I just…. can’t. This was so fdsjgklsjgslkdgjskhjfskhj


Chelia is lost in thoughts while witnessing Juvia and Gray perform a romantic combo together. Because of that, both she and Lyon are hit and defeated. Juvia and Gray seem pleased with the result, and the former is now all over her beloved.

Moving on to Erza and Minerva’s battle – the former is seen slicing through the latter’s attacks. According to a book Levy is reading, Erza’s new armour has consumed a massive amount of magic, and therefore it has been a long time since anyone has been able to wear it. But if you have the stamina to equip it, you are allowed to bend the laws of magic. Erza attacks Minerva with “Nakagami’s Starlight” as payback for what she has done to her friends. With that, FAIRY TAIL earns 5 points – Minerva is defeated. Sabertooth only has one member left, and that is Sting.

Sting is happy with the way things are. The audience assumes that he intends to take out everyone now that people are tired. Sting attracts the FAIRY TAIL team to his position. They’re all worn out. Sting taunts them all and tells them to come at him together. Sting stares at the team standing in front of him, suddenly feeling nervous. Despite being exhausted, the FAIRY TAIL team is still intimidating. Sting falls down, he can’t defeat the people in front of him. With that, the last opponent is down. FAIRY TAIL wins the Grand Magic Games.

Erza asks Sting why he didn’t do anything. He says there is something about the aura of FAIRY TAIL. He also says that he has no right to see Lector, but Erza disagrees. Millianna enters while holding Lector in her arms. Sting sees him and rushes forward. The two of them reunite, crying and hugging each other.

Back at the castle, Arcadios is looking for the princess but she is nowhere to be found. Hisui is seen standing in front of Eclipse together with Darton. Apparently the result of the tournament is what the future Lucy predicted. The disaster will now occur, therefore, the princess must stop it.

I just need to calm myself down a bit before I start writing anything that makes sense… Ah, who am I kidding, when does my writing make sense? Anyway, there, I have calmed down!

This chapter was amazing. I know there are a lot of mixed opinions about this week’s FAIRY TAIL, so I expect a lot of rage and a lot of joy. As for me, well, I always want FAIRY TAIL to win so I’m really happy with the way things went. I absolutely loved seeing Juvia and Gray defeat Lyon and Chelia in such a romantic way. I wish they would’ve performed some sort of Unison Raid, but oh well, luckily I’ve already seen them do it because of one of the filler episodes in the anime! I’m not disappointed though, in fact, I’m very happy with the way their battle was handled. I totally didn’t fangirl while seeing them hold hands or anything, nope, not at all. And it’s becoming more obvious that Gray likes the girl. Perhaps he has started liking her because of Lyon? Hmm, maybe Lyon is a bit more likeable now…

As for Erza’s battle, I must say, I do think Minerva was defeated too easily. She seemed so insanely strong. Minerva has constantly been taking down people without any difficulties so this was slightly anti-climatic. But that doesn’t make Erza any less impressive, because, wow. That armour! I wonder if Erza would be able to take down Gildarts while wearing that… But I assume it’s quite hard to keep it up for too long considering how much stamina it requires – which makes me wonder how Erza managed to wear it at all considering how worn out she seemed to be right before putting it on. But who needs logic? Nakama power is all that matters, and I’m not being sarcastic. I truly love to see when characters become stronger through their friends. Bonds between people are truly amazing, and they’re the main reason why I love this series so much.

And it’s not just the bonds in FAIRY TAIL. Seeing Sting and Lector reunited made me tear up. I am so glad to see that Lector is alive and well. Even though Sting is a jerk with the worst personality ever, he still has a heart. It was a bit surprising to see Lector being that well though. I thought Minerva would be more cruel and do something horrible to him. Her personality and strength have become quite questionable after this chapter. And so is her choice of underwear. I always thought she would go for the more elegant style, like lace or something… Err, what am I talking about?

I have been rambling a lot today. Perhaps I should stop and get to the main part of this chapter. FAIRY TAIL won the Grand Magic Games. Oh, the polarity among the readers! As I said before, I couldn’t have been happier with the result. The guild definitely earned this victory righteously. It’s a fair result, but perhaps some of the battles were quite questionable. Still, it was so amazing. My feelings are all over the place and I just want to squeal because I’m so happy!

What worries me now is the fact that this is something that shouldn’t have happened according to… hmm, according to who? We don’t know if the future Lucy is real or not, or if the princess is plotting something and using Lucy as an excuse. I don’t understand how this victory is going to make dragons attack Fiore at all. It makes me a bit sad that FAIRY TAIL isn’t “allowed” to win, but I guess this makes things more exciting. It’s hard to tell where things will go from now on. I’m wondering if this was an arc ending or not, I mean, the tournament is over but the potential war is still a part of this. If this war is huge thing, then maybe it should have its own arc? Whatever happens, I’m sure it will be really amazing. It has been a while since I was this excited while reading FAIRY TAIL. I’m really looking forward to whatever the princess has in mind. I just hope Fiore won’t be wiped out in the process even though that is most likely to happen. But we’ll see! I really look forward to next week’s chapter. The war is on!

Moete kitazou!


    1. Erza was also talking out of her ass to Sting. Sting was lamenting his failures and talking about how he wouldn’t be able to meet Lector.

      “You can.”

      What the hell is Erza talking about? She doesn’t even know Lector. The audacity of her statement is off the charts.

      1. All of what you have spoken is true rukia….though I actually enjoyed sting giving up rather than fairy tail actually beating him after all of them almost died basically….. Erza saying they could me was rather retarded……….now the story can only get worse

      1. Chill out would ya? I don’t see how you could not like this chapter. If you don’t like it, then don’t bother wasting everyone’s time with your negative thoughts.

      2. I came in to say this. People are that bad with criticism? No one said they hate Fairy Tail, but bad writing is bad writing. Lately the story has been lacking.

        I’m wonder how the chapter will effect the rankings. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it went up. It is primarily written for the youth and they don’t mind bad writing.

        Weekly Shonen Magazine Rankings

  1. That faceoff between Sting and the remaining Fairy Tail members was probably one of my greatest highlights of this arc so far! There’s really something awesome in the confidence of their stance despite being so beaten down from their struggles.

    Thanks for another awesome post <3

  2. The first time I read this I chapter I was like …… Sugoi!!

    I thought that Sting would really defeat them and earn the 9 point but he didn’t! OMG!

    Oh well, Fairy Tail won and that’s all that matters. (30M Jewels for Makarov 🙂 )

    Now let’s get back to Natsu and the rest of the gang!

    1. fairy tail winnning is all that matters………so you really read the manga just so you can watch fairy tail win over and over and over and over and over and over again and over againand over again and over againand over again and over againand over again and over againand over again and over againand over again and over againand over again and over againand over again and over again

  3. Although the ending felt a little rushed, I’m glad they are moving forward with the story now. There are still many unanswered questions in this arc, and for me that is more interesting than the individual fights.

  4. I honestly have no words for how terrible this is.

    It’s crossed beyond rage and into apathy. I said last week that Sting was the only thing that could redeem this arc (this series, really) and then…this.

    And what exactly was so unpredictable about Fairy Tail curbstomping the competition, anyway? It’s what always happens.

    And 3 months training > 7 years training

    whatever. I’m done. After KingofLightning’s review, I’m done with Fairy Tail. I’m honestly hoping this is all one Fairy TALE that Elie and Haru are telling their kid, because Rave Master is Hiro Mashima’s only good series.

    Because…you know…villains were actually threatening and worth their hype.

    1. “And what exactly was so unpredictable about Fairy Tail curbstomping the competition, anyway? It’s what always happens.”

      I know right. The princess tried to claim that this qualified as the unpredictable result. LMMFAO!

      Mashima is a master manipulator if he thinks people are going to buy that garbage.

    2. Why assume 7 years of training for these other people would matter? Most were alot younger so they were more than likely weak at the start.

      Plus logically 7 years shouldnt be enough for everyone in the other guilds to suddenly become super powerful. Fairy Tail was pretty much on the top when the left, everyone else has to catch up.

    1. or you could just stop reading it…

      cause “that clown” isn’t going anywhere based on his manga sales.

      you have free will in this relationship, maybe you and some of the others here who gripe week after week about how much you hate Mashima and Fairy Tail should exercise it.

      Mashima’s poor sense of pacing (i’m not going to deny it) isn’t going to change, and Fairy tail’s not going to turn into what you want.
      so frankly, either you’re just griping for the sake of making noise, or it hasn’t occured to you (and others) you could just stop reading it.

      “i have the right to discussion!!!”
      but you and the others here parroting your position aren’t engaging in discussion.

      you’re just ranting week after week about how he and Fairy Tail sucks, so you might as well move on and just read what you want.

    2. I don’t get it. Do people really have lots of free time with nothing to do besides sitting their asses to read a manga chapter of a series they say is the worst, come on RC, post how they hate it and how it’s the worst, claiming to not read it anymore, yet come back next week to repeat the same things?

      If it took someone 322 chapters to realize what kind of manga Fairy Tail is or what kind mangaka Mishima is….. well ok I will say the rambling is justified in a way that begs the question of your mental capacity, but otherwise, just get a hobby, seriously.

    3. Well, my thought is that he Like Fairy Tail. But he want to change it into his own Way. Why would he still reading the Mange and complain every week? It’s like a Stalker that want to form his “Idol” into his dream

  5. FT wearing plot armor so scary that even Sting wouldn’t dare try to attack it! Amazing. A certain guild did win the grand magic games in an unbelievable way. Never thought I’d see the day the arrogant Sting just gives up. I like that FT wins even though there are things along the way I’d like to have changed. Agree about Minerva’s defeat being underwhelming; I thought Erza was going to explain a loophole in Minerva’s magic but nope he just overpowered her.

    That last scene with the FT members standing in tableau waiting for Sting to attack was amazing. Lots of really great drawings this chapter (especially Juvia).

    Now back to the actual story. I am thinking that Impostor Lucy is here to trick them into opening the gate connecting to a time where the dragon wars were still going on. Dragons come through the portal, blah blah blah.

  6. Love this chapter, but just would like to comment on one thing:

    “Even though Sting is a jerk with the worst personality ever, he still has a heart.”
    Having a dear friends does NOT give you the right to be an asshole. I mean, Sting was quite dis-likeable from the very beginning and his attitude just got worse. I do give props to Mishima-sensei for creating so many different characters cause me to feel so different for each and everyone of them though, and Sting is no exception. He’s the one of the few I go full on hate mode and feel no sympathy for, and can’t wait to see him get his ass handed to him. (Just as the same as you guys feel towards Minerva).

    Will his character get developed more later on? Probably, but still, the whole Sting and Lector didn’t really do much for me. Otherwise, great chapter. Fairy Tail rocks!

  7. Great post stereoman!

    That out of the way, I thought this was a great chapter! My issue isn’t with the outcomes, or the battles themselves, as I feel the same thing would have happened one way or the other, however it just all felt a bit rushed to me. Gray and Juvia’s battle was never really a central point of focus, but Erza and Minerva’s was definitely climax/ final battle material. For some reason I just feel as though rounding up every fight in one chapter makes it seem too rushed, almost pushed for time. I think it took away from the grandure of Sting’s plan as well, as that seemed to build up but then nothing became of it, which I was slightly disappointed about.

    Nevertheless, Fairy Tail won, horay, and next week it seems the serious **** is about to go down in the castle with whatever this Dragon stuff is. Can’t wait!

  8. As soon as the audience members started talking about the possilibty of Sting knocking them all out I knew he was gonna quit.

    “What commoner has the privilege to determine the end of an anime fight?”

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  9. Everyone knows that FT was going to win, that was painfully obvious, but it’s not about the destination, its about the journey, and what a snoozefest of a journey that was. I knew that they were going to end it with one attack, and I knew Sting would forfeit, and I knew Sting would get Lector back. Oh well, time to get to the real meat of the story.

    PS: Minerva, you may be a massive bitch, but anyone who wears shimapan gets points in my book 😛

    PPS: Erza now has an armor that can bend the rules of magic and perform miracles. Remember this whenever she totally doesn’t use it in the future.

    Face of Faces
  10. Wow… Sting just collapsed, I just didn’t expect that at all. However, I feel that the chapter was a bit rushed… but would it have mattered if it wasn’t? If the anime continues someday, the fights are gonna be extended to a better degree, I hope. Anyway:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  11. One more thing:

    Geez, just acknowledge that she loves you. Beside, she’s cute, she’s in debt because you helped when you met her and your magic melds well with hers. There’s your perfect match right there.

  12. I’m impressed to an extent. Somehow Mashima manages to take something that should be awesome by setting up two battles and a double chapter to fight it out and make it completely lame by ending it in the first 1/3. At this rate their just going to one-shot Acnologia in the future.

    …Actually, no they won’t. The power of friendship will convince Acnologia that he has been living life in the wrong way and he will join the group where he will cause wacky hijinx. Oh, Acnologia, you such a kidder.

  13. I knew that Lector is still alive and I’m happy to see Him again. By the way this is a great chapter unlike those who like to say It wasn’t great only to read the next chapter.

    K C M
  14. Honestly, I think most readers are overreacting.
    Opinions are going to such extremes when they’re not taking a lot of things into consideration. People also have to think throughly before criticizing or else it’s just immature blabbering.
    Yes, Mashima really has bad pacing, I’ve noticed some time ago, and I won’t deny the last few fights were rushed and unclimatic, they truly lacked. But the way I see it, there’s a lot of improvement that’s going past most people’s eyes. And the biggest one in this chapter was Sting’s surrender. It is such a big step in his character development and it’s such a shame that most people are too blind to see it(maybe I’ll post a link to a good explanation). His surrender was also no way near the clichés I’ve seen in countless shounen out there. Yes, Fairy Tail won again, but that’s how it goes in any show of this genre. Good always beats Evil ultimately. Also, the whole point of the series is about the power of friendship, so why are people wasting their time complaining about that? Just drop it if you’re not into that. Of course there are limits to what he can do with that before it gets lame or ridiculous, but I’d say it’s still gullible if I’m not even close to dropping it, like I did with other shounen. (Namely the big three)
    Oh, another thing I’d like to point out is how the author actually gave some space for other characters to shine as strongly as Natsu did in the last arcs.
    STILL, the best chapters this arc had were the one where Natsu broke into Sabertooth’s inn and the Dragon Slayers fight. So you could say Mashima is getting too attached to his main character.
    Lastly, there are still a lot of questions that could turn into plot holes if not answered. Also, I don’t think the 3 months to 7 years difference should REALLY matter that much. I’m not saying it is excusable that they got as strong as returning characters in such a flash, but it’s not worth debating.
    Oh well, HATERS GONNA HATE as they say.

      1. So, you wanna tell him how to make his (or perhaps your?) Manga? You can cry what you want. But this Manga belongs to him. It is his way of telling his Story. If you dont like his Way. Why are you reading it?. You can stop reading or looking for other “Writers” that fit you way. But dont go over and try to “insult” his art of Writing HIS VERY OWN Story (Well, perhaps he listen to his Producer)

    1. I agree with you on that. Some people are just blind to what’s really in front of them. I truly Sting would defeat them all, but him surrendering was actually a better outcome. I mean, I know he’s a bit of a jerk, but he has his moments when I feel sorry for him, or just wanna cry. He hasn’t done that much to not even consider giving a second chance too.

  15. I’m indifferent on this chapter, probably need some more time to process it.

    I don’t understand why anyone is either amazed or offended by this chapter. It’s just more of the same from Mashima. He’s been doing this for dozens of chapters, it’s practically his style.

    Get to the dragons already, that’s where the real story is.

    King without a crown
  16. This series is good eye candy and is satisfying to read, it’s just the lack of explanation behind things that really hurts it.

    How did Lector manage to get out of Minerva’s magic with Millianna?

    Why did Erza wait until she was beaten up until she released her Bankai second origin, especially against an opponent she wants to beat up badly and the fact that the new armor totally counters Minerva’s magic?

    Why did Gray lose Rufus’ hat? That was a cool hat.

    Style over substance is a shonen thing through and through, I just want some concrete, explicit story elements, rather than relying on interpretations to get the answers.

    Zabba Dabba Doo
  17. This is the only problem I have with FT, the plot is really good but all the goddamn fights have been so anti climactic that it isn’t even funny.
    This build up with Minerva (although I did wanted to see the bitch get her ass kicked for such a long time) and her getting OHKO’d by Erza through means of activating her second orgini that can apparently slash through magic. WTF kind of asspull is that? I mean come one wtf I would’ve expected Hiro Mashima to have been able to create an actual good fight scene that didn’t involved people suddenyl powering up then beating their opponents in one punch. I mean yes that is a common trope used by anything remotely shonen but it’s been happening way too often in FT especially in this whole arc that it’s not even funny anymore.

  18. The thing about FT is that the Nakama-power “buff” is consistent. It has always been like that. Although not explicitly stated, it is pretty much given that the power of Nakama is a “thing” in the FT universe since the very beginning.

    As an analogy, think of Harry Potter. The power of love is not a magic that can be taught or learnt, yet it is an extremely powerful force (within the HP universe) that it transcends all other magics. It may seem like an ass-pull, but this theme of love was established since the very first book.

    On a side note: This tournament arc lasted ~90 chapters. It feels as though the arc just recently started
    Looking at the colour cover and just realized GajeelxLevy = VegetaxBulma

  19. Im certainly disappointed that Sting didnt even bother fighting despite how “determined” he has been all this time.

    Other than that everything else went as expected. I loved the comedy aspect of Cheria fangirling it up and causing her and Lyon to lose, lol.

    Now I wonder whats gona happen. Eclipse 2 is apparently some kind of giant magical cannon used to fend off the dragon invasion? Let see how that works out.

  20. I don’t care about the end result and how it came about. I will look forward to what happens next, cause that’s the icing of the cake and well icing is like the best part of the cake XD.

  21. Dude…no just no…I’m a hardcore Fairy Tail fan but Sting’s loss was blah…seriously? He basically lost because he was overcome by how awesome Fairy Tail looked? It reminds me of the opening of Kung Fu Panda when Po fantasized about bad guys going blind from his awesomeness…

    But on the side note! HAH! I called it, Fairy Tail shouldn’t have won! Now doom comes along! Of course since this is Fairy Tail the ‘preordained’ fate of destruction will be averted somehow.

  22. lame shonen is lame i’v been trying to understand how this got popular and i dn’ understand apart from stealing ideas here and there frm one piece and gintama ( except x=when they steak them the jokes are not funny any more) at least bleach and naruto were good at the biginning but this has been bland and cliché from the very start

  23. If the fights have been done better – longer, more exciting, not ‘one-shot victory’ style, this arc would’ve been pretty good. That’s my only complaint, really. I suspect that Hiro Mashima has been rushing through the fights just so he can get to Eclipse thing which is apparently supposed to be the main plot of this arc. Well, let’s hope it gets better. This whole “Who’s the liar?” game between Future Lucy and the Princess has made it a little bit more interesting.

    P.S. I found it funny that the Princess has managed to change her clothes and hairstyle and yet Arcadios didn’t come in time to catch her xD

    Thanks for your awesome post!

  24. “While the anime still will end on March 30, 2013, the official site confirmed the rebroadcast of the series that will be starting on April 4, 2013, and will air every Thursday at 5:30pm on TV-Tokyo. Today, Hiro Mashima confirmed, via his official twitter account, that the Fairy Tail anime series is not completely finished (despite what he wrote in this month’s Shueisha’s Jump Square Issue)”

    真島ヒロ @hiro_mashima

    1:17 PM – 06 Mar 13

    Good news?

  25. I enjoyed this chapter, but then again, was somewhat disappointed at how easily Sting gave up. I imagine the anime will make that scene better though. I’m not against Fairy Tail or anything, but I would like to see them lose for once and become stronger from their loss.

  26. FT is obviously a story of emotional payoffs. Readers are satisfied when they win, concerned when they lose and are invested in the characters. The problem comes when you view these payoffs in the context of the story, and you find unresolved plot elements as well flat-out plot holes. A chapter like this significantly reduced the impact of previous chapters in my opinion. Knowing what these characters are capable of and not using it previously seems kinda weird and makes their previous actions kind of questionable, especially since I don’t peg FT as a guild that would be “conservative” against the competition.

    The clunky and clichéd dialogue (Nakama nakama nakama) also didn’t help, although that might have been because of the translation I read.

    1. Yeah, sometime the “Nakama” will get worn out. But until then i enjoy reading the Manga. Perhaps they should split up after the Tournament. So we get “Pair” Action and the “Nakama” overusing will get down. To much is no good either.

      Lets see, what happen after this Arc. Until then enjoy

  27. I find it funny that those who always like to say how this shounen manga was bad or worse are the ones who never stop reading it and will read next week’s chapter and say the same thing again. If you don’t like the show don’t sweat about it with your blogs because there are millions of people who like the show.

    K C M
  28. Lector coming back makes a decent amount of sense- Erza’s new armor set has been shown to counter Minerva’s magic upon contact, so when she got run over the extradimensional space she hid Lector in broke, and he came tumbling out. He told Erza and Millianna the general story, which explains Erza’s talk with Sting at the end. Millianna is the one who carries Lector because up until the surrender, Erza had been planning to fight Sting and hostages aren’t her thing (that and he’s a beloved cat so Millianna couldn’t resist). Also, Minerva is untrustworthy, but she is not stupid. She kept her word because she wanted Sting’s allegiance in the long term, and killing Lector and lying about it is an unsustainable strategy.

    There are a lot of things in Fairy Tail that could benefit from better foundation (that surrender!), but this one point seems pretty straightforward to me.

    1. Yeah, I don’t believe that. Read the first pages of 321, you can clearly see Lector fell out before Erza used the new armor. For bonus points, if you go to 316, you get a nice shot of Millianna’s back with no Lector for some reason.

      As for the whole, having a conversation to get Erza and Millianna up to speed, that is more believable, but it still happened offscreen so no real confirmation.

  29. I thought this couldn’t be worse than Rave Master…..I lost that bet. All the magic asspulls, bad relationships (Erza x Jellal, Juvia x Anyone, levy x gajeel), shitty hype= fairy tail start off weaker after 7 years but after a few losses back to business as usual, fairy tail must win, screw the fact that gildarts is more powerful, when he and natsu fight again natsu will win. I’m so glad I stopped watching this crap, call me when wendy/cheria get a proper nude scene.

  30. Look at all the miserable people who need to witness main characters lose/die in their own manga to make their life feel better. Stop reading and posting trying to bring other people down with you and realize your opinions mean very little to those who understand the nature of story telling. This is why we can’t have nice things.

    This was a great chapter btw

  31. Why hasn’t anyone made the connection between Erza’s new armor and Ikaruga’s sword flash technique? If there’s a villian who could cut through magical spaces then Erza can have an armor that does it too.

    The only thing about Erza that bothers me is how she one-shots everyone she’s fighting after they completely destroy her, other than that, THAT STAND OFF go Fairy Tail.

    Aquarian DragonSlayer
  32. Personally I think the Erza/Minerva fight should been extended to at least a chapter and half. Considering Minerva has been consistently portrayed as a smug dog kicking asshole in nearly all of her appearances, her defeat seems a tad….anti-climatic and rushed. Erza’s a great character, but pulling out a powerful piece of armor we’ve never seen before (and was never hinted at possessing) and instantly curbstomping someone who’s been constantly hyped as powerful feels kinda like a cheat.

    The fight should have been more of a struggle for Erza, after all she was still suffering wounds from her fight Kagura whilst Minerva had just a few scraps and bruises from earlier.
    It should have been more even on both sides, Erza trading blows with Minerva and slowly gaining the upperhand. Realizing this Minerva slowly begins to breakdown getting more desperate and desperate, until culminating into a finishing blow while screaming frantically how Sabertooth is unbeatable. Finally collapsing into a bruised and broken mess (Kinda like how Captain Kuro was defeated in One Piece). This would have felt more satisfying than a quick armor switch (Complete with explanation on what it does) and sword slash knockout.

    That’s really my only grip with the chapter. The Juvia/Gray dynamic was great and Sting’s forfeit, while unexpected was quite humbling. Considering how he’s acted before, it could be a sign of character development. Looking forward to what happens next week.

  33. that was such a waste honestly i was so damn dissapointed in this chapter i was hoping for erza to barely barely win against minerva and win with help they cant just make fairy tail look unstoppable like this real talks and also i wanted to see a good match with sting and the rest of them in fact i was hoping for sting to take down everyone except for gray

  34. I didn’t really mind this chapter, mainly because I like Fairy Tail (the manga) as well as the Guild itself, anyone who says Fairy Tail sucks (the Guild or the Series) I say *BOOOOO* to you!!! Its a fictional story they don’t always have to make sense or be set in facts and rules, they go whichever direction the Author chooses whether we like it or not plain and simple.

    I apologize in advance if I have said anything to upset anyone but this is just my opinion.

  35. It’s cool that FT won, but man, the fights sucked hard. Erza pulled out an almost deus ex machina, Gray and Juvia only won because Chelia was being dumb, and while I’m at it, Laxus vs Jura last chapter ended up being a boring fistfight.

    Sting giving up is something I actually liked, much better than him venting his angst via potentially underwhelming fight scene.

  36. Well I’ve tried to pick up the manga where I left off a few months ago…Man this was stupid. I get the whole Shonen thing but randomly pulling things from your ass. Does the writer want to speed up through everything?

    Meh I’ll keep reading…

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