「ビビッドレッド オペレーション」 (Bibiddoreddo Opereshon)
“Vividred Operation”

Gosh darn, this season really knows how to pull its endings doesn’t it? Virtually every single series I’ve watched so far has had some kind of satisfying/great ending, and Vividred Operation joins the list with its explosive (literally) finale.

Following up from last week, things look pretty grim for the most part to start things off. The UDF sends everything it has against the amalgamation of Rei + the crow to no avail, and the Incarnate Engine’s on the brink of destruction as a result. But true to their words, the Vivid team launches one final attack—powered by their friendship—in an attempt to rescue Rei. Needless to say, they pull out all the stops—including Vividyellow, Vividgreen, and Vividblue Final Operations—in order to do so. Ultimately, they succeed in getting Akane to Rei, and the rest they say is history…

…as we finally get to see the docking operation for which the series is named, and interestingly enough, it involves Akane docking with someone—rather than someone else initiating the process. And well, we get some ridiculously awesome moments afterwards—full of epic supersonic Vivid punches from outer space and crazy power levels surpassing the universe itself—as a result. Suffice to say, words can’t really describe how ridiculously awesome the entire sequence of events ended up being, and I think I can speak for most people still watching this series when I say that this finale was pretty darn enjoyable.

On that note, I have to give some recognition to Fukasawa Hideyuki, whose soundtrack really complemented the actions scenes—not only in this episode, but throughout the entire series itself. As such, it’s exceptionally painful to see that there’s literally no information regarding an impending release of the soundtrack, which is easily one of the more notable ones in the past few seasons.
EDIT: Scratch that, looks like there’s an OST coming with the Vol. 4 BD’s… though it won’t release till June.

Finally, I’d just like to note how the crow was pretty darn devious. Not only did she take the arrows away from Rei to throw her powers to overdrive, but she intentionally kept her alive just so she could witness the death of her friends too. Admittedly, it’s somewhat cliche and ended up being her downfall, but there’s just something wicked about that regardless.

Final Impressions after the ED/Epilogue Caps…

ED5.12 Sequence



Final Impressions:

Looking back in retrospect, the big thing I pointed out about Vividred Operation was how it seemed like it would be something entertaining regardless of how its plot ended up. As it turns out, the basic plot indeed wasn’t anything to speak home about, but at the very least, the entertainment value was definitely present. Seeing gals flying around kicking alien butt on a weekly basis—with a side of mayo on everything—was pretty fun, and it’s something that made Vividred a nice series to watch after a long, tiring day at school/work. At the end of the day, people watch anime to either be entertained and/or get away from the stresses of life and I believe this series managed to provide that entertainment/escape for a fair amount of viewers. Ultimately though, what can I say? What you saw was what you got with this series. Regardless of the obvious short comings with the plot and so forth, the fact of the matter is, those shortcomings were expected. Entertainment was the overall purpose of the series and entertainment was what we got. And to me, that’s all that matters in this case.


  1. Fun series was fun. Ending was predictable, but in exactly the kind of ways that I like, so I don’t hold that against it.

    On that note, I have to give some recognition to Fukasawa Hideyuki, whose soundtrack really complemented the actions scenes—not only in this episode, but throughout the entire series itself. As such, it’s exceptionally painful to see that there’s literally no information regarding an impending release of the soundtrack, which is easily one of the more notable ones in the past few seasons.

    There’s NOTHING about the soundtrack? That’s practically a crime! I’ve got that music that they play during the “awesome” moments (which of course is the theme they played during the Vivid Punch) running through my head now. Ever since I first heard a version of it in episode 1 when Akane made throwing an empty can away epic, I wanted to get that as an individual track.

    1. Yeah, that’s actually a good thing that many series’ tend to not do; it knows what it is and it doesn’t try to make itself out to be something else really. It was pretty much exactly what many people expected it to be, but kept itself entertaining and enjoyable, so despite some of the obvious cliches, unlike a bunch of other series that may fall back on them, we viewers don’t mind nearly as much.

    2. https://randomc.net/image/Vividred%20Operation/Vividred%20Operation%20-%20ED5.12%20-%20Large%2006.jpg

      That pic reminds me of the ending of Madoka, only the roles have been reversed. Well another great anime has ended. I am going to miss this mahou shoujo anime for a while… and its backstories.

      This anime also ended with Akane/Rei. I feel a bit sorry for Aoi. Being Aoi must be suffering. Just like Rikka suffering as she sees Mana and Makoto together (Doki Doki PreCure).

    1. Hmmm… oh you’re right. Sadly… it’s a June release. Ugh. I saw a bunch of bonus CD’s listed over at VGMdb before, but no OST. Well, at least something’s coming… even though it’s gonna be a hella wait.

  2. And thus VividRed was forever nicknamed Lady Captain Falcon.
    Also: sexy, sexy explosions.
    Finally: are we to assume that the Alone are basically made-to-order monsters used by “Them” (infinity guy up there), and nothing more, then? Because that’s fine, but I was starting to hope for something a little more Lovecraftian and developed with how the crow was describing the Alone.

  3. The power of yuri friendship saves the world!

    Akane is such a player docking with her entire harem in one battle. Then she proceeds to add Rei to it as well. Also, Vividred is awesome. Sure you can hanv the fancy hammers, swords, and laser beams. But nothing can beat the simple elegance of a BURNING FIST OF YURI FRIENDSHIP from orbit.

    There really isn’t much to say about Vividred. Its simple and straightforward. It sets itself as a Magical Girl show with action and friendship themes and does it well. Its easy to forget how a simple show can be very enjoyable.

  4. I still can’t get over the fact that Rei gets a happy ending after leaving countless of UN (and possibly civilian) dead. It’s like the show is telling us: Do whatever hell you want! Yuri power and a few teardrops will absolve you of all sins 😛

    1. Ya know Sam, It reminds me of my First wife… She broke my heart, wrecked my truck, stole my dog and half of everything I own and looked soo cute doing it. ( hey, sounds like the beginning of a C&W song)

  5. So, the point to this show has been what exactly? I haven’t watched this, and it seems like alot of kiddies seem to like the whole “hot-pants” aspect about this. Is that all there is to this show, or is there actually a story?

    1. Yes there is a Plot Girl in Hot Pants meet other Girls with Hot Pants, Beat Alien Butt to Save the world and look cute doing it. What an AWESOME Plot ( with butt shots to boot) Who can ask for more.

    1. Joke’s on you Wilfriback, comments are still ever increasing as the amount of ridicule you’re receiving for your cheap trolling is becoming proportional to the downvotes you’re getting.


    For surely we all want to know: Who are the Alone? What do they want? Why are they doing this in a destructive way?

    Screw that, the real reason we want Season Two: More yuri docking.

  7. This isn’t related to the anime more like just my fantasy going wild.

    Once I saw that door and that key that belong to Rei, Kingdom Hearts immediately popped into my mind. That Rei is a keyblade master and the alone are actually heartless, and Rei lost her home world to them.

    Well that’s enough of my rambling. Anyways the anime was alright, it could have better.

    1. Sure, they took many inspirations into this Anime. Evangelion Boss Designs touch, Kingdom Hearts Keys, Madoka Magic, Peach or Full Moon lovers and so on

      But they mixed it very well. And thats why we love it. The Balance was just right

  8. Not the best this season, but a fun ride for everyone(at least everyone who liked it). The end was a bit meh, but overall a good episode with a sequel hook.

    So until the announcement…. S2 when?

  9. I believe there will be no season two, quite sadly, and I would have appreciated to see a bit more of the after life with Rei and Akane, does she stay in that world, or can she now walk between dimensions?

    1. Rei may be able to travel, since the end sequence showed Rei’s bird introducing himself to Akane, and a lone figure in the distance looking out over the water. She evidently still has the key to that door.

  10. Seeing comments on a few other sites about how Vividred was wasted potential and could’ve had a great plot and yadda-yadda. While it didn’t do anything terribly original and had a pretty mehtastic plot, this is just one of those series that I watched because I wanted something to kick back easy on. It was basically my fill of an entire Pretty Cure/Power Ranger series smooshed into a single cour, which I watch more for the entertainment and less for some deeper meaning.

  11. I find very disturbing listening Mie Sonozaki (better known for Strike Witches’ Gertrud “Trude” Barkhorn) in the “I’m a villan that’s surpassing the powers of gods” role. Thankfully, there’s a whole Vivid Team to make her shut up, and the epic Vivid Punch (cousin of one Falcon Punch) to end the cheap evil talk.
    I kinda expected a better end, but I’m fine with it (after the monumental ending of GuP, there’s no series this season that can put a better one)
    Running on fumes? A cheating crow that had all the aces? No help at all for the so-called “superior beings”? No problem! Friendship, guts and a well placed fist can solve everything! (with that kind of punch, Vividred might be the original Bellcross from Heroic Age)

  12. the crow has has gone mad with power going like kaboom all worlds with look everyone is screwed but wait rei is still alive inside the crow beast.

    with look like game over but akane & vivid rangers not so fast cause get rei & save the world cause now crow is going blackout the world.

    so vivid combine overload from yellow blast attack, sword green slash, & blue hammer time combos for akane get rei & to reveal docking with akane & rei to vivid red with all that fly to space for a let’s see you grit those teeth punch to defeat the crow.

    all saved & oh good news that another alone being decide give rei her world back now give some bye & rei give akane her neck scarf with we will meet again cue rei go home.

    time has past from everything normal akane’s grandpa back in human body, akane’s mom come home, etc til akane see a bird & rei indeed the end.

  13. I really wish they’d managed to fit in a Rei transformation.

    There could have been a touching reunion inside the crow and Rei’s old key transforming into her vivid system key and then move on to the docking and all…

    Well at least we got to see Vivid Red finally.

    Could they pull off a second season with the enemy apparently defeated? I guess Strike Witches managed it with their whole “oh, well now there’s a new enemy that’s really the same old enemy but another faction”.

  14. Good series. Enjoyed it. But a lot of anime really like putting those evil eyes do they? 🙂 I guess I’m right about Vividred Operation as the result of the docking with Rei.

    Season 2? Sure. Why not? That could be Rei’s hand where Bisque perched. Perhaps there’s a new crisis why Rei could have returned. That crow can return with a vengeance. And perhaps an explanation about the power of those arrows. Is Rei the only one who possess those arrows?

    But even without a season 2, it’s a satisfying ending for me.

  15. For the Ones, where they found the ending “cliche!” or “Cheesy”

    Not every Anime must invent the Wheel a new. Some of them just want to entertain the Spectators. And not every time with Drama, Sadness and other Things. Just have a good Time watching it, and peek for a moment into a world of Happiness

  16. Crow-san’s rant made me think of #6 and #24 on the Evil Overlord checklist. One would think a “supreme” being would know better. Crow-san, you fail.

    I’m also disappointed there was no Vivid Black ignition with Rei. Vivid black ignition first, THEN go to the obligatory Vivid Red docking.

    Not much I can add to what’s already been written in Zephyr’s review and above comments. The ending was very much in the Vividred style with nothing unexpected or unusual (well, other than Crow-san’s unique digestive system). Rei returning to visit Akane could arguably be called too cliche, but for this show I think it works. The ending wouldn’t feel quite as complete IMO without that last little added touch.

  17. This is the only new show from the last season that I have watched in its entirety.
    And the reason most people liked it including myself is because of the DOCKINGs which is a way of yuri where one girl unites in soul and body with another girl.
    And the more we see these girls and the less of the boys the better. Shows like Strawberry Panic is a great example where guys simply do not exist. Is this the only yuri anime where no guys are shown?
    And also Mariasama ga miteru is another example because most the anime happens inside an ALL GIRLS SCHOOL. we need more series where there is either no guys at all or guys that rarely appear.

  18. Nothing solves your problems with the universe quite like a bare-knuckle punch… from space. 🙂
    Even though it was a silly and often rather cheesy show I still had fun watching this (and also spotting all the Evangelion references), so in the end I defenitly don’t regret picking Vividred up.
    Thanks for blogging it, Zephyr.

  19. So in the end Akane became the ‘wrapper’ and Rei the ‘base’?
    Don’t suppose theres some technical explanation.
    Its a miracle of friendship!! 😛

    Would have liked a VividRang, having a girl in a frilly dress pull the punches kind of spoil the design.
    An anti-climax after all that light just to pull a punch.
    Felt kind of lazy of the animators.

    Saw Evangelion, mahou shoujo, Gao Gai Gar, Go-Busters in it.
    Felt like having mahou shoujo fight things that Super Robots fight.

    In the end the higher existence being is still a mystery.
    Alones is still a mystery.
    I suppose the focus is more on friendship and slice-of-life then fully explained techie battle story.


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