「合宿前夜のワクワクは修羅場」 (Gasshuku Zen’ya no Wakuwaku wa Shuraba)
“The Excitement The Night Before a Trip Is A Battlefield”

Did I tell you how much I love Saeko-san as a character? I’ll tell you again anyway: I love her awesomeness as a game developer. She used so much meta this episode that she got me completely hyped for the next few episodes. While we have seen many meta-references to otaku culture in recent anime, it’s more uncommon for shows to directly reference their own characters in anime jargon. Pointing out all the elephants in the room and calling out Masuzu’s bullshit has accelerated the series in a more open direction–fewer awkward scenes, more struggles with facing the truth. Thanks Saeko-san, your statements have created a chain reaction that’s elicited a unique reaction from every single significant character, all of which serve to look out for the well-being of Eita…and promote her newest game.

Despite the initial shock that came from Saeko-san’s blunt question, every character is moving in a positive direction. Even though Ai holds onto the idea of Michel out of stubbornness (and it’s not like anyone even believes that Michel exists at this point), Ai (or shall we say Ai-chan) continues to crown herself as the leader thus far with her ridiculous amounts of dere. Seeing her raw adorableness unchained is highly entertaining to watch, especially with her separate reactions as tsunko and dereko. Meanwhile Chiwa got stabbed directly in the heart with Saeko-san’s statements–even though she knew the position she was in, hearing it directly from another person hurts nonetheless. Thanks to Eita’s previous conversation with her last episode though, it seems she hasn’t slowed down in her own efforts–she’s beginning to form friendships with the rest of the girls while distancing herself from Masuzu. Himeko hasn’t gotten as much of a direct hit as everyone else, but her eager nature only continues to grow, with guiding lights such as Ai-chan and the internet to help her through. Even Kaoru gets stuck in the mix too, as it becomes clear to the rest of us that he has feelings for Eita too. Kaoru’s got a pretty cute laugh actually, and how he steps out of the way so that Ai-chan and the others can pursue Eita without interference is charming, yet sad because it’s as if (s)he believes (s)he can’t compete. At least Kaoru and the others can have hope if Eita goes for the harem route over the battlefield, though the chances of that happening are slim to none.

But of all the characters affected, it is of course Masuzu who is shaken the most. Her confidence and character is threatened by Saeko-san’s straightforwardness, herself recoiling at how deeply Saeko-san’s words stab her. Right now, we can say that Masuzu doesn’t know exactly what she wants. It’s clear that Masuzu is becoming uncomfortable becoming isolated in the group, but at the same time it seems Masuzu fails to recognize that it is her own personality and attitude that is pushing everyone away in the first place. Thanks to Saeko-san, Masuzu is finding it hard to establish the proper distance and closeness she wants to have: close enough to interact and do silly things with, but distant enough to hide away her deeper feelings. It’s understandable that Masuzu wants to establish this distance and maintain control and superiority over those around her, but now that it’s been pointed out how much Masuzu is actually beginning to lose the fight, how will she react from here on out? Eita does worry about her the most and is willing to meet up with her at any time, but if she wants to get anywhere, she first needs to drop her facade and talk out her internal conflicts with Eita (or anyone else for that matter).

How next week will continue to shake up the series I haven’t a clue, but I know for sure that my interest in seeing what the characters will do next has risen dramatically. The battlefield has transformed from under-the-table stabs to all-out open warfare. No character is holding back their punches, which should make these next few episodes the most lively and exciting ones we’ve seen in the series yet.

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    1. When one is trying to work on two blog posts at once, all while being stressed and busy, stuff happens ;_;.

      I’ll have Kotoura-san out by tonight (though to be honest, Oreshura excited me more this week).

  1. Ai-chan wins again!

    Eita seems pretty chill about his best friend being gay for him. Cool guy. Of course, all signs point to Kaoru being a reverse trap.

    And the Anti-Masuzu coalition has formed.

    1. Ai-chan would have won if she had gotten hold of Eita’s stamp, she was so eager to find.

      Leaving that aside, if getting Ai-chan also means getting Tsunko and Dereko, would this count as a harem?

      President of the Internet
    2. I think Eita just doesn’t realize how much the girls actually love him. It’s being thrown in his face and he’s just like “k.” This is like, a whole new level of denseness.

    1. well, anything conclusive probably won’t happen till season 2 or later… even in the LN, there is no happy ending or anything conclusive in sight… plus vol.6 ended on one terribly heartbreaking moment… 🙁

  2. It’s understandable that Masuzu wants to establish this distance and maintain control and superiority over those around her,

    More like the part she needs to get fixed.

  3. As a personal fan…

    Saeko and Ai! w00t! And dat Kaoru, lol.

    “What does the ‘tsun’ have to say?”

    *few seconds later*

    “Now what does the ‘dere’ have to say?”

    XD God, Ai was so adorable, lol.

    And Saeko has a good point. The fact that Masuzu comes off as SO perfect as a “girlfriend” is precisely WHY it looks fake.

    As an objective viewer though…

    Well, this episode clinches it. Eita is now nothing but an inanimate trophy for the girls in their competition with no feelings or voice of his own to consider in their minds.

    I brought up my concerns the previous episode (https://randomc.net/2013/03/10/ore-no-kanojo-to-osananajimi-ga-shuraba-sugiru-10/comment-page-1/#comment-944680) and this episode only seems to further cement that feeling. Saeko even more or less turned it further into a competition. Unlike the typical embarrassed male lead, Eita doesn’t seem to show any hesitation or act tsundere when telling Saeko that he doesn’t like any of the girls in a romantic sense, and with the way things have been going so far, I find myself believing him (even if the material is meant to show otherwise).

  4. Doesn’t surprise me at all that Ai-chan’s love (borderline obsession) beat out the other girls. And in true Ai-chan fashion, she has to go for a run lest she explode from all her tsundere.

    I Also liked the Takayaki cameo this week (The cover for Saeko-san’s game). Takayaki actually illustrated Yūji Yūji’s first light novel series. I love his artwork, though most of it is adult in nature.

    I wonder if roughly 7,000 is good enough for Aniplex to warrant a second season because from where I imagine they’re going to end it… It’s going to kill me inside if there’s no more after that. (Though I guess there is that Ai-chan spin-off manga with the questionable artwork)

      1. Oh I know we’re ending at volume 4. That’s the main reason I want a second season because I know volume 4’s ending and, while it’s a good stopping point for a season, it’s not really a good point to end off and not have any more after. Not to mention Aniplex is generally less lenient than most companies since they tend to consistently have the high selling shows.

  5. yea so likely eita’s aunt is known which girls on who they are since doing video game & yet see one in real life with eita & 4 girls?

    hmm wonder if get harem or battlefield if keep up?

  6. I loved how Saeko just straight out suggested a harem for Eita and used all those terms they hardly ever use in anime like this. Also, when she asked the girls their responses to the boyfriend quiz, I laughed when Ai got 2 answers due to her dual personality. (tsundere is the best dere).

    I couldn’t help but feel really bad and frustrated for Masuzu this week. Even though Saeko easily sees through her facade, imagine how Masuzu must feel having this woman tell her there’s no way she can be in love with Eita. Surely if they actually were dating, she’d be even more infuriated, but since they’re not, she can’t do anything but lie about it, which makes it hard for us to support her.
    If she’s actually developing serious feelings for Eita now, I wonder if she’ll express them openly to everyone or at least him. Or will she try to suppress herself and stay true to her “no love” motto? I’m so excited for the final episodes!

      1. But a bikini contest.. that’s not a place for plot… is a place for a group of dudes(me included) to enjoy masuzu’ ass and boobs and scream naughty things to her

        I can’t believe it.. all the expectations crumbled

    1. @edo, I wonder where you got the idea that the contest they enter is about bikini or even beauty? this episode has clearly state that the contest is about showing off “dere” side (assuming you haven’t read the LN, given you didn’t pick that up)…

      As an LN reader, I can tell you that the bikini stuff from last episode and this episode are mostly anime original anyway. +1 to Mentar, it is not about bikinis at all xD

      1. I am sorry if my words were to harsh (now that I read them again)
        the anime have done a decent job I think. The anime original stuff wasn’t too bad either (at least they showed how cute the girls are, and some skits are quite fun actually)
        my biggest complaint is actually how they couldn’t go further with the plot 🙁 but there is nothing much the anime could do since the latest 2 volumes are very hard to adopt (shifting perspectives, ending on cliffhangers and heartbreaking moments, etc.)

      2. No, don’t worry. I didn’t take your and mentar answers as harsh.What’s more I think I was complaining too much.
        By the way my answer to mentar was more like a joke, I was just disappointed because I wasn’t expecting an event.But It’s ok now that you guys explained.

  7. “To make a fake look like the real deal, the fake has to be more real than the real deal”

    That line seems familiar. Are we sure NisioIsin didn’t sneak that line in?

    And the OreImoto parody….. Oh WOW

    Plus, I’d love to complete the aunt’s route


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