That was an interesting development…


Future Lucy is leading Natsu’s team through Hell City. To Lucy’s surprise, they run into the royal army but they stand no change against them as long as they have magic. Arcadios seems to have vanished and so has Yukino. Mira goes to look for Yukino while Loke and Natsu decide to take on the guards.

Back at the arena, Gajeel is facing Rogue. The latter’s shadow is taking over him. Rogue uses his new-found powers to hit Gajeel who notices that this is a different person. Rogue introduces himself as “Shadow”, the shadow that controls destiny. He lands another hit on Gajeel who gets up and forms a sword. The blade is useless as it seems. Rogue attacks Gajeel again. Levy is worried, so is Frosch because she doesn’t recognise her friend any more. Suddenly Rogue is gone, but is in fact hiding in Gajeel’s shadow. He pops up and attacks Gajeel again.

Everyone notices that something has possessed Rogue. Mavis doesn’t recognise this evil magic. Rogue taunts Gajeel by saying that he isn’t as strong as Natsu, but even Natsu himself wouldn’t be able to beat Rogue now as it is.

Somewhere far away, Jellal has noticed that the future Lucy is in a battle. But as long as Natsu is with her, they don’t need to worry. Back at Natsu’s team, everyone is busy fighting the guards. Someone surprises Natsu by attacking him with magic, but that’s nothing.

Going back to Gajeel and Rogue’s fight. Levy is crying because Rogue is going to end up killing Gajeel. Frosch is seen running somewhere – she wants her Rogue back. It seems like there is no hope left for Gajeel, but then suddenly he eats the shadows. He stands up and tells the shadow to leave Rogue’s body. He also says that his name is not Rogue, it’s Raios, and he used to be “his” diciple. The person in front of Rogue is no longer Gajeel. It’s an iron-shadow Dragon Slayer that Rogue used to fear. Gajeel says that he’ll help Rogue remember the fear.

This was certainly interesting. I’m not really sure what to say about Natsu’s team. It’s quite hard for me to figure out why Lucy is acting the way she is. She said she wanted to avoid guards, yet the route she chose led to them, although, it seemed like she wasn’t expecting that kind of ambush. Someone mentioned that future Lucy might be sacrificing herself to save everyone which I think seems like a decent and very possible outcome in this. But how that will happen – I don’t know. I also wonder how Zeref’s magic connects with all this. Again, Jellal felt some kind of weird magic from Lucy. There is so much going on in FAIRY TAIL, it’s quite messy at the moment. While we saw Natsu’s team fight for a good while, I don’t really know what to say about them. I did find Natsu quite impressive though. Throwing one guard at the others as if he was playing bowling or something like that was quite fun to watch. Something else quite interesting I noticed that concerns Natsu is the moment where he is attacked by someone using magic.

The royal guards aren’t expected to use magic, but I wonder if some of them are able to do so thanks to Eclipse and the magic that has been gathered during these seven years? But then again, I thought that magic was saved for opening the gate itself, so I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how future Lucy intends to carry out her plan. I guess we’ll found out whether she is a fake or not quite soon?

As for the main part of the chapter, I’m not really surprised to see Gajeel power up like that, however, I did not expect him to become another person. I think Gajeel will win this battle, and I doubt anyone disagrees with me on that given the fact that Rogue was ready to give up and now, Gajeel has become someone Rogue used to fear in his past. Or wait, his name isn’t Rogue, it’s Raios. Gajeel looked quite a bit like a dragon there so I wonder if the person he has become is somewhat related to Rogue’s parent dragon? Whoever Gajeel has become, I’m sure he will be able to beat his current opponent. But it’s quite interesting to see two people who are possessed in a battle against each other. Perhaps Frosch will do something to get her beloved Rogue back? I felt so sorry for the poor Exceed. I really hope her friend comes back. I’d be really sad to see the two of them separated after what happened to Sting and Lector. As for Gajeel, I think that Levy might be able to bring him back (if that’s necessary that is). This chapter had Levy crying for Gajeel in quite a few panels. I’m not sure why these two aren’t canon yet. They are so adorable together! Anyway, next week’s chapter will hopefully be awesome. The new Gajeel looks insanely cool and I can’t wait to see him in action!

Moete kitazou!

Note: I think everyone should check out this awesome album that has been composed by my very beloved Moomba.


  1. Im not going to “troll” as people on this site say I do….but last chapter was actually somewhat good. This … terrible Gajeel really ate the shadow….I guess dragon slayers can just do whatever they want now. God slayers are completely pointless by the way to be honest….they can’t win anything….but other than that stuff the chapter was amazing and beyond belief. Raios character developement left me in awe and Gajeel’s new retarded look is actually insanely cool and I can’t wait to see him beat Raios in one chapter with the new power up he just got .

    1. well as far as god slayers are concerned, there’s been enough hints ever since their introduction that you’re supposed to find the concept of “god slayer” magic somewhat suspect.

      1. 3rd gen Dragon Slayers are essentially 1st gen dragon slayers who killed their dragons to get the “magic stone” (larchima?) that 2nd gen use… so I assume even Sting and Rogue can do it as well

      1. If everybody remembers, Natsu ate a lacrima containing Etherion’s magic which consists of more than fire magic, giving Natsu both power and many injuries, so it is possible for dragon slayers to eat different kind of magic, its just that if they eat magic that they don’t usually use, then it will probably injure them.(Though Natsu is an exception in that he didn’t really eat Laxus’ lightning but he absorbed it or something like that)

  2. Well Levy is bound to play a possible big part in future chapters. How else did she get that scar on her face in one of the previous chapters – the one in which she wrote a latter in the future, or something. Mhmm, can’t wait for the next chapter!

  3. Frosch is so cute :3

    Is it possible that while they thought it was Future Lucy, Jellal sensed Rogue instead?

    Future Lucy leading everyone to a trap reminds me of way back in Edolas arc, when Carla lead everyone to Erza Knightwalker and her army. Nonetheless, I still find all this stuff with Eclipse, 10k dragons and future somewhat.. boring. Or confusing? Maybe because there’s so much going on, as you said.

    Last page with Gajeel was cool. I’m still somewhat bothered by the fact that Rogue had to get a random power up to be able to face Gajeel and now Gajeel has done the same.. but hey, it’s working! Looking forward to what happens next. I wonder how long until we get to see Minerva again…

    Thank you for an awesome post :3

    1. I was suspicious last chapter and with Jellal’s reaction this chapter I am becoming increasingly convinced. The Shadow is the Spirt of Zeref that previously possessed Jellal back in the Tower of Heaven Arc, everything is so similar between these two cases. The amnesia, the nihilist attitude, the temptation through power, if its not the Spirt of Zeref I don’t know what it is.

      1. Zeref was still alive in the Temple of Heaven arc too but the Spirit possessed Jellal all the same. I think the Spirit is a magical construct like Luliby was way back in the beginning. Except Zeref made it a reflection of himself, hence why Zerefs presence has been felt at the Grand Magic Games before as its not Rogues first appearance there.

  4. In this chapter, seems shadows of the past are coming to light (and yes, horrible pun intended! XD)

    Must admit, when those markings appeared on Rogue’s arms, made me think of Acnologia –

    which Jellal and group seem to feel might be the power they’ve been searching for, so what, if any, connection could this have with Zeref?

    Hmm, also, anyone else notice Future Lucy’s furtive actions when Lucy (Current) asked where Arcadios and Yukino disappeared too? Makes me a little worried about what she’s really hiding from her friends.

    And lastly… Iron Shadow Dragon?! “Rogue, I am your master”?!
    Truly, I did not see that coming 060

  5. Hmmm… I see no reason to believe Gajeel is “possessed”. I think he just ate the shadow magic (the same way Natsu once ate Laxus’ lightning) and got a power-up due to it.

    The things he’s talking about make sense – Rogue and him were once in the same guild, and remember, Gajeel wasnt’ a nice guy at all. It makes sense that Rogue learned from and “followed” Gajeel in the past, out of admiration. Gajeel merely states that what he felt that time was fear towards his power, not admiration; and that he will make him remember that fear (by kicking the crap out of him, certainly). Which is nice – finally Gajeel gets some attention.

    Gotta say that the whole Eclipse/future/destiny stuff is getting quite confusing and boring. Jellal, for example, became some kind of magic-sensing plot device – the only thing he ever does is “sense some (insert type here) magic” and talk about how that may change the situation. When such stuff is needed to explain to the readers what’s happening, the mess is clearly getting out of the author’s hand to clarify it.

  6. Future Lucy is starting to get suspicious for me too. But I’ll hold that thought to the side till its proven.

    Interesting that Jelial and crew felt Zeref’s power through Rogue’s transformation, if Im interpreting this right.

  7. I really hope that Gajeel goes back to his old self soon, and that nither he or Rouge (Raios) don’t die in the end. And for the love of god, Levy should be down there bringing Gajeel back to normal! They should admit they like each other already before something happens to them!

    1. It’s just you.

      Rogue always thought he admired Gajeel. Gajeel knows Rogue feared him instead. Or do you honestly think people could admire him for the guy he was when he was in Phantom Lord?

      1. Considering that he just ate the shadow like it was nothing and shadow has nothing to do with iron, just as he said he would show Rogue the meaning of fear, I shall not rest my case until next week. Also, if Raios was a bald little boy with no power who feared Gajeel over 7 years ago and dragons vanished 14 years ago it makes me ask who then really taught Raios shadow dragon magic? They said they killed their dragon parents, but the more this arc goes forward the weirder it gets.

  8. Wait…who said anything about Gajeel becoming a different person? He just ate Rogue’s shadow magic, like Natsu ate Laxus’ lightning magic.

    What he says pretty much boils down to; “I was never the kind of guy people look up to. I’m the kind of guy people fear.”

    Rogue never admired Gajeel; he feared him.

  9. i personally think that the shadow we seen the way it sounded at the end maybe its actually the shadow dragons spirit bcuz all of the dragon slayers loved there dragons but still knew that they were crazy strong and i who else would be rogues master and would need him to remember that fear? could be just a horrible guess but i doubt it has anything to do with zeref the shadow thing anyways zerefs works at hand for sure but i still dont see that shadow being it


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