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OP: 「運命の檻」 (Unmei no Ori) by 愛美 (Aimi)


「―異端の肖像―」 (―Itan no Shouzo―)
“―Portrait of Heresy―”

After last week’s surprisingly eye-catching premiere, I’ve decided to pick up this series! It was always on my “To Watch” list, but we all know that I have a tendency to only watch a handful of ongoing anime. Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge (which I’ll just call Crime Edge for simplicity) will be one of the few that I’ll actually be looking forward to this season. I have high hopes for this one since it’s just the action that I need without being way too over the top striving for epicness.

Last week’s episode started off with a lot of stuff happening and not a lot of explanations. In fact, even I was slightly confused but decided to carry on with it anyway. If there’s any warning that I could give to viewers, it would be not to take the show seriously; it barely takes itself seriously. Come on – it’s about a girl with extremely long and uncuttable hair (reminds me of Rapunzel!) and the only thing that can cut it is an ancient weapon used in a Murder Game. Not only that, but it just so happens that Kiri and Iwai fall in love and I can bet that it’s meant to be a sign that love can overcome anything in the end. All in all, I am in no way bashing the show. It doesn’t take itself seriously because aside from all the blood action and killing, there’s still an aspect of comedy and the show doesn’t linger too long on technicalities. It doesn’t explain much because it is what it is. Crime Edge is overall an entertaining show. There’s a lot that goes on in an episode – lots of character insights, plot development and some explanations to fill in the gaps. That’s seriously all it needs to keep me watching for 20 mins a week and I wouldn’t expect anything more or less.

This week surprised me by the dive that they did into Yamane and Houko’s past – especially when they revealed their parents’ death. One would assume that both Yamane and Houko have Killing Goods, but apparently Yamane was the one cursed with ownership of the syringe. Not only does her appearance scream “crazy” but she is in fact so far gone that she has to use her twin sister to alleviate her desires to kill. Houko must really love her sister or simply wants to protect her from murdering others. It makes me wonder if in fact they did murder Iwai’s father as well; I wouldn’t be surprised. As quickly as their relationship and personalities are revealed though, the story’s already moved on and we’re onto the next Killing Good – a hammer from a criminal.

Essentially the story is set in motion now as described by Sumeragi Kanae (Yusa Kouji). He is the current guardian of Iwai and looks after her; although everyone calls him “Professor”. Not much is revealed about him aside from his affiliation with a group called “Gossip” whom oversee the Murder Game (and clean up the aftermath probably). His scary shadows and eyes probably mean that he’s hiding something but so far I have no reason to doubt him. We’ll have to see once future episodes start to play out.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「君と二人 」 (Kimi to Futari) by 高橋花林 x 遠藤ゆりか (Takahashi Karin x Endo Yurika)



      1. Haven’t actually seen it but a lot of people have told me about it though. So I looked up the synopsis on Wikipedia this once (years ago) and it kinda killed my interest in seeing it because of how depressing the plot seemed- but apparently it’s great so I might just watch it anyways one of these days…as for drug use, I just don’t see the point. You get high for a few hours and then what? Hours of your day lost in stupor, hours in which a coherent mind could be utilized for more productive things- the whole instant gratification aspect of drug use is what’s always put me off about them, seems pointless and screams youthful naivete; so I’ve never so much as tried any drugs, not even weed…

      2. @ Zen: I haven’t tried weed before either! yay! *high-five. Not that I see the appeal to drugs at all, but I’m sure a lot of people use/take them because they really do feel like it’s worth that escape or illusion for those # of hours. Also because the withdrawl symptoms are so bad that they rather be with than without it.

        @infinite: I was shown that movie during Gr. 9 sex ed. class… scarred me for life o_o

      3. Weed itself isn’t that bad in my opinion. And if it’s handled properly, it’s hardly a gateway drug either (we’re messing that up in The Netherlands at the moment, though).

  1. This episode reminded me of the Fate/ series. You got a select group of people (Authors = Masters), who acquired a weapon (Killing Goods = Servants), an Organization that watches over the people(Gossip = The Holy Church), and person in which grants any wish if killed (Iwai = Holy Grail)

  2. I must say, having reading some of the manga before watching the show I’m pleased to see that the adaption is doing a fairly good job with keeping the original feel. It’s actually a bit creepier to see some of these intense moments animated and strengthened with an OST. I’m quite interested to see how the show will progress.

    Vad Deasduade
    1. It’s definitely really creepy at parts… other parts make me cringe and then there’s those “d’awwwwww” moments. If an anime can evoke that many emotions in me in 20 mins, then I think it’s worth watching ^^ I never expected there to be so much blood and crazy though.

  3. This is one of my favorite shows this season, so I’m grateful you picked it up to blog!
    I got the impression that Kiri and Iwai aren’t in love just yet, as he still seems only to like her for her hair (although you could tell there was something a bit more behind the “I like you because I can cut your hair and won’t turn into a serial killer” speech. Still, I think Kiri is still mostly in love with her hair, and this could make for a very sweet aspect of the show if he learned to fall in love with her as a person.
    But of course it won’t be that simple. I’m excited to see the new crazy Authors who surface and cause problems, although I’m sure I’ll end up getting attached to some of them (like in Mirai Nikki).
    Great show and thanks again, Cherrie!

    1. Glad you’re following! I wasn’t expecting to pick this up – but since I’m not doing Aku no Hana anymore, I thought I’d do Crime Edge ^^
      I agree, he’s definitely not in love with “her” yet necessarily. The hair aspect doesn’t weird me out though; I think I’m pretty amune to the awkwardness. I’d love to see them fall in love for real as the series plays out though.
      Surprisingly I was also really attached to characters in Mirai Nikki. I think some individuals were actually good people but thrown into bad situations T_T

  4. And to think I used to think that it is weird when people whip out their fake lightsaber and slashes it out with each other. Now a syringe vs a pair of scissors and the sparks that appear when they clashed… What can they throw at me next? Not bashing the show, just think it is good but weird.

      1. And here I was hoping that Crime Edge can cut through EVERYTHING even indestructible kiling goods or maybe even cut intangible objects like dreams or ideas. I guess that’d be too OP for him to have something similar to Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

      2. A little early to be jumping to conclusions about the limits of his power, don’t you think? It is a shounen series after all, and power ups are a staple…you might just get your wish…;)

  5. Gory , weird , mysterious , funny , tragic , kawaii , romantic , fluffy , moving ….. I don’t think I’ve come across an anime that has had all this and more all at once. Maybe across the whole anime sure , but never in a single episode….Crime Edge is fast becoming my season favorite ^^

    1. Iwai Kawaii 🙂
      I actually picked up Crime Edge for a similar reason…..I wasn’t actually planning to watch it but I was bored waiting for the anime that I HAD planned on watching to come out so i watched the first episode because i remembered Iwai’s Kawaii in the trailer….and then the episode and the plot and everything else hooked me , so i’m here to stay (for lack of a better expression)

  6. I love the touching/nuzzling they do. Like a boyfriend and girlfriend chilling together, where exchanges of feelings don’t need words… even if it is slightly fetish based. Don’t often see this kind of relationship in anime, where usually it’s all about getting embarrassed etc.

    Solid 2nd episode. Iwaii is cute ^^

  7. I finally got around to watching this after making some progress in my backlog with Nyaruko season 1 and I still got Railgun and Index left to start watching.

    I’m glad the adaptation is being faithful so far.The color switch during the battle scene was weird and I can’t tell if that was the studio’s way of censorship or attempting to add dramatic effect.

    After watching Unlimited:Kyosuke Hyoubu a while back, everytime someone says Queen I image Kyosuke’s voice lol.

    I can’t wait for Show Spoiler ▼

    The Professor is right

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. The OP is just perfect, but why am I so reminded of Asura Cryin now?

    Anyway LOLfightscene. So Authors instantly get the skills of the former murderers who handled the Killing Goods? Because that’s the only explanation I can think of when the protagonists starts fencing around with THE SEVERING CRIME EDGE! like it was natural.

    The Moondoggie

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