Surprisingly, since this is the Urara arc ending, I find myself with relatively little to say about the chapter. There’s been a fair bit of misdirection for most of this arc and it’s been handled pretty well. Heck, even at the beginning of this chapter it seemed to be heavily implied that the hole in Urara’s heart was due to feeling lonely in a similar manner to her mother. There’s something a little cruel in how Urara’s grandfather would devote himself to Kayoko when she was in need but ignore her completely otherwise – it brings into question whether he feels kindness and love towards her or merely some sense of duty to protect her and help her when she’s in trouble.

In the end, the hole in Urara’s heart wasn’t due to her own loneliness. It was quite a nice twist and the way it was revealed was pretty effective compared to much of what we’ve seen throughout the arc so far. This hole developed due to helplessness – that Urara felt she could do nothing to ease her grandfather’s loneliness while she was still a child. All the misdirection helped make this revelation a little more rewarding rather than feeling disappointing. So in that sense, I guess I enjoyed the conclusion to this arc. But at the same time, I’m glad it’s over and we can hopefully finally get back to the more interesting stuff surrounding Dokurou and the things Keima needs to do to ‘fix’ the past!

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Urara’s arc concludes in a somewhat interesting manner! #TWGOK


  1. And at last the first arc of what I assume the last “saga” of Kami nomi has come to an end!
    It was okay In the end so I really dont have much to say myself, but I did think it was nice to see the problem with the spirit be wrapped up pretty much on its own this time with out keima needing to be the one to conquer Urara.


  2. What is Urara’s status in present time, within the timeline?

    I suspect that Jupiter lies within Urara – weren’t those glyph surrounding Urara the ones associated with Heaven?

    Which might mean, that in the original time-line, while Urara was consumed by the run away spirit, there might be an arc down the line where Keima has to conquer an older, present day Urara.

  3. I was most surprised with Urara’s strength of character. She didn’t even flinch after her mother attacked her grandfather, she knew instantly that it wasn’t right, no forced drama, just action and Urara showing that perhaps she is more mature than even we thought. I’m still wanting to know more about Dokuro though.

  4. Urara can’t be Jupiter, for the big reason is that the Jupiter sisters( the goddesses )are currently sealing the runaway spirits. Unless there is another sister(which I doubt or it would have been hinted at already) urara might just be a central character once the story comes back to the present


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