「-眠れる森の姫-」 (– Nemurerumori no Hime –)
“- The Sleeping Princess -“

I’ll start off, before anything else, by saying that this adaption has exceeded expectations so far. Having covered Studio Gokumi’s previous work Oda Nobuna no Yabou a few seasons ago, I can say that this adaption is in the hands of a good animation studio that knows to keep to the source material. Once again has the studio shown its mastery of applying cinematographic after-effects–the already well-drawn animation is complemented by various blurs, filters, and clever camera pans to express the correct mood. Though the studio does like to use the camera shake almost as much as anime characters gasp and shrink their eyes, most of their post-production decisions are in good taste, appropriately helping set the romanceaction tone for the show. The music also is a big plus, as Takanashi Yasuharu, who also worked on Oda Nobuna no Yabou, creates a composition that accents the love between Kiri and Iwai as well as the conflicts they face together. Yamaguchi Yuuji, though fairly low-key recently, has managed to direct the introductory episode well– the comedic scenes are exaggerated appropriately, the conflict scenes are appropriately tense, and the romance scenes…it’s definitely heated to say the least!

I’ve described to you what a great adaption this is (independent of the quality of the material), but I will admit–this is not the show for just anyone. I’ve gone and hailed the production values and effort that’s gone into the show, but said nothing about the premise! Well, let me give it to you straight. If you can’t handle this, then best set this one aside. From observing how people reacted to Nazo no Kanojo X, I expect the same reaction to be reflected here. Although it’s on a lower degree than the aforementioned in terms of how often the “gross factor”, or rather fetish, is centered in the plot, this may still not be the show for you. A good part of the main couple’s relationship and bonding centers around a love for hair, which can get pretty intense judging from the first chapter and the manga.

If you can get past that though, an interesting show awaits. Those of you who are familiar with the plot of Mirai Nikki will see similarities in Crime Edge’s usage of specialized weapons to kill and protect, especially as each weaponholder has their own reason for wielding the so-called “Killing Goods”. The plot revolves around a boy with a serious hair and haircut fetish, Haimura Kiri (Hanae Natsuki), who quickly befriends a mysterious girl who boasts magnificently long hair, Mushanokouji Iwai (Koiwai Kotori). Both characters are part of a dark family history, of which leads them to a certain pre-determined destiny. Iwai is the ancestor of the “Hair Queen” and as such is cursed with uncuttable hair and the wrath of those who must suffer with her. Kiri meanwhile is an ancestor of a Killing Goods owner, yet wields his own Killing Goods in an unorthodox way–to cut the uncuttable hair of the Hair Queen. Though Yamane (Fukuhara Kaori) and Houko (Uchiyama Yumi) seek to threaten their friendship with violence and intimidation, Iwai and Kiri’s bond already has grown strong, all through the death of kamisama. Fans of GOSICK’s Kujo x Victorique dynamic may find a similar bond between the two characters here, which judging from the premise, will take center stage for this story even in the presence of hot-blooded action.

Overall, this episode was a great start to the manga, and followers of the manga should enjoy this start while curious anime-only watchers can jump into the romance, mystery, and action without worry of divergence from the source. In terms of plot and explaining what’s going on, the anime may actually be able to execute development of the setting better than the manga–I was lost in reading the first few chapters, but the pace the anime moves should mean ample time for explaining the Hair Queen and the Killing Goods. If I had to call out the source and the anime on anything, it’d be on how fast Kiri and Iwai manage to befriend each other. I mean, I get that teenagers have raging hormones, but smelling the hair of a girl you just met…wow. At the very least they’re getting all the fluffy introductions out of the way, such that the trials of Kiki and Iwai’s bond will charge full-speed, especially with the action scenes displayed in the preview (not capped). If you’re looking for a good blend of action, romance, and mystery and can get over the hair fetish, give Crime Edge a shot. Though possibly a bit iffy in setting up the story, this show is shaping up an uncommon formula for this season that’s worth following. Give it the three episode rule and see what you think!




  1. So this finally got an anime. The whole hair fetish thing, while central to the plot, probably won’t be as disarming to most people as the saliva was in Nazo Kanojo X mainly because hair isn’t as instinctively disgusting as bodily fluids. And the source material doesn’t seem to focus on the fetish in of itself all that much, not nearly as much as NKX; it’s more about the hair queen mainly, the fetish is more of sideshow to the premise unlike NKX where saliva is the entire premise. More than the festish, I think the formulaic nature of the show with everything being based around “killing goods” and their individual wielders might bore some folks eventually- but the MacGuffins really serve as something to build character development around, which was quite competent in the source material- and that’s what people should be watching this show for…

  2. Their new budding friendship did come a bit to fast for my taste and yeah… all that hair fetish-ism
    for someone you just met and she didn’t completely freak out…yeaaah…. But that aside, I still think I will give it a chance. The other elements have piqued my interest, so why not.

  3. First hair brushing and now hair cutting. I declare the year 2013 as the year of hair grooming!

    Seriously though, I kinda enjoyed the first episode so I’ll give it the 3 episode trial even though I’m pretty sure I’ll stay till the end.

  4. I like this very much, though the exposition involving the Grandfather was really badly muffed. But the show has a great look and atmosphere, and I love the work by both young leads. The CD and all the ADs worked on Gurren Lagann, and I really picked up a TTGL look to the show.

    I could easily see this going off the rails pretty hard, but for one week I was entranced. I likewise see MGX is one possible model for the optimistic projections.

  5. To be honest I thought Nazo no Kanojo X was far less disturbing in its first episodes than this one.

    The first half of this made me feel like I needed to call the police. The MC looking more like a crazed potential stalker than a well MC.

    But it improved as it went along and actual story was being introduced. Plus which how much it meant to Iwai, I got more into it by the end. This really was an episode though where you have to survive the first half. Expect that to be part of the series going forward though.

  6. FANTASTIC ADAPTATION!!! I only read the some of the manga some years ago and then stopped when the updates got slow, but two months ago I picked it back up and caught up when I heard it was getting an anime.

    The animation is exactly like the manga, from what I remember there wasn’t anything skipped so far (please don’t do skip! T-T) and watching this episode made me cry tears of joy.

    The relationship between Iwai and Kiri is so cute.I’m no hardcore hair fetishist like Kiri, but I like to play in my own hair even though it’s short and crappy.I love long haired girls the best, but I can appreciate short hair too :p

    I couldn’t get into the Mysterious Girlfriend X because of the saliva thing unfortunately, but Dansai Bunri grabbed me with its plot, characters, and art style.


  7. Well I like it so far, The hair fetish doesn’t bother me at all. After all one of my favorite shows of last year involved drool fetish.
    Also Iwai is adorable long or short haired.

  8. People’s naming sense being extra weird here. I mean:

    The Severing Crime Edge = Scissors

    Crime Edge = Scissors


    Crime Edge is a cool name. A ignorant person would think we are talking about a cool MMORPG weapon. But, damn, a pair of parlor scissors.

    Oh well, I give it 9/10 for coolness.

    The Moondoggie
  9. Well, apart from the fact that serrated-edge scissors like that are for thinning the hair rather than completely cutting it, and as already mentioned, the extremely awkward Grandpa scene, I thought this was pretty good. And despite any amount of fanservice that other shows may have brought up, this scene was surely the most erotic so far in the new season.

  10. Slow reply Zanibas – but you’re right, I was totally hooked after this first ep =P you always seem to know the shows I’ll end up liking hehe*

    Picking this up! So excited! I’m hoping there won’t be anymore awkward hair smelling/touching, but I don’t mind as long as the rest of the story makes up for it ^^ I think I’m more interested to see how these Killing Goods are dealt with. I didn’t realize it would be such a cute/romantic series with so much creepy/bloody-ness o_o They make a cute couple =)

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