「伏魔殿(パンデモニウム)」 (Pandemoniumu)

Natsu’s greatness as a character never ceases to amaze me. I know his personality is quite generic, especially in shounen, but what’s wrong with that? Being compassionate and fair is something I think is worth encouraging; it’s also something I respect. So while there are people who think that Natsu’s personality is supposed to appeal to the younger audience, I don’t think that necessarily has to mean that you’re childish for admiring a heroic character. I’m a Natsu fangirl, and I don’t think I’m being silly for that. And why would you not like Natsu after today’s episode? He did nothing but impress me with his kind heart. Seeing how he dared to take on a guild master on his own for the sake of someone he doesn’t even know made me appreciate him more than I already do.

Aside from his wonderful personality, he also impressed me by using his strength. Few characters are as cool as Natsu when they fight (maybe Gray, I’m so punny today). Today’s episode truly did Natsu justice. I really enjoyed seeing him destroying Sabertooth’s lodgings like a boss! It’s too bad that his opponent pulled a nasty trick against him by kidnapping his friend. Everyone, the [insert negative word for emphasis] woman has appeared! Minerva (Inoue Kikuko) – a.k.a. the princess of Sabertooth, is not a character I really like. I do admit that she looks beautiful in the anime, but I absolutely can’t tolerate this woman. And I think it’s easy to see that she is going to be trouble for FAIRY TAIL. Just look at what she did right after being introduced – she used Happy against Natsu. She’s definitely cunning, and wow, she is strong! She stopped an angry Natsu – that’s hard! While I really don’t like Minerva, I definitely look forward to seeing the upcoming episodes, even though she will have a major role in those. I’m very pleased with her introduction. There is just one thing that confused me a bit; I assumed Minerva would have purple hair…

Oh well, screw Minerva. It’s all about Erza now! Pandemonium is probably my favourite moment of this tournament so far. I absolutely love the concept of having someone fight a random amount of monsters of various ranks until there is no more magic to use. Even though the episode ended with a rather frustrating cliffhanger, I’m glad that it did, because it seems like the whole event will be dragged out next week. According to the preview, we will see Erza fight (that wasn’t really in the manga), which makes me very happy. I’m really, emphasis on “really”, looking forward to next week’s episode. Hopefully it will be amazing! We can’t have Natsu stealing all the limelight, so now it’s time for Erza to shine – and she does it gloriously! Fighting 51 monsters (and manage to come out alive), is all you need to get the highest score, but some mere points aren’t enough for FAIRY TAIL! Nope, Erza is totally stealing this, and I’m glad she chose to fight them all. It’s time for people to start respecting the best guild again!

Moete kitazou!

Random thoughts:

  • I was surprised to find out that I’ve been misspelling two characters’ names for quite a long time. Cana is actually Kana, and Orga is Olga. Oh well, I’m glad that’s cleared up now, but I’m too lazy to go back to fix my old posts.
  • Even though I dislike Minerva, I find her extremely beautiful for some reason. And I really like the fact that she has braids in her hair.
  • I’m surprised Gray and Natsu are still alive after throwing that pillow at Erza’s face!
  • I wish this scene would’ve been less blurry. It’s truly a magnificent image of Erza! Good thing that I have the same one from the manga!
  • Natsu hugging Happy – so cute!
  • Mavis is my favourite loli!
  • I love how Natsu and Gray are proudly laughing because of Erza’s brave choice.
  • This is probably a very boring image but I decided to keep it because I absolutely adore Kana’s smile on this.
  • It seems like Sabertooth might have someone who isn’t heartless after all!
  • That is a very large construction…
  • I think I love Natsu too much. I ended up with 140 caps of him today… He is simply too cool! I don’t think there is anyone as awesome as Natsu, with my boyfriend being an exception because he is the best!
  • I apologise for being tardy with my post today. It seems like my worst enemy – parallax – showed up today in almost every full-length shot.
  • Full-length shots: 1, 4, 9, 10, 13, 14, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 25, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34




    1. I don’t. Dobengal fought Natsu in this episode. And the fight was different than what took place in the manga. Dobengal lasting as long as he did takes away from the definitive conclusion we saw in the chapter. That fight was a bad adaptation.

      I don’t want more screw-ups.

    2. If you look at the preview for next week and the fact the anime needs to stretch manga material out it is highly likely this will be stretched out to half an episode. Then the second half will be the blah blah blah… Almost went spoiler…

  1. Don’t worry with the name issue happens all the time before the official spelling comes out. Hell worse happens in Anime Adaptations when the Rinningan was first shown in the Naruto anime it was rainbow coloured as the official colouring wasn’t out yet.

  2. I think after this long, there’s no hope of me spelling Cana differently. Not that I care that much about her character, but after 165 episodes the decision has already been made.

    I think Natsu is a great character. Sometimes you just need that kind of personality and really those qualities are things that people can appreciate. Someone reckless enough to just attack Sabertooth because of what happened to Yukino. He probably didn’t even know this person existed before her fight, but was willing to go to war on this. Of course I think plenty of members of Fairy Tail would have been ready to follow him. It’s pretty much a guild of lost souls that have been saved because they were in Fairy Tail. A place that treats its guild members like that is as much their enemy as Raven Tail.

    Wish Natsu got to deliver a few more blows before leaving, but can’t be helped. That Minerva will be trouble. Almost Raven Tail level in her cheap tactics. And yeah, can’t underestimate someone that could actually block that attack from Natsu.

    Time for Erza to go out and be awesome. Time for Fairy Tail to follow through and completely leave Sabertooth in the dust. They won’t lose again to that kind of guild.

    What is funny is that Lucy once again gets a hit on Erza. Reminds me way back to when Erza fell into Lucy’s pitfall trap. Does Lucy have a hidden grudge against Erza that she’s hidden too this point XD?

  3. That was a nice episode. Is it just me or the animation was better than usual?

    In any case, I’d like to mention that I really like reading your Fairy Tail posts. You are able to point out the good in what people usually deem bad. 😛 So thank you for them.

    Oh and also

    I was surprised to find out that I’ve been misspelling two characters’ names for quite a long time. Cana is actually Kana, and Orga is Olga. Oh well, I’m glad that’s cleared up now, but I’m too lazy to go back to fix my old posts.

    I wouldn’t trust anime too much on that one :/ They’re not really accurate, they’ve made rather weird changes to the guild names as well, most of them not making any sense at all. ‘Marmaid Heel’, what’s a ‘marmaid’?

      1. Yeah I wouldn’t worry about the on-screen names too much.

        She’s still “Cana” to me. 🙂

        And although some fans probably don’t care about English licensors or dubs , Funimation’s ending credits say “Cana”.

        Also who knows maybe it’ll be fixed for the DVD release?

        I noticed the original broadcast version of the ending credits for Freezing had “Lana Rinchen” in the background but for the DVD/Blu-ray release it was changed to the correct “Rana Linchen”.

  4. YEAH NATSU YOU TELL THAT JERKOFF NEVER TO SHAME A FACE LIKE YUKINO’S!!!!! GOD!! SO SATISFYING!!!! I love his Papa Wolf tendencies he shows, more obviously when he hugs Happy. Of course it looks like he made more problems as Sabertooth now has an excuse more excuses to hate Fairy Tail. :T

    1. Natsu: “Bring it on, I’m all fired up!!!”

      Anyway, I hope they would invest some budget for next week to show case Erza’s various armor set… something along the line of a Hi Ougi/Mystic Arte Exhibition.

  5. >mfw you read about ‘Stereoman’ bragging about boyfriend before you go to check the gender on blog
    I’ve been looking forward to this Erza moment ever since the manga.
    And indeed, the world would be a better place if more women got into shounen anime.

  6. Wow, he even refered to his own daughter with a ‘kisama’… Father-of-the-Year contender, eh

    I really don’t mind the little additions that the anime is putting in – I just think about them as little appendacies that the author had made but didn’t have enough time to put into the original material. And besides, Ninja Boy sucked. I bet Fairy Tail’s A & B teams could completely destroy the entire Sabertooth guild…

  7. I din’t expect Minerva to look like that…in colour. I still think that she should have red hair, like Erza, it’s just how I’ve imagined her. Still, if anything her dark colours match her personality, and her magic looks like it’s animated nicely too. Natsu’s rumble this episode has be syched for his fight later in the tournemant. Should be great!

    Also, didn’t know you spell Kana with a K. I always thought it was Cana. Oh well! learn something new every day, right?

  8. Natsu and Gray happily laughing at Erza’s declaration is one of my favorite panels in the manga in recent memory (made me happy you had an afterthought of it!.) Its awesome how it conveys so much about their characters, their bonds with Erza, and respect/understanding of her true strength. Shown among everyone else’s surprised and worried reactions to silently portray that just had an impact with me.

    Anyway, your Natsu fangirling over a part of the story I particularly enjoyed got me all fired up about why I love FT also and I totally agree with your first paragraph. Keep up the great coverage and looking forward to Erza next week!

  9. >Inoue Kikuko as Minerva
    So she’s 17 years old then.

    As a manga reader, I’m welcoming this cliffhanger and the preview with open arms. I always thought this part needed some more details in the manga. Though it will probably just be extended to half of the next episode, seeing as Mavis was smiling in there and that’s the other part where… it’s spoiler territory.
    Better than nothing I guess.
    The episode was still good. The part where Natsu was punching the master left and right was so exhilarating. Plus that OST..
    Can’t wait for the next episode.

    I want to know how this bf-gf deal started. I keep seeing it as you two keep mentioning it in your posts 🙁
    I’m missing out a lot on IRC. I can’t log in properly and I don’t have time T_T

    1. 17… She doesn’t look like her age at all!

      Also yeah, that OST, so good! It irks me so much that I don’t know the release date for OST volume 4. ;A;

      And I’ve been going out with Moomba since New Year’s Eve, so that’s when it all started. :]

  10. Mavis is an interesting character, she is somewhat tangible, can perform many living actions, and she is so…quirky (one of my favorite characters). But I do wonder if Mashima will get expand her history and how she made Fairytail, I’m also very curious how she became a ghost.

  11. I feel no shame in saying that Fairy Tail is the only Anime where i feel like either crying or laughing every week. It’s not only because of sad things but great music combined with epic moments ( when natsu was confronting fairy tails master for example ).

    I am reading the Manga and knew what was coming with the game announced this week and Erza stepping into the ring, yet i was getting wet eyes while still having to laugh( Natsu & grey lol) with erza basicly destroying the whole conept of the game and leaving everyone stunned
    with something no one could foresee 😀

    1. I’m so with you Maniac! I cheer every time Natsu get’s fired up. Fairy Tail is the reason I love watching animes because it makes you feel all the things, like books! No shame at all!!

  12. Is it me or is Yukino like worshiping Natsu after all that ruckus with Sabertooth? I mean, Natsu Sama, come on:D Anyway, even though I know it will not happen, not in a million years, I’m shipping Natsu and Yukino. I’m guessing that there probably already are doujins featuring these two characters… 😉

  13. I think Orga is spelled right; it’s that way in Anime News Network. The link to “angry Natsu” goes to the wrong image.
    Waku-waku doki-doki (heart aflutter with anticipation) for next week.

    random viewer

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