「バトル・オブ・ドラゴンスレイヤー」 (Batoru of Doragon Sureiyaa)
“Battle of Dragon Slayers”

I like cats. They’re adorable! One of my favourite cats is called Millianna. I’m really happy that this episode was dedicated to the battle between Lamia Scale and Mermaid Heel. I don’t remember much of it from the manga; I can’t even remember if it was given a proper chapter. However it was executed in the manga, I know it wasn’t better than this. I really enjoyed seeing this fight even though I don’t really care that much about the characters in it. It was not just an entertaining battle, it was also very interesting because of the odd combination.

But my favourite thing about this battle was probably how much it focused on Millianna. Since the first time I saw her in the Tower of Heaven arc, I’ve been really interested in her as a character. It’s a shame she was tricked into knocking herself out, but I admit, she was really cute while showing her true catlike nature. Aside from that, I guess I’m a little bit disappointed that Mermaid Heel didn’t win considering the fact that Kagura is the strongest participant out of all four. Oh well, at least they got some points which is fair enough.

While it may seem like I really loved Millianna today, my favourite moments were actually the ones with Juvia. Her insane outbursts about injuries were certainly very hilarious and made me laugh quite loudly several times. I found it quite funny when she felt distaste towards Lyon when he did to her what she does to Gray. I wonder if she’ll ever realise that… Let’s hope not! Crazy Juvia is always entertaining. And I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of her insane imagination. While I do wish her dreams would turn into reality for her, I think I’m happy with the way things are now too because she is simply too funny.

Anyway, aside from the awesomeness of the female characters today, we’re finally at the most exciting battle of this arc so far. I find it quite funny that this episode’s title was dedicated to the battle of the Dragon Slayers when we barely saw a minute of it. I loved how we were shown Natsu preparing for a fight by talking to Lucy. It was a very sweet moment that totally didn’t make me ship them more than I already do or anything like that. Nope, not at all. And I definitely didn’t notice Evergreen still sleeping next to Elfman. Ah, too much to ship! I should stop thinking about that now. We’re up for an exhilarating battle which also will be the last one of this anime. While I really look forward to it, I’m also scared because I don’t want this to end. But I guess this has to end at some point. Next week’s penultimate episode of FAIRY TAIL will hopefully be epic! I look forward to a battle between the four Dragon Slayers. It will be great!

Moete kitazou!




      1. I would be surprised if Mashima wasn’t at least somewhat involved in the anime. I’ve always said that Fairy Tail was the best planned of all the long-running shounen series I’ve ever seen, because from the beginning the anime’s producers seemed to have planned for the eventuality of catching up to the manga and the necessity of fillers.

        So instead of taking the unorganized route of other series, they seem to have coordinated with Mashima to bring in extra material that he might have wanted but never made it into the manga. So Fairy Tail’s “fillers” are often anything but.

        There has never been full confirmation of this kind coordination between Mashima and the anime (as far as I know), but the evidence pointing to it is very strong. Manga readers would even say that some events in recent chapters seem to have been cut short on purpose, almost as if to leave room for further development in the anime.

      2. I’m sure that such a huge filler like Key of the Starry Sky arc. was planned, after all, Mashima even drew the looks of Mirajane’s filler take-over, post timeskip Oracion Seis and so on. I don’t think they consult with everything.

        For those who are caught up with manga:
        Show Spoiler ▼

        So what is my point with this ^ ? Mashima obviously isn’t related to the anime as much as we may think. So I don’t think he had much to do with this episode either *shrugs*

  1. Cats are cute. Girls are cute. Cat girls are insanely adorable. Millanna IS INCREDIBLY ADORABLE.

    I can’t believe this is the same girl who they first met during the arc about Erza’s back-story!


    Great post, but I do believe I read somewhere that Fairy Tail isn’t ending, it’s just going on a long hiatus so that the manga can get further on ahead. Whatever the case, I shall miss the weekly posts about the anime…at least we got the Dragon Slayer battle before the end. I agree with you, Milliana is a great character, which was why I hated Minerva even more for what she did in the manga. Anyway, this week was an awesome episode, next week is sure to be epic, and it’s just sad that we didn’t get the conclusion of this arc before the break/end. Here’s hoping that it is only a break and that we can all eagerly await the return of the anime and Stereoman’s posts as well.

  3. I can’t believe Lyon got himself bitchslapped by two girls, I can understand Kagura overpowering him but I can’t understand how Milliana bound him with her ropes and then scratches his face.

    K C M
  4. BREAKING GOOD NEWS from HM( the author ).
    The Anime is not over but is taking a hiatus until the Manga can go further. I speculate that this will be a new method for Manga/Anime authors in order to depend less on Fillers. I also hope we get another Fairy Tail movie, I just saw the first Fairy Tail movie (Phoenix Priestess) and it was Amazing and Beautiful.

    K C M
  5. I could not get enough of Juvia and Millianna. When it comes to comedy, they’re both my favorites. I can never get enoguh of Juvia’s moments especially. How I wish the anime kept going. Luckily, Mashima said it would only be on hiatus so it doesn’t overlap the manag, less it run into the same problem Naruto had… brrrrr! That’s understandable at least.

  6. Question though, if Millianna’s ropes supposedly suppress the magic power of those within them. How did Lyon cast the Ice Mouse? Or was he just not entangled enough….. Anyways she IS damn cute though. I’ll miss this show during the hiatus.

  7. maybe there will be a future filler episode the dragon slayers learn to speak the dragon language probably as a result or in the middle of the fighting the thousand dragons.
    Then there will be a final fight against Acnolia where the main people of fairly tail will attack all at the same time but with powerful techniques including Fairy Law and Fairy Glitter.
    And all of the attacks do no damage to Acnolia. However this time Fairy Tail can talk to Acnolia and they learn of Acnolia’s past and how he was consumed by pure madness which allowed him to be all powerful and undefeatable. Nakama power cannot defeat this madness. Not even the Nakama copyright holders who are Luffy and his crew could have not defeted Acnolia.
    And finally Natsu left with no power makes Acnolia feel true fear using the power of courage allowing him to defeat Acnolia without using regular magic.
    At the epilogue loli mavis explains that Natsu used the one magic because he was able to bring into existence the most powerful attack out of nothingness. THE END. tsuzuku. PLOP!!!
    (Which kind of makes sense since before magic existed the first thing that could be called magic had to be something simple yet difficult to do.

    I thought of the original ending of Soul Eater which most people hated to write this and also a little bit of the ending of Slayers Try.

  8. I wonder what will come after March 30 besides reruns. Hiro Mashima said the anime won’t end just yet, but does that mean this will just be a hiatus, or they’ll move on to OVAs and movies? And when it continues, will it follow the manga’s story, or go off on a new storyline like Soul Eater?

    And yes, I read the manga, so I know what happens.

  9. this will give them time 4 years because rerun fairy tail next month

    anime version will continue but unrelated to manga version

    manga version also continue

    see you all after 4 years or more


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