「将の花嫁」 (Shō no Hanayome)
“Bride of the General”

This was easily the funniest episode of the second season and without doubt, the return of the show’s ultimate troll, Yagyuu Gisen (Mizuhara Kaoru) is a big part of the reason. Yes, Gisen is alive and well, not just her physical presence, but also her sexual intensity and theatrical body language. It’s safe to say there’s no other character quite like Gisen and she’s a particular standout in this cast, mostly because she’s perpetually horny and extremely shameless in her pursuits. It’s quite telling that Muneakira is almost always stripped naked when Gisen is present and her many unfailing initiatives to sex up the Shinkage General has been made apparent since day one – the first thing she did when she cornered Muneakira was to help him unzip, no questions asked! But that’s not all there is to Gisen, she’s the poster child for a two-faced bitch – adorable and sexy on the front, but cruel and insidious in the rear. From the moment she stepped foot into the Shinkage Meido Kissa – tied up in bondage style, no less – you knew she was all set to wreak havoc, and I certainly don’t expect her to hold back on the deceits and seductive moves this time around.

Gisen, to put it mildly, revels in the fine art of troll and she has emerged as a character that seemingly can’t not be funny. Even without her mind-controlling evil eye, Gisen has proven she’s more than capable of creating a ruckus with just her words and the big news that she brought with her this time is the existence of an entity that is even more powerful than a Master Samurai – the Queen of Blades, a Samurai Bride. As usual, the plot device was just an excuse to let the comical moments play out and most of the excitement came from Gisen’s masterful trolling ways. The skits and sight gags were every bit as smart and hilarious as ever, whether it’s Yukimura’s fascination with big boobs or Sen Hime’s voyage into a masochist role. But as much I adore those two, Kanetsugu is in league of her own this week and I have no doubt her full-on erotic fantasy has kept her awake all night. That sketch, no question, had me laughing out loud and judging from her complete disregard of body exposure in the next morning, I suspect Kanetsugu’s cherry is ripe for popping, if and when Muneakira decides to pay the dog shed a visit.

It wouldn’t be Hyakka Ryouran without the sex jokes and verbal nastiness, but there’s also a sentimental component to the show that is featured consistently in every episode. That’s where Juubei and Sasaki Kojirou came into the picture this week, and for all of Gisen’s admittedly dreadful deeds, it’s plain clear Amakusa’s Master Samurai does genuinely care for the person she calls onee-sama. Now that Gisen has made her appearance, it seems like the show is ready to move on to the next stage. I have my suspicion on what the criteria to become a Samurai Bride is – sexual intercourse with Muneakira, but that’s clearly not within the boundaries of a non-hentai, no matter how dangerously close to the edge Hyakka Ryouran treads. The answer will be revealed sooner or later but for now, I’m contented with where the series is heading and I can’t wait to see what hilarity the Samurai Girls have in store for us next week!

Random tidbits:

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride 04: The ultimate troll, Gisen is back! But Kanetsugu’s full-on erotic fantasy steals the show.

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ED1.02 Sequence

ED: 「結果、偶然でござ候」 (Kekka, Guuzen de Gozasourou) by 柳生十兵衛(悠木碧)、真田幸村(釘宮理恵)、徳川千(寿美菜子) (Yagyu Jubei [CV: Yuuki Aoi ], Sanada Yukimura [CV: Kugimiya Rie], Tokugawa Sen [CV: Kotobuki Minako])



      1. Yeah, I don’t get why they constantly refer to him as male when the thing she was clearly licking back in season one had boobies (AKA her ritual to revieve…her?).
        Also can’t help but enjoy Kanetsugu’s interference with Senhime and Yukimura. I kept on replaying the scene where she ripped out her fake boobs because the noises from both of them were too hilarious to pass up.

  1. And we don’t even get any real build-up to Gisen’s return. She’s just…there, lol. Now that the main cast is all back together again, it’ll be interesting to see how things go, but not before the obligatory swimsuit episode next! <3

  2. The one anime that does its fanservice in a completely unashamed, blatant and unapologetic fashion. NSFW doesnt even start to describe it.
    Could not resist chuckling as Gisen trolled one girl after another into trying things that could produce Samurai Bride…
    Kanetsugu going into full ero-fantasy mode. Doghouse blown up…
    Yukimura going into milk advertisement business only to turn up with fake boobs…
    Sen-hime turn to M side of the things together with truly perverted Hanzo hoping for a royal payback once she gets back into S side (but what if Sen gets more taste for M, reversing the roles permanently ???)…
    Gisen herself trying to get into General’s pants (literally!) was cherry on top.
    Surprisingly she showed a more serious and caring face when she saved Jubei form a dark samurai.
    My take on the Samurai Bride is obvious: it is a marriage – a reinforced vow of mutual support, trust and love – that would be a s uitable trigger. This is of course on direct collision course with the show’s harem nature. I can’t wait to see how they will handle it…

  3. Gisen for best girl!

    Hopefully, she’s permanently on Muneakira’s side and become a master samurai. She’s
    just too hot to let go.

    It won’t be for long before Muneakira loses his virginity. lol

  4. This was definitely THE ULTIMATE CURE this week for any lingering loli desires from Crime Edge’s Iwai-chan.Special thanks go to Gisen & Sen Hime – enough of them and it won’t be hard to remain on the right path.

    At any rate,I can see the light returning!

      1. Pfff,no way!I’m a proud Sen Hime & Juubei worshiper myself!It’s just that this season has some interesting shows with lolies as part of the main cast thus making it kinda hard not to be eyeing them as well -_-

  5. I think I like this anime’s version of Sasaki Kojiro. There’s something definitely sexy about a kimono-wearing woman with long hair and blindfold like that who speaks in archaic Japanese. Reminds me of Fate/Stay Night’s Rider (Medusa).

    *her eyebrows strike me a weird, though.

  6. I should find a different site to watch this anime, I’ve been watching the censored so when I saw your pictured I was like “Oh” good thing they still censored Muneakira :p


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