「マリンスノー」 (Marin Suno)
“Marine Snow”

Looking over the course of the past few weeks, it’s quite obvious that the second season has bought with it quite the abrupt change in atmosphere. At the same time though, despite the rather “nonchalant” mood most of these episodes have given, each has managed to sneak in some kind of serious development, reveal, or telling flashback despite this fact. It’s as if we’re slowly piecing together a puzzle of which we know nothing about in terms of size or number of pieces… and this episode is no different.

On one hand, we have the usual “shenanigans” as one may call them—and some priceless + hillarious ones at that. We got Hakaze continuing to going bonkers over her love for Yoshino, the messing around with Hanemura and his Mage of Exodus public persona, the whole list of things Aika did to make it so no one would approach Yoshino to try and ask him out, and the whole whiteboard meeting discussing Yoshino’s apparent fondness for forbidden love (How about them Lolitas? No? Teacher? Married woman? Ehhh?).

The other hand however, gives us quite a bit in regards to the direction this series is going—and as confirmed by Takumi’s comments in the beginning, seems to point toward potentially attempting to get rid of both the Tree of Genesis and the Tree of Zetsuen in an effort to restore the world to one where humans have full control of their lives. At least, that’s what his goal seems to be. Either way though, he’s slowly gaining back an important position in the military/intelligence… which seems innocent enough, but I can’t seem to shake this feeling I’ve been getting since I saw him first come up as a character—the feeling that he’s secretly planning something of his own. At the same time though, it doesn’t feel quite right to consider him a Mage of Exodus candidate however, because it seems like he’s clearly aiming more for the destruction of both trees more than anything. Hm…

Moving on to something more concrete though, we get the continued line of thinking from Samon and Co. about Yoshino potentially being the heart of the Mage of Exodus, while Hanemura is the body—both split by the Tree of Exodus as a backup plan. In ways, they’re right to be suspicious in terms of the fact it can’t hurt to be so considering the world’s situation right now… but as a scientist, I can’t help but feel like they’re making the number one error people make when presenting a theory. That is, they’re starting with a theory and trying to find things to fit it—to the point where they seem to be twisting even unrelated things to fit it, rather than actually forming a theory around known facts. As nice of a candidate Yoshino would be even if the Mage had been split up, it just feels more and more like they’re just barking up the wrong tree in general, and this might set the stage up for some potential disaster before it’s all said and done.

Notably however, we’re finally at a point where everyone seems to know who Yoshino’s girlfriend was… though the methods of finding out were quite different, as Yoshino willing reveals it to Hakaze (HOW BOUT THAT CONFESSION!?) and the others find out after much conjecture and avoidance of the obvious answer. The question now though, is what now? With Aika being deceased and at the center of it all, Samon and Co. will undoubtedly believe even more strongly that Yoshino is the heart… but at the same time, Hakaze will be less and less likely to believe it, given that he willingly revealed that to her. The chasm between the two groups could become arguably bigger and it really is shaping to be a potentially dangerous one if they are indeed barking up the wrong tree.

Regardless, things seem to be slowly climbing up to a more serious tone as the series continues, and it seems like Hakaze will make her public debut as well. Undoubtedly, something’s going to happen sooner or later in general, and gosh darn, I reckon it’ll be quite the show when it does.




  1. If Yoshino is the heart of Exodus, it will have been the biggest reverse psychology trick that I’ve been played in. This has red herring written all over it. Perhaps I missed it, but what I don’t gt is how Samon goes from “SAVE TE WORLDZ, REVIVE EXODUS” to “KILL MAGE OF EXODUS”. Makes no sense to me at all. Just a phenomenal plot that gives you a little something each week and makes sure you come back for more.

    1. It feels like its almost a witch hunt, but then again this show seems to incorporate a lot of foreshadowing and slow buildup.

      I think the direction they are going is suspicion on Yoshino turns into suspicion on Aika due to their relationship (although Yoshino might be guilty as well). My speculation is Aika is the princess of Exodus and she killed herself. The reason is a bit unclear at the moment. All we know atm is that it might have to do with the revival of Exodus and setting the players in action. She probably has the gift of prophesy. Ultimately I believe it will be revealed that her actions were to lead them away from tragedy and perhaps save the world.

      1. This is getting kind of silly, how many reasons can they come up with to blame Yoshino per week? “Oh he’s smart he must be the mage,” “oh Hakaze loves him he must be the mage,” “he didn’t fall to his death last week so must be the mage,” “oh he was dating Akia so he must be the mage.”

      2. Sort. in a way that teaches us that we shouldn’t really let the supernatural guide our actions. The Tree of Genesis, has much influence over logic, so then Samon and the others reason that Yoshino is the heart of Zetsuen because the sort of events that happened seem so rare that this was their only way to comprehend it(Though I do see that it is weird that they don’t take into account Yoshino’s motives, and his personality)

  2. I know things are getting serious now, but I want to lighten the mood before I go all serious the next few episodes.

    Awww there first lovers quarrel.

    And I’m sorry, but that bath scene with Hakaze was not only the eye catcher of the week to me, but that last second was funny.

    Yeah, but anyway, it looks like its the first time Yoshino actually gets pretty angry. Especially if he shoves Hakaze off of him. Yoshino, being my favorite male character, is still very mysterious to me. I would like to see what happens next time.

    And now that Mahiro has that possibility, how will he handle it? Especially since Yoshino failed to tell him in time, and he heard it first from a coward. No offense Hanemura.

  3. I was just holding my breath the whole time Samon and Co. were discussing who Yoshino’s girlfriend could be. I’m really glad Hanemura finally had that split second of courage and spoke up! He’ll probably get a good kick to the head from Mahiro but thank god it was finally said! I really like the momentum of these episodes and the character development. Things are really picking up and I can’t wait for the end results. Right now I’m most looking forward to the face off between Yoshino and Mahiro (granted I’ve been looking forward to it since the beginning of the series lol). And I’m still thinking that Aika was the mage of exodus prior to all of this. She’s definitely still at the center of everything (at least for our main characters).

  4. Solid episode I love how they timed it so that both parties found out about Aika at the same time. Pity that the show has finally caught up with the translated manga, everything is a spoiler for me from here on out 🙁 . Also I agree with you Zephyr about Samon trying to make the facts fit into a theory instead of letting the facts speak for themselves to obtain the theory. On another note what is Hayakawa holding?


  5. It was interesting that Yoshino described his love for Aika referencing Hamlet’s love for Ophelia. It reminded me of when Hamlet defined his madness as a separate entity from himself and curses his madness as being his enemy and setting him at odds with Laertes rather than being by his own intention.

    I think that Yoshino represents the wit and intellect of Hamlet whereas Mahiro represents Hamlet’s madness and fury. Similarly Opehlia are represented by both Aika and Hakaze. Their characters are separated by time, with Yoshino & Aika representing their pure love before their relationship is tainted by fate. After the conflict you have Mahiro and Hakaze. Hakaze is similarly torn between her role as a princess and her deep feelings for Yoshino.

    Aika describing her relationship with Yoshino, I almost feel like their relationship defies fate and death. By separating themselves from madness, it would seem that they can find a solution that does not result in tragedy. All of these aspects seem to have been referenced already. I believe that Aika will make a reappearance and be reunited with Yoshino. The alternative would be that she intends Hakaze to take over her role, but I think the former is far more likely.

    If this scenario is true, I am sure Aika is the princess of Exodus and vice versa. Perhaps Aika is the “body” of Exodus and Yoshino is the “heart”. She gave Yoshino her “heart” …sounds so cheesy lol.

    1. More about Ophelia:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      The original link of Aika being akin to Hamlet’s father suggests being murdered. However, no one would fit the role of the murderer except for Mahiro (perhaps traveling back into time?). If we link Aika to Ophelia, it is almost certain that Aika killed herself.

      Most of the reasons why Ophelia committed suicide are probably not applicable to ZnT. In terms of ZnT, perhaps it might be considered pressures from the world and her family vs her relationship to Hamlet. Hamlet is only able to be honest about his feelings for Ophelia upon her death with the exact line quoted in ZnT. If we view it in terms of Shakespeare, the dead Ophelia has much more desirability than the living one. So I think Yoshino is going to choose Aika over Hakaze.

      1. Absolutely brilliant analysis from one who is familiar with the referenced classics; so much do I feel this is the case that I will be looking specifically for your comments in future episodes. Thanks for taking the time to write this intriguing glimpse into the symbolic overlap between the two works, their characters, and their settings.

  6. I noticed a scene in the preview of the next episode (so I’ll use a spolier tag if you don’t want to think about it)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope that doesn’t actually mean what it looks like …

    Also, I liked Hakaze’s confession very much, not hesitating, showing her honest feelings, and caring for the others … she has my respect, I’d like to see more characters like her. Damn she’s exactly my type 😉

    1. I don’t, and the reason is that even though Aika is dead he is still clearly in love with her. Until he can move from that point there’s no way he’s going to be kissing anyone.

  7. I’m actually surprised that no one has once yet suspected that Yoshino might have made his girlfriend up since no one has ever seen her. (I blame that recent sports story for this) But that girlfriend meeting that Samon and co had was hilarious. He likes older women! No wait… He’s a lolicon! Fantastic stuff. Also, I’m going to miss Hakaze’s thought processes. 🙁

      1. Hanemura seems to make a point of saying things everyone else just doesn’t want to say. Mahiro is a sophist? Check. Mahiro has a sister complex? Check. Mahiro is insane? Check (probably). And now, Yoshino was dating Mahiro’s sister? Check.

  8. As much as I find Hakaze adorable, my preference goes to Aika as my ‘ideal’ girl. She seems to be a traditionalist or has somewhat old/classical approach towards love. I certainly would kill Yoshino just for the girl.

  9. Ok this is driving me nuts. Someone told me last time that the Japanese version is already almost complete so I am sure some of the questions I have about Aika are answered there. However, I cant find spoilers anywhere!

    Anyone have any links? lol 😛

  10. I want to read the manga so badly to find out what happens next but I must resist the temptation because it’s better to find out by myself as I continue to wait for the next episode.

    K C M
  11. Was pleased to see the Merlion and Changi Airport Terminal 3 making an appearance this episode. Proud Singaporean. Now where can I see that Mage of Exodus encore performance…

    Hakaze is becoming cuter each passing week as well.

  12. Doesnt that “who is the mage of exodus” theme remind you of “Another”? Wild speculations taht can end up totally off-mark?
    Other than that, I simply loved Hakaze going crazy over her love, and how Hanemura was again the one to hit the elephant in the room (previous one being Mahiro’s mega-siscon).

  13. Yoshino X Hakaze will happen, because I think Aika wasn’t into Yoshino at al, she just used him. She liked him, but not as a lover.

    If she was the mage of exodus, she was on equal footing with Hakaze, meaning she knew stuff and thus could use Yoshino without him knowing it, same with Mahiro they both got played, not by Hakaze, but by Aika, she had them both eating out of her hand

    At least thats what I think

  14. I have a wild guess here:

    Let’s ignore those who call Yoshino maybe Heart of Exodus, because I believe they want us to believe such a false accuse…

    Hanemura has the power of Mage of Exodus which makes him MAGE OF EXODUS, but Fuwa Mashiro said that there is no killing intent to Hanemura <- but it is that required to be a Mage of Exodus? This also applied to Yoshino if he is Heart of exodus.

    Everyone seeing this Exodus and Genesis as Yin and Yang though I believe it is not…

    And I think you are guys are forgetting something: might spoilers or what.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I disagree, I think this guy is the heart of Exodus:


      Clue 1: He was there when Exodus first arise… meaning he has been observing/aware of the situation for a long time. I am starting to think if he purposely sent the army in as an offering/fertilizer
      Clue 2: He is seeking power to manipulate all the governments in the world
      Clue 3: It was his idea to destroy the lesser Tree of Genesis, and turn the world’s opinion against it.


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