「災禍をもたらす死の香りが街にはびこるようですよ?」 (Saika o Motarasu Shi no Kaori ga Machi ni Habikoru You Desu yo?)
“It Seems That the Smell of Death That Brings About Disaster Is Growing Throughout the Town?”

Well that’s a mouthful of an episode title. It works well I guess given the plague being spread by Pest. It seems like a somewhat underhanded tactic to use, especially when these are technically ‘games’ as opposed to outright war or the like. Apparently it’s perfectly fine within the rules of the Little Garden too – as evidenced by the fact that despite Kurousagi’s worries, it didn’t actually involve any misconduct. In fact, the rules seem almost entirely in their favour in this instance, allowing them to negotiate terms that will help their new community – Grim Grimoire Hamelin – to expand with the addition of some pretty damn powerful individuals should they win. I kind of like both sides here and I’m not entirely sure who to root for – seeing both team up would certainly be pretty fun!

There’s a tiny bit more insight into how the Little Garden works this week, or at least some hints at the inner workings. Demon Lords seem to be destined to die – this should be no surprise given how they’re always painted as being the ultimate evil and make great targets for pretty much every other community out there. On top of this, it seems like Shiroyasha has some control over the world’s sun – it certainly speaks volumes about just how high her standing is within the Little Garden! Some fiddling with the rules even lets Kurousagi participate in the game despite being a judge!

I’ve always said that one of the best parts of Mondaiji is its characters and I certainly haven’t changed my mind on this count. But one of the other things I really love about the show is how each character always gets a chance to shine – how each of the three leads has their moment in the spotlight. This week the crowning moment goes to Asuka, even if it is only for a few moments before the end of the episode. There’s something I really love about that kind of moment, cliché though it may be – where one individual appears to save the day astride the shoulder of a giant machine of doom. Asuka is pretty damn cool. I imagine that all three will have moments to shine in next week’s finale!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Plague, seemingly underhanded tactics, and some more badassery! #Mondaiji

Random thoughts:

  • It looks like friendship may be blossoming between You and Ayesha!
  • There’s something rather sweet about Izayoi watching over the sleeping You.
  • Ratten definitely has quite a thing for Asuka.
  • Summoning Hamelin sounds like quite the impressive feat!
  • Izayoi manages to get injured? No way! I never thought I’d see the day!
  • Lances are really cool weapons, it’s kind of a pity they don’t feature more often in fantasy works. Swords tend to be the weapon of choice.

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    1. Sadly, it seems that this show isn’t doing well in Japan. There probably won’t be enough BD sales for a second season 🙁

      However, the light novels are supposedly doing VERY well now thanks to the anime. And from what I heard, the light novels are MUCH better than the anime. Not surprising seeings as how much they cut out to fit everything into 10 episodes.

      1. According to those who have read the novels, very little has been cut out. And they are not even trying to fit “everything” into ten episodes. What we have here is just the first two novels.

        BD sales may not be the deciding factor for this series. The anime was likely created to boost sales of the novels, which it has accomplished quite well. It is entirely possible for that to be the important factor rather than disc sales. I am given to understand such things have happened before.

      2. As Wanderer says, BD/DVD sales are by no means the only factor that determines whether something gets a second season. Look at Chihayafuru. The first season’s BD/DVD sales were quite indifferent, but it got a second season apparently because of the boost it gave to the manga sales.

    1. By “resolution” you mean what Izayoi said when talking with You – right? Not sure if this is “spoiler material or not, but just to be safe” this is how I interpret Izayoi’s comments.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. That doesn’t actually answer the biggest answer that he seemed to get out of it: how did he suddenly realize that the pied piper was not the legitimate legend? All of those revelations seem to be about Pest, but he jumped to some conclusion about Ratten from hearing them.

      2. Izayoi had an epiphany by putting 2 & 2 together. That’s the only thing that could be proven in this case since most of it was based on legends & hearsay. However they had REAL people/things in front of them, but they weren’t actually claiming to be anyone except Grim Grimoire – a new community the maou created. They never claimed to be the real deal. That was most likely a condition to make the game legit.

        But what did he put together? Pest only had the gifts & wasn’t really the plague or the little ice age. But it wasn’t the true Pied Piper legend because in THEIR situation, the children did not disappear in 24 hours which is the legend they are working with – even though they’re several versions of the legend that we can find with & w/o any time limit – they’re just using the most renown version with concrete details.

      3. Yet he had the people go out destroying the images with the pied piper figure in them, and preserving the ones that didn’t have any rats in them. Neither of those had anything to do with the Black Death, so how did his epiphanies about Pest help him realize those things?

      4. The Pied Piper legend that I’m familiar with was that the town of Hamelin was over run by rats. The Piper arrived and stated that he could remove the rats for a price. The town agreed and he entranced the rats with his music and led them to the river where they drowned. When he came back for payment the townsfolk refused. The Piper in retaliation used his music to entrance their children and led them away never to be seen.

        The “Little Ice Age” is also known as the Maunder Minimum, during which the number of sunspots were considerably reduced. This has been theorized to cause temperature drops on earth.

        The plague was believed to be transmitted by fleas that were carried by rats, hence the connection of the plague and Pest.

      5. @Wanderer Yet he had the people go out destroying the images with the pied piper figure in them, and preserving the ones that didn’t have any rats in them. Neither of those had anything to do with the Black Death, so how did his epiphanies about Pest help him realize those things?

        Maybe I can clarify. Will use “spoiler” tag again to be on the safe side. Also, all JMO of course.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. @Wanderer, Daikama’s info inside the spoiler tag pretty much says it all… it is exactly how Izayoi was able to know which legend are true and therefore to protect, and which ones are false and therefore to smash… Because rats are another symbol for Pest (due to how the disease can be carried by rats), any color glass that has rats on it is associate with the pest version of pied piper (which is false). Since only pest was slow death, pest could not have been the true legend (plus time period does not match… the true events happened in 13th century, yet black death occurred after 14th century)

    3. Remember they’re trying to find out which ONE was fake. They didn’t have to actually disprove the Pied Piper legend. But they didn’t cover their own ass enough so they just got rid of glass that had to do with rats as well. You can call it an automatic thing. They didn’t have too much time to spend on it anyway.

  1. Does anyone know if Leticia has reclaimed her divinity and gift of Lord of Vampires?

    She is a former Demon Lord, so she should easily be on the same level as Shiroyasha and Pest.

    1. I don’t think so they never said anything about regaining her full power – the fact she couldn’t keep up with Pest in the previous episode and she still stays in her child form most of the time seems to support this.

    2. jrj could better answer this, but AFAIK, she has not. She gave away that gift for one reason or another so I imagine she must win it in a gift game in order to get it back. Just a guess on my part, but her “adult” transformation seems like a limited time power-up.

    3. haha, I guess I have been put on spot by daikama here… regarding Leticia: Show Spoiler ▼

      The shadow she uses this episode was the remnant from her former status as the vampire dragon knight…

  2. Been looking forward to this episode, and I wasn’t disappointed – even with the lack of Shiroyasha-Izaoyoi banter. Moomba makes a very good point about not only are the character’s great, but the the each get the time in the spotlight rather than one being the focal point. Balance is always part of a good show IMO, and Mondaiji has consistently done that – whether in terms of action/comedy/character development or individual character screen time.

    I didn’t expect a “time out” for a rule check. Wonder if that was in the LN or not. I’m also surprised that Izayoi was injured. Divinity has its perks no doubt, and it makes for a much better fight IMO if Izayoi has to struggle a bit to win (no one really thinks he will lose – do they?). Izayoi certainly has proven to be a “good guy” deep down and a fine protagonist. Keeping You company was a very nice gesture on his part, and clearly Jin has benefited from his mentoring.

    Too little faith on my part in terms of Kurousagi taking part in the fight. I’m not sure if it deviates from the novel, but a smart decision IMO by the director to include her in the “final” battle. It just wouldn’t seem right to see both her and Shiroyasha on the sidlelines. Might not be possible, but I’d also like to see Shiroyasha take part before everything’s over. She might need to do so since Pest is having little difficulty taking on both Kurousagi and Sandora while Izayoi is preoccupied with “Wasser v2.0”.

    Really like Asuka (Ratten’s got good taste in that respect ^^), so it was a lot of fun to see her make a grand entrance on “Dean” after struggling to accept her Gift’s limitations. Time to give Ratten some payback for kicking her literally when she was down last episode. Given that Asuka now knows the “secret” behind the story (some weather related disaster I suspect – flash flood or maybe tornado), I expect her to play a larger role in the outcome than simply ordering Dean around. One thing I’m still trying to figure out is the identity of her very kawaii fairy friend (probably be a month before I get “Rattenfänger~” out of my mind XD). The myth/story lists 130 children yet her fairy friend is the 131st. Hmm…

    *sigh* With only one episode left, I have no doubt that the trio will ultimately prove to be victorious [be a short LN otherwise ;)], but that’s fine. The fun part will be watching them do so. I’m sure that no matter how the ending exactly turns out I’ll enjoy it, especially if it concludes with “to be continued…”

    1. everything goes according to the LN as far as I can tell… too bad they even skipped the Asuka challenge – bearer of miracle (her trial to acquire Dean…) just like the LN did 🙁

      now you see why I didn’t say much about the prospect of black rabbit entering the game? didn’t want to ruin the surprise xD

      As to our 131th friend here, I don’t know if the final episode will get to that, so if not I will say something next week… Hope the final will be good!

      1. @jrj in the next episode preview asuka and you showed in left side of the back round and it say the final shocking episode.by the vn there is some big supirse that need to happen in the next episode?

  3. How nice, the only thing you can prove is the foursome are full of shit. However, if Nisemonogatari taught us anything, fakers can be even more troublesome than the real deals. They have all the powers of the entities they portray & they know how to use them. Too bad they whole “stained glass shattering legend” stuff gave them away. They pretty much declared they were fake from the get go.

    It’s also kinda funny how they would enact an unwinnable game to make their opponents admit defeat & join their new community. You have to love the old ‘join us or die’ BS. That kind of stuff only works with good old Alexander, but he usually knew the strength of his foes . . .

    Bloody BS, last episode next week! They need to extend this. This is the end of vol 2. It’s on vol 6 now. Vols 3-5 is basically one on-going arc that involves the trio becoming more ‘specialized’ if I had to call it anything.

      1. Jin has alot of ways to go though(emphasize on the alot – even that doesn’t seem enough).

        But that Alexander never tried ‘join me or die’ stuff, although he did try to recruit most of his enemies.

    1. How nice, the only thing you can prove is the foursome are full of shit.

      Foursome? I guess you’re including “Strom”. I always though of it as a “golem” type being/weapon/”gift” (like Dean) rather than an actual community member. Am I wrong about that?

      “That kind of stuff only works with good old Alexander, but he usually knew the strength of his foes . . .

      I wouldn’t say that it only worked with Alexander. The Roman Empire adopted that strategy wholeheartedly (along with a bunch of other parts of Greek culture), and used it successfully for 400 years or so. Of course Rome wasn’t hesitant to conquer by the gladius & pilum, but usually the preferred choice was “Hey, come be part of our great empire. All you have do do is pay a “little” *cough* in taxes.” In a broad sense, that’s pretty much the strategy for all war. Die or submit.

      While certainly not fair or “sporting” (let alone moral or ethical), strictly speaking in terms of strategy, I thought it was a smart plan. As mentioned, demon lords are not invincible, and while the Pest, Wasser & Ratten are collectively strong “players”, why risk unnecessary injury or death if that can be avoided? Same goes for the players you are trying to “recruit” (coerce). Even in RL, chemical or biological weapons have been used from time to time.

      Vols 3-5 is basically one on-going arc that involves the trio becoming more ‘specialized’ if I had to call it anything.

      *sigh* Must be nice to be able to read the LN. I’m almost at the point where I’m going to see if I can find a decent OCR program and suffer through machine translations. At any rate, I agree 100% that there is MORE than enough material for another FULL season (enough of this 10 episode crap!). By the time Season 2 rolls around, probably enough for 24 episodes.

      1. When I say foursome, yeah I meant Strom. They’re including ALL the possible logical ways the kids could have died/disappeared.

        I’d say for 3-5 would be a good 12 episodes. I haven’t read 6 yet.

        It’s a smart plan, as long as you know who you’re dealing with. But it also works well if you’re the underdog too – but you still have to know where you stand to use it at all.

      2. @Megas It’s a smart plan, as long as you know who you’re dealing with

        VERY true IMO. That strategy certainly didn’t work for the Romans in Germania. Nothing but to fight it out or give up and go elsewhere.

        That’s big the mistake Pest made, She didn’t figure on the participants leadership playing hard ball. I was a little surprised that everyone readily accepted Mandola’s strategy to immediately kill anyone who showed symptoms, but that was ultimately the right call. Neutralizes her threat. LOL when Izayoi pointed out that if she waited a month, all Pest’s potential recruits would be dead. You would think the demon lord of the Black Plague would realize that.

        One thought I had was if they amend the “contract” (Geas Scroll) to say they will “join Pest’s community upon her removing the plague from all participants.” Once she cures everyone, wait until both parties are in a relatively isolated area (no worries about the disease infecting others), and then the “new members” declare that they are “unsatisfied with current community leadership” and revolt.

        All they agreed to was joining Pest’s community. AFAIK, community members can disobey or supplant leadership (though there may be consequences of course). Underhanded/deceptive for sure, but turnabout is fair play as the saying goes. Only question is whether Pest would agree to those specific terms.

        Thanks for the tip on ABBYY FineReader. It should be good for that price :<. I was thinking something like LEC Power Translator would be better than Google TL, but more expense added there. :<. Need research if there are any decent freeware options or maybe consider an older (an cheaper) version.

      3. @daikama

        Gengis pretty much had the same approach: Submit or die.

        I thought that Pest said she only infected some of the people, leaving the ones she really wanted available to join her?

      4. @Bear:I thought that Pest said she only infected some of the people, leaving the ones she really wanted available to join her?

        Yes and no. Only some of the participants were infected, but at least one (You) of the desired recruits was infected as well (she did seem to be getting better though). Izayoi raised the issue when he brought up the flaw in her plan during negotiations (i.e. everyone will be dead if they wait a month to restart the game as Pest first requested). Pest’s response (paraphrasing) was “Fine, then we’ll start again in 20 days” (i.e. most people will be sick rather than dead).

        OK, except a couple of minutes later, Jin contradicts that by saying (paraphrasing again) “One week – and will give the concession that we must win within 24 hours (because players will be too ill/dying after that).” That’s less than 1/2 of Pests “solution” to the problem, yet Pest doesn’t make any correction to that statement and accepts the terms. One would think that as the embodiment of the B.P., she’d have a better understanding of how the disease actually worked. >_<.

        IIRC from my history classes, fleas were primarily responsible for the BP spreading, but it still could be spread from person to person. It's really not a precision "scare tactic" since Pest doesn't seem to have much, if any, control over who gets the disease once it's released. No-Name better hope she can do a lot better in terms of curing it. LOL – what a troll ending that would be. Pest – "Sorry, I can only spread the Black Plague. Curing it is beyond my power/gift." Pan to shocked player faces then cut to ending funeral scene. [JK of course – that's the last thing I'd want for the actual ending.]

      5. @Bear
        I think even though Pest is capable of initiating the disease she doesn’t have the ability to control who gets infected and who doesn’t.It is a plague after all and it probably spreads like any other plague does.

        I don’t think that was a contradiction, Jin’s point was that after that amount of time the players will start suffering/getting ill from the plague so while they will still be alive their ability to fight and win the game will be greatly reduced, hence adding the time limit isn’t that much of a disadvantage(And what Izayoi was pointing out earlier was that in a month they will all be dead not just ill).That’s also probably why Pest wanted to wait longer, so that the other players will be weakened by the plague, but she also can’t wait too long since if they start dying she won’t have any recruits.

      6. @diakama

        Your comments make me curious about Pest and whether her power is inherent or something she gained or it was forced on her since she doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of all of the ramifications of the disease. Then again how long has she been around?

        As far as the BP vector is concerned, I seem to remember that one of the symptoms is boils/pus which could cause human to human transmission.

      7. @daikama, ABBYY FineReader can dump the entire vol in a word document. Just make sure you read it as “Plain Text”. I would also stay away from machine translations as they tend to mix in parts of names & onomatopoeia, rendering it illegible. Dictionary translations leave them alone most of the time. If you play around with it enough, it’s definitely possible to get a usable result.

  4. Jin really seems to be getting into his role as the leader(his growth is rather pleasing to watch and Izayoi seemed rather proud of him) – funny how most of the side characters in the show don’t feel like side characters despite the fact it’s only 10 episodes.I don’t if this will make sense to anyone else but one of the things I like about this show is that the main cast isn’t ‘boxed in’, instead has a kind of open door policy on the cast.Is it just me or does it feel like that there’s more to being Demon Lords than meets the eye.
    Although expected it’s rather refreshing to see that power doesn’t guarantee victory.

    The one thing I found weird about this episode is that how the fact the Demon Lord was forcing the game on others isn’t considered illegal by Little Garden rules.

    1. Demon Lords seem to be some kind of recognized existence in Little Garden. Like Ratten said this episode, Demon Lords show up, become villains, do crazy things for a while and then are surely killed. I wonder where Demon Lords like Shiroyasha fall into this cycle since she’s also a Floormaster who has to defend other communities from Demon Lords.

      1. I believe Shiroyasha is essentially a being who possesses the power of a demon lord, but has chosen instead to dedicate herself to helping other communities rather than causing chaos.

        Even demon lords apparently fall under the rules of the Little Garden. What makes them so feared is their ability to force people to participate in their Gift Games. Presumably Shiroyasha is capable of doing that, but again has chosen not to do so because of the inevitable trouble it causes.

      2. @Shadowalker: Arguably a demon lord like Pest is a victim, because of her nature. She and the others in her community are literally the physical incarnations of legendary renditions of horrific deaths. I believe that that is the reason why their first move was to begin a game that wouled likely result in massive slaughter of its participants, despite the fact that all those three really wanted was new members for their community. The idea of simply doing basic recruiting, of asking, wouldn’t even occur to them, because despite their humanoid appearances, they are literally death. All they could do, the only thing they would be able to think of doing, is fulfilling their role in the legend and killing people through it.

        They are trapped by their own natures as creatures of spirit born from these legends. I can’t help but find that a little sad, even though I want to see at least 2/3 of them killed in the upcoming fight.

      3. @Wanderer, that can’t be right because Shiroyasha herself said she was a Demon Lord. She hasn’t lied before, also if it was just capability then she wouldn’t have said it. Apparently you can be a Demon Lord while also being a Floormaster. Just because she doesn’t exercise the ability to force people into games doesn’t stop her from having it.

      4. @Xacual, actually in Shiroyasha’s case, she is no longer demon lord in her current state… She gave up some of her power so that she achieved floor master status, so I don’t know you can really say she is both floor master (who fights against demon lord) and demon lord itself… Plus I don’t think people wants a demon lord as floor master anyway.

      5. @jrj I don’t know you can really say she is both floor master (who fights against demon lord) and demon lord itself… Plus I don’t think people wants a demon lord as floor master anyway.

        In the anime (which may deviate from the LN here) anime, I recall Shiroyasha referred to as a “demon lord” (using “maou” afterwards for lazy typing) more than once in addition to floor master. I always considered “maou” in terms of “species” (for lack of a better term). No different than a human. Some people go the “criminal route” (maou) while others the police route (floor master), but in either case are still “human.” In that sense, I don’t see why Shiroyasha couldn’t be both “maou” and floor master.

        However you comments seem to suggest otherwise. I’m getting confused here. Is “maou” more of a title or job description (please disregard the obvious Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou reference)? In other words, a “maou” is always evil – perhaps even compelled by their nature as Wanderer suggests. Shiroyasha seems to prove otherwise – that the term “maou” is used in a “species” sense. You can have a “good” or “bad” “maou”. I know the former flies in the face of the word’s connotation, but this is a LN. The “maou” in High School DXD is certainly not the typical “maou.” Same for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.

        If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate some clarity on this.

      6. Maou cannot be a species, as there are too many different types of beings that it applies to. A vampire lord in Leticia, a Gorgon in Algol, a Buddhist diety in Shiroyasha, and an incarnated metaphysical concept in Pest. It appears to be a title applied to any being powerful enough to be considered a “final boss” in your standard RPG. In the Little Garden, all we really know about then is that they can force people to participate in Gift Games, and that the floor masters actively oppose the chaos they cause.

      7. Shiroyasha’s case seems to be she turned over a new leaf. Basically she was a demon lord but managed to redeem herself but at the cost of her power level as Izayoi mentioned.

      8. @Wanderer: Maou cannot be a species, as there are too many different types of beings that it applies to. A vampire lord in Leticia, a Gorgon in Algol, a Buddhist diety in Shiroyasha, and an incarnated metaphysical concept in Pest.

        FWIW, I posted “for lack of a better word” because literally, my brain is/was too tired to think a better way to phrase the concept. Clearly “maou” is a powerful demon leader not a species in the literal sense (given mythological diversity “demon” probably isn’t one either but I digress). Meh, w/e – you answered my question with Leticia. Thanks.

        I forgot she was once a demon lord (forgot about Algol being one as well for that matter >_>). So it’s really a “title/station/etc.” IIRC, she wasn’t running around causing mayhem as demon lord. Instead, she was part of the no-name community before its downfall. Therefore, being “demon lord” does not necessarily mean one must follow Pests actions as a demon lord or to qualify as one (i.e. create a bunch of mayhem, fight, fight, fight, die).

        That was what I was trying to figure out. The typical demon lord in Little Garden may act like Pest, but it’s not some sort of inescapable fate as one, or prerequisite for being called one. That also fits with how I interpreted Ratten’s comment which I took it as a “Are you sure you want to do this?” kind of statement.

        OK – got it. Now I’m curious how one gains the title “demon lord”, but perhaps that’s better left to another time.

      9. @daikama, demon lord in little garden is more of a description than a species… anyone who is powerful enough to acquire “host master” privilege and abuses such power is referred as “demon lord”…

        “host master”, just like black rabbit’s “judge master” privilege, is a special power that can force people into playing game that demon lord created. In a normal game, players have the right to inspect the rules before participating, and if they deem the game is too hard, they could decline. but in a game created with “host master” power, the game was forced so player could not decline and must obey the rules (therefore potentially evil demon lords could create games that is “unwinnable” to get whatever they want). In this sense, demon lord are considered as natural disaster since you couldn’t stop a natural disaster once it shows up…

        In shiroyasha’s case, she gave up some of her power as a demon lord so that she could take on the floor master role. so she fails the test for being a demon lord in at least one out of two ways: 1. she may not have “host master” privilege anymore. 2. She does not abuses her privilege even if she still has it. Because of that, I tend to call her as Ex-demon lord just like Leticia (who lost her demon lord power) because Shiroyasha is not active as a demon lord even if she still has that power (which I felt that she does not). But many still call her as the demon lord of white night because that is what made her famous and also sort of an honorary title.

  5. bunny girl stop the fight so two sides can make offer deal & see if game is legit so after some hmm well game is legit so izayoi & etc make offer if they lose pest & others will get everything with everyone include bunny girl.

    asuka found herself in place with giant iron man suit (must be made with box of scraps) with light orb telling her story & offer give her big suit.

    izayoi & you give you bit on fever wonder on how beat pest & others give found out break glass painting everyone is free so game resume now break the glass.

    til remodel the city full attack & here asuka to rescue with giant iron man.

  6. So it appears my theory about the community Rattenfänger which I made comments about in the post about the last episode has actually turned out to be true: that community is indeed made up of the lost children of Hamelin. And despite Moomba’s determined suspicions, they are not enemies at all, but in fact are probably more eager than anyone to see this false game overturned and the truth revealed.

  7. Gaaaah, how dare they leave me on such a cliffhanger…now I have to wait another week for the final episode. Boo.

    Anyway, Asuka doing her Big Damn Heroes entry was pretty amazing, and I look forward to seeing her kick ass. It’s also nice to see Izayoi finally struggling with something, as well as Kurousagi participating along with them. They’re pulling out all the stops, so hopefully the climax will be worth it. That way, I can definitely write this show down as one of my favourites this season.

    And, probably futile as it may be, I am hoping for a second season – it did give the light novels a boost, after all, which has given multiple shows the green light for one.

    1. I saw that, and I think what they meant was that it was the last episode of that story line, not the last episode of the series. It would leave two eps for them to get paid by Shiroyasha, get some sort of gratitude gift from Sandra, return home, and start farming that new plot behind the house that Izayoi and Asuka were talking about, and then have some sort of pregnant reveal setting up a sequel.

      1. ANN is the only location that still thinks there will be twelve episodes. The number of discs this will be released on corresponds to a ten-episode series, MAL lists it as ten episodes, the preview declares next episode to be the final one… Sorry, but this has been known for a while. It’s not that we want it to end at ten, it’s just that it’s going to do so regardless.

  8. I like how Sandra’s brother was direct and brutal. You want our people? I’ll kill them first. We lose, you lose too.

    Izayoi using that to turn the tables by reducing their advantage by offering to add a rule to stop that was good. Jin further chopping the delay was smart and finally Izayoi offering black rabbit (who he knows to be strong) to entice pest was brilliant. Cut the delay + add a strong fighter to their own ranks.

    The Rattenfanger community being only spirits of dead children was kind of sad. Brings into focus the importance of the floormaster defending the weak communities. At least they have some sort of physical manipulation ability or they couldn’t build the giant robot

    1. True it was nice to see how they all understood each others intentions and played along at the negotiation table without the need for someone to spell it out for them.And how easily Mandola cast a side his differences with the No-Names for the greater good.

  9. @jrj in the next episode preview asuka and you showed in left side of the back round and it say the final shocking episode.by the vn there is some big supirse that need to happen in the next episode?

    1. I don’t think there are much of any really “shocking” turn of events that will occur aside from the anime will be over… but I liked how this game concluded in the LN. xD Well, the only thing that left unanswered is probably who is the guy behind all this… (recall the prophecy from Thousand Eyes?)

  10. Kiess
  11. I agree, lances deserve more props in anime. The only main character I can recall that used a lance-like weapon was Busou Renkin. But in the end, it’s all about the swords.

    But good job setting up the conflict for next episode. Izayoi got scratched up so at least his opponent should be able to entertain him a little. Good potential showdowns all over the place.

  12. I totally called it with Black Death last ep.

    THe big red giant was a bit of a surprise. From the way it appeared in the opening I thought it was going to be a “bad guy” but it’s awesome the way Ausuka now commands it. I can’t wait for the next, and sadly last, episode.


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