「夏休み!」 (Natsuyasumi!)
“Summer Vacation!”

Is it me, or was the show particularly relentless in making fun of Kotoura’s chest? I get the mandatory “why is everyone bigger than me” jokes are inevitable, but oh boy, to dedicate an entirely new ED just to rub it in her face–I felt bad laughing really hard when she slid across the ice. I’m sure she’ll grow in that area…someday. Before that happens, it’s best to get as many laughs out of Haruka’s reaction, ranging from completely dumbfounded to cat-like defensiveness.

For the past two episodes, Kotoura-san has been keeping it low on the drama, but in exchange has showed freedom to be ridiculous. One has to wonder what kind of business the Kotoura family is in in order to construct a theme park solely for the purpose of greeting Haruka and friends. But alas, Zenzou is trying his hardest to keep the company entertained: the longer he can keep Haruka and friends in his reach, the more time he can spend performing “manly observation”. I’m sure Manabe agrees as well, with his top priorities being swimsuits, chests, and butts. I’m sure Zenzou is doing a great job–everyone (except maybe Haruka) had a blast at Kotouraland–yet out of the entire group, Moritani probably was on edge the entire time, considering how her mascot equivalent was in a cage. Zenzou knows well how to get his playful revenge in the most subtle of ways. It’s been amusing seeing Moritani transform into more and more of a girl constantly apologizing and being eternally grateful…the caricature actually isn’t that common if I can recall correctly, and it helps to juxtapose with her previously violent and selfish attitude. Maybe now that she knows that Zenzou has his old eyes on her, she’ll never end up abusing her dojo or her skills again.

Meanwhile, the standard romantic comedy fanfare progresses. With an obligatory beach episode, the female characters get to show off their form, much to the joy of Zenzou and Manabe and sadness of Haruka. While the story of Haruka and Manabe continues to move forward at a casual pace, so does the more inter-antagonizing relationship between Mifune and Muroto, whose antics remind me of an experienced couple who act more as friends rather than lovers. Although Muroto is a controlled character without much in terms of dialogue, the little speech he has comes off as efficient and witty, to the detriment of Mifune. Although the two have established themselves as experienced childhood friends, I can’t imagine the reaction that Mifune would have if Muroto, just once, granted her a genuine compliment. I hope that their relationship matures as the main couple does, though as always, this leaves the 5th wheel all alone, which Moritani herself is quite aware of.

But alas, the cheerful life cannot last forever for Kotoura as long as loose strings have yet to be tied. Kotoura’s mother, Kumiko, makes a small appearance during the end, signaling new drama on the horizon. While the preview doesn’t indicate much in terms of immediate drama, from experience we know not to trust any promotional materials this show has to throw. The drama that the show is preparing should prove fruitful though if they take advantage of the context’s full potential. Considering how Kotoura has not seen her mother for an extended period of time, and considering how she probably still harbors feelings for her, the inevitable antagonism between parties will make this mother-daughter dynamic an interesting scene to watch. Since we can safely assume the no-good-father is done for good in Haruka’s life, seeing how Kotoura will make amends with her disillusioned, jaded, but perhaps just emotionally wounded mother, especially with half a season to go.

It’s been a pleasant ride with Kotoura into familiar romantic comedy territory, but the time is soon to delve into that emotionally sharp drama once more. Kotoura will have it tough, but considering how lively and supportive her group of friends and family have become, the happy ending isn’t so hard to see, even from here.

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ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「つるぺた」 (Tsurupeta) by 金元寿子 (Kanemoto Hisako)



  1. This is one episode that the obligatory beach episode did not annoy me as much as I thought it would, and it was fun to watch. Manabe going to town (or to the beach) with his delusions was expected, but the deal with breasts with poor Haruka being the target for hers (or lack of) was just crazy. Heck, even crazier is her grandfather for coming up with an amusement park named after her. No wonder Manabe had so much fun “riding” Haruka, if you know what I mean.

    I just like how Moritani is shown as still remorseful for what she did even though she’s more or less forgiven by Haruka at least. And damn, she continues to get trolled by everyone. I feel bad for her now. Tell me if there’s something wrong with me for feeling that. 🙂

    And now a wild Mama Kotoura appears! Brace yourselves for the emotional shitstorm.

    1. I can understand that sentiment. Most slice of life/harem/rom-coms have a beach or onsen episode with such regularity it’s ridiculous. While there were the standard fare of gags, I saw it as an episode that actually built a bit more character depth. We got to see more Mifune/Muroto interactions as well as a bit of quality time with Manabe/Kotoura. I find it interesting that Manabe is still (and honestly rightfully) antagonistic against Moritani. Most shows would have had the male lead bury the grievances by this point, but Manabe keeps that torch burning. Most people may not feel bad for her, but I do. She’s changed to a better person now that she doesn’t have those harpies misleading her with all that susurrus sass in her ears; it’s hard to find a character that consistently repentant and ready to be good friend to everyone.

      My heart sunk a bit when I saw “Mother-dearest” on the pier staring down at them like the friggin Grinch. I am worried to how it will translate to the poor Whos down in Whoville. Kotoura still has some deep issues with her. Was she trying to achieve some sort of catharsis by walking into that room? Would facing the pain of the past and seeing how far she’s come help her close that chapter of her life and move on? Did Manabe deny her of something or save her from unneeded heartache? Those are the current questions on my mind besides the obvious “Why are you here, now, of all times?” These next few episodes will be quite interesting. (And probably gut wrenching…)

  2. Damnit, I thought all of those imaginary moments of Kotoura’s big chest that Manabe was having were based on her actual size, and thought that she was just packin’ them away. I’m kinda disappointed =0(…

  3. Ending is catchy and hilarious. Hang in there Kotoura! If you’re depressed about your chest, you can always slide around like a penguin.

    Kotoura’s mom appearing to remind us to enjoy the comedy while it lasts, definitely did not expect her to appear all of the sudden…definitely despise her. I actually like the comedy, I believe it is definitely needed to balance out the inevitable emotional confrontation that will happen soon.

  4. I hope the happy ending will not include in any shape or form Kotoura’s forgiveness to her mother. And why did that woman come back anyway? I thought she went away with her new lover after cursing and pushing her child away. It would be sweet karma if her lover cheated on her and had a child with another woman.

    1. If I recall correctly wasn’t it the husband who was cheating and it was revealed thanks to Koutoura’s “curse” yet the second Koutoura revealed it her mother was like put the blame on her as if he was cheating because of Koutoura ? I don’t know but I think it was more of blessing to know your child found out something so serious for you yet shun them and call them a monster. Maybe I’m just not seeing some bigger picture here but thats what I think

      No matter what the logic is behind this alas we are forced to accept it because its anime and I don’t mind that I just hope Koutoura doesn’t break again in the face of her “displeased” mother.

  5. Is it me, or was the show particularly relentless in making fun of Kotoura’s chest?

    But her chest doesn’t bother Manabe, as a matter of fact, his fantasies about her show her well proportioned…
    IMHO, I think this episode was trying to show Kotora’s insecurities about her body, normal for a girl her age.
    If I’m not mistaken, this is the first episode where she stresses over a (more normal) girl problem, rather than
    her cursed ability.
    At first, I thought her grandfather ecchiness was a little over the top, but I (think I) see that he only wants to make
    sure Manabe in interested in his granddaughter for the “right” reasons rather than abuse her trust and exploit
    her ability. Let’s face it, a boy that age doesn’t have a lot of depth and mainly focuses on the physical girly aspects
    (BTW, that never changes; it’s our curse :)).

    The episode did an interesting thing, too (if you think about all of the “rules” about her ability we’ve been told so far) —
    When she was in the water and saw Manabe talking with the Prez, she thought they were talking about something else.
    Get it? She didn’t read his mind. I think that was on purpose to show that she’s changing.

    Looking to see what happens next with her mother…

  6. summer time so esp club going kotoura’s grandpa place for summer fun but first enter a spooky hospital cue chase & ta-da welcome to haruka-land with a float even got moritani in a cage?!

    well after fun park time for beach give kotoura feel why due to “flat” going hiss away from manabe til almost got water away cue manabe fast boat to get kotoura.

    all good have feast & fireworks all good in haruka’s life for now cause uh-oh the “mom” is watching still bitter on it.]
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  7. Manabe shows that a pervert can also be a gentleman. He did not take advantage to the situation when (Kotoura) embraced him after that incident where she almost taken by the current and somehow manabe just blushing and controlling himself not to do an action that he thinks kotoura will be mad of.

    All in all an excellent episode for your “not your ordinary ROM/COM” 🙂

  8. an excellent episode it is a good break for the drama. Its a romantic comedy so I’m not expecting  a super duper tearjerker episodes in this anime because its “Romantic comedy” we must laugh and enjoy watching it. I just dont like the fact that people wanted some more drama and comparing it to EP1 it annoys me and want to beat them in mori style. Seriously, if you want to watch a tearjerker anime and want this anime to be a next clannad then please stop complaining&comparing it to first 3 eps.

  9. I personally kind of like the show as it is now, though I hope that when the drama eventually returns it will be done in the more moderate way of the later eps of the first half instead of the way the first episode did it.

    Anyway, I’m kind of liking Moritani’s new role as the group buttmonkey; I’d say that was a smart idea to make her likeable after what she pulled. Muroto and Mifune were great together as well, and props to Manabe to not take advantage of Kotoura when she clung to him (even if her grandpa felt he was a wimp because of it, heh – kinda like how he’s passive-aggresively encouraging the boy). And poor Kotoura, she got and entire ending song dedicated to taking the piss out of her.

  10. This show is perplexing(?). I guess it’s a feeling that I don’t know how to react to a scene until it’s over. Am I watching something dramatic or is this just a comedy bit? Normally, a show tends to be of one major type such as romantic comedy, or drama and maybe a subtype. So you might see a bit of drama in your comedy. The characters will usually tend toward archetypes, the tsundere, the pervert ect. Here, it bounces from one thing to another and the characters are constantly switching roles. Manabe goes from pervert to gentleman to boyish friend. Moritani, jealous of Haruka’s good grades, accuses her of cheating, then starts crying and pleading for Haruka to let her come on vacation with the group. Was that funny or should I be angry at Moritani? Haruka is terrified in the “haunted” hospital and the gang seems indifferent to her fear. Haruka, becomes depressed over her self image and takes it out on Manabe by being “catty”. Manabe saves her and instead of going into perverted fantasies actually controls himself. (My god, they actually act like teenagers! )

    It just has a complexity that I find unusual and even refreshing, but it’s one that isn’t going to let you relax and stereotype the characters. That being said, when the mom makes her entrance I think there is going to be a real comment war on how she fits into the story.

  11. Is it me, or was the show particularly relentless in making fun of Kotoura’s chest?

    Actually I thought the show was relentless in making fun of Moritani. She broke down crying pretty often and in that theme park her mascot was inside a cage. Considering what she did, this must be payback.


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