Well now, this was certainly an interesting (and more than a little surprising) chapter! I had actually secretly hoped that Mio and Yui’s fathers would be in on the whole secret – it could’ve made for some nice connections to their original captures – but I suppose the idea that they’re being swindled by Urara’s grandfather is a far more plausible development. The reveal that he’s discussed the devils with others in the wake of his daughter’s apparent murderous rampage was a good one though – at least he’s tried to bring others in on the whole thing. I can’t help but wonder where the runaway spirit that possessed her might have come from while the majority were still sealed, whether this might mean that it’s a far more powerful one than usual which managed to evade capture or somehow break free.

But I guess the biggest surprise would have to be that ending. Wow. I can’t say I ever expected to see an adult Urara at all, let alone this early. I know a lot of people hoped we’d see her when Keima returns to his usual time after making whatever changes are necessary, but the fact that Wakaki has revealed her grown up form here (I assume the runaway spirit has a hand in this? Maybe it connects somehow to Dokurou’s de-aging too?) seems to strongly suggest to me that she will still vanish once this arc is over and Keima returns to the present. On this, I actually hope I’m wrong. I guess we’ll find out eventually!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Well now, that was a surprising development! In more ways than one! #TWGOK


  1. I’m assuming this is that same runaway spirit had which possessed her mother and when she (I assume so) died the spirit started waiting for another target. Since Vintage recognised Elsie as someone from the runaway squad that probably means they were already escaping even before the huge release and this is one of them.

  2. Can’t Keima see runaway spirits?

    Dokurou chan’s aging seemed related to shinigami special powers to deceive Urara. Dokurou doesn’t seem to be quite human after what we have seen so far. That noted, it doesn’t seem like there is anything out of place in previous chapters about Urara that would imply that she had a runaway spirit prior.

    Most of the runaway spirits around the area escaped after the childhood incident which hasn’t happened yet. I would think that Urara might be possessed by her mother’s old spirit. Her growth is probably more related to her desire to be adult than Dokurou.

  3. Wait… Runaway spirits are held inside a woman’s stomach, waiting to be reborn, and we don’t know when Urara was born. Could the runaway spirit be Urara/dormant inside Urara? Maybe that’s why we don’t see her in teh future, because Keima and Dokuro have to kill the runaway spirit, taking Urara with it. 🙁

    Another note, Urara was thinking about wanting to be an adult, similar to how we first saw her. Without Keima’s intervention, this leads to the first timeline after the save point. But now Urara has changed into an adult! This brings me back to my first point, because now Keima can conquer Urara without it being weird… In a sense.

    1. Hmm interesting theory, but didn’t her mom go crazy after Urara was born? Unless she died in childbirth, she was never really shown to be normal after that. Perhaps odd hole in the ground would imply it went to the grave with her.


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