「―客は何処だ―」 (Kyaku wa Doko da)
“―Where’s the Guest?―”

The pace for this week’s episode slowed down a bit in light of new character introductions. This includes a blind girl and a crazy wanna-be judge. Nothing goes down this episode, but I mentioned last week that the audience has no time to digest all the information… well here’s a breather for you guys! Instead of all the action, the show is setting itself up with introductions of actual sane people who all seem to have an agenda up their sleeves. If I were Iwai, I’m not sure if that’s supposed to make me feel better or more paranoid that people are coming after me…

A good chunk of the episode talks about Iwai, Kiri and their classmates going to visit this “antiques” store. This ends up not being an antique store at all but a shady bar/tavern hidden away in the alleys. Brave little kids they are. They meet a blind pianist (who is also the waitress) named Karuko Hitomi (Inoue Kikuko) who is accompanied by the piano tuner named Koisumi Houichi (Koyasu Takehito). The piano tuner happens to be deaf though so how can he tune…? I don’t even care to ask. Hitomi plays a nice piece for everyone and is applauded for doing so at the end – except that the song doesn’t truly end. It’s revealed that she’s actually an author herself and her Killing Good would be the piano while Houichi is her Instead. If she were to finish a song, it would mean the death of someone. Her excuse of not finishing a song though was well received and understood – even I wasn’t too skeptical at first. I think her relationship with Houichi was also well spotted by Kiri himself. He makes a comparison of the way that Houichi and Hitomi touch to the way that Kiri feels when he touches Iwai. Must be a sign that romance is in the air?

There’s a suspicious new character looming around as well by the name of Nakajima Seigi (Ishida Akira). He’s being followed around by a lousy cop called Zenigata Kozakura (Nagatsuma Juri) who is certain that she’s going to catch him committing a major crime one day. Seigi tells the story of his Killing Good’s origin which happens to be a book (more like his bible) that he reads incantations from. While performing this on Kozakura, he mentions that the book will hang the suspect and justice will be served based on whether or not they are “guity of their crimes”. In this case, Kozakura is not hanged until death, but faints shortly before the ropes break. Seigi’s goal is to punish criminals outside the actual law enforcement since his Killing Good will not actually kill anyone who hasn’t committed a crime. Therefore he’s resulted to stalking the Hair Queen until he can punish whoever kills her. If you ask me, his goal seems to be satisfying his need to kill – by killing criminals (since he can’t really murder anyone else). In this sense, he rather not have a wish granted but bring justice to whomever does kill Iwai. What a sad life indeed. This reminds me a bit of Dexter (and as a side note – I love that show!) since it’s the same idea of a serial murderer… who murders other serial killers. As much as I like the concept, Dexter is a sympathetic character whereas Seigi is not so to me he just comes off as crazy.

Speaking of which, the end of last week’s episode mentioned that the Sledgehammer killer suicide by hanging himself. For those of you who picked up on it, I would bet that it was actually Seigi who found him wandering around and then killed him with his Killing Good. I actually believed that the killer hung himself (but I guess it is pretty suspicious how that it’s been revealed) and thought that maybe he died of guilt and shame. The Byouinzaka sisters prove to be well informed of the situations happening as well so maybe it’s not so bad to be hanging out with creepy Sumeragi. I felt a little more at ease with the attention that the episode gave on Yamane at the beginning. She’s not so crazy without the music and the extra shadows added to her face. She seems like she’s making quite the effort to be normal now with Kiri’s help.

Full-length images: Pictures and pictures of girls! I swear I do not have weird fetishes, nor am I lesbian!




  1. He’s being followed around by a lousy cop called Zenigata Kozakura (Nagatsuma Juri) who is certain that she’s going to catch him committing a major crime one day.

    She’s basically his Instead, being too innocent to ever be found guilty of a crime and be killed by the book- so in theory he could hang her as many times as he wanted to until his grisly urge was satisfied. Unfortunately, he’s already too far gone (insane) take advantage of it…

    1. Zenigata seems to get pleasure from being strangled, so she is the perfect Instead for Seigi.

      Houichi is also the perfect Instead for Hitomi. Being deaf, he can’t be killed by her music. (but what happens to the old bartender?)

      Son Gohan
      1. Rope Bondage is pretty tough work. You have to maintain the rope properly so that the roughness is removed so that it will not injure the skin. Rope is soaked it and boiled in water, the excess bits are preferable removed with an open air flame and oil has to be constantly be massaged into the threads to ensure that the rope remains smooth.

  2. Just a note, it’s perfectly possible for deaf people to “feel” what we normally hear as sound. Sound is, after all, vibrations in matter, and deaf musicians will be able to pick up those vibrations with training.

    1. There are devices that help with piano tuning but I still think nothing beats a good ear. I’ve had my pianos tuned before and there are people that use an instrument to tune properly, but I’m always amazed at the ones who just listen and play =)
      That being said… not going to dwell on this piece of detail – it doesn’t bother me enough to not enjoy the awesomeness of this show XP

    1. Which is right on point because one of this show’s main themes is romantic symbiosis, the idea that two people come together and fall in love because each fulfills a important need of the other. Almost every goods user/Instead relationship that comes along has some kind of romantic element going for it, (Except for the sisters obviously). That’s one reason why people fall in love, I suppose…

  3. Cybersteel may know much about ropes because they were featured in Nana to Kaoru, a manga which everyone following this show might enjoy. 😉

    Cherrie: festishes → fetishes

  4. Not enough Ahegao, it was perfect in the manga!


    I blame Red Data Girl’s Intro, Kanetsugu Naoe’s failed seduction attempt, and this picture for destroying what used to be one of my fetishes.I’m scarred for life!I’ll blame Shingeki Kyojin too.What is it with this lipstick/gloss fetish being spread around all of a sudden?!


    One of my favorite hairstyles for Iwai <3, but the best is yet to come

    They did a good job with this episode

    and it was awesome to see Seigi animated

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Something tells me that the one time Hitomi did finish that song the man who got killed was Iwai’s father. Just a guess mind you.

    Hitomi looks allot like Widow from Dragonaut: The Resonance.

    I’ve got to say that I’m not a fan of the piano and rule book killing goods they seem magical unlike the syringe, hammer, and scissors, like I could picture the first 3 being used to kill people in real life, but the piano and book just wouldn’t work out :/


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