After a one week break, Naruto’s back and… well, it was a bit of a hit and miss chapter. On one hand, it was nice to see that the flashbacks are pretty much over and things are shifting back to the Madara/Obito vs. Naruto/Army fight. On the other hand though, not much really happens here—and what does happen here ends up somewhat confusing. Suffice to say, it wasn’t quite the chapter I was expecting—as the former Hokages didn’t show up at all, half the chapter was devoted to the friendship/comrade ideology clash between Obito and Naruto (again), and all we really got was Obito and Kakashi warping into Kamui’s dimension and fighting off there.

Ultimately, it was a chapter I kind of expected more from—considering the break we got between this and the last chapter—but I guess it’s something that serves adequately to set up for future events, such as the potential discussion between Kakashi and Obito re: Rin, and the arrival of the Hokages and Naruto/the Army’s reaction to it. Also, we got to see Madara’s epic face upon sensing Hashirama again… so that was pretty fun to see. But yeah, nothing much to see this week folks. Hopefully next week gives us a bit more.


  1. Yeah this chapter was a bit dull, but needed as a setup for the hokage’s arrival. Though, the Obito/Naruto talk was really just a repeat of what they were saying 10 chapters ago… Hopefully Kakashi will use his one on one time to figure out why Obito’s practically asking to be talked out of his path.

    The best part was Madara’s “rape face” hands down.

  2. Twas an epic chapter and the build up is just kami damn chocking. Kishi has succeeded in drawing me back to actually looking forward to weekly updates. Just when I thought I was finalyl out he just had to pull me back it.

  3. well this time Madara is upgraded but he’s in for a royal butt kicking if he thinks he can take Hashirama on top of three other Hokage one of whom is none other than Minato. Not to mention without the sealing techs those guys can probably fight forever, and their god like status taken into consideration they might end up destroying the entire continent before they decide to take a break.

    But in all seriousness I wonder if Obito will die fighting Kakashi or decides to turn on Madara. Without his phasing jutsu and with Kakashi upgraded with Kyuubi chakra I don’t see him overpowering Kakashi. This should be interesting.

    1. *dies somehow

      But not before another flashback chapter or two, giving Naruto some new and great power Naruto, and then performing the proverbial ‘passing of the torch’/’You’re our only hope, Obi Wan’ moments.

  4. Nice to see what’s going on with the Ninja War. But what Sakura said about Naruto: “Won’t doing this harm you… Naruto?” makes me kind of worried.


    Show Spoiler ▼

    On another Note, isn’t ROAD TO NINJA supposed to be released today?

    1. As you saw, Naruto was becoming fatigued quickly because he’s controlling all the chakra at once. Sakura seems to be the only one to realize this, or to know Naruto enough to think that this would happen (The bond between them truly is strong). Or at least she was the only one shown to anticipate this. There could very well have been others on his side to see this happening over the course of the fight.

      Naruto won’t be able to continue this for much longer himself. After that, I anticipate Sasuke appearing deflecting an attack that might finish Naruto off or something.

      As for ROAD TO NINJA, it has already been released on any anime site, but it’s korean dub. If you want Japanese dub, you might have to wait. I don’t know for how long, I don’t know the release dates, but it’s currently subbed for Korean dub. That movie was great too in my opinion. Focused more on the development with Naruto and Sakura understanding each other more.

      1. @Da5id Yup, that is definitely strange, but it’s true.

        @Zero Hour 17 Am I a Sakura fan? Yes.

        Am I a NaruSaku/SakuNaru fan? Yes.

        Will I continue to support NaruSaku even if NaruHina happens? That’s a promise of a lifetime.

        Was I talking about romance with the understanding of Naruto and Sakura? No. I simply meant that Naruto is an orphan. Sakura finally sees just how it feels to not have parents with you, and in that world it’s only been a few days, while Naruto has been alone all his life.

        She took her parents for granted, and finally learned a lesson at the end of the movie. Naruto and Sakura switched places basically. That’s what I mean about finally understanding each other. I know the difference between canon and filler.

        NaruHina fans like you, hell even NaruSaku fans who think the same way as you need to stop that whole “(Blank)fans need to give up” because they have to right to ship whoever they wish to ship, and support it how ever they want to support it, just like you.

      2. I already saw the Korean Dub of it, due to my god damn lack of patience. I thought it was actually a nice, not great, but nice movie. My Favourite Naruto Movie is Blood Prison though.

    2. The part about him dying young, if I remember correctly, is if he were to go on a rampage with the kyubbi’s chakara like he did in 4th tail mode vs Oruchimaru. I think Tsunade said that since during that stage where his skill gets destroyed and covered in blood, the kyubi chakara cause him to heal extremely fast afterwards, therefore shortening his life span. Now that he’s more in control, that might not apply. Who knows though, there can always me more plot twists later on.

    3. It was only when Naruto used 4 or more tails of Kurama’s chakra without having any actual control over it did it shorten his lifespan. That was only because of the amount of “evil” chakra constantly burning/injuring him while, simultaneously, healing and regenerating those injuries on a continuous basis so long as he remained like that. Similar to Tsunade’s Seal on her forehead, that amount of healing requires cells to multiply much, much faster than normal in order to create new skin tissue and such that gets damaged, but also causes those cells to die faster (in addition to those already being killed off by the chakra in Naruto’s case), so it’s basically tremendously speeding up your body’s life cycle.

      Of course, “conveniently”, they don’t seem to bring up that issue at all when Naruto went 6 and 8 tails against Pain.

  5. It’s nice to see Sakura wasn’t forgotten. I may get some heat for this, especially since everyone believe she is a “useless bitch” (No comment needed regarding this -__-) she’s actually my favorite kunoichi.


    1. Temari, Samui, Konan and Karui are better Kunoichis than Sakura besides her medical skills I don’t know she can be a favorite kunoichi, anyway a choice is a choice and I respect yours but not really a fovourite to me.

      K C M
    2. I brought it up before a while ago, but I believe a lot of people think that way, at least now, because they can’t seem to let go of the image of how Sakura was throughout Part 1. First impressions can be hard to get past if they appear negative to people, especially if the person in question remains in such a way for such a long time. Before Sakura (and a majority of other characters) was practically shoved to the background, she actually had changed quite a lot, probably more than most others without a lot of her fangirl attitude from Part 1, but because her Part 1 character got so ingrained into people, it’s hard for them to believe it.

  6. Finally I get to see a rematch between Hashirama and Madara sometime in the pending episodes, However I hope it is not four former Hokages against ones we’ve already seen Madara Uchiha against five Kages but since Madara has the Rinnegan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, plus Hashirama’s cells I wouldn’t mind if He battles the 1st and 2nd or maybe the 3rd altogether, therefore the 4th Hokage needs to fight alongside His only Son Naruto and make up for lost times.

    K C M
  7. Not the chapter i was expecting and was it really worth the wait? Personally the chapter itself was boring, the only interesting thing was Madara´s face when he realised that Harashima is back


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