I knew it all long – those shoddy disguises aren’t fooling anyone! Lucy’s failed attempt at camouflaging himself has become something of a joke now that he has been identified as the Straw Hat captain, not just once but twice. Chinjao, who appears to have a history with Monkey D. Garp, knows who is hiding underneath those stache and if their brief exchange in this chapter is any clue, he’s probably not going to be one of Luffy’s allies. But make no mistake about it, Chinjao is merely a sideshow to the grand scheme of things, the most significant knock-on effect here is that Cavendish, who harbors a vehement hatred for the Eleven Supernovas, is now also in the know of Lucy’s secret identity. Such a revelation might lead to an earlier-than-expected scuffle between those two and kudos to Oda sensei for throwing in an interesting twist that I wasn’t anticipating, not this early in the game anyway. One of the things I’ve always liked about characters in One Piece is that there’s a deeper and darker side to them that’s always just barely concealed under those jolly and flamboyant exteriors. It’s tempting to simply disregard Cavendish’s threats and not take him seriously as a character – after all, he is a bishounen (pretty boy) stereotype exaggerated to its logical extreme. But if his hefty bounty of 280 million is any indicator – higher than that of Basil Hawkins and X Drake pre-time skip, I wouldn’t be too hasty to write him out as a fluke and he is most certainly capable of putting on a good show, even if he’s not nearly powerful enough to defeat Luffy.

As for the other parts of the chapter, the coliseum fights for Block-B has kicked off in an expectedly grand fashion, but for my money, the ultimate showdown is likely to boil down to Bellamy and Bartolomeo. I highly doubt any of the alliance formed or unique abilities displayed will be game-changers, especially when none of the other contestants, aside from Bellamy, has demonstrated Devil Fruit abilities or even the knack of Haki and Rokushiki. The human drama at the Corrida Coliseum is fairly interesting, but hanging over all this is a big question mark – Is Doflamingo clued-up to the latest antics of the Straw Hat-Trafalgar Law alliance? There’s never been another character quite like the “Heavenly Yaksha” and no doubt, he’s a fascinating package of contrasts – carefree and glitzy on one hand, but cruel and sadistic on the other. Clearly, the Straw Hat has picked a very powerful foe to mess with, and the question of whether they have bitten off more than they can chew this time remains to be answered.

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #OnePiece 707: Luffy completely fails at cosplaying – Chinjao and Cavendish know! Does that mean Doflamingo is in the loop as well? #Manga


  1. The former gladiator Ricky stands out for me this chapter. He may be the legendary Kyros.

    One of the old spectators mentioned seeing that fighting style long ago. Ricky also does not use a shield, which could mean his confidence in not taking any hits. Lastly, if you rearrange the name Ricky, you get Kyric, pretty close to the name Kyros.

    1. Oh, good point, that dude came out of nowhere! I’m not sure what role Kyros will play in this arc, probably related to Rebecca’s backstory if she is indeed a potential candidate for the Straw Hat Crew XD

      1. Speaking of potential new crew members, even though Cavendish is very unlikely to join, I have the weird feeling that he will become a supporter of the Straw Hats afterward.

        He may be impressed by the strength Luffy displays, and admit that Luffy is more “beautiful” than he is. Then he would serve as a weird comic relief supporter much like Duval for Sanji.

        Call me weird, but that is just a premonition.

      2. Koroshiyaki, heh, you have sharp eyes but we’ll see. It would certainly be a good surprise!
        MasterDragonKnight, I do believe Cavendish will eventually become a Straw Hat ally, not before getting his ass kicked though 😡

    2. I had another theory: Ricky is the son/discipline of Kyros. The Kyros statue is the gladiator himself turned into stone by a devil fruit user (wasn’t it stated that the statue appeared out of nowhere?).

  2. Luffy…..I can’t believe you….well it would have been the GRAND MOTHER of all miracles for Luffy to go unnoticed with that sort of Shoddy disguise and escape without any real trouble. At least he was smart enough to at least notice facing Cavendish’s anger could mean trouble, just look at his face that Seishun posted. I had originally like Cavendish due to how he also has an eating habit like Luffy, due to how he eats his rose, I don’t suppose Luffy could get out saying “I misheard my name.”……IMPOSSIBLE. We seen Luffy’s past, he would not tell a decent lie even if his life depended on it.

    Now for Chinjao, I am wondering how much he hates Luffy now. He said he hates Garp and now he is taking it out on poor Luffy. IS LUFFY CURSED???!!!, first Bellamy made things seem somewhat barely manageable. Then Cavendish made things rather more unpleasant, now Chinjao has appeared to make things extremely dangerous. Luffy’s hope of at least staying undercover while at least getting his bro’s fruit is now futile. I hope at least Rebbeca wins and get that fruit.

    Now for Ricky, if he is Kyros then he must have some wide wage Geass ability to make people not remember him. I mean 20 years ago? That is only 2 years when the Great Age of Pirates started.

    1. I don’t think Luffy is at all fazed by Chinjao or Bellamy. Also, if someone like Bellamy can figure out Lucy’s identity, I’m pretty sure Doflamingo or a member of the Donquixote family is already in the know. Not sure if it really matters if he remains undercover or not 😡

  3. Just pointing out that the X Drake and Basil Hawkins bounty issue that you are comparing Cavendish with is pre-timeskip. Basil Hawkins now alone is 420 million.

    I don’t really know about that Ricky. I don’t think he’s the legendary gladiator himself, but rather, a close relative or something that’s chasing after his shadows. The king’s punch that takes an hour to warm up and focus on eh…something tells me that Oda might use it in a different fashion apart from defeating their opponents…e.g..creating enough destruction to expose where the factory is? Or punching into Bellamy and getting his punch absorbed into a impact dial (since Bellamy had gone to Skypeia as well)?

    The possibilities are endless. Liking that fishman and Bruce Lee homage too.

  4. Its going to be a blast when luffy runs wild this arc. He literally gets a stage for his antics this time and when the Don shows up, being the talk of the world recently, will make this a pretty well broadcasted event. luffy’s bounty is pretty small considering the amount of public exposure he has had and direct challenges he has made.

    Oh watch out for the guy who can punch a hole through a castle! It only takes him an hour to wind it up, i’m sure no one is going to make him look like a fool….


  5. So, is One Piece going to be covered from now on? Because that would be awesome. It was strange that this was the one of the big 3 to not be covered. Since, imo, One Piece is the best of the 3.

  6. I recognize that one piece picture is from the film Z. (Good movie ^_^b)
    Oh Luffy why do you have to be such a (funny) baka…I wonder if he’ll fight without the disguise now.

    random viewer
  7. I am excited for all the action in this arc…not to say the other arcs weren’t action filled. Just that there are a lot of different people/styles ^_^ By the way, I always find it amusing how he makes one arc so eventful by splitting the crew into groups doing different things.

    1. Splitting the crew into different groups is pretty common in One Piece, especially at the beginning of each arc. What makes it more interesting this time is the inclusion of Trafalgar Law into the mix and who knows, maybe the rest of the Heart Pirates will also join the fun 😉

      1. Yup! I never really noticed until now. I’m also pretty excited about what’s going to happen with all these crews teaming up. And yesssss, I hope the Heart Pirates do join in…because…well.. I think Bepo is cute. bearsbearsbears :3

  8. That was really a great chapter lol.
    It ended with a nice cliffhanger where the reader could sense the imminent danger that is to unfold in the coming chapters.
    I hope a fight doesnt erupt all of a sudden where everyone with Luffy and Co vs. the rest since I’d love to see each fight between the characters that have been introduced so far.


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