OP Sequence

OP: 「せーのっ!」 (Sei No!) by 情報処理部 (大久保瑠美、津田美波、種田梨沙) (Jyouhou Syori Bu (Ookubo Rumi, Tsuda Minami, Taneda Risa))


「高校生になりました」 (Koukousei ni Narimashita)
“Became A High School Student”

Walking into Yuyushiki, I wasn’t sure what to expect (like almost every other show this season!). Besides the fact that we have three girls who have just entered high school, I really didn’t get a good feel for what to expect from the preview for this show. Surprisingly enough though, I think this show really manages to hone in on the slice-of-life genre without falling into the deadly trap of becoming too boring. And seeing how it loosely follows a mini-arc format without having explicit breaks to split each section, it was a nice change compared to a lot recent offerings that have some sort of eye catch that gives each episode a somewhat choppy feeling.

But what really makes Yuyushiki worth watching is definitely the interactions between our three heroines. Not only is the show taking the traditional four member group and cutting it down to three but how often is it that the level headed characters are outnumbered by the air-heads/tsunderes?! But these aren’t your standard air-heads, no sir these two take the word to a whole new level. Starting with Nonohara Yuzuko the energetic pink-headed one, you could say she’s the your standard air-head who’s been given a slightly bigger role. Besides being the one who’s initiating most of the jokes or creating most of the conflict I feel that she’s also bringing that whole fuwa-fuwa feeling to the show. Then you have Hinata Yukari, the purple haired sloth who is just plain weird at times. Because, in any slice of life, you have to have someone who won’t be scared to do all those strange things, right? Rounding out the bunch is Ichii Yui, the level headed pseudo leader of the group. And while it’s obvious that she’s going to be the mature one in the group, I’m glad that laughing at someone’s misfortune isn’t above her since I think it really manages to round her out. Because how boring would it be if she took all of this abuse from Yuzuko and Yukari and never took the chance to return the favor?

For most of these 4-koma bases shows, they may end up being hit or miss depending on whether or not you can resonate with the story that the writers are trying to weave. But in Yuyushiki’s case, I think that this is a prime example of a slice-of-life that almost anyone can pop on and simply enjoy. After watching this first episode, there’s nothing that’d you’d necessarily phone home about (like most slice-of-lifes) but at the same time it’s so good at mimicking real life (or at least mimicking mine) that I end up laughing because I would probably do things exactly the same. Be it freaking out while setting off the security alarm at a retail store or making a stupid pun and then high-fiving whoever’s closest to me that got it — everything’s so spot on that I can’t help but enjoy the show.

So in my opinion, you should take twenty minutes out of your day and give Yuyushiki a shot if you’re a fan of the slice-of-life genre. Be it how well it mimics real life or how stupidly funny things get, I’m willing to bet that you’ll at least get a good chuckle from watching!

ED Sequence

ED: 「Affection」by Mayumi Morinaga



  1. It’s a great slice-of-life series. The jokes aren’t that bad either. And for those 2 (Yukari and Yuzuko), I can’t stop laughing with every single interaction that they made. It’s good to see that Yui, behave very much similar to Funami Yui of YuruYuri. Both of them even have the same VA, and her voice is really suited for the role.

    I enjoyed watching episode 1. Gonna put this series on my watchlist for this season.

  2. genuinely funny stuff! and all that yuri teasing to boot :> especially after all the heavy stuff this season, this show is more than welcome on my watchlist!

    special mentions to the OP and ED, they’re pretty damn good! can’t ever go wrong with Another Infinity + Mayumi Morinaga.

  3. A show about how off topic you can get just by ‘googling’ the things that pop into your head … strikingly familiar to my life. Just seeing these similarities to myself is enough to make me laugh though the episode. A surprising win from a genre that usually doesn’t grip me strongly.

    Vad Deasduade
  4. I also love how the show involves the girls’ looking up random stuff on Google and having fun with that. That is a pastime that never gets old, especially with friends that can interpret the results in crazy ways.

  5. Yukari put me in mind of what a younger version of Yoshinoya-sensei from Hidamari Sketch might have been like.

    Fun show, I’ll be watching more as my simple relaxing fun show of the season!

  6. This show has a surprisingly high amount of trivia for a moe slice-of-life show.

    Who do you think will be the next wrestler to be named after Karl Gotch and Steve Austin? Dwayne Johnson? Razor Ramon? Razor Ramon HG? 🙂

  7. In owing to awkward drawing espacially the character’s, it is reluctant to see the anime. Not only the drawing of anime makes me to avoid seeing but it seems to focus on commercial matter that their conversations seems to zoom in typical Japanese gag. This tendency gets me irritated.

  8. Vocês não vão postarmais nada sobre Yuyushiki, e os outros animes dessa temporada?Por que tirando aos mais vistos, vocês não postaram mais nenhum episódio sobre Mushybugio,Photo Kano,etc….:(


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