「ブライアン」 (Buraian)

Uchuu Kyoudai never fails to be an emotionally moving series. The outcome was always quite clear – there was never any doubt in my mind how things would turn out, though they came very close to changing this, yet it still had incredible impact when the moment finally came. With the build-up throughout previous episodes, and especially in this one, I was always sure that the oxygen generator would arrive at the last minute to save the day. There were a few sketchy moments in there though, as Hibito suffered with his oxygen tank exhausted – moments where I found myself constantly scanning the screen for signs of the drone, wondering why it wasn’t making an appearance.

It’s kind of funny to learn at this late stage that Brian Jay didn’t leave a very good early impression on Hibito. Until now, he’s never been shown as anything less than a flawless idol who met a tragic end. But he was a genius, one who was fully aware of just how talented he was, and on a level comparable to Mutta. He was always there to help Hibito out, even when his assistance wasn’t wanted, always as jovial and friendly as if Hibito was really his own brother. Perhaps the comparisons to Mutta contributed a lot to those first impressions and idolisation. It makes sense that he would appear to save Hibito once again and there was something emotional and magnificent about seeing his spectre stride ahead of the oxygen generator bearing his name, bringing salvation one last time.

At the end of the day, Uchuu Kyoudai has always been about two brothers and their dreams to stand on the moon together. Brian and Eddie Jay never actually got to properly realise this dream – the closest they came was in the model Brian left on the moon with their photo. There’s something kind of emotional in that – the fact he went to such a length to ensure that they’d at least be able to stand together in some form. With Hibito now saved, and the announcement that Uchuu Kyoudai has been renewed in a much more prominent timeslot, perhaps we’ll one day get to see the moment when Mutta and Hibito stand together on the surface of the moon!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – The countdown of Hibito’s final moments commences… and concludes. #SpaceBros

Random thoughts:

  • Brian Jay’s multitasking skills were really impressive!
  • It’s somewhat strange to have watched an episode of Uchuu Kyoudai which not only contains physical suffering but is also completely devoid of its usual humour.
  • Counting down the seconds to someone’s death certainly seems very wrong. It’s not like counting down towards a launch – there’s nothing joyous about the occasion.
  • Mutta’s continued faith in Hibito’s survival was rather impressive and kind of seemed to border on denial.

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  1. It’s been a while since I thought “man..this character might die soon…”
    I mean we’ve seen a lot of “good deaths” but it was always a surprise or a big twist.

    It might be a first time (for me) to see that kind of developpement with more than just one episode to build the stress to OVER NINE THOUSAAAND.

    I even though Hibito wouldn’t get to the Brian-3 in time.

    Great arc.

  2. Well folks I have to tell you something. Perhaps sit down for this incredibly shocking news.

    Is Uchuu Kyoudai a PG show running on Sunday morning? Yes it is! Of course no MC will die, EVER. Mutta brothers are protected by plot armors and then some. So relax. They won’t die. Think of children if you thought they would’ve died. Or better yet, think of adults who think for the children and what they might feel on their behalves if these MC were to die. The studio will be flooded by angry parents calling and screaming in no time. Do you really wish that for the studio folks? Is that what you want? Huh? Huh? Well, what kind of a person are you to even imagine that kind of sick stuff!

    (in case you’ve forgotten, I’m one of the biggest fan of this show, sarcasm in this post notwithstanding)

    1. Oh yeah thanks for that, but you know what?
      I don’t care about studios, channels, or when the damn show is airing. – because I’M NOT JAPANESE, and I’M NOT WATCHING JAPANESE TV. I’m watching Japanese show/anime.

      The hell if I know that it’s a sunday morning show, last time I trusted that kind of opinion I’ve seen a little magical girl been killed by a cute monster called Charlotte (Madoka).

      A few episodes back, I’m sure that nobody would have though that there will be this much drama in this show either.

  3. Am i the only one fuming over the NASA leader guy on picture 27? I hate that guy for the decision he made despite facts and shouldn’t he be explaining himself for almost causing the death of hibito?
    I though the next episode would cover his hearing or something in front of officials.

    I hope the anime doesn’t brush this to the side and that it’s dealt with otherwise it just feels cheap.

    what pisses me off isnt the fact that he made a mistake, but the fact that he chose not to listen to jaxa and muta because im sure he thinks very little of them (more in the state of mind as we are america we have the best head and technology)

    1. Actually the guy made his decision based on the facts available at the time, and it was the correct decision, realisticly the only one he could have made. They knew the position of at least one astronaut before they set off, and the training the astronaut received even included the contingency that during an emergency of this kind, astronauts were to stay put until help arrived. A family member guessing at what somebody might do in that situation despite what they had been told they should do shouldn’t have affected his decision given those facts.

      Pot Noodle
    2. We are “Angry”. Because we saw what happen with our own Eyes. But this Men, has only the “Facts” what his Men give him. I dont wanna swap with this Guy. What you think have happen, if they really go with the “Rules”? Daiman would be freeze Death. They only know of their “Space Suit” Status, when they got out of the Shadows. Before that it was still the Big Unknown

      Guessing in the Dark

  4. I just found out that there is an Uchuu Kyoudai live action movie. The trailer I saw does show Hibito and Damian falling so it seems like the live action covers a lot. I want to watch it, but I don’t want it to spoil any parts of the anime for me. Does anyone know how much material the movie covers? Is it safe to watch it now that the Hibito-life-or-death-situation has just about concluded?

    1. Just downloaded and watched the live action movie. Verdict: need more Serika-chan. Show Spoiler ▼

  5. This is a first for any anime for me. I’ve watched things like Clannad After Story and Anohana, and even continuously depressing shows like Now and Then, Here and There, and I’ve never gotten even close to crying. But this episode did it for me. I couldn’t stop the tears as Hibito collapsed, and then as Brian arrived with his goofy smile (a more awesome person than Brian could not exist, he had every right to show off that awesomeness).

  6. Also no one has pointed out Azuma’s emotions in this episode. Seeing him, a normally calm and collected guy, hopelessly shouting at Hibito to respond made the whole situation that much more jarring.

  7. I was impressed that they showed the early symptoms of carbon dioxide poisoning as Hibito was walking around. It would be such a terrible way to die, I’m glad Brian came to save the day!

  8. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an episode that’s so harrowing, and the relief that followed when Brian robot walked up to him actually made me tear up.

    Seeing Hibito going through death throes when he’s out of air hits a lot of my fears about space and the risks that people who are in space have to go through.

    The Truth is in the Axe
  9. For a second I actually thought, damn this is the end, Hibito is going to die, and what I horrible death that would be… But eventually Brian saved the day. That episode was so well executed, the writing for Space Brothers really is exquisite.

  10. I can’t believe this show has let me tear up for the past 3 episodes straight. And it’s a different kind of crying… man. I was actually crying tears of relief and joy at the end, very much different from those Toradora and Ano Hana sad scenes. It feels natural. And that’s great storytelling there. No other anime have I seen that one of the characters is a middle aged average looking guy and his brother could evoke such feelings of angst and tension to despair then relief. And it’s not even a sad romance story!

  11. “Mutta’s continued faith in Hibito’s survival was rather impressive and kind of seemed to border on denial.”

    Mutta didn’t know that Hibito’s oxygen tank was ruptured. As far as Mutta knew, Hibito had plenty of air left to wait for a rescue.


    NASA fan
  12. I thought it was weird that this wasn’t mentioned at all… but I’m pretty sure that Show Spoiler ▼

    Drop Table
  13. Uchuu Kyoudai being renewed to a better time slot is a great news.
    Just to let you know, we’re still at only about halfway of the original material (which haven’t ended yet either), so there’s plenty more to come! 😀


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