「誓いは星の彼方にだそうですよ?」 (Chikai wa Hoshi no Kanata ni da Sou Desu yo?)
“The Oath Seems to be Beyond the Stars?”

I hereby propose we rename this The Izayoi Show. I mean this entirely unironically. It’s less of a mouthful too. I mean really, who wants to say Mondai-Ji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? every single time? Don’t get me wrong, I love You (don’t take that the wrong way please, unless it happens to be true) and Asuka, but when Izayoi takes center stage, he doesn’t mess around really steals the show!

Now that I’ve unofficially renamed the show, I guess the major focus of this post should be on Izayoi. That shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll admit to being surprised though – I never really thought Izayoi would be the kind to thank another for their help. Sure he seems to be a nice guy, but at the end of the day, all he really wants is to have fun by facing tough opponents and almost everything he’s done so far has supported this goal. Actually seeing him thank someone for their invaluable assistance (funny how this game seems to have been perfectly designed to utilise each of their specific styles and personalities) was not what I expected.

His cocky remark when Kurousagi realises his intelligence is just the kind of thing that makes me like his character. He knows he’s badass and he doesn’t care to hide it. How Kurousagi could have failed to notice is beyond me! He predicted the presence of Algol, the Gorgon of Perseus and former Demon Lord (there seem to be a lot of these) and planned the perfect way through the gift game without assistance. His confidence is admirable and bordering on the ridiculous. What do you do when someone fires a beam of mysterious energy at you? Jin and Kurousagi duck. Izayoi doesn’t care. An enormous Demon Lord charges at him. Izayoi doesn’t care. Laius attempts to attack him from behind. Izayoi. Just. Doesn’t. Care. Things were never going to go well for Laius, not even with his last ditch effort using that one attack that must never be used because it could screw up the entire world.

I’ve spoken about it before, but there’s something about overpowered characters. There’s a dividing line between where they’re horrible and where they’re awesome. They’re awesome when it’s not taken seriously; when the characters are aware of how completely broken they are; when they have a personality to match. The Izayoi Show does not take it seriously. Lines have been crossed, lines which can never be uncrossed. It’s extremely rare for an anime to make me want to spit-take (I couldn’t actually spit-take due to a lack of consumable liquids in the vicinity). Izayoi is certainly not the first character to ever kick or punch a beam attack. But still, he kicked a beam attack and shattered it. A goddamned beam attack! And he did it to the accompaniment of an insert song! You just don’t get any more overpowered than that! I love this guy!

I guess the only thing of true import left to mention is the letter at the very end of the episode. Could this be the introduction of another new problem child? Will it be a friend? Or a foe? If I had to guess, I’d go with foe. Perhaps going a little further, I’d hazard a guess that it might be someone on par with Izayoi who might happen to have a prior acquaintance with him. Series of this type always seem to like doing that kind of thing.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Izayoi kicks things, they break. Such is #Mondaiji

Random thoughts:

  • Only Izayoi would use the gift of invisibility to try and tickle someone to death!
  • He can be really mean when he wants to!
  • Poor Leticia, from vampiric Demon Lord to slave to house maid!
  • I really like the art in The Izayoi Show, the effects in particular are really quite nice.

Full-length images: 02, 06, 09, 12, 16, 18, 22, 30.

Random aside: I released an awesome eight track sci-fi electronic video-game-inspired album! You should listen to it, buy it, and spread the word or something!



End Card


  1. Izayoi being a badass as always, the Medusa Demon Lord was EPIC especially when it screamed and the music vibe showed how evil and strong it was and then turning everyone to stone with its beam,Love the preview’s its really funny and that End card is Beautiful “sheds tear”

  2. Only other main character I know to shatter a beam attack is Ichigo. But unlike Ichigo I can actually stand Izayoi due to the fact that the show doesn’t take itself so deathly serious. Blech… was best when it didn’t try so hard.

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like while this show doesn’t try to be all original it also doesn’t try to go along with any unsaid rules or patterns of anime.Basically being it’s own thing – much like Izayoi in that aspect.Either way every time I watch this it leaves me with refreshed feeling.

    BTW, since when does Asuka have a Water+Tree Gift?

    1. Izayoi or the runt lended the Water+Tree Gift to Asuka, remember Izayoi got the Water tree from the snake god then gave it to their group which the leader is the runt (forgot his name) and they probably lended it to her.

    2. I guess the only thing of true import left to mention is the letter at the very end of the episode. Could this be the introduction of another new problem child? Will it be a friend? Or a foe? If I had to guess, I’d go with foe.

      The title of the next episode mentioned a festival, the letter could just be invitation, you know.

  4. It’s crazy, but why does this show make me smile so much!

    I’m begining to wonder if ‘no-name’ is a play on words for ‘without-name’, that is, it’s used in the dialogue (by the badies)
    in a pejorative sense; where it’s applied to Izayoi, it’s an unknown power without a name/hasn’t been named yet —

    I’ll show you what happens when you try to go against mere no-names. — Izayoi

    For as powerful as Izayoi is, he’s humble to his friends, and doesn’t hog all of the glory. I knew it was over for the bad guy
    when Izayoi didn’t flinch an inch after that first blast when everyone else was turned to stone.

    …but, is he strong enough to handle that harem he’s building… I dunno!

    1. I don’t think he wants or cares for a harem. I also don’t think You or Asuka feel that way about him. The only one that might is Black Rabbit and even then I don’t think so yet.

      1. I agree, you can’t have a harem if no ones romantically interested in one another and I haven’t seen anything to indicate that.Maybe, Kurousagi, but still a bit of a stretch.

  5. They really need to make a comedy spinoff using the sd style from the previews.

    As for the actual show, I agree that the charm is how unrepentant they are in just being a fun show. No need to try and make up any super deep meanings or anything, just good entertainment.

  6. As badass as Izayoi was in this episode, the Anime actually didn’t do full credit to his pure awesomeness. As everyone knows so far he both has supermen level power and the ability to kick other Gifts to the curb (literally).

    In the LN version of this battle: Laious reveals that petrified castle is tied to Algol’s power and laughing at No-Name because there’s no way to win without destroying the castle itself.

    Izayoi’s response: Oh? So it means I gotta destroy the castle? Then shatters the castle with a single punch. Queue beam shattering kick right after and everyone is gibbering in disbelief.

    1. I was wondering if they was going to animate the whole castle thing, but that would have seemed too “final boss”-ish, even though Izayoi still beat it with one punch. I like the way they did it here. It fell in sync with the rest of the action in this arc.

  7. vol.1 story is officially over… the anime definitely did a good job condensing material for the most part (although some of the funny lines are unfortunately cut in the process)…

    I really loved this game because it shows that even for someone as strong as Izayoi, one-man army will not work in this world. You need your friends to help you out.

    Looking forward for the vol.2 story… the games in vol.2 will be more epic xD

    1. They do have great chemistry together. I just picked up this series, and Kurousagi and Izayoi really compliment each other well. The moments he has with Kurousagi are very different from You and Asuka.

  8. I get this sort of feeling that this anime is trying to mock Shonen anime male leads… All the while with a male lead of their own who is 100x the man anything Shonen could come up with. I think it was put best in the first episodes review: I’m not watching this for the story. I’m watching this for the characters, cause they’re all awesome.

  9. Yeah, I think that might’ve been my problem with Hagure Yuusha no Estetica before. If it simply remained an ecchi comedy anime with Akatsuki’s pantsu-stealing antics and all, I probably wouldn’t have minded too much, but when they try to make it actually seem dramatic and serious like it went, having the main (male) character be so overpowered, solving everything easily, beating everyone who challenges him effortlessly (even the “strongest” around and even when poisoned and whatnot), and so on just ruins any sort of drama, seriousness, development, etc that is trying to be made.

    Here, there’s little to no such thing. A majority of it is just fun silliness, so Izayoi being so overpowered isn’t that big a deal. It just makes us laugh and smile.

    1. To Hagure Yuusha’s credit, you have not seen the better arcs with stronger enemies yet if you haven’t read LN past the anime run… the later enemies definitely create bigger challenges to Akatsuki… and Akatsuki’s teacher was a huge pervert to start with… (all of these are in the LN, just too bad didn’t get to see it)

      As to Izayoi, yeah I guess he is not serious most of the time, or at least in the anime… but glad you do like this show xD

  10. Well, this ought to put them on the map. Beating Fores Galo was one thing, but that was still just one seventh-gate community beating another seventh-gate community. Perseus, on the other hand, is an upper-level community. The fact that what is (ostensibly) the weakest community on the weakest level of the Little Garden defeated an upper-level community is going to attract attention. The fact that Izayoi made this a banner match, utterly crushing Perseus forever, is just going to make it that much more impressive. Of course, that means more significant enemies may be showing up as well.

    Anyway. Good to see Leticia safely rescued. Hopefully we’ll get to see more of her in future episodes.

  11. so izayoi & others had sneak in while not seen get to face boss so have voice lady using water blast on spartans while anime girl have her senses find invisble helmet to get.

    all god cause izayoi to fight peresus but using winged boots & cash in to summer flying snake hair that blast almost everyone to stone’d give peresus don’t give a what about his spartnas since he called them all useless pawns.

    so izayoi battle wing snake hair & own’d it then peresus tried to hit but denied get pwn’d to & even try full blast but izayoi KICK the beam & FALCON PUNCH winged snake.

    after all that izayoi want more cue punch-slash cut with izayoi win it all get little vampire now as a maid for them with victory dinners with free stars watching all good.

  12. Someone mention that Izayoi could be the creator the more I watch this show the more it seem that way. Not only is he strong but the way he seems to know some of the stuff that others don’t normally know just seem very stranger.
    Maybe he create this world than left because he din’t have anything left to do and give this world the time to grow on its own and have fun again then now return to see the fruits of his labor.

  13. Izayoi kind of reminds me of old Dante from Devil May Cry, really. Just a bored badass who wants to have some fun by beating the shit out of all kinds of monsters and villains. And considering this show is lighthearted fluff, it actually works. Not to say our leading ladies are weak either; You had a lot of pretty badass moments herself. I really like the way they work as a team, for one.

    Welp, that’s another asshole villain down. Plenty more to go, I expect. Man, now I’m sad this show is already half over.

  14. More fun in this show. Yes overpowered characters have been a bit of a sore spot for me, they just come off as boring most of the time, Izayoi at least is interesting and he’s not a total ass.

    As to our little blonde vampire becoming a maid, I think there might actually be some fun involved in this (besides the inevitable flood of fan art) because I think it leaves so many gags open for use. It’s also admirable how humble she is.

    As for your album….. I like it. I’ve been listning to it while typing this and been enjoying it. Reminds me of the super NES days, as if I’m playing an RPG. “Starbound Speedway” is my favorite track.

    It also reminds me of Jet Force Gemini, which had some of my favorite video game music of all time, also space related. If you haven’t heard anything from it the soundtrack is on youtube. Look up the Sekhmet theme; it’s awesome.


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