「「お帰りなさい、勇者!」「ああ、爺さん…ただいまだ!」」 (「Okaerinasai, Yuusha!」「Aa, Jiisan…Tadaimada!」)
“「Welcome back, Yuusha!」「Yeah, Old Man. I’m back!」”

You wanted action? Here it is. The battle to retake Bright Light Island unfolds, with plenty of meddling from Maou and Yuusha.

Establishing a Beachhead

I have to give it to the humans / Maou – after the thrashing they got last time, they found a good way around it. So they’re at a disadvantage at sea? Go by land! Smart. I’m also impressed with how the humans made it out with so few casualties, what with the demons packing giant squids and shark soldiers by the dozens. I guess it just goes to show you that while quality may be better than quantity, quantity has a quality all its own. Or that pointy metal still > everything else.

Scaring the Soldiers Away From Gate City

I’m still trying to decide whether Maou and Yuusha’s plan to scare soldiers away from Gate City and towards Bright Light Island was brilliant or convenient. I have a feeling we’re suffering from adaptation decay here…I feel like there’s more to this than I saw here, but since I haven’t read the light novels or the manga, I can’t say if that’s true or not. As it stands though, it seemed a bit abrupt. So Yuusha scared them shitless – why did they then go to Bright Light Island? Perhaps that was the only way out, but that once against feels convenient. Source material readers, feel free to chime in. As is, I’m unsure how I feel.

As for how Yuusha actually went about scaring the soldier, it made me laugh. Those fairies certainly were frightening! Well, when they were in winged skull form, at least. I have to once again question why they continued to be afraid of this mysterious being who consistently didn’t kill anyone…but eh, enough of that. Moving on.

Fighting the Ice General

Onna Kishi is, of course, a badass. Here’s the action that some of you were hoping for, and it was…well, it was alright. I’m of two minds about the whole thing. On the one side, I think a story should stick to what it’s good at, and Maoyuu is great at negotiation, economics, higher-level strategy, and adorable Maou x Yuusha love. On the other hand, I expect even action stories to have decent romance if they decide to portray it, so why shouldn’t I expect the same of action here? The animation got a bit sloppy at times, but most of all the fight lacked tension – I didn’t for even a second feel like Onna Kishi was on the ropes, so it wasn’t especially stirring. In fact, establishing the beachhead was more interesting, which says something. Action? Yes. One-on-one action? Maybe not Maoyuu’s strong point. Or maybe it’s just been lost in translation, who knows.

Maou’s Side

It’s interesting, but Maou seems to be actively working against “her side”, the demons. But is she really? It’s worth asking what her side really is. Is it the demons…or is it the side of peace? Spoiler alert: it’s the latter. That doesn’t mean she’s going to feel great about getting one of her own killed. Battle hungry though he may have been, he was still her general. Best keep holding her, Yuusha.

Rou Yumihei and a Happy World

Hello, warm and fuzzies! I supremely enjoyed the meeting between Yuusha and Rou Yumihei at the end. But let me back up – I enjoyed every time Rou Yumihei opened his mouth. Why are old, gray-haired men so awesome in anime? From him hitting on Maou (and suffering for it) to his casual insults of Onna Kishi’s chest, the perverted old man made me laugh more than anyone else so far. And what about all those awesome (perverted) things he taught Yuusha? Definitely a winner!

Anyway, the talk between Rou Yumihei and Yuusha. The thing about Rou Yumihei is that I feel like he’s looking out for Yuusha more than anyone else. Now don’t get me wrong – Maou, Onna Kishi, and Onna Mahoutsukai are all certainly looking after him in their own ways, as he is of them. It’s just that Rou Yumihei seems to be looking out for more than his physical safety. While the others scrambled to see if Yuusha was alive, Rou Yumihei went about creating a place where Yuusha could feel at ease. He’s looking out for not just Yuusha’s life, but his soul and peace of mind. To me, it feels like Rou Yumihei is looking after Yuusha as a troubled young man, while the others are standing beside him as companions to the Hero. All valid…but somehow, it’s the perverted old man who sees the human behind the legend.

Or so it seems to me. Whatever the case, it’s a sure thing that the country Rou Yumihei has tried to foster is a good one. Their king is wise and kind, and any country that can get Onna Kishi in that dress is doing something right in my book. So what if she has small breasts? Manly Onna Kishi is great, but girly Onna Kishi is amazing too. Hubbah hubbah!

Looking Ahead

I honestly haven’t the faintest what to expect. A lot of plot threads have been taken care of…except that one about Gate City becoming a place where demons and humans meet. I got echoes of Istanbul, a crossroads of civilizations, where different cultures mingle and clash in a glorious kaleidoscope of everyday life. Now that two of the sore spots are more or less taken care of, it’ll be interesting to see what Maou and Yuusha have planned next.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The Battle for Bright Light Island! It’s time for some action as Onna Kishi, Maou, Yuusha, & Rou Yumihei all get in on the fun #maoyuu

Random thoughts:

  • Dat Onna Kishi glomp!! Hng~
  • Writer’s Note: next week’s post will come out a little later than usual. I have a friend coming into town for the first time in like two years, so I’ll be otherwise occupied for the entire weekend. Fortunately, Moomba has been kind enough to agree to cover next week’s post in my stead! Expect it to appear sometime Saturday morning (US time), since he already has a lot to do on Friday. Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Female Knighti: Don’t call me General! It’s only temporary.
    Old Geezer: Heh, heh, heh…does it weigh on your nonexistant chest =03?

    Best line of the episode X03.

    *looks at †Croos† comment

    Errr…best funny line of the episode.

    Anyway, plenty of moments in this ep where the animation quality took a big nosedive(not the 1st time in the series, but still..). This being the 1st “real” battle shown in terms of stronger powers, they could have at least choreographed and animated it much better than they did. According to Hero and Demon Queen, the Arctic General was supposed to be one of the strongest demons in the demon world, yet, it barely looks like Female Knight broke a sweat; and she’s not even as strong as Hero(which is very unusual for humans to be greatly superior than demons). They should have at least given the impression that he is a force to be reckoned with aside from knocking off a few grunts, and the show failed to give me that impression. And I say this with no regard to the manga version mind you. The music and FK’s banter during that fight was superb though.

    One thing this ep did quite well was the pacing; they managed to stay on one event for the whole episode. And, again, the best moment was Hero/DQ/FK moment which ALWAYS seems to put a smile on my face =03.

    1. But I love this part the most…

      Old man: “Hold it right there!”
      Onna Kishi: “He Sensed her Demonic Aura?”

      Old man approaches Maou

      Old man: “May I examine your lovely chest more closely?”


      Onna Kishi hits Old man with a water jar
      Old man is defeated!
      Onna Kishi wins!

      ‘Kept repeating this scene over and over again. I laugh so damn hard.

  2. Implying to @Stilts about Maou’s Side

    It can’t be help. The Ice general was the one in charge of the one and first island that the demons caputered and like what Yuusha said “He has faith on something” which would make him(the demon lord) hardheaded.

  3. I have a feeling we’re suffering from adaptation decay here…

    Can’t answer your question because I haven’t read the books but yeah, that was waaay too convenient. Wouldn’t be surprised if it really was adaptation decay though- because we have plenty of that in the form of breakneck pacing…if I remember correctly, there was a scene this episode that cut away after less than 10 seconds (I might be wrong, but I certainly remember something feeling felt that way)…

    Now that two of the sore spots are more or less taken care of, it’ll be interesting to see what Maou and Yuusha have planned next.

    My guess? Establishing mutually beneficial trade relationships between both continents now that the trade routes are under their control, wrested from the dead hands of a bigoted walrus-general, a relic of the previous generation. War ends because the economic benefits of trading with the demons far exceeds whatever the any advantages afforded to them by war; war would destroy both nations because of economic interdependence, the Dell Theory of Conflict Prevention…I’m just speculating…XP

  4. I only read the manga but, if I remember correctly its more like yuusha scared them while covering there escape routes giving them nowhere to go but towards bright island. Quote from the manga: “I made them run in circles and staled their movements and stuff in order to match the timing, so they’re pretty worn out.”
    Don’t know if that sheds some light on your question stilts but yeah.

    1. The human army were scared to dead. They wanted to retreat back to the human world but they can’t do that or they’ll be branded as heretics/deserters. The human general then used the excuse of ‘reinforcing military operation on Bright Light Island’ to retreat from the Gate City.

      And Yuusha made the army circled around so the timing of the army reaching the Bright Light Island is the same time of Winter Nation’s army breaching the Bright Light Island’s defense, forcing Ice General to abandon the island or face total annihilation.

  5. Implying to @Stilts about Looking Ahead

    From what I am guessing, the Gate City will be uses from future DemonXHuman open trading area. I think the Alliance will also make a move and the Dragon Princess side will also make a move in terms of trade as implied in the ending. This might make a big strategical balance between the two worlds don’t you think.

    Like Maou said:
    A battle where there aren’t any winner or loser.

  6. (Ice general) …he was still her general.

    What I wonder is that Hero seems to be making the rounds and building a reputation, our Demon King’s identity is still
    unknown. (No spoilers, please) I wonder if her identity will be outed at some point in the future and what impact that will
    have on all of the work she did up until that point? Will it be thrown away? She’s met many who believed she was human.

  7. In the Human World, the gate to the demon world was in the southern continent, while in the Demon World, it was near Gateway City. That’s why Aurora Island and Gateway City were each side’s foothold.
    Here’s how the manga explained it (no spoilers, unless you haven’t seen the episode yet): http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/43/maoyuu.png/

    The retreating Crusaders left Gateway City, and were delayed by Yuusha to match the timing for the attack. They passed through the gate, and returned to the southern continent in the Human World. They then continued north, across the frozen sea, until they arrived at Aurora Island. They really had no other options, since there’s only one gate.

    1. Also, the Crusader Commander would march straight to Aurora Island’s battle anyway, Show Spoiler ▼

    2. I have been wandering. From what I understand, it is a very straight path (demon world>gate city> aurora island> human world). But Demons and Humans control aurora island & gate city respectively before this battle.
      Is this scenario possible with only 1 gate?
      Demons can reach aurora island without passing gate city?

    3. Remember, also, that the soldiers in Gate City were the noblemen who were lazy and oppressive. By getting them to leave the city, the city is better off, and most of the horrid noblemen will be annihilated along with what is presumably some of the more vicious demons.

      It’s a way of getting rid of the bad apples from both sides.

  8. Aniki-Stilts, here I answer on General of ice. Had already talked about it in previous episodes, he is of demon lords that do not have much loyalty to Maou, although she had asked him to retire, he had not obeyed.

    Not all demons obey Maou. There both clans want peace as there are others who want war. In the future there will be more information on the title of Demon King is hotly contested between demon lords and candidates elected.

    Mao and Yuusha want peace for both sides, but not all accept without a fight. She herself said it was inevitable blood stain on both sides.

  9. red queen & big sis maid had some talk then ask what is war is really about? while our hero is doing scaring soldiers as a headless knight with help from fairies.

    then female knight arrive area to meet winter ruler & old guy then come red queen give old guy wonder red queen’s “meat” got bottle smack by female knight.

    so red queen offer to help winter land is help build a bridge to cross battle sea demons then big battle is on & then the hero teleport to winter base then big walrus appear.

    cue female knight vs big walrus with end knight slash to defeat walrus now victory dinner, female kinght & red queen in fancy outfit while the hero & old guy had some talks about how they been doing & good times.

    1. Well, Maou and Yuusha are love rivals for Yuusha.

      And seeing Maou jealous is fun!

      Honestly, instead of fighting over him, they can share him instead.

      And Yuusha! You lucky bastard you! XD

  10. I ended up reading the manga and I have no idea how they thought they could adapt this for 12 episodes – it could EASILY do 24 if they covered a good portion of the material. Don’t get me wrong this is good, but there are sooooo many good parts that had to be cut so they could attempt to end the war and change the world in only 12 episodes.

    I would love to see the big scene with the maid as that was really powerful, but I don’t think they could fit it within the confines of the narrative and the time they have to tell it. Still waiting on a kiss 🙂

    1. Yeah, as a manga reader, it’s nice to see the chars in motion and voiced and all, but this is just such a lackluster telling of the whole story. When it gets to material that the Comp Ace manga hasn’t covered yet, I’ll probably drop it. The minor details is what really brings the life into these characters, and I don’t wish to have that ruined by broad storytelling =0\.

  11. As Stilts has mentioned, the fight was animated less-than wonderfully. I try to tell myself that is because the focus is not on the action, but on trying to fundamentally change their world…. but then I remember how much effort they put into animating a short scene depicting the merchant headquarters, in which they used CG to animated the merchants for no good reason at all.

  12. Wow, Lady Knight got to shine brightly this episode, even if the animation is on the lackluster side. Her lines are properly dramatic and her dress in the end is super pretty. And to offset the drama, there’s even some hilarious antics that get accompanied by Looney Tunes sfx. I don’t this episode was meant to be epic in the sense that it’s something of great importance, since it feels too light in the scale of battle and drama. But I think it does show, with the greater pans and wide shots of massive groups of people and activity that it’s supposed to show how interconnected it is in the greater picture.

    Also, I really love the sniping and antics that Lady Knight and Old Geezer have with each other. This is a matter of personal taste, but this shipper’s heart saw the potential of a May-December romance between these two rather than the sustained unrequited love harem thing with Hero man. If not simply for the sake of a different kind of love drama between age differences and personalities.

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. reminds me of Wally Walrus from the Woody Woodpecker cartoon series.

      A very nice episode. The Blu-Ray version of this would made greater animation of the fight of the two generals, Onna Kishi blushing while being compliment by her soldiers, & that slapstick moment where Rou Yumihei got K.O. by Onna Kishi.

  13. I’m reading the LN but carefully keeping behind the timeline, so no spoilers here, just speculation. Since the crusader knights are the heart of the human hardcore war party it seems to me that it’s useful to get as many as possible of them killed in a fair fight. Also, the Ice King was, as far as I could see, the heart of the demon war party. Meanwhile, in another part of the tundra, the cityfolk are forced to negotiate with the local demons, so we’ll end up with a demonstration that the two sides can work together. Gradually, the conditions for peace are being established on both sides.

  14. omg, the skull fairies.
    At first I went poker face. Are these supposed to be scary ? What with the kawaii flapping ribbon like wings, they are sorta strangely cute …
    Then one skull went “kakkoiii!!” and I went bad poker face.
    Then it blushed and I spit my drink all over, I was dying laughing while the skulls was turning into fairies, men I’m still laughing as I write ahahah

  15. Alrighty, all is fun and games until we will get soon napalm-tipped rockets, courtesy of Maou. I am awaiting some spectacular fireworks if the war continues after both sides lost their respective footholds in the other world.

  16. I wonder if animal-shaped demons are edible/viable sources of food. Just saying that it may be a good solution to feed the people instead of relying on hand-outs by the other Nation.

    1. Would you eat sentient being, even if it was enemy? I also assume church would go amok at the idea… “Cleanse the demon with holy fire, dont let it taint you”. I was wondering why it didn’t react in such way to demonic girls being used as sex slaves…

  17. It always leave me with a lingering feeling. The politics, the Yuusha and Maou interaction. It just leave me with a desire. Something I wish to happen there that did not happen. Definitely making me keep watching.

    Fairies are the best illusionists? Well, you never see skulls floating around with little wings attached to it.

  18. I want to nominate Maou and Yuusha as the best couple of 2013, I know, it´s way too early for that bust just look at those two!. Only Mashiro and Sorata could make a competition to them.

  19. I loved that plan of hers – kind of reminds me of the stuff Alexander the Great used to pull (he once turned an island into a peninsula so he could march into there with an army instead of a fleet). It’s this kind of stuff that are the best parts of the show.

    Loved the Onna Kishi glomp of Yuusha as well, especially the way he just casually tossed her aside afterwards, haha.

    The animation did get really wonky, yeah, which means the fight against General Wally the Walrus was kind of, well, lackluster. The whole ep felt kind of rushed, really – this show really deserved 24 episodes. Oh well.

  20. Took me a while to realise that they’re building a causeway to the enemy. Bloody briliant.

    That aside, Dere-ban strikes back and its just too moe. Almost died of blood loss with Jealous Maou and the party scene

  21. Now this is what i have been waiting for, an episode that just has the right amount of everything .. comedy, action, politics, war-strategy/tactics, character development … now i have no doubt this will turn out to be a fantastic series ^_^

    My fav funny moments where mostly Rou Yumihei moments, his perverseness rivals Jirayia of Naruto .. they would make great friends and i can imagine how a conversation between those tow would be really hilarious (and very perverted XD).

    The way the humans built the ice bridge was also brilliant, those moments of tactical brilliance really give me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, it obvious it’s originally Maou’s plan but it doesn’t seem the other demons are really that smart despite all the ambushes and surprise attacks they pulled off they still got their asses kicked.

    As for character development, i really liked two moments, the conversation between Rou Yumihei and Yuusha in the balcony, and the moment between Mauo and Yuusha after general Ice bit the dust .. it was clear that despite her planning the whole attack and orchestrating it so the the human would win and get the island back she still felt very bad about General Ice’s death … this reminds me of when she warned Yuusha that they will have to get their hands dirty with blood to make their plan work in the 1st episode .. she was clearly right.

    Now for few clarifications
    -The plan to scare the soldiers from Gate city was indeed brilliant, i don’t see what’s so convenient about it !!! they already clarifies that the main reason humans took over the city and decided to live there was that they were afraid to retreat making them look like cowards and betrayers, so by giving them more than enough reasons to leave the city and timing it right they will not only leave the city but will looks like heroes and actually help the attacking human army at Bright Light Island, as for why were they scared of the Dead Knight when he didn’t actually kill anyone .. well it was damn obvious he was making them “think” he kills people through illusions .. no one was really going to double check to see if those guys died or not and i’m sure those soldiers who were forced to “play dead” won’t remember a thing either .. basically he was building a reputation as a deadly demon/ghost .. that’s all he needed to push them to the limit (not that they weren’t already near it and waiting for an excuse to flee).

    Oh, and i think both the ice-bridge battle and the one-on-one fight with Ice General were very good for a series that isn’t meant to be a purely action series.


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