It’s been a long time coming, but the flashbacks are finally over… and it looks like the Hokage are going to be given their chance to join the fray. Interestingly enough, Sasuke also ends up stating his intention to join the fight too—buoyed by an intent to ensure that his brother’s sacrifice would not be in vain. I had mentioned this as a possibility last week myself, but even so, it was something I wasn’t expecting to see. Still, with the return of Karin as well, it looks like this is just one of those things where the general story’s really just starting to wrap up, and the future chapters look like they’ll be pretty spectacular. Admittedly, I’m slightly torn in terms of my acceptance of both Sasuke and Orochimaru’s “sudden” willingness to help fight Madara, but at the same time… I suppose it’s a development befitting a shounen manga—though I wonder if Kishimoto’s being put under some kind of time pressure to wrap things up at this point.

Regardless, the general feeling I get from this chapter ends up being quite a positive one. The whole bit about the Hokages realizing the consequences of their actions and regretting some of the mistakes they’ve made in the past was fairly well done, and seeing them stand on their respective faces on the Konoha mountainside gave me some chills as well. Indeed, it’s quite the symbolic moment, and something that’s emphasized further when you consider the fact that things are kind of going full circle for the Hokage. After all, it can be said that all of this started out with decisions (and mistakes) made by the First Hokage—ones that would shape the decisions of future Hokage and be built on in successive generations. With their return to the battlefield, it gives them that one last chance to erase a threat to the village (and the world) that formulated during their reigns—both wrapping up things they caused and also freeing the new generation to deal with their own problems (passing on the torch so to speak).

Notably, while we’re on the topic of passing on the torch, the whole bit about the Will of Fire (the will of the First Hokage) passing through the generations was also a prominent topic this week. It’s nothing particularly new, considering how many examples we’ve seen with the current generation already, but at the same time it’s something that you can’t really get tired of—especially when it’s linked to the whole bit about the Uchiha and how the will of the village ended up being received the best by them out of all the respective clans. It’s a nice bit of irony considering all the developments so far, and it’s something that’s also nice in the commentary that you can’t really just discriminate against everyone of a certain background/ethnicity just because of past events. Indeed, people can change, and the Uchiha—despite their supposed predisposition to being controlled by their Sharingan—are no exception.

Looking forward—I know I’m repeating myself here, but I can’t help it—the future chapters look like they’ll be amazing. It’ll be quite something to see Madara’s reaction to the first and second Hokage’s return, Naruto’s reaction to Sasuke and his father’s return, and the rest of the Konoha army’s response in general to the return of the most revered ninja in their history. And of course, let’s not forget the inevitable epicness that’ll come from the Hokage using their ridiculous techniques—not only with unlimited chakra supplied from the resurrection jitsu, but likely powered up by Naruto as well. Definitely some fun stuff coming up.

UPDATE: Seems like manga’s on break again, so next post will be on 4/24.


      1. I don’t really recall Sasuke killing anyone or stuffs. He failed to capture Killer B and besides killing Danzo (who was kinda evil anyways) he didn’t really do anything else.

        Suppa Tenko
      2. I will agree with Suppa Tenko. Because Killer B pulled a fast one on his big brother, I am sure the Raikage is willing to forgive Sasuke since Killer B earned the brunt of his anger. Then there is Danzo, his crime on the summit of Five Kages has likley been put in the news; as it stands Danzo tried to gain control of the alliance with Five Kages. There are plenty of other crimes Danzo commited, which resulted to Kabuto and Pain, that will likely be brought to light, escpecially his deal with Orochimaru which that snake Sannin may likely spill the beans about. Sasuke’s killing on Danzo was public service. The only crimes Sasuke did commited was the death of some Cloud Ninja, however because of the incident with the Byakugan I am sure the Cloud may consider some form of forgiveness.

        I am more surprised that Naruto was not the one that saved Sasuke, but rather Hashirama and Itachi. Now look at Sasuke, he seems to be nervous with Karin getting close to him. As for the fight between Naruto and Sasuke, I am sure that perhaps will ask Naruto for a fight as simply fellow Leaf Ninja.

        Itachi, you can rest in peace knowing that your brother has made the decision to follow your will.

    1. I’m pretty sure it will happen. You don’t abandon literally a decade of build up for it not to happen. In Shonen manga the big fights always tend to come along eventually just not sure how it’s going to work but it’ll happen and it’ll be a real fight (although probably not with the consequences it might have otherwise had).

    2. I get this feeling that Sasuke and Naruto will duke it out for the Hokage spot. And call me mad, but I am speculating Sasuke ends up being the Hokage. It’ll be ironic. WHAT A TWIST!!

    3. Chances are that the last panels will be, after everything is over and wrapped up, Naruto and Sasuke will standing across from eachother (perhaps at the Valley of the End again, only with a different “meaning” now) with their old bantering before Naruto repeats the whole, “Put on your headband. It’s a sign that we’re equals”, only this time Sasuke will actually do so while smiling and end with them leap off and charge at eachother, but never show us any sort of actual fight.

      1. That would be the gayest thing i will ever read, if that happens i will personally fly to Japan and shoot kishimoto-sensei in the balls. Im sorry but after so damn long (years people) sauske cant just turn good and everyone lives happily ever after without knwoing who is actually stronger, with both of them going all out at the peak of their powers.

        seriously though in the balls 🙁

  1. …the whole bit about the Will of Fire (the will of the First Hokage) passing through the generations…

    Such an ironic notion, especially with its passing to the Second Hokage Tobirama. The “will” that was passed down was the desire to protect Konoha, but executed in diametrically different ways by each Hokage according to their own predispositions and prejudices. Hashirama was all about friendship and brotherhood with the Uchiha; he believed that the key to peace was forging mutual respect and understanding between the clans- and even with all he did for the Uchiha, ironically his best friend rebelled.

    Whereas Tobirama believed differently; he loved Konoha no less than his brother, but he saw the defiant Uchiha as a threat that needed to be contained, and Konoha as a means to that end, oppressing and persecuting them because to him the path to peace was to control the dissidents- perhaps he did as he did because he saw Madara’s rebellion and the endless troubles that it caused Konoha as a result of his brother’s weakness and leniency with the Uchihas- but the irony of his perspective was that it reignited the hatred between their clans causing a populist Uchiha insurrection and general distrust for the Konoha’s administration among them- which culminated in Itachi’s kinslaying…

    1. A very important truth of life.There are no universal or/and absolute good choices or decisions, every choice/decision you make have unintended(sometimes intended) negative effects whether you see it or not.Ironically this also works vice-versa for intentionally bad choices/decisions.

    2. Also goes to point of view.

      Even if people have the same goal in mind, the methods used to achieve that goal may differ in various ways between them. And even if one person may see the methods of another as “evil”, that may not necessarily ring true for others, much less that other person.

      Unfortunately, even now, there’s no real balance. It’s just two extremes trying to extinguish eachother; Madara with his Moon’s Eye Plan and taking away everyone else’s free will, and Naruto with his naive idealism that is completely unrealistic (basically trying to do what Hashirama tried, and failed, to do) with both trying to achieve “total peace”.

      1. Naruto with his naive idealism that is completely unrealistic

        And that tends to be the entire point of just about every shounen series, does it not? To affirm righteous idealism. But I have a feeling that this series might just turn out to be a little different…

        Unfortunately, even now, there’s no real balance. It’s just two extremes trying to extinguish eachother; Madara with his Moon’s Eye Plan and taking away everyone else’s free will, and Naruto with his naive idealism that is completely unrealistic (basically trying to do what Hashirama tried, and failed, to do) with both trying to achieve “total peace”.

        The wildcard is Sasuke, with his “different path” that Orochimaru was talking about. What his vision for the future actually is has yet to be revealed; for now he simply wishes to preserve Konoha so that Itachi’s sacrifice doesn’t go to waste. But when he does reveal his vision, there is a possibility that it might be significantly different from Naruto’s, and perhaps they will come to some kind of mutual understanding, each moderating the other’s extreme views, working together to rebuild Konoha, reestablish the Uchiha clan and keep the peace- the true fulfillment of Hashirama and Madara’s childhood dream.

        Or perhaps Sasuke’s simply come around and become one of your typical shounen “good guys” completely agreeing with Naruto now (Or will be content to follow Naruto’s lead even if he doesn’t agree/understand)- they’ll still end up fulfilling the childhood dream of Madara and Hashirama by coming together to rebuild and lead Konoha into an era of peace for the rest of their lives, but in a manner that holds to the “unrealistic idealism” that is the core theme of most all shounen series.

        Which type of ending is more probable? I’d say the something more like latter, given that this is a shounen series published in the definitive shounen magazine but given the way that things have been going recently, I think there’s actually a good chance that something resembling the former might occur. We’ll see what happens. As to which actually end up occurring, I’m quite indifferent; either way, it’s been a fun ride…

  2. @asd – Remember, Madara still has the “Perfect Susano’o” technique that pretty much defeated the Five Kages in one fell swoop, so most likely, that will be the final ace they pull out against the Allied Shinobi Forces.

    1. Considering, in the flashback, we saw him use Susano’o with Kurama, chances are that he’ll wrap up the Jubi with the Perfect Susano’o after maybe releasing its full power (at least with what it has without all of Gyuki and Kurama).

  3. I am so excited. Finally my favorite character from part one comes to his sense. I can’t wait until they get there. I want to see The 4th and Naruto team up and I can’t wait to see what the 4th has to bring Naruto.

    Biggest surprise has to be Orochimaru actually deciding to help.

    Next week, why you no come sooner?

    Zero Hour 17
    1. I’m sort of expecting Kurama to ask Naruto if he could take over for a minute. I think Kurama is going to apologize to the 4th for taking away his time with his son

      Zero Hour 17
  4. I’m still finding it hard to believe Sasuke actually had a change of heart. I mean after all that darkness and hatred we have seen from him though i have no doubt Sasuke and Naruto will still battle it out to settle things once and for all.

    Anyways, I do love the concept idea of how their wills are being pass down through the generations though. Through the cycle of generations after generations we see repeated reflections of the past & present, like the connection between teacher and pupil, Hiruzen – Jiraiya – Minato – Naruto’s relationship. What i would love to assume now is that Sasuke and Naruto will in the end carry on and achieve what Hashirama and Madara couldn’t in the past as future leaders of Konoha.

  5. All I have to say is epic. Kishi is a great story teller especially for a story this long.

    I would never have expected the 1st through 4th Hokages being revived and playing a part in the 4th ninja war.

  6. Karin just got past the fact that Sasuke tried to kill her in cold blood so easily like it was nothin; was illogical in every way…

    what were the Hokage doing making a pose in their respective statues anyway!? They’ve got a war to quell!!!

    n’ i’m worried about Juugo. He has nothing to offer to the table. The likes of Brute-force fighters like Chouji is even more useful than him.

    I’m expecting the alliance to be in a total bind when “the new team” arrives…

  7. Naruto’s goal, for hundreds of chapters already, has undoubtedly been bringing Sasuke back to Kohoha and eventually becoming the Hokage. But the fact that Sasuke abruptly concurred with Hashirama’s persuasion (his definition of Shinobi rather) simply obstructs quite an immensity of progress in the entire series. Regardless, this chapter persists to be riveting as I see it.

  8. This was pretty epic. I especially loved when the first got all excited and everybody kind of pretended to ignore him except for his younger brother, who patted his shoulder. The dynamic between those two can be absolutely hysterical.

    1. Agreed, but if you are reading that same panel I think you are, it is MORE epic than just his brother patting his shoulder.

      It’s the 1st snapping his finger so that the 4th and 2nd would teleport everyone to the rock faces.

      Basically you can see that the 4th and 2nd needed to grab on to the 1st and 3rd.

      Sort of like “hey you guys with hiraishin, taxi us up there for some epic posing!”

  9. I find it funny how all the major villain from the leaf will all inherit a form of will of fire regardless of what evil they have done…

    We will assume everyone from the leaf, or tied to the leaf is ultimately good…

  10. I like the idea that Sasuke is going to fight for the good guys, but I hope he will NOT return to the village I always believed Sasuke could be redeemed but he needs to find his own path somewhere else.

  11. I’m not so sure if Sasuke has had a real change of heart here. He says he wont let their efforts be wasted but that could just mean stopping Madara from making world an illusion, thus making all the sacrifices for the real world pointless. I would still put my money on Sasuke testing Naruto in some fashion before the end.

    More importantly though this will be the first time Team 7 has fought together as a TEAM since the chunin exams… exciting chapters ahead!

  12. Am I the only one that thinks “Sasuke stfu and just go destroy the leaf already, crybaby”?

    This long flashback was interesting, but felt like canon filler and I hate filler.

    1. I would have felt the same, but I think that page spread montage of Itachi memories and “bro love you thoughts shows” he probably won’t be on the same path.

      The one that is purely up in the air for speculation is Orochimaru…

      I am secretly hoping for an Orochimaru vs Kabuto final battle. If it is even remotely possible, that is the only match-up I can see happening to keep Orochimaru in the main story.

  13. Epic chapter, and we can finally get back to the action! I’m really looking forward to all the reunions. Sasuke’s decision made sense, but it would have flowed a lot better if he hadn’t been so crazy during the Kage summit arc. Not wanting to destroy his brother’s legacy should have been at least a part of his initial reaction to the reveal. As for Orochimaru, remember that the Infinite Tsukiyomi would affect him as well. I seriously doubt he’s turned good, and am eagerly awaiting his inevitable betrayal.

    Now, if only Jiraiya was resurrected…

  14. Seems this half of Minato’s spirit is unaware that he previously meet Naruto with the remainder of his other half…

    “Son I’ve missed you growing up. Let me teach you my secret jutsu, Rasengan!”

    I’d laugh if that was his big gift

    1. Well the Minato that met Naruto inside him wasn’t a piece of his soul, but rather an image of him at the moment he sealed the Kyuubi, a sort of snapshot frozen in time if you will. Same with Kushina. Sort of a spirit bunshin no jutsu if you will

      Zero Hour 17
  15. I cannot wait to see Naruto and his dad meet up! After everything that Naruto has gone through, he definitely deserves a chance to properly meet and talk to his dad (even if it’s with zombie dad). So many other characters have gotten closure with their loved ones (Kakashi and Sakumo, Sasuke and Itachi, Ino/Shika/Cho and Asuma, etc), it would feel like a rip-off if the titular character didn’t get the same chance.

    Also, Minato’s gift for Naruto = other half of Kurama’s chakra? I sure hope so, and if so I wonder how much more that will power them up.

  16. I’m still on the fence about Sasuke’s decision and how this whole thing will affect his decision, but as for Orochimaru’s current attitude…

    He died several times in the search for perfection, and it’s entirely likely he remembers each time. Each death was the result of a different method of attaining perfection. And then there was Kabuto. Kabuto took Orochimaru’s ideal of perfection and followed it through to the logical end, and wound up becoming… well, I think that goes without saying. And Orochimaru essentially had front-row seating to it all falling apart. So what does he have left, with his dream already realized as the empty thing it already was? He looks towards Sasuke, because he sees a part of himself, the lonely little child, in the teen. And he can’t help but want to help that child in a way he never was: by being given closure through understanding ‘why’ things were this way.
    Although there’s some sort of hidden ulterior motive in why he’s joining the battle.

    On an aside, I do find it interesting that Tobirama knows about the Hiraishin, considering that it (presumably) is after his time.

  17. So it only took Hashirama telling Sasuke a kinda stupid story of people being stupid to get him to end his “MY HATRED IS ETERNAL, I WAS BORN OF DARKNESS” shit and come to the conclusion he SHOULD have come to when “Madara” told him his brother died for the sake of the village.

  18. I really want this sudden change to be genuine since sasuke is my favorite character but it just seems too good to be true especially with that perfect ending for this chapter I don’t know but I don’t buy it at all

  19. I’m not buying this repentant born again crap attitude from Sasuke, I know that He is up to something and whatever it is, it’s definite up to no good. I just hope Naruto doesn’t fall for this facade, I know Sakura would but either way Kakashi must learn from the third’s mistake about his favourite pupil (Orochimaru)and Naruto must learn from Jiraiya’s example about his best friend(Orochimaru) as well as Hashirama’s friend(Madara)that Sasuke cannot be trusted until they settle their issues once and for all.

    K C M
    1. Sasuke seems pretty genuine. Just because he wants to stop Madara doesn’t mean he wants to go back to Konoha or even makes him a good guy again.

      If there is anyone to be worried about its, Orochimaru.

    2. One of the biggest themes of this whole manga has been for the new generation to learn from the past and do things better. If what you say is true and that happens, Kishimoto will have just spit in the face of his entire message

      Zero Hour 17
      1. Once upon a time, a big theme in the manga was about hard work and strength of will being more important than natural talent, and other. people’s expectations and percieved limitations… and then kishimoto decided that Naruto was a virtual ninja god prophesized to change the world, a decedent of the greatest ninja who ever lived from a clan practically made to carry the kyuubi…

        Message spit on.

        Just saying.


  20. I do feel Kishi must be under pressure to wrap this up unless he pulls something with Orochimaru and/or Sasuke at the last second after the Madara/Obit/Jubi business is taken care of.

    I mean, it just feels a bit too convenient after everything that’s been shown before. But then again, shonen-style manga are usually constant victims of “convenience” (besides plot armor, deus ex machina, etc).

  21. My prediction is that Orochimaru is going to double cross everybody after Madara/Obito is done since I don’t buy his explanation. This probably will lead to one more small arc after the war to deal with Orochimaru and the inevitable (and obivously built up over hundreds of chapters) Sasuke-Naruto rematch

  22. And that’s how we resolve the Karin situation everyone just Face turns and Sasuke’s original plan is either forgotten (I don’t believe there never was one though).

    But still I am totally hyped to see the four Kage’s fight.

  23. If Sasuke’s inheritance of the will of fire is genuine like some of you guys are suggesting, then maybe Naruto is the one who would inherit the curse of hatred and turn bad and would want to destroy the world with Kurama. But I don’t see that happening at all.

    K C M
  24. come to think of it the mere fact that sasuke wanted to take the opportunity and hear the hokage’s out before doing anything shows that deep down he never really wanted to destroy the village, given his trauma he could never do that coz it would be repeating the same tragedy of which he was the victim.

    1. I personally believe that between facing Danzo and meeting Itachi again he did truely want to destroy Konoha. We saw his mind gradually slipping away, but Itachi pulled him back from the brink just in time.

      Zero Hour 17
  25. Looking at that last page with the double spread of the Hokage on their respective rock faces….

    Even the most jaded, tired, “i’ve read enough shonen, i’m too old of this” Naruto fan will have to be happy it has come this far.

    This is pure fan service for all those that read since the zabuza arc, and looked at those faces wondering who they were.

    …and now it’s time for a flashback! j/k

  26. Also while I can understand Sasuke wanting to save the Leaf the guy is turning to a godo guy way too fast. Now apologising to Karin a few years back the guy was an unrelenting murderer did his brother change him that much?

    1. Actually, the first people Sasuke killed were the Samurai during the attack on the summit and that was max a few months ago. When we first saw Sasuke post time skip, when he was surrounded by a bunch of defeated enemies, Orochimaru stated that he was soft because he hadn’t killed any of them.

      He only turned murderous after learning the truth about Itachi and let’s face it, he had a mental breakdown

      Zero Hour 17
  27. The fight will happen, but it will be one of joy, not sorrow. I can’t wait for that one personally. These two will carry on the spirit of Shinobi and succeed where the previous ones have failed.

  28. Sasuke’s turnabout is only unbelievable if you believe:
    That Sasuke had become pure evil.

    Firstly, Sasuke seemed to approach pure evil for just a short time- around when he tried to kill Karin. But the transformation never fully occurred. He was always just Sasuke the manipulated.
    Throughout the Manga, Sasuke the manipulated’s main inspiration was the love of his family/clan. Manipulated by Itachi into believing that Itachi himself, killed his family and clan, Sasuke wanted to kill Itachi.

    But when Tobi made Sasuke believe that Konoha was responsible for the death of Itachi, his family, and his clan, Sasuke was manipulated to try to destroy Konoha.

    When Sasuke found out his brother’s motivations, he still felt Konoha might be guilty, but with some doubt. Someone(I forget who) said that now Sasuke was being manipulated by his brother(again).

    The doubt however led Sasuke to question his beliefs and thus resurrect the Kage’s for answers.

    This resurrection uncovered the truth that Konoha was not the Uchiha’s enemy, but in fact Madara- a crazed, evil, psycopath- was the enemy. And not only to Sasuke’s family, clan, and brother, but also to his FRIENDS and village.
    I really don’t understand how one can belive that Sasuke could just blindly follow Madara’s will when he found out the truth.
    Sasuke was never “pure evil” in that he just wanted to destroy. Sasuke was simply naive and was working on false assumptions. He was manipulated- a misguided fool trying to right the wrongs done to his family.

    Sasuke said that he wanted to resurrect the kage to come up with his own answer. Sasuke the manipulated has finally grown up and done this.
    His answer: stop Madara, his real enemy from the very beginning.

    Yet… there will be more of his answer to come.

    1. Well he was obviously approaching pure evil and deeper states of psychosis up until the point he met up with edo Itachi. It was quite obvious that Itachi’s final words brought him back from the brink and the 1st’s story only cemented his new thoughts

      Zero Hour 17
  29. Rereading the chapter, my thoughts that Sasuke really changed come even stronger from the panel where Karin snuggles up to him. Look at his face, obviously uncomfortable, remember when we first saw Karin and she snuggled up to him? no reaction at all. He went from -_- to O_o. Subtle, but huge.

    Zero Hour 17
    1. I laughed as well, its been a while since we’ve seen a non brooding sasuke. I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they join in this fight. I’m really hoping Sakura punches the shit out of Sasuke though, he really deserves it, he’s put her through a lot.

  30. Look out Naruto, Papa is bringing Sasuke as a present to you and everyone. Wrapped up in a bow and everything.

    I like this chapter but I’ll leave it at that. It’s not gonna dictate how the rest of the manga will go, simply because anything can happen in the next couple of chapters or so…
    So I’m just gonna wait patiently and see what happens 🙂

  31. Naruto: Sasuke! Are you finally returning to Konoha?!
    Sasuke: No.
    Naruto: Then I’ll make you return!
    Sasuke: … Naruto, here’s a new ultimatum. If you do not stay the fuck away from me, I will commit suicide and seal myself in the grim reaper so that I could not simply be resurrected.
    Naruto: B-but!
    Sasuke: I’ve been with Kabuto and Orochimaru for years and I copied the fucking hand signs! Don’t tempt me even further!

  32. I’m curious as to how the other shinobi will react. I mean, after all, Sasuke is still a wanted criminal. I wouldn’t think that others would be so accepting of his help after what he’s done, even if the 4 hokage’s back him up and his story. I kinda wish that after the war or something, the hokages tell their tale so that some mutual understanding can flourish among them all…naive, but still.

  33. the writter made alot of mistake… i can understand sasuke change …. but dam! orochimaru’s change is just to cliche.. what about all the people he kill all this while jiraya has been trying to change him but couldent now som kido whos balls just droped did? that sucks big time… the writter better have some good betaryal cooking up by orochimaru at the end maybe the 4 kages will turn all out idotense an d good guys.

    any yes that reminds me kakashi said now we will c y they call him the copy ninja but i havent seen that in any of his fights in the war

  34. I have one question: Why would Kishimoto be under time pressure? I think Jump would pray that the big three (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece) stay running as long as possible. I mean, it definitely seems to be coming to an end, but I doubt they’re rushing him.

    Unless maybe there’s another factor rushing him, like failing health.

  35. I kind of knew Sasuke would turn around with the way things are progressing..but what really surprised me was Orochimaru’s sudden switch to the good.

    Anyways, really looking forward to a tearful reunion between Minato and his son.

  36. Wasn’t so surprised about Sasuke’s decision, thought there is another question we have to consider, namely how much of Naruto’s world is still going to habitable after this war?

    After all, besides Madara who can summon meteors + Susanoo with its sword + the Ten Tails that can rearrange continents, we now have 4 of the most powerful Kages entering the battle, one of whom could slap Tail Beasts around with giant wooden god-looking statues.

    So yeah, I’m pretty sure after the upcoming Epic Battle, the mapmakers (if still alive) are going to be busy for ages redrawing maps ^^;

  37. naruto has always been yapping about bring sasuka home the writer made us believe it was only naruto that would do that. Now the !st has don that job. Change in story line “kakashi was right all the wisdom of Jiraya did not change orochimaru how come sasuke’s sentiments could? the guy “Oro” wasted a lot of people trying to perfect his jutsu a lot of leaf nin died because of his selfish act . i can’t accept the way the writer changed the whole story, people don’t just get forgiven like that. My own opinion is, he should have used other people to bring back the past kages not orochimaru. That reminds me @ Zero Hour 17 i hate u and i hope u die. i don’t like people who make fun of others. A nice word of correction would have done nobody any harm, you don’t know if @ kakashi is disabled or learning English or even a child, it was just a humble comment for a person and u went down on him/her like that. I am sure you are too dumb to reason that far… baca

  38. Right now big unknown is Orochimaru… One thing to note: He said he was going to go along as well. I don’t recall him saying he wanted to do anything other than observe Sasuke’s different path. I would not be surprised if he sat back and didn’t engage.

    When everone is all battered and bruised, he will do what he does… Granted, given the huge disparity in power, if Oro doesn’t double cross them, Madara, and Obito are toast in short order. Madara couldn’t ever beat Hirashima alone, let alone Hirashima and his brother.

    Obito.. well Honestly he isn’t anything special. He has been surviving with his dimension jutsu, and even then only by hair. Before Madara arrived he was about to get his ass handed to him once Gai, Kakashi, and Naruto figured out how to wound him.


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