was a few episodes longer at this point. Ugh. Alas…

Either way, the cast is starting to come together, as Saegusa joins as the third (or would it be fourth counting our arrow wielding friend here?) member of our Vivid operation group. Looks like we’ll get Shinomiya following shortly, and what can I say? There’s no words to describe how much I’m just looking forward to the ridiculous transformation, docking, and fighting scenes we’re undoubtedly going to get in the future. And well, that’s about it. Short, sweet, and to the point. I’ll let the extra screenshots and the few full lengths below do the rest of the talking.

Some side notes:

  • Some extra bits about the Alone this episode, as it’s revealed that they seem to leech energy off the Engine.
  • That whole sword grabbing sequence… along with a few other miscellaneous scenes… really reminded me of Rinne no Lagrange.
  • Full-length images: 35, 38, 42.


    ED2 Sequence

    ED2: 「STEREO COLORS」 by 綾音 佐倉 (Ayane Sakura) & 大坪 由佳 (Yuka Ootsubo)



      1. Horrible subs uses crunchyroll to get their videos from what I’ve seen. since Crunchyroll doesn’t release the new episodes until sundays I wouldn’t expect Horrible subs to be out until then either.

      2. Horriblesubs does not “sub” or “drop” anything. They’re not a sub group, if a company releases it, they rip it. They rip the videos and subtitles directly from official companies like Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, etc. The subtitles you get in the resulting videos are exactly what they were in the original. In Funimation rips the subs are hardsubbed because that’s what funimation does. In crunchyroll’s case they use softsubs so you get the same softsubs.

    1. A part of me was almost thinking that Akane would win the duel against Saegusa so thankfully the Alone came along when it did. That would have been a bit of a letdown but aside from that, good episode. Awesome Vividgreen Operation.

    2. I felt like Star Driver was too formal with the battle sequences. It was more reminiscent of Utena.

      I think this show is more laid back and fun to watch. You don’t need to deal with a lot of questions like how easily they accepted Saegusa as an ally. There seems to be a lot of fanservice and yet its well presented so that it is refreshing to watch compared to the standard fare.

      I think it reminds me more of CCS or Nanoha with a more classical Super Sentai presentation. Something like Sailor Moon.

      1. So you think a butt shot every 5 min or so in your face is much more ‘refreshing’ and ‘well presented’ than butt shots and boob gropes that aren’t in your face? Hmm.

        I think it’s similar to CCS but has the extravagance of Star Driver and the cuteness of Rinne…which makes it a very odd mix. But interesting (excluding the fanservice).

      2. I think it is how the fanservice is integrated. Rather than having scenes that are only there for the fanserice, this flows more naturally. Like watching them run around the school.

        The Butt POV shot seems a bit much, but it seems to be only about once an episode.

    3. It was pretty ridiculous that Akane was able to fight on par with Wakaba without her suit, and the ending battle against the Alone was definitely rushed (the poor thing barely got any shots off, and Wakaba never even got to break out her personal weapon before she rushed right into getting it on docking with Akane and the two of them wiped it out).

      I wish they’d come up with some better way for Akane to handle the duel with Wakaba (it just doesn’t make sense for her to match her without the boost from the suit, I’m sorry), and I really wish they hadn’t rushed the fight against the Alone. I realize the things were going to have to be “monster of the week” type enemies, but they made it way too blatant with how utterly unthreatening this one was. It got off a grand total of two volleys, both of which accomplished nothing, and spent the rest of the (very short) time it was onscreen just floating there looking menacing. It was pretty obviously “We’ve only got 8 minutes left in the episode and we still have to have Wakaba officially join the team. Just cram an Alone battle in there and call it an episode.”

      Bleh. *shakes fist* This could have been done better, damn it!

      1. Akane’s wasn’t matching up to Wakaba though, she was disarmed within seconds. Akane had to resort to unconventional methods like blade catching and dual-wielding to level to playing field. At that point, it became less of a Kendo match and just two girls having fun fighting each other.

      2. @Wanderer: I have exactly the same thoughts regarding this episode except that Akane’s fight with Wakaba didn’t bother me quite as much. I viewed Akane’s ability to “fight on par” with Wakaba due to Akane’s better (almost abnormal) innate physical abilities. That being said, even if Akane is stronger faster and has better natural (vs. practiced) coordination, that can only go so far before credibility is strained. So IMO, while Akane reasonably might have avoided an instant loss, the fight lasted too long. Wakaba is supposed be a Kendo “national champion”. Take away the shinai, and I think an equally matched fight is much more plausible.

        The “phoned in” Alone battle was the most disappointing part for me. What made it worse was that the battle lasted a fraction of Akane’s & Wakaba’s fight. Am I the only one who thinks the director’s priorities are mixed up here? Maybe it was the case of poor pacing (i.e. story was running over alloted time so cut the Alone battle to make it fit).

        Bleh. *shakes fist* This could have been done better, damn it!

        That sums up my feelings about not only this episode, but the show so far. Like you, I enjoy watching the show, but it’s frustrating to think “what could have been”. The full team hasn’t been assembled and we already get a “one-hit victory”. It’s difficult to think of the Alones (the aliens, not the band :P) as a credible opponent let alone a threat to mankind. I couldn’t help but LOL while watching the “serious” discussion between the Blue Island Governor and “Ferret Sensei” (which is why I didn’t like Kenjirō’s “ferretization”). There are other things as well, but my point is that rather than “I find it difficult to take the show seriously”, at this point I’m not even sure if I am supposed to take it seriously at all. I doubt that reaction is what the director and producers intended.

    4. (I only wanted to comment to followup my last week’s comment; won’t be commenting a show I don’t watch “every” week as that’d be weird.)

      Last week I wrote that “why do they keep zooming right onto that arse…. Even still I predict they will do this again in next ep. Mark my word.”. Well ta-da! The arse shot IS the obligatory thing for Vivid-red Patsu show. On top of that, they rotate instead of having one same old, tired pair of cheeks every week! I mean people get restless with just one. Folks, it’s ok. You watch this since it’s one of those mild, soft ecchi show. Fine with me if put it like that; just because I don’t watch this doesn’t mean shaming has to be involved as long as people are honest going about it (I don’t mean this in patronizing manner – in case you’re mistaken). And I think most are, anyway.

      1. hmm. I suppose even though I tried, it came out a bit patronizing nevertheless. oh well. Not the first time where I strayed from the objective. If it helps, there is no malicious intent. A playful jab, if you will.

      2. You watch this since it’s one of those mild, soft ecchi show.

        Speaking (well, writing really but w/e) for myself, no, no I don’t watch this show because it’s “soft ecchi” – and just to be clear, I do watch ecchi shows.

        Why I watch Vividred:

        1) Humor. I LOL at times when watching this episode just as I did with previous episodes.

        2) Visual quality. I like the overall “look” and I find the visual quality very good. Not a huge reason (i.e. sufficient in itself to make me watch), but an positive nonetheless.

        3) Action. Not as much as I want (this episode for sure), but clearly there will battles from time to time. Hopefully fight scenes vs. the “Alones” (is it me, or is this just a bad name for the aliens?) won’t be so much of an afterthought as in this episode.

        4) Sufficiently interesting story/plot. Nothing ground-breaking, but enough to make me want to follow the anime and see how they resolve everything.

        Short version = I find it entertaining for reasons entirely separate from the pantsu shots.

        I find the show “cute” as much as “ecchi” despite the intentional (obligatory?) pantsu shots and yuri undercurrents. When a pantsu shot occurs, my reaction is more “Oh – so there’s where they decided to put this week’s pantsu shot” more than anything else. I previously posted that I’d much rather have the characters at least a couple years older (i.e. high school+) for an “ecchi” show and I stand by that. Others may disagree and that fine – JMO.

        Short version: You could take out every pantsu shot and it wouldn’t make a difference as to whether I watch the show.

        I’m sure some percentage of viewers are watching solely for the few, random pantsu shots. Furthermore, I am by no means claiming that this show couldn’t be improved in more than one aspect. However, to suggest that all viewers watch Vividred solely for the pantsu shots is simply wrong.

      1. Like I said, there’s a lot of stuff Vividred seems to borrow from. In ways, one could say they are similar to Sentai and Kamen Rider if you really wanted to think about it. But what I meant was, in terms of recent shows (and anime ones at that), those reasons, amongst many others warrant a good comparison at Star Driver. There’s just the atmosphere of ridiculousness there that’s hard to deny from the way I see it. That and the fact Star Driver’s pretty much the series many associate it with “fabulousness,” which this series also contains, while utilizing similar aspects.

      2. Perhaps the beach sequences, or the fact that the main characters test each other’s spirit with kendo, or the villain of the week battles with high quality mecha parts that he saw was similar?

    5. I kinda felt bad for that Alone. I mean, it didn’t even do anything. It was just flying there, minding its own business, when suddenly a bunch of flying girls come attack and kill it. That is not appropriate conflict resolution! Maybe it just wanted to be loved! Did they ever think about that?! You monsters!

    6. I can’t enjoy this show – I tried but it’s too blatant with fanservice. >_<
      The main character's voice has this really high annoying pitch to it, and characters are just flat.

      This series isn't one for me. Plenty more out there to see this season I think.

    7. I dunno why but from the second episode I was reminded of ‘Evangelion‘, base on how that Alone evolve and started attacking like crazy everything around it. And in this one an Alone/angels appear out of the blue and the ‘Children‘ must go save the day. Lulz. Not that it’s a bad thing, but Akane seems to be popping out ‘keys’ out of her chest base on request, at least I know how we’re getting our assemble from the OP of more girls joining.

      Saegusa may not look much like a loli compare to the other girls, base on her height, but she seems to be bonding with the lolies of them all, Akane’s little sister. I suspect the yuri shippers to have already ship that pair but also have dojins circulating the net.

      This series has pass the 3 episode rule for me. While I’m reminded of Evangelion, Power Rangers, Star Drivers, Strike Witches, Rinne no Lagrange, really I could be here all day naming more series, I will not drop it. It’s far too amusing to do so.

      Folks, we have our very own NERV/Novumundos here! For me, Rei (healing/provoker of the Alone) is like Kawarou, the grandpa is Misato, Akane is Asuka, not because of the red color, but because regardless of how much of a pain Asuka can be in the series, she is above all very talented. Aoi is Rei because of the blue and reserveness, and for the Hell of it since we’re already crossing animes, I’ll say Saegusa is Sailor Jupiter because their personalities of being stubborn and skill are basiclaly cannon. That and the color selection is uncanny. There I found my own amusement in this anime to keep following it. I’ll add more roles when the need arises for me. xD

    8. Forgot to add this in, Akane is like the luckiest girl in the World, from what I seen with Vividgreen, everytime they wish to Dock, they must kiss Akane in the forehead. Obligatory harem for Akane?

      Dunno why, but I stumbled across Simoun in the past, and that whole ‘lip kissing’ to active the airships didn’t do it for me, regardless of how much fanservice it was. I find this process of kissing in the forehead to be more appropriate and a bit more tasteful regardless of how flashy it can be. It may have yuri overtones, but it’s not so freaken blunted about it. Maybe it’s cause the cast seems to be loli? That it would feel weird if they did more than just kiss on the forehead? Lolis with amazing full moons figures nonetheless. Thank you Japan for making this so confusing for me, I feel so mix up about it! xD But yeah, Akane = Luckiest girl ever.

      1. Actually, if you want to go further, Voltes V from 1977 (which was one year before the manga debut of Urusei Yatsura and four years before the anime adaptation) is the first anime (correct me if I am wrong) with the emphasis on the bare-handed blade block – an entire segment of a particular episode was dedicated to Kenichi Go/Steve Armstrong learning how do to the trick.

        However, bonafide Kendo practioners and their senseis will tell you it is more practical to get out of the way/redirect the blow of a blade (wooden or not) than try to catch the blade between the palms like what Akane did in this episode.

    9. This is completely random but I think they used the same obligatory ass but just a different BG everytime.

      Zephyr you should make a game about ‘who can spot the ass’ in the caps! Hell, even call it ‘can you identify whose ass this is?’ cause in all honesty I was thinking Rei when I first saw it on your caps before watching it, and when I realize that it wasn’t it shocked me. Lol.
      I’m saying man, it’s the same ass used everytime in each episode. I would totally played that game and I will lose everytime.

    10. No mention of Vivid Green doing the famous Yuusha Pose? That alone makes the mecha fan in me happy. Nothing is more awesome than a mecha Magical(Science?) Girl with a giant sword.

      I’ll admit that this episode was rushed, as its intent was to establish the cast ASAP. I’ve heard some complaints that Wakaba docked easily with Akane (that sounded dirty) as opposed to Aoi. I’d argue that the difference is that Aoi had hidden insecurities about Akane’s friendship at first while Wakaba had nothing to hide and quickly matched the thoughts of Akane.

    11. Momo akane’s little sister is the most tastefull portrayal of a little girl character in a while. No offense to yuri lovers but i’m getting tired of the yuri relationships in anime now, it was cool when it was once in a while but now it’s just getting annoying and this coming from someone who doesn’t mind yuri.

    12. new school for akane to transfer getting late so fly to school & bump meet with sword girl while wearing kamina shades & block the slash to hurry to school.

      which military lady why you did that also which undercover as their teacher & oh “mystery girl” in same class & oh sword girl is there getting hmm on akane.

      sword girl going full chase on akane til bump meet her sister then some talk & bandage the head to next day challenge with got both them all excite & have fun.

      til alone attack appear then “mystery girl” arrow of make my monster grow then sword girl want to help to enter green marching band outfit & docking combine with akane for vivid green & big sword slash to slay the alone.

      all good everyone all fine yet robot eyes see it all?

    13. So much for military secrets and secret identity when Akane shared the power to Wakaba like
      it was candy or something. It’s like they need to have her join by the end of the episode just because :/

      I keep facepalming in this episode and show but I can’t seem to tear my eyes off it. And not because of the butt shots mind you. I’ll still stick around with this. I need some silly shows like this to wash away some of the serious business of the other shows that air in the same day.

    14. [Shameless copy of my comment in another blog]

      Ugh, I don’t know whether I’ve gone crazy or because I don’t think at all when see this show, but somehow I see A LOT OF symbolism in this series…

      First the major theme of Vividred maybe not friendship, but fear or at least defeating fear…
      At first episode, fear of height…
      Second episode, fear of losing friendship…
      Third episode, fear of being weak…
      Thus each episode revolve around defeating fear, which symbolise growing from adolescent (where you do certain act because of certain fear) to adulthood (where you do certain act because you no longer fear)…

      Then the ass shot that suppose to be the obligatory fanservice, somehow gives a certain image…


      Those 3 images, when seen in order, somehow construct an image that a woman being pleased, then her virginity taken, and later on gives birth to child…
      Which means, those fanservices are actually symbolism about woman path to motherhood…

      Not to mention many shoutout to another series of mecha, super sentai, magical girl, etc. which probably has its own meaning…

      What are the important of these?
      We can possibly foresee what plot the future episode will revolve about, what conflict will arise, what action certain character will do, what reference they will use, what massage they try to convey beneath this ‘fun-fun-fun’ anime, etc.
      Or at least simply looked smart like those conspiracy theorist… 😛

      Well, somehow this episode gives me a very-very strong impact without being an impactful episode (I mean, I can point out every single weaknessess this episode has, but I already decide that I will shut my brain now – at least for now – so I won’t do that)…

      Oh, last but not least…
      With Wakaba reaction that suggest she has some vibe with Momo (the ‘kawaii’ comment), I somehow come to a conclusion that Himawari on the next episode isn’t her partner, but her gift to Akane so Akane will allow her to get close with Momo… XD

      1. “Those 3 images, when seen in order, somehow construct an image that a woman being pleased, then her virginity taken, and later on gives birth to child…
        Which means, those fanservices are actually symbolism about woman path to motherhood…”


    15. This episode felt a bit rushed, and I believe next episode might be the same way. But I’m okay with it, the series is amazing and I’m sure they’ll pick up the pace soon!

    16. Word has it that the creators are planning a “mood shift” starting epiosde 5. I’m thinking it’s going to be something similar to the change in mood in Nanoha season 1 when Fate first appeared.

    17. Shame that Wakaba’s docking with Akane was rushed, and she didn’t even get to show off her own individual fight scenes prior to docking. Hopefully we’ll see more of it in the future.

      Kinny Riddle
    18. I can see the Star Driver comparison but really this most reminds me of Rinne no Lagrange. Similar girl-love friendships, cutesy save the world ideals, a little fan service, and excellent mecha combinations. I do really love the Vividred transformations though, especially the arm sequences. 🙂


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